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A Profit365 review – Earn $2000 a day without doing anything?

Hello everyone, welcome to my honest Profit365 review new product of Jamie’s.

First of all, I would love to congratulate you for doing your research first before diving in to such make money online opportunity.

Research is just free but there are a lot of people that would just take this for granted. The result? They get scammed or get rigged with their money.

We are here to earn money, not lose money.

Are you familiar with Profit 365? Do you know how this system works? If you want to know about the validity and credibility of Profit 365, then you came at the right place.

In this page, I will discuss my honest review on Profit 365 based on thorough investigation and research. So stay tuned and let me enlighten you with a Profit365 review.

A Profit365 Review

Product Name: Profit365


Founders: Jamie Lewis

Price: $34 plus upsells

Recommended: NO

What is Profit365 about?

Profit 365 is an online system or program of money making developed by its owner, Jamie Lewis.

We have already reviewed his previous product, which is the Profit Injector. Like what he did in Profit Injector, he starts by showing us the money he is getting with his Clickbank account.

And to be honest, it is indeed looks really awesome because he is already earning thousands of dollars in just a day.

Judging from the face validity of its website, I can say that this program is more of like a scam and not really a genuine money making business.

There are no testimonies or even evidence that they have active members. Who can give honest testimonials? Who can approve what Profit 365 is all about? Based on how Jamie Lewis describes it?

Personally I think the website itself needs a lot of improvement. In fact as well it needs a lot more effort to have a “convincing” display of appearance or presence.

According to Jamie Lewis in his opening video, you can earn at least $2000 a day when you join Profit 365. He even claims that making money in his business is like turning on the switch.

This means that you can earn in Profit 365 at a very easy pace and with passive effort. He also emphasizes the difference between his money making business to multi-level marketing or MLM.

Unlike MLM programs, there are active and vigorous efforts that Profit 365 does not require. Such as the necessity of recruiters, video or banner making or any sort of online advertising that seems to be a load of work to do.

If Profit 365 does not require and demand a load of efforts like in MLM, then what do you do in Profit 365 to earn money?

What is needed to do to earn at Profit365?

Upon signing up to the program, you can watch the video where Jamie Lewis explains the methods on how to easily make money as an affiliate marketer. These methods are PPC, Solo Ads and ClickBank.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

What is PPC and how does it works?

Pay per click, also known as cost per click, PPC. Is an online advertising model used to drive traffic or ads to websites in which in return, the publisher is paid by the advertiser once the ad is clicked or visited.

Some web traffic are free however, most online business depend on paid traffic to help grow their business and of course, for financial support.

One of the most popular forms of PPC is search engine advertising. It is where the advertisers are allowed to bid for ad placement in the sponsored links of search engines. When a keyword is searched that is somewhat related to the business they’re offering or even similar words that would associated with the business.

In order to build and generate an effective PPC campaign, you have to research and start selecting the right keywords. It is also important to organize the keywords into campaigns and ad groups.

In fact, search engines such as Google rewards an advertisers that creates creative and well-made PPC campaigns by paying less for every click, leading to your business’ more profits.

Thus, if you want to start advertising using PPC and to be a member of Profit 365, it is essential if you know how to do it right. You need to think of effective ways on how to advertise and convince your audience to click on the link to earn commissions.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are email traffics that you needed to buy from vendors that has lists of people they have collected. To put it simply, some internet marketers and online business owners are willing to pay you in exchange for an email list you personally created. As well send it to their mailing list to be used as email traffic.

Solo ads is commonly used in Business Opportunities, making money business such as Profit 365, weight loss opportunities, cryptocurrency offers and many more. This kind of method is widely used because it is highly adaptable traffic source of PPC.

Clickbank account 

Like Profit 365, ClickBank is a prominent affiliate marketing program that was founded by Tim and Eileen Barber in 1998.

It aims to support online business owners by building a connection between the digital content creators or simply what we call as “vendors” and to affiliate marketers like the Profit 365.  Which will then advertise and promote the product to the customers through online marketing.

When you want to sell, promote or search for digital products, ClickBank can offer such services.

This business is actually available for use for years and I do not think this is a scam. I personally believe that ClickBank is safe but it is the vendors within it are the only ones who has got the guts to scam other people.

How does Jamie Lewis market his business?

The way Jamie Lewis is introducing his business online is through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing? It is an online system that allows you to earn commissions by simply promoting a particular product from the producer and distributor.

The more customer or audience you could bring to the affiliate link, the more money you will receive. In other sources, affiliation marketing refers to the type of performance-based marketing that the business owners rewards or give commission to an affiliates for every online visitor or customer that was influenced by the affiliate’s personal and unique marketing strategies. 

As you can see in his videos, he talks about how easy it is to earn money when you invest your time and money in this business. He elaborates his business confidently because he is already an expert in the field. In fact, it’s not his first business to ever developed online.

He has made other affiliation marketing programs prior to Profit 365 yet it did not further developed for reasons I’m not aware of. As I have mentioned earlier, Jamie makes money through PPC, Solo Ads and ClickBank for the products. 

There are actually a lot of product choices to advertise and promote. But why did Jamie Lewis choose ClickBank?

 For me, the reason why Jamie Lewis chose the ClickBank as source of the product he sells is because it is very suitable for low quality digital money making products like Profit 365. 

Products from other online business such as health and fitness niches tend to have higher quality, thus, you are charged more.

Is a Profit365 scam? How much is it in real?

I have judged the face validity of Profit 365 based on its website and I can say it has poor choice of digital website design. Yes, the website has a lot to improve but have I judged the overall validity of Profit 365 incorrectly? Did I judged the book by its cover?

Based on my research, Profit 365 is indeed a scam. But in what way did I say that? Jamie Lewis mentioned about earning in Profit 365 at least $2000 in a day and saying things like how making money is like turning on the switch button.

He made it seem like making money is very easy and requires only least effort.

With those luring statement, a person without strong discernment and judgment could be easily deceived. For me, the moment he proclaimed those statements is the moment I realized it is a scam and somewhere in his speech contain lies. I strongly believed that he exaggerated and over hyped the credibility of his business to attract potential clients.

I think one important thing to remember in establishing a business or in any field in general is to ensure ethical conditions and to be honest and genuine as possible.

After all, you don’t want to be known as someone who cheated success. Start a business in a clean and legitimate way.     

Are there any other ways to earn money online?

Nowadays, it is obvious that almost everyone has Internet connection and access online. With this opportunity, some people want to take advantage of that privilege and wish to earn money online. Working online has a lot of benefits.

First, you can work at the comfort of your home. Second, you can work without peer and environmental pressure as you can work alone. Third, you can also be your own boss.

With sufficient knowledge and skills, you can actually create a business through online marketing. There are many other advantages of working online. However, as much as there are a lot of advantages, there are also a lot of online scams circulating in the Internet.

The reason why some legit online business could have turn to have skeptical reputation is because of some fraud business that aims to scam people and exploit money from people in the convenience of being untouchable inside the screen.

As we understand the advantages and disadvantages of online businesses, it is important to know which is the best and the safest way to earn money. And I think, Affiliate Marketing via Wealthy Affiliate is the best answer to this.

Profit365 VS Wealthy Affiliate

We already know what the Profit365 can offer to us. But is it really enough for us to succeed in the Affiliate Marketing Industry?

Actually, the answer is no.

Profit365 does not provide us with the tools that are needed in the said Industry. All that he offers are just campaigns, video tutorials, and reinforcement classes.

Compared to Wealthy Affiliate, which is the leading company in Affiliate Marketing, it offers more than what you expected. You may sign up for free in Wealthy Affiliate and test the waters of the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

As soon as you realize that “this is it”, you may sign up for premium and everything will be provided for you. All you have to provide is your patience, time, and effort.

The PROS of Profit365:

  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Real Owner (Jamie Lewis)
  • Video Training

The CONS of Profit365:

  • It does not guarantee an effective way of making money online
  • Poor earnings
  • Expensive upsells
  • You do not get to choose your own vendor
  • Lacks the appropriate tools to be used in Affiliate Marketing

A Profit365 Review is OVER! My conclusion...

A Profit365 review ends here and I hope this review gained insight for you whether you will consider signing up for Profit 365 or not.

To sum up everything, I conclude that Profit 365 is not a trustworthy money making business opportunity and not to be recommended.

There are other affiliate marketing companies but I recommend you to try the best. Try the Wealth Affiliate instead if you are really into earning money online.

This type of business also has advantage for those people who are always surfing the Internet. If you want to build your own version of Internet Marketing and wish to be a successful affiliate marketer, do not forget to do it in a legitimate process and advertise in ethical ways.

Do not exaggerate the benefits or commissions of your business to avoid high expectations from Internet users. And lastly, create a business that corresponds to your profession and passion.

Work and earn money in the ways that you love what you are doing that will also coincide with your expertise. 

10 thoughts on “A Profit365 review – Earn $2000 a day without doing anything?”

  1. This sounds so exciting and adventurous. I feel tickled by the theme. What an amazingly talented writer you are!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information. profit365 sounds scammy to me , afterall its cons outweighs its pros which does not makes it recommendable. The best online platform still remains wealthy affiliate.

  2. Profit 365 reminds me of some of the ancillary products that sprang up around the crypto craze not that long ago. Throw the words crypto somewhere in your sales page and cash in as everyone was wild to make money with the wild swings and swift rise in BitCoin values.

    Look today where that market is and see how many people lost money following the craze and investing their hard-earned dollars and you see that it was a real item, but people used it to push their own scams and lousy products. Take the money and run, and you have Profits365!

    The many red flags that you point out tell me that this guy is doing the same thing, albeit on a more evergreen scale. The affiliate marketing niche is well established and there are legitimate ways to make some good commissions. But you do need to know HOW to set your business up and what work us required to maintain and grow it.

    Based on the suspect information on the sales page, I would say you will NOT get that when you join the Profit365 platform. I would recommend an alternative, Wealthy Affiliate is one viable platform with the best set of training and features that I have found.

    There are other platforms that are also acceptable and not a waste of your time and money, and there are training courses that also will help. But unfortunately, it is hard to tell what is good and what is not. Thank goodness there are people out there reviewing these options to tell everyone when the offer is less than what it seems. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dave, 

      Unfortunately, scamming others is one of the easiest ways to earn money nowadays. 

      Catchwords like: “Try this excellent software for just 30 dollars and make $2000 a day” sound so good that many of us will merely give a try without researching whether this is a legitimate product or not. 

      What is $30 in comparison to $2000? And that’s the time when scammers are earning crazy money! 

      Often they are showing their ClickBank account statistic with high daily incomes, and I am sure what they are showing is true; however, that money was earned from the similar SCAM programs they’ve created and sold before. In fact from their statistic, you can see how much these scammers are gaining from innocent and naive people…

      Wish you a lot of success!

  3. It is obvious that profit 365 is nothing but a scam. I guess the owner want people to believe that 2000 dollars is planted on the tree which it can just be plucked easily. That’s really a red flag and I don’t think anyone should fall into this as this platform is just out to rip off people’s money and it’s really a waste of time. Great job.

    1. Unfortunately, some people think it’s easy to make money online. For example, I see people who are trying to do affiliate marketing, and without investing much time and effort, they are unhappy to see that even after three months nothing is happening on their bank account. 

      In Russia, we say: “Even the Moscow was not built overnight” :). To build a stable and robust business takes time. You need a good basement first of all, and that basement is a proper training especially if we are talking about online business!

      I wish you a lot of success!

  4. Ibrahim Abdulrahman

    Well  sadly when it comes to helping others make money online this is where (in my opinion) things fall down a bit with him. I mean don’t get me wrong although he is an expert, and he’s a funny guy – I always find his videos entertaining, and he does actually put out pretty good training. But unfortunately as far as I’m concerned he just hypes things up WAY too much. Thanks for the review. That’s what reason why I am going to stick to wealthy affiliate  

    1. Hi Ibrahim, 

      I am sure that Jamy is an expert in his field. And I am also sure he is making those $2000 a day. 

      Unfortunately, I am also sure I can not make this much money with his Profit 365 online program. And same like you I am going to stick with Wealthy Affiliate :)

      Wish you a lot of success!

  5. Thank you for sharing a very detailed review on Profit365. Anyone like me who is looking out for ways to make money online may be easily deceived especially for first timers. Earning US$2000 a day looks attractive but if it is a scam, then it is not worth it. It is better to earn money the legit way. Thanks again!

    1. Hey, 

      If there is a platform that can help you to earn US$2000 a day, it won’t cost $37. The more you invest more you can earn – that’s the basic concept in the economy. While spending $37, you can guess what the chances for you to make this much money are…   

      Wish you a lot of success!

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