is aloette cosmetics a scam

Is Aloette Cosmetics a Scam? Legit MLM or Pyramid Scheme Masquerade?

Is Aloette Cosmetics a scam? Is it a Pyramid scheme or legit MLM business where you can make a lot of money?

Most probably, those questions are comming to your mind after talking to one of your friends who is promising you excellent income opportunity after joining this company.

First of all, let me say Congratulation on doing your research before joining this seemly good opportunity. You belong to fewer people who research before shelling out their money. Your investigation is the first step to success. That's how you can escape from scams and finding legit making money opportunities.

How do you feel about your friends' approach? At this point, you realize that your friend just recently tried to earn money on you? Well, if you join her or him, you should do the same, as one of the best earning opportunity in MLM business is recruiting people. And you must start with your friends and relatives.

In this comprehensive review, we are going to reveal the truth about Aloette Cosmetics and whether you can make money or neither. Unfortunately, the success rate with MLM is meager, so how the Aloette differ from other companies?

Stay tuned and continue reading. I will try my best to help you make the right decision.

is aloette cosmetics a scam

Aloette Cosmetics Review

Product Name: Aloette Cosmetics


Address: 2700 Barrett Lakes Blvd NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144-4813

Founders: Tricia Defibaugh

Price: $39 - $199

Recommended:  NO 

What is Aloette Cosmetics about?

Aloette Cosmetics is a network marketing company that is operating in a beauty niche and offers mainly skincare and makeup products. This MLM company was settled back in 1978 by Tricia Defibaugh in Philadelphia, to be exact in King of Prussia.

For the moment of writing, Aloette Cosmetics has a headquarter in Atlanta and operates only in the U.S and Canada. So, only the residents of those two countries can become independent distributors and promote the products.

Straight at the beginning, there are few red flags for this company. After being so many years on the market, the company is still not BBB accredited. This fact leads to the question of whether they are willing to take care of their clients and ready to handle the complaints well.

As well if you are curious about the compensation plan and want to check it out. There are not many options. The compensation plan is not available on the company's website. If you want to know what are the advantages, you must find a consultant or submit a particular form on their website.

Does Aloette Cosmetics have something to hide? Is Aloette Cosmetics a scam? It is too early to judge.

Aloette Product Line

As I've already mentioned company is operating in a beauty niche. It is a very wealthy niche and considered to be worth $60 billion. However, the competition is growing as well (Touchstone Essentials, Anovite, Luminess Air) Yearly there are hundreds of new MLM companies arriving on the market intending to offer the most unique and healthy products. 

Aloette Cosmetics has three main categories of products:

1. Skincare

Here you can find a wide range of products like

  • Cleanses
  • Masks
  • Scrubs
  • Treatment and serum 
  • Moisturizers

You can buy the products individually or in a ready package. The price depends on a product and starting from $19 for a handwash soap up to $259 for a Platinum Value Package, which includes six products.

The most expensive product in this category is Age Defiance Pro Firming Serum, which costs $ 69.95. It is quite costly but compares to other MLM still acceptable.  

2. Makeup

In this category you can find products for:

  • Face
  • Lips
  • Eyes
  • Customizable beauties - you can select a refillable compact and choose the color you like. Once you finish the color, you can choose another one, and don't have to buy a new compact. 

Compare to the competition, some products have a reasonable price, but some are a bit overpriced. For example, an eye pencil you can buy for $19. The most expensive is a package called Flawless Beauty which contains one brush, cream, and compact the price is $112.45

flawless beauty package

3. Bath & Body

Here you can find products such as bath salt, body cleanser, foot creams, body scrub, oil, and lotions. The price range is between $18 up to $55. 

For the information in 2013, the company was subject to a complaint. 

Allegedly the company's cosmetics products contained ingredients linked to cancer or reproductive harm. However, a year later, in January 2014 was discovered that it was another company and that an error had occurred. Have a look at this official document

How much does it cost to join Aloette Cosmetics?

There is a lot of hidden information about joining the company, compensation plan, and rewards. If you want to know more information, you must contact the company directly.

However, we've got you covered!

You can join the company at a little cost, which is compared to other MLMs a good sighn.

There are only three starting kits you can choose.

My Aloette Kit - $39 ($99 value)
Consultation Kit - $99 ($300 value)
Show Kit - $199 ($800 value)

With those kits, you also will get your webpage, where you can promote the companies products. It sounds good, but! You need to drive traffic to your website, and there are two ways. Or you pay ads, or you drive organic traffic. If you don't know anything about it, you will not have any visitors.

With the My Aloette Starter Kit, you also will get an online store for free, but only for 60 days.

Would you like to know how to build real and strong, business ? 

See my #1 recommendation here! 

Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!

You will get absolutelly for FREE:

- 2 websites including hosting and backup

- Training course for begginers

- Video Walk-Throughs

- Keyword research tool

- 1-on-1 coaching for the first 7 days.

How to make money with Aloette Cosmetics?

Same as hundreds of other MLM, you have two options to make money with Aloette Cosmetics. 

The first one is by selling the products, and second is by recruiting people and building your pyramid scheme. This is how the MLM business works, and maybe that's the reason why everyone is curious about the difference between MLM and pyramid schemes. 

1. Selling

For selling products, you will receive a whopping commission of 25% up to 35%. This fact evokes a question of how good is the product itself and whether it has sufficient quality. 

If you decide to sell the product, imagine how many pieces you must sell monthly to quit your daily job and to achieve a steady income? It is literary impossible to earn well by selling only products. Therefore without recruiting other people, you can not succeed.

So the next option is to recruit people.  

2. Recruitment

When you recruit people, you can earn much more money. The reason is that you are going to receive a commission from your downlines. The more people you hire, the higher commission will be (minimum is 5% and a maximum of 16%).

How much money can you make with Aloette Cosmetics?

Some of the companies consultants claim that you can earn big money.
As a Beauty Consultant, you can earn $800 - $1600 per month, and all you need is working 2 or 3 times a week.
Field Executives can earn a minimum of $2000 per month and up to $100.000 per year. The information pretends to be from the average winning results from 2015. However, this information is an absolute lie, as there is no official income disclaimer.

Unfortunately, the success with MLM business is rare, and the statistic says that, on average, you can make $14 per week. Over 99% of people fail in Network Marketing. As you see, there is a huge chance you will be one of them. Those are the facts.

Is Aloette Cosmetics a scam? The only thing I can tell now is that MLM business seems to be very scammy. 

Is Aloette Cosmetics a Scam?

Is Aloette Cosmetics a scam? The answer is NO, Aloette Cosmetics is not a scam. However, I do not recommend joining this company — the main reason is the success rate. There is a 99% chance you will fail in doing this business.

The next thing I don't like - there is not much description of the products, and I have doubts about its quality as the commission is 35%. Lack of information reminds me of one company called Waiora, which sold products that contained over 90% of pure water.

As well, do you think they can sell you a package worth $800 only for $199? If they really do so, they will soon be bankrupt. Even on those $199, they are making money, which again tells me the products are cheap quality. Can you sell something that is not good?

Aloette Cosmetics doesn't have a BBB accreditation, and you can not return the products. So if your friends will be upset with the products, it will be on your head.

If you don't have excellent skills to sell and don't have many people whom you can potentially recruit, I suggest you try something else.

Alternative making money method

If you are disappointed with Aloette Cosmetics, don't be. There is a much better option to make money without selling face to face or recruiting your friends. This method called Affiliate Marketing, which has $7 Billion value in spendings.

Compare to the MLM business model

You don't have to sell any products.
Zero investment
No recruitment
You will not depend on your downlines.
Passive income (earn while you sleep)

Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so you need to invest your time and work. But if you are serious about doing your business, you can succeed.

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