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An AppCoiner review – Get paid to test apps?

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This review has been made possible through research and online investigation. I did not make this review unprepared and unplanned.

I personally make sure that this judgment is formulated by a thorough research and with prior knowledge. And for disclaimers, whatever stated in this review is only my views and personal opinion and is not reflected with AppCoiner nor with any online business that I will mention further in this page.

You might have a lot of questions about AppCoiner running to your mind right now. But before we dig in further with this review, let us first discuss the brief information about AppCoiner.

An AppCoiner Review

Product Name: AppCoiner


Founders: Unknown/Not stated

Release Date: September 29, 2015

Price: 27$

Recommended:  NO

Judging from the information provided above, I think it is somewhat suspicious already given that the owner of the business or product is not known to the public.

If you search different reviews from different sources, still the owner of AppCoiner was not determined nor named.

Unlike many other App reviewing platform and some related online business such as affiliation marketing, the owner and its founder is mentioned and well-acknowledged through their websites.

In this case, the owner is just a complete anonymous. Second judgment I acquired in the brief information is about their official website.

Their website seems pretty decent and authentic. Another interesting asset in their website is a calculator that lets you calculate how much money you could earn with the basis of the number of apps you have tested and reviewed on each day.

Though the concept is tricky and “to good to be true”, it gives motivational effect to the page visitors. The overall page design for me is kind of convincing and credible. I, personally have a good impression with their website and with their chosen logo as well. (provide pic sa website)

To start of with this honest and comprehensive review about AppCoiner, let us begin providing answers with these commonly asked questions about the credibility of AppCoiner.

What is AppCoiner?

It is an online app reviewing platform that present itself as a digital application that makes you earn money through testing and reviewing its own product and other mobile apps as well.

In their very own video, which is posted in their website, it was stated that all you need to have in order for you to join is a Smartphone or a gadget such as tablet.

Seems easy right? Of course they make it SEEMS easy. The AppCoiner video also claims that making money here is very effortless and plain easy. All you need to do is get your Smartphone, sign up, write a review, test several mobile application and that’s it, you earn money. 

The very main reason why they need you to write reviews is to give exposure on that program or application and to increase the probability of being seen and visited when searched on searching engines.

It is also a sort of promoting and advertising that mobile application. In that way, you are contributing to create and spread awareness about that particular app you’re writing reviews with, that might potentially lead to more exposure and downloads. The more prominent the app is, the more money it can gain.

Whilst the advertisement is partly true about assisting people in earning money through testing mobile applications and writing honest reviews, does it actually make you earn money the way they described it or the way the video stated?

Brief history of AppCoiner

AppCoiner was developed in the year 2014 with its primarily intention to connect app developers and app advertisers.

It is used by app developers to increase their business’ exposure and to attract more attention to the app users.

With more exposure, download rates of apps also increases. Thus, this type of digital platform was launched and was indeed a very helpful tool for app developers and for their advertisers as well.

Though this kind of online business seems legit, the founder of this app is yet to be known. 

How does it work?

Now you know what AppCoiner is, let us proceed to the next big question.

How does it work? Or how do you earn money in this app?

I have simplified 3 steps on the processes of working in AppCoiner or how the way it works.

But before that, you have to start by registering and creating an account with their system. And as expected, you have to pay for the registration.

The payment, however, for its membership is one-time and there is no further payment or any hidden additional cost.

3 Steps on How It Works:

Make sure you have signed up at AppCoiner to be a valid member. Once you are done signing up in their official website, you can choose which application to test that is provided from their app review database. After you have chosen which app, then you can start testing it in your own phone or tablet. Just follow the direction or guidelines provided in the app to get the whole experience.

Second step is to have your most honest review about the app you have chosen written on the review center of AppCoiner. You may or you may not write positive and encouraging comments about the app. The important thing is that you are able to evaluate the app as accurate and as sincere as possible 

With the two fundamental steps given above, the third step is to repeat the process and test more apps and write more reviews as possible. Remember, the more apps you can try and test, the more money you can earn. Same rules in writing reviews. The more detailed and honest reviews you can write about an app, the more commission you will received.  

Note: Your reviews about a specific app will be reviewed also by the review center of AppCoiner. This means that your reviews might still be open for edition or revisions especially when there are unintentional typo errors and grammatical errors.

Is AppCoiner a Scam?

Before I give my judgment whethere this app is scam or not, let us first define what scam is.

Scam refers to the deceptive act, or dishonest way to make money by deceiving people.

Now generally speaking, this app might have given you a commission one way or another. But the question is, does it make you earn the way it was advertised and promoted in the first place?

If yes, then this app is legitimate and credible. But if no, then it belongs to scheme apps and business that we should all avoid.

Unfortunately, you cannot earn money the way the AppCoiner has guaranteed the members.

Yes, there are certain statements said that were true, but mostly are sugarcoated. They tend to exaggerate everything to attract more online users.

Thus, I certainly believe that this app is a scam; in a way that they deceive people on the amount of money you could possibly earn.

You can always start a business or an application that is entirely genuine without ever making false commitments. Remember, it is always better to earn money in an honest and hardships way than to effortlessly gaining money through lies and deception.

Is It recommended? 

Obviously, I will not recommend something that I depicted as being scam. There are other apps that is more legit and other money making online business that is known to be legal and legitimate.

Let us say for example, the Affiliate Marketing. This is by far the best make money online business trend available in the market. 

It is a type of performance based marketing where a company will pay one or more affiliate once a customer was brought to the company by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

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Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!

Internet has been our direct source of information on which methods we can earn legitimately. But, we cannot deny the fact that the scammers are also smart enough to deceive us with their own kind of perception.

We wanted to earn a lot of money yet; the scammers earn more income from us. 

In Affiliate Marketing, you are the boss of your own business and there is no risk applicable. All you have to invest is the right amount of money along with your perseverance and hard work.

This kind of business does sound good right? Let me introduce you to the leading company in Affiliate Marketing Industry, the Wealthy Affiliate. It is innovating and propelling the Affiliate Marketing Industry for years now and had helped many members to succeed.

You may test it for free and if you are already ready to earn more income, the sign up for a premium membership.


In conclusion, AppCoiner is an online reveiwing platform that is not to be trusted. Their declaration of earning money, which was based on their website, were to good to be true. You can attest it yourself, but keep in mind that it is better to be cautious than to be sorry later. 

Instead, you can try the Wealthy Affiliate. Try it for free and rate the business from 1 (for earning nothing at all) to 10 (earning much more than expected). If you can see that your future is bright here in Affiliate Marketing, then try the premium membership and be ready to earn more.

I hope you have gained insights with my honest review on AppCoiner. If you have anything to say or channel out your ideas, or if you have any suggestions that is related to this post, don't hesitate to comment down below.

Thank you for visiting and be alert online!

10 thoughts on “An AppCoiner review – Get paid to test apps?”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information with others. Indeed there are many apps online, but the majority I have however come across were scam sites only wanting to generate traffic and also getting registration fees from members. I am glad you did thorough research on this AppCoiner. 
    Thank you once again for your comprehensive review.

    1. Hi David, 

      Glad to see you on my site. 

      Thank you for leaving a comment. AppCoiner is not a place to earn some good money. There are better ways on the market :)

  2. Sammynathaniels

    When I saw this article, the first thing I was concerned about was the identity of appcoiner owner because I’ve searched other review before now even the website too but can’t know the actual owner of the platform. Without further ado, any website or platform with anonymous owner(s) is already failing the first litmus test for authenticity. 

    1. Hey, 

      I always do the same thing, researching who the owner is. 

      Generally, people love to be a superstar, so why not those that claim to be multi-millionaires or super intelligent. Most probably because they are ashamed, cheating is not the best way to earn money!

  3. This review is very detailed. The fact that you can’t earn money as guaranteed by the app itself is quite enough to realise that the app is not reliable. I haven’t tried the app before but i guess with this thorough review i have saved time in looking into this app. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi, 

      Be sure that you’ve saved your time on this. Our time is precious and should be used on some good and legit product instead. 

  4. I find this method of earning money online as a sought of side hustle but the fact that the identity of the owner of the platform is hidden would definitely raise suspicions. Some people might not consider this a big deal as long as they earn their money but as long as the platform siphons money from people then I would consider it a scam. 

    Appcoin does look like an ok platform but I guess their false claims makes them not to be trusted at least from people experienced online. For the newbies, they might see this as a good making money opportunity but might become disappointed when they actually get in.

    1. Hi Jay, 

      Unfortunatelly not everyone looks at such details like who is the owner of the company, how the product can work in real and what is the business model all about. That’s how people are prepared to pay some fee to try if it will work out. As you said, reality can be quite disappointing. 

  5. Mustapha Ibrahim

    This product is for anyone who uses a smartphone or a tablet. So it is safe to say that they are targeting every single person out there. Along with everyone and their mothers using a smartphone these days, 

    there are just as many people looking to make more money. When i told my friends about this system they never believed me.

    1. Hi Mustapha, 

      The targeted group is really broad. Nowadays it’s a new opportunity for scammers to earn even more money. 

      So many aged people are looking for new make money opportunities, and I am more than sure a lot of scammers are very successful in targeting those groups. 

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