how to name the business

How to name the business? EMD, PMD or brand name?

Hi, everyone! It’s Halyna! Today we’re going to talk about one important topic: how to name the business!

If you’re planning to start a brand new business, the first thing you want to do is choosing the right name. Believe me or not your business name is significant for your future success.

But how to get some good business name ideas? And what it is the right name? Why should we care much about it?

Well, stay tuned! We are going to reveal the answers to those questions.

How to name the business?

What type of domain names exists?

First of all, let's talk about the types of domain names that exist.

When I started my own e-shop some years back, I didn’t know anything about how to name the business or even how to register a domain name. I am more than sure a lot of business owners of small companies facing the same question. The majority of people are choosing a name that is related to the product with the hope it can help to target audience fast and effectively.

So, how to name the business? Well, we have only three options, see them listed below.

#1. EMD - Exact Match Domain

What does it actually mean? The exact match domain will reflect what your business is all about. For example, if you’re going to sell black bags, you can name your website This domain name consists only of keywords; the first one is "black" and the second one is "bag." In this case, your domain name should be as relevant to your content as possible. Another example can be, meaning that the bags will be sold or made only in Paris.

One of the most significant advantages of EMD is that they can be easily indexed and ranked in search engines. However, over the last few years, Google has paid a lot more attention to EMD. A lot of businesses try to rank without providing sufficient content on their sites and as a result, Google love penalize them.

how to name the business

One of the negative things about EMD is that you are stuck with limited keywords. If you initially decide to register a domain name and after some time trying to sell white bags as well, your domain name will be irrelevant to your product. 

The positive thing about EMD is that its easy for your target audience to understand what is your business about. So think carefully.

#2. PMD - Partial Match Domain

Partial match domain means that only part of the domain name includes keywords. For example, in, only black and bag will be recognized in Google as a keyword.

A disadvantage of having a PMD is that most of them are too long, and as a result, it can make your potential customer or client uncertain. It merely confuses people.

#3. Brand names

What is a brand name? Your brand name can be any name that doesn't include a keyword. Think about your favourite brands like Google, Nike, Amazon, Apple or Carpisa; those names have nothing to do with what they’re offering.

how to name the business

Generally, Google loves brand names. It’s very easy to brand your business name if it’s unique. Google also loves when people search for brand names, so make sure your clients remember it. As you can see, my website also has a brand name.

All of brand names are easy to spell and easy to remember. As you see another comong thing about brand name is the lenght. Those names are short. just think how most of the successful business owners named their companies. 

By the way, if you want to brand your name most of the social media has a limited number of characters.

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Here are top 8 tips on how to name the business!

1. A short domain name is better

Naming your business with a simple and short name gives your clients a better chance to remember it. When clients type your business name into the search bar on Google, it gives Google a signal that your name and brand is important. The more searches you have, the better it is for your ranking.

While branding your business, you will surely be registering your business on social media. For example, if the name is longer than 15 letters, Twitter will not let you register with your full business name.

Long names will also confuse people. For example, a name like is too long and really confusing. While searching for this kind of domain name on Google, people might be missing important keywords. As a result of it, they will find your competitors instead. So the recommended length is from 4 to a maximum of 10 letters, but as we said before, the shorter the name, the better it is.

Business name ideas

Just have a look at research

choosing domain name

As you can see, I just tried to find a short domain name on The first name was's available, and it's incredibly expensive at 9,820.11 Swiss Franks, approximately the same amount in US dollars. promotes this domain as an excellent choice because…

  • "Is" is a widely used keyword
  • "" is easy to remember
  • The domain name uses the .comextension

It tells me that .com is the best extension to have. Those are the main reasons why they want so much money.

Have a look at this second piece of research. Another great name is Again, the reasons are the same as the previous name. As you can see, the price is 24,574.86 CHF.

choosing domain name

What do you think? If you buy one of those names, how useful will it be for your ranking? Don't panic! Google is not a human, it's a robot, and if you buy a domain name for $10 or $24,000 it doesn't matter! Your main task is to find something that Google likes, and as you see, a short name and .com extension are important.

See my last example


I just tried to type something that came to my mind, and here you go. I've found available domain name The price is only 0,74CHF. Do you see what GoDaddy is suggesting for you? Exactly, they are offering you an option to pay an additional 20 CHF ($20) to register the same domain name with three different extensions, .net .org .info. Surely you will not build all four websites, but it is mainly for protecting your future brand name.

If you choose the domain name for $24,000 or for $1, you can brand both of them equally.

2. Brand your domain name

This step is crucial. Be sure you have a unique name. The more unique it is, the easier it is to brand it.

Check the social profiles and Google it, you will see if the name is taken already.

Just now, you saw what a great name I found on GoDaddy. However, after Googling this name, here are the results.


After typing domwex into Google, I can see that this name is already taken on Reddit and Twitter, and it’s on the first page of Google. At the same time, Google is trying to offer us one more option in case we misspelled the name. As you see in the picture, the results are not the best. So be careful!

3. Don't use the numbers & hyphens

It is not highly recommended to use numbers in your domain. From my personal experience, I know it creates a lot of misunderstandings. I used to work in a small private hotel, and the domain name included number one. For many potential clients and business partners, it was quite confusing to find us on search engines.

Using hyphens can also cost you clients, and at the same time, it will be hard to brand your name. Let's say that you found a good and famous name like Best Leather Bags. Don't be one of those people who want to be like the competition and don't name your business best-leather-bags. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. While presenting your company to a friend, they will most likely miss your hyphens, and it will help your competition to rank while searching and visiting their site. Second of all, your name will not be unique, and you cannot brand it easily.

4. Be sure about your name

Before buying a domain name, be sure about it. If, after some years, you decide to change the name, it will be tough to re-brand it, and you will risk:

  • Losing your online traffic
  • Losing potential clients
  • Expenditure on promotional materials
  • Lost time. For example, on social profiles, you have to change the name manually, and if it can't be changed, you have to open a new account.
  • Losing a good position on Google & SEO ranking

Any new site on Google has low trust. That trust will grow slowly month-by-month if you provide useful and quality content. The whole process of re-branding can be like starting from the beginning.

5. Be sure about your domain name extension

how to name the business

If you want to know how to name the business correctly, you have to think about the extension, as well.

There are a few important factors:

  • What your business is
  • Where it’s located
  • Your language

If you are doing, for example, online training in English, and would like to reach more people internationally, you might consider using the .com extension. If you’re a local business in Germany or France and offering a car repair service, you might consider the .de or .frextension. At this point, you surely know that each country has its own extension.

What about extensions like .net, .org, .info, and why does everybody love .com?

Actually, .com is an extension used mainly for America. However, a major amount of businesses uses for their international websites, as well. More than 75% of all online businesses name their companies with the .com extension, and this might be one of the reasons why Google loves it so much. At this point we are talking about authority; the more authority your domain has, the better it is for your business.

.netoriginally created and used mainly for companies providing networking technologies and internet services.

.org - created to be used by non-profit organizations.

.info – the main purpose was to be used by the sites that provide information.

Nowadays, anyone can use any of these extensions. There are no rules that allow or prohibit registering domain names with such an extension

6. Using a keyword

As I mentioned before, the positive thing about using a keyword in your domain name is easy ranking. However, you need to consider which keyword will not tie your hands or put you in a box. I recommend that you use a wide keyword; for example, topmarketing instead of digitalmarketing.

The "Digital Marketing" domain name will tie your hands with only one type of marketing, while Top Marketing can be digital marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and many others. You need to be sure that you will be focusing only on marketing. In case you’re not sure, go for a brand name.

7. Branding own name

You can also use your own name. If you are starting a blog, it can be a great idea. However, your name should be easy to pronounce and read.

Once you decide to use your personal name as a business name, for example, in shopping or online business, be careful about your good name and reputation. Negative feedbacks can hurt your personal name in search engines.

Be sure about branding with your own name, as later, it will be hard to sell such a business name.

how to name the business

8. Use a Domain Name Generator tools

If you’d like to get some more ideas for your business name, you can use a name generator tools. Just type your domain name into one of those sites, and you will get a great bunch of new potential names.


Your business name should be short and unique. Choosing a business name is quite important for your future success. I always say “love Google and Google will love you back.”

I hope our article helped you to understand the idea of how to name the business. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I will be more than happy to answer them.

6 thoughts on “How to name the business? EMD, PMD or brand name?”

  1. A name is everything! Can’t have a successful business with a goofy name or one that doesn’t make any sense. We are more often than not “judge a book by its cover” beings. Thank you for all the tips for choosing a good domain name! One thing that I did not do for my domain is really use a key word. Oh well, I hope that I can still be successful.

    1. Hi Holly, 

      yes, business name is one of the key element in building a business. You can be successful with domain name without a keyword in it! Brand it out and you will see, once people start searching for your brand name Google will love it and will help you to rank well. I don’t have any keyword in my domain as well :)

  2. Your advice to be careful to choose a name that will not box you in is crucial.  I have had sites in the past where I made this mistake and because of the site name it made the site too narrow.  It tends to be a fine balance to find a name that doesn’t leave your site too narrow or too broad.  Too narrow  and you might not get much organic traffic and too broad and there might be too much competition for traffic.

    1. Hi Tom, 

      thank you for stopping by :). 

      As you said choosing a right name is crucial and this is the biggest problems of EMD and PMD. I think a lot of people still love EMD and PMD more than brand names and the main reason might be because they don’t know how to brand out the name. With a brand name, you don’t have to worry that much… Google will understand what is your website about from the content itself. 

      Have a nice day 


  3. Some great tips her and I can see where I have gone wrong in some of my domain name choices. I chose one with hyphens and although website not doing too badly, I can see that if somebody typed my name without the hyphens they end up at a competitor website. 

    Also I have an EDM but now it makes it a bit difficult to branch out into other things that are related. 

    Is it possible to change your domain name once site is doing well or best just to leave as is?

    1. Hi Michel, 

      Thank you for stopping by :)

      Your website with hyphens is doing well I guess because of your good content, however, for branding, it might be a bit difficult. if your site is new i suggest you to change the name, if the name used already long time you have to begin from the zero. 

      one of my future posts will be about how to brand the name, hope you will find some good tips :)

      Have a nice day 


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