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Affiliate Marketing for Seniors. How to make money with this business model

Quiet often after retirement, people search for opportunities to earn some extra money. The first reason for this because they want to do something with their abundant free time, and second because most seniors rely on an insufficient pension. Is affiliate marketing for seniors a good opportunity to make money online or is it an overcomplicated process? How long does it take to start earning money online and is it too late to start a business at this age? We’ll uncover the answers to these questions in this post.

First, you have to realize your huge potential. Nowadays a lot of students without experience earning a five-digit income, so why not you with your many years of experience? With affiliate marketing business, you can easily leverage all of your knowledge and monetize it. All you need to know is how the whole process works and how to do affiliate marketing correctly. You can find many training videos and guides online for free, which helps people build their online business.

It's never late to start a business


Many senior citizens have a misconception about their age. Just think about famous people like Colonel Sanders. At the age of 63, he franchised KFC and after 12 years sold it for 12 million dollars. Or think about Anna Mary Robertson Moses, who worked her whole life as a housekeeper and farmer. At the age of 78, she started painting and sold one of her masterpieces for 1.2 million dollars.

I think everybody has a huge potential, but not everyone is ready to develop and transform it into a business. Most aren’t even sure about their capabilities or what they want to do. Even if some people try to do marketing business, according to the statistics, 90% of new businesses are not successful. The main reason is hesitation and having the wrong mindset. Some people are stacked in a box with their thoughts. They would love to do business, but they will always have an excuse like “I don't have money for a business,” “I don't have time,” or “This business is very hard.” Any business is hard, but affiliate marketing is one of the best; you don't have to invest much money, only your time and willingness to work.

If you've ever wished of opening your own online business but your excuses stopped you... I encourage you to start it right now. Now your age acts only as a bonus for you.

When I talk about affiliate marketing I always refer to a hobby or your professional knowledge. If you love swimming, running, doing yoga, or playing football then you can open a website related to your hobby. You can easily promote relevant products and get your commission. Just imagine how many people are searching for answers to their questions every day; if you are good at something you can help them answer those questions and earn money.

It’s never late to start a business; all you need to do is to be sure about it.

How long does it take to earn money online?


You have to realize how precious your time is. If you read my "about me" page, you know that I am a mother of two small children and to find a time for my business and kids is quite challenging. Usually, I spend around four hours a day on my business and mainly at night when the kids are sleeping.

You can do much more than me with your available time! If you invest your time and willingness, within six months to a year you can achieve a significant income. If that sounds too long for you, I’ll tell you that this is the time you need to invest. Don't believe in the get-rich-quick schemes, because in affiliate marketing there are no shortcuts.

Why does affiliate marketing take so long? The short answer is to gain enough organic traffic from and to make your site rank well on the search engines. Because you’re starting from zero, it will take time. But remember this is a great business model. It’s the same as building a house from scratch. You need to go through the whole process.

Where to get additional support?

There are some legit affiliate marketing training platforms or affiliate programs that you can join to learn the whole process of building your online business.

Some of them, like Wealthy Affiliate, will provide you with two domain names, website hosting, keyword research tool (up to 30 searches a day), 10 basic lectures on how to set up your business, and much more for FREE! You can get your step-by-step guide by joining Wealthy Affiliate company.

With the affiliate marketing training you will be able to learn everything you need to know:

  • What is a niche market and how do you choose yours
  • Creating a website, installing all the necessary plug-ins, and performing search engine optimization
  • How to write posts, research keywords, connect with affiliate programs and optimize the posts. Social media management and many others.
  • How to drive organic traffic to your website and gain authority on Google. I love this part the most as you can be a professional in SEO (by the way, this is a great niche).

Many training platforms have a very active community and the possibility to chat, answer questions, and have 24/7 service support. I always say that this is the only business where you cannot get lost. There are always people to help you. Have a look at our Wealthy Affiliate review.

Is affiliate marketing too complicated for seniors?


There are two important factors which quite often influence the decision of whether to do affiliate marketing or not.

The first and biggest factor is: "I don't know to create a website and how to work with it." The good news is that nowadays you don't actually need to know about any of the technical aspects of programming. You can easily build a website within 30 seconds. Just look at how easy it truly is: "Build your website free of cost."

The second big factor is writing the content. Actually, this is the main task if you want to do affiliate marketing; you have to create content for the upcoming years ahead. That's the reason why you have to go thru the first step and choose the niche you love the most. After all, writing about the content you enjoy will be like telling a story to a friend. You will simply be sharing your knowledge and information with your audience: "How to write an article."

Apart from creating a website and writing content, there are many more important aspects to consider. However, those two are crucial for most people.

Would you like to know how to build a real, strong, business in affiliate marketing from scratch? See my #1 recommendation here! 

With this platform, you will learn how to build a website, create content, optimize the site and drive NATURAL &ORGANIC traffic to your website.

You will be able to achieve a snowball effect! Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!

Why is affiliate marketing for seniors a good idea?


Think about your trump card, it's in your hand!

  • You have a lot of experience in your life and you can easily evaluate your niche.
  • Compared to students, moms at home and people who are doing affiliate marketing as a side business have a lot of free time
  • Money matter; that's why you are reading this post, but you are currently getting a pension so you don't have to stress about immediate income since affiliate marketing takes time to build.
  • No need to invest big money or own any product. All you might be investing is approximately 10 dollars for buying a domain name, and if you want to join an all-inclusive affiliate marketing training program you might need a few hundred dollars, but that’s it.
  • You can literally work from anywhere.
  • You will not feel lonely because this business will keep you active and occupied.
  • Affiliate marketing can bring you passive income and this is the best part. You can travel or sleep and you will be still earning money online.


As I said before, your time is precious. If you decide to start building your online business now, in six to 12 months you can start seeing very good results. If you are still hesitating, you will still hesitate in one year and yield no results.

It’s never late to learn something, it's all about having the right mindset. Affiliate marketing for seniors is one of the most legitimate and risk-free businesses model out there.

28 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing for Seniors. How to make money with this business model”

  1. As far as seniors go, largely we should treat them the same.  After all there are tons of successful senior marketers out there.  That means this younger generation are following them.

    This is actually a fact and we should acknowledge it.

    That said their are some seniors who unfortunately have cognitive impairment and affiliate marketing can still be viable to them, just made simple in explanation 

    1. Hi Stew, 

      thank you for stopping by. You are so right the yonger generation is following older. However, older generation is more careful about their decissions…

  2. Olonisakin Kehinde

    I love affiliate marketing . It’s not just the seniors that should gear up but the juniors and even the juveniles…..  I’m one of them 😂.  I have been into affiliate marketing not for long…less than 1 month though.  I have been a part of the wealthy affiliate  and I am happy to be a part of it. I believe this is the way to go for a long term sustainable income.

    1. Hi, 

      thanks for stopping by :)

      If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member I am happy for you! Thats one of the best learning platform for affiliate marketers. Just work hard and you will see the results coming! Wish you a lot of success…


  3. Hi, I couldn’t agree with you more and I really liked what I read in this article. You see, I’m also a senior person and I started affiliate marketing at the age of 55 years. You are so right about the experience and knowledge of the senior people and we can absolutely use it to our advantage.

    I sincerely hope that more senior people will see and read this post so they can start earning with affiliate marketing and in so doing, supplement their pension and using their free time to do something enjoyable.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nicolaas, 

      Glad to see you on my site!

      Thank you for your opinion. 

      You know, for each of us (from the young generation), parents are like a Wikipedia, they know everything. And that’s why I think they have really good potential with their advanced knowledge :). 

      I am more then sure you can easily write an article 2000 words long without thinking much. For people like me, from young generation, it will take longer time and more efforts :) and that’s fact …

      I wish you a lot of success!



  4. This is a great article to show seniors how they can earn an income online using Affiliate Marketing. I think that many seniors may underestimate their own potential and may be put off with the fear that may present inside the mind of how hard it may be. And perhaps not realize the ease it is to whip up a website in a few clicks, and then get to writing:).But the fact to me is, with their lifetime of knowledge they actually have the higher chance of success than younger people who have less time with jobs/young families etc.  Best Regards, John

    1. Hi John, 

      thank you  for your honest opinion. You are so right! 

      I also think the same. Underestimation is the biggest obstacle. However after doing google research i found out that more and more seniors are searching for additional income stream and therefore I think starting a new business is the best idea. Moreover it is a risk free. 

      Time is so precious! I am a mother of 2 small kids and to find a time for my business is really challenging, some days i can work only one hr. What can i do in that one hr? Respond to some comments and do research for keywords. Researching a new topics and writing blogs taking time.  But I love this business as it has a good potential. 

      Wish you a nice day 


  5. I don’t know how many times I have wished that some older “mom” would be nearby to talk to. Or how many times I’ve seen seniors and wondered whether they are spending time passing on their wisdom and expertise to those younger than themselves. This is an awesome post! I would love to see more seniors involved in affiliate marketing, because it’s such a great way for them to really help other people — to give them advice, encouragement, ideas, etc. And of course, it could definitely help with income as well!

    1. Hi Danette, 

      thank you for your great opinion. I can not agree more! I think this is one of the best business opportunity for senior citizens. Even if they work on their project a few hrs a day they can change their lives in any directions. We are learning the whole of our life, so I think the age is no barrier at all. 

  6. Hi there,

    Yes, seniors can learn or they fossilise aftter retiring.  Mindset is important and though we can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I find the people who enjoy their latter years are the ones who ‘keep moving’. Physically and mentally.

    Affiliate marketing is just advertising your website and promoting other companies or people’s offers on it.  It just boils down to effective communication. We can all learn that no matter our age.

    Wealthy Affiliate has given me something concrete to do although I wouldn’t class myself as a senior.  I tend to hang round young people a lot and their vibes rub off.  More middle aged but don’t look it…

    We live to learn and thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Stella, 

      you are right, affiliate marketing can be done by anyone no matter if it’s a senior or a youngster. The biggest obstacle I think is a scarcity to start the business. A lot of seniors are maybe a bit scared with technology as well, luckily nowadays you can build a website with few clicks and everything is so well explained that no need to worry at all. 

  7. I am retired and affiliate marketing is a great way to build an online business and make money. Let’s face it. For us seniors, we can’t live on social security alone.

    Anyone including seniors and beginners can do this affiliate marketing business.The right platform for this is Wealthy Affiliate!

    Are you passionate about something? Great! Build a website, get traffic, and create income.The is the most awesome place to build your affiliate marketing business.

    The best training, support, and help you could ever need is right here!If I could do it, YOU certainly can!My question Halyna is would you go premium right away?

    1. Hello Rob, 

      very glad to see you on my site and hear your feedback about affiliate marketing for seniors. I am more than sure that social security is not “SECURE”, sounds bizarre but its true. 

      I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate and I do have a premium account. My decision was made fast. I can easily differentiate a good learning platform from a bad one. In Wealthy Affiliate training courses, you have a step-by-step very detailed guide on how to do the things, this is one more reason why it is good for the seniors! The community is always ready to help anytime anyone. 

      Wish you a lot of success!

  8. You’ve written an informative and inspirational post, Halyna, that I hope will encourage lots of seniors to give affiliate marketing a try. There’s so much potential, and the more knowledge one has about any niche topic, all the better…and who better than someone who has lived a long life of learning! Time will pass whether one does something productive with one’s time or not. As you point out, the time to give affiliate marketing a try is today in order to have a more comfortable tomorrow. Thanks for your insights and best wishes!

    1. Hi Cheri, 

      To be honest I really would love to see more seniors in affiliate marketing. I think a lot of them don’t know even about this possibility to earn extra money. Personally, I know some seniors who are working some extras to earn additional income, but mainly it’s an office part-time job or even helping in supermarkets. Affiliate marketing for seniors is a good opportunity to earn money online and it is the best online business model. Its safe and you don’t have to invest much. I think its definitely worth of it to try et leased!

  9. Hello Halyna,

    Very interesting what you talk about in your article about affiliate marketing for seniors.

    Being a member of “Wealthy Affiliate” several years ago I feel today prepared to start generating my first money income online. 

    The internal flame in me is far from going out and I have a lot to offer all my references. 

    Thanks for sharing and Regards!


    1. Hello Claudio, 

      This is great! If you are ready to earn money online I am more then sure you will! As I said the right mindset is a key and the trump card is in your hands so what else you need to win? 

      I wish you a lot of success and never to give up!

      Make your yearly plan with daily tasks and even if you will not find success after one year, call your Wealthy Affiliate guru I am more then sure he/she can help! 

      Wealthy Affiliate is the safest place we can be!


  10. I liked your article about affiliate marketing for seniors. This is for anyone and I really liked that you showed this online earning opportunity from the sight of a senior. I am sure that many middle-aged people also think that affiliate marketing and blogging is a difficult thing and they have no time to become successful in it. Wealthy Affiliate program can help anyone to reach their goals in some months. Congrats for this helpful post.

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by. 

      I absolutely agree with you, blogging seems to be difficult and all those marketing tools as well. But that’s not the reason to give up on the spot without even trying this business model. Sometimes people are not aware of their abilities. With a good training platform, everything is possible :). 

  11. This is another angle for the retirees. Truth be told, retirement is boring.This is great idea to learn new thing that will help them physically, psychologically and mentally after retirement. I am going to start putting my mum through this affiliated marketing for her to enjoy her retirement.

    Affiliated marketing remains the best side job that will help you stay fit mentally and psychologically.

    Thank you writer

    1. Hi Kehinde, 

      I am still young but already thinking ahead and I am glad I know about affiliate marketing at my age. 

      The idea to teach parents what we know is simply great! I wish your mom a lot of success. I am more than sure being busy people forget about their problems and loneliness. 

      Thanks for reading my post!

  12. Love this article. Though I am not yet a senior but I have taken the right step by building my online business through wealthy affiliate.

    Though no time is too late to start anything in life but I believe the earlier we start to build a sustainable income generating online business the better. Wealthy affiliate has offered me the opportunity to take charge of my online business. 

    1. Hi Abiodun, 

      Honestly, its hard to get a negative comment for the Wealthy Affiliate. This platform reminds me of University where everybody is busy but at the same time helping each other. That’s why I strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to start their own business no matter at what age. 

      Best of luck to you!

  13. Affiliate marketing is one of the best means of earning money online.i myself joined wealthy affiliate this year, it has been an awesome experience so far, they have a good reputation. affiliate marketing has helped me establishmed my very own online business. It’s just about having the right mindset and it does require lots of patience.

    1. Hi Seun, 

      that’s great to know you joined the Wealthy Affiliate. I hope you enjoying your journey while building a successful business online. 

      This business can be done in any age, as you said a right mindset is a key to success! 

  14. It is never too late to run an affiliate marketing business. As long as you are still able to move your hands and you can see clearly I don’t see why seniors would consider affiliate marketing as a late business. There a lot of senior online affiliates making a killing online.

    They are doing what they love with all the experiences they have gained over the years and making money from it. If you are reading this post as a senior citizen why don’t you take it as a challenge and build an affiliate business from scratch. You would be proud of what you have accomplished when you start to see success.

    1. Hi Jay, 

      Thanks for your great comment! I fully agree with you. As I have already mentioned in one of my previous response not everybody is aware of their abilities. Definitely, its good to give a try. 

      The only risk you can hold in this business is losing some time.  If you don’t want to lose time then its good not to give up on your project. Up to 90% of people give up right before reaching success, so we must learn from them. 

      Wish you a lot of success!

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