Get Weekly Paychecks Scam Or Legit?

Get Weekly Paychecks Scam Or Legit? See Our Honest Review.

Making money online is not easy. Get weekly paychecks is now a reoccurring decimal among individuals who are in search of making money online. There is no doubt that there are various scam sites that promise good returns. These dishonest sites have condition people around the globe to verify the Get weekly paychecks scam.

That is, is Get weekly paychecks a good opportunity to make or earn money weekly or another scam to swindle people's money. As time goes on we will try to make you understand the in and out of Get weekly paychecks for you to decide. Get weekly paychecks scam may not be entirely true to some people. And it can also be real to others depending on your opinion.

Get Weekly Paychecks Scam Or Legit?

Brief Details About Get Weekly Paychecks

Product Name: Get Weekly Paychecks 


Founders: unknown

Price: Plan fee of $39.90 Plus $45 Monthly Fee 

Recommended: NO

What Is Get weekly Paychecks 

This program was designed for individuals who love to make money online from the comfort of their home.

Get weekly paychecks is also a site that promises it participant weekly earnings of about $1500 to $4,500 in a simple form. 

The main goal for you is to copy ads and to promote them on social media platforms. Without having good experience with paid ads you are facing the risk to lose your money! 

Points That Buttress this company as a Scam 

Get weekly paychecks scam may be true because this system makes people believe how easy it is to make a huge amount of money by promoting one link.

They also make individuals understand that the whole system is already set up for them. That all they need is to press a button and start making big money without putting a great effort. Folks you and I know that it is not that simple to make such figure online within a week just by promoting a valueless product.

Actually Get weekly paychecks is not a system, rather it is a marketing program. This marketing funnel is to indirectly condition you to purchase a multilevel marketing Company of America product named Motor Club of America (MCA). This product (MCA) is a roadside assistance service to America and Canada residents.

Get weekly paychecks scam is indeed deceitful. This implies that, for you to participate and profit with Get weekly paychecks you must be a resident of either United State or Canada. This is because buying MCA is a must in this system. And the only way to get sign up with MCA is to be a resident in these two countries.

Also, another point that buttresses the Get weekly paychecks scam is the recruiting strategy. From the beginning, you are under compulsion to recruit people into the system through your affiliate link. This is the same way Multi-Level Marketing operates.

How Do They Operate

Well, this section we give you a proper understanding of how Get weekly paychecks operate. As I said earlier, Get weekly paychecks scam is deceptive in nature. 

Also, it operates the same way multi-level marketing company works. With their MCA product, you are expected to recruits more people in order to earn a commission. In order to be a member of Get weekly paychecks, you are to sign up for MCA and promote their plans. This program is designed to aid the members of MCA for business growth by registering more people. 

The following are the simple step understanding how Get weekly paychecks scam works:
  • Firstly, you register with Get Weekly Paychecks with the sum of $25 per month
  • Secondly, Get weekly paychecks will ask you to get an account with MCA.
  • Thirdly, you pay for a plan worth $39.90 and also make an upfront monthly subscription of $19.95 monthly.
  • Finally, you advertise and promote your affiliate link. This is to ensure other people get register through your affiliate link.

This Get weekly paychecks scam is real and misleading. With the above illustration, you are unable to earn commissions if there are no sign-ups through your affiliate link. Without sign up, you don't make money. Also, you are to be making continuous payment for different packages.

Do People Really Make Money From Get Weekly Paychecks

The reality is that individuals who are good marketers can earn money. But not as easy and huge has the founders claims. This program involves a lot of commitment to success. Another reason why I am convinced about the Get weekly paychecks scam is that the founders promise an easy way of making money online without itemizing the financial obligations.

If it was that easy to copy ads and paste it on free classified ads and make money without hiccups, everyone would have become an overnight millionaire. It is not as easy as the creators make it seems. Except you are versatile on online marketing that you can make some few cash with this system. But for beginners Get weekly paychecks is not a viable way of making money online.

Actually, the only true way to make money with this program is to get people to sign up through your affiliate link. That is, you earn commissions once someone signs up with your affiliate link. Mind you, is not just signing up, but the person needs to make the necessary payment of Get weekly paychecks.

The PROS that follow this programm:

  • There is no advantage or benefits. It only favors the creators.

The CONS of this program:

  • It is only restricted to the USA and Canada Residents 
  • You can promote only one product 
  • The price is very high - It is very expensive
  • You do not have a personal website or product
  • The system is misleading
  • It does not guarantee an effective way of making money online

Tired of SCAMS? Me too!

Unfortunately, nowadays I feel there are more scams than legit products.

Many times we simply give up on searching an online business opportunity. After wasting money on those types of product our motivation to do something online is disappearing. At least that how I felt just a few years back.

If you really want to do a business finally you will continue searching for an opportunity and that's the first step to success.

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You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free (no need even to provide a payment card details). See what you will be able to get FOR FREE:

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My final opinion on the Get weekly paychecks scam is that the program is misleading. It does not bring about financial abundance you seek. It is not a sustainable way of making money online. The founders are not credible. They are not truthful to enlighten the general public the in and out of the program. 

The financial commitment involved is high. There is a greater probability that one may not be able to earn commission from sign-ups. It is a pyramid scheme.

Your financial success is tie to other people action. Get weekly paychecks scam is real and Get weekly paychecks cannot stand the test of time. In case you have any question I will be happy to answer them.

14 thoughts on “Get Weekly Paychecks Scam Or Legit? See Our Honest Review.”

  1. I also involved myself in this paycheck scam sometimes last year which cost me alot; i would advice internet lover to move away from these type of sites and join a fast and reliable resource community.

    Thanks for this great eye opener . The article is very helpful and it would surely help in tackling scam sites

    it is well appreciated

    1. Hi Abioye, 

      I hate scams and I would love to open peoples eyes on such products. How many time we fail with a scam and lose money. Afterall once the good opportunity comes we are thinking a hundred times to go for it or not. 

      The research is a must!  

  2. Hi Halyna! The rate with which so many sites spring up all in the name of paying workers to work from home is very annoying. They use emotional words to lure people to their sites. Often times they demand that you pay to get access into the program. They also promise huge amount of money to their prospective workers. At the end of the day, it boils down to looking for referrals in order to get commission. 

    My advice to those seeking for sit at home jobs, they should be careful with programs that promise them that it is easy to make money online.

    1. Hi Gracen, 

      thanks for stopping by… 

      unfortunatelly there are so many scams out there. 

      I am more than sure most on online enterpreneurs faced some scams in their lives. There was a time when people believed internet too much and never thought about being cheated, however, the opposite is true. I strongly suggest doing research and reading more than one review. 

      Wish you a lot of success!

  3. Someone who doesn’t have a full knowledge of these various quick money making site will easily fall prey, thanks for shedding enough light for us all to see. Nice write up, really helpful. I’ve read few articles exposing other sites which are not so safe to engage with and it’s funny how people are getting scammed in real life through these sites. Thorough crosschecking on many websites would be advisable before full engagements. 

    1. Hi Ayodeji, 

      I fully agree with you! That’s the best solution, checking out a few sources! I saw many scam sites with a 5-star review. Those are the people who want to earn money and unfortunately, they are successful in it, but not for a long time. It’s a question of time when the company will come to an end…

  4. I have seen many scam but this one goes a notch higher by tell people to register under some things else also their so many sigh uos for asingle product so they want to make sure everything’s that you make goes to the owner you the buyer is left empty-handed. So please avoid this kind of scummers they only want to themselves rich 

    1. Hi Charles, 

      as you said, nobody cares about people that buy products all they want is to get rich quick. I always say there is no way to get rich quick scheme, but in fact, there is but its not a legit scheme! If anybody wants to get rich quick you have to cheat on other and be a scammer! How those people can actually sleep at night uhhhh…

  5. From every indication, this is a multilevel marketing in disguise. It is a ripoff. There is no free money online to promise that fabulous return in a week. I can’t fall fo get weekly paychecks gimmicks.Many internet business newbies are falling victim to this scamming scheme. Many should be made to know about the unrealistic promises of this platform. 

    1. Hi Chris, 

      you are right I think in this type of business mainly the newbies will fail. After such an experience they are discouraged from the internet business and its real pity. All you need to have is a good place to leant and earn… 

  6. I’ve always said this to my friends who are very keen to make quick money on the internet: That 70-80%, if not more of all websites that promise huge monetary return within a very short period is scam. There are numerous of such sites out there. These site are so easy to detect. As you said, they usually don’t have a definitive purpose or product for people to market or promote. 

    Thanks Halyna for this honest review. You’ve done a great job in exposing one out of the various rip-off sites out there.

    1. Hi Muhiyb, 

      yes, the statistic of scamming companies is drastic! In fact, those companies earning millions and it’s not fair!

  7. Why did get weekly paychecks only allows residents in the United States and Canada residents to participate in their platform only without letting others join. I think this is because probably they must have ulterior motives. Why would they present products of worthless value and promising people of high Roi with very little work.?  Scams!

    1. Hi Kenechi, 

      That’s actually a good question with a great answer!

      For having a high ROI you have to work hard. 

      They just using people and their time. 

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