is anovite a scam

Is Anovite a Scam? Colostrum Pyramid Scheme or a New You earning opportunity?

Is Anovite a Scam? Can you trust this company and make money, or is it just a waste of time?

Most probably, you are here to find out whether you should trust a friend or colleague who has recently invited you to join Anovite. And I am happy that you are here. You belong to very fewer people who research before investing money. Congratulation, because that's the best way to avoid scams and find legit earning methods.

I am not here to blame, maybe your friend got excited and want to share this seemingly great opportunity with you. There is nothing wrong with it, but before joining anything, do your investigation first.

Is Anovite a Pyramid Scheme? Does this brand-new company differs from other MLMs and can help you build your business. We will answer all those questions and much more. Stay tuned and read on.

is anovite a scam

Anovite Review

Product Name: Anovite


Address: 14512 Center Point Way #100, Bluffdale, UT  84065, USA

Phone: (+1) 877-295-1269

Founders: Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith


Recommended:  NO

What is Anovite about?

Anovite is a brand-new network marketing company in the health & wellness niche. Regardless of market saturation, the company offers a wide range of products. Starting from an anti-aging, weight loss, immunity system food supplements up to pet health products. 

Anovite in Latin means “A New You.” The physical and financial wealth of their representatives are their two primary goals. At least that's what Anovite claims.

The company was established back in September 2015 by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith. Who is at the same time the founder of another nutritional company called Immune-Tree.

Both companies are not BBB accredited, which brings dark light on them. Well, there are undoubtedly many legit companies that are not BBB certified. Nevertheless, when it comes to a company that offers nutritional supplements, we should approach it differently. 

BBB accreditation doesn't prove the legitimacy of the products. However, it demonstrates that the owner is willing to put the maximum effort into resolving customers' complaints. 

Does it mean Anovite a scam? It is still too early to judge. Let's have a look at whether Anovite differs from the same-niche companies, like Waiora,  Prime My BodyKannaway or neither. 

Anovite Product Line

The Anovite product line is not too broad, neither too narrow. The prices are, of course, very high. How else they can earn money and pay the commission which is up to 30%

They have the following products:

Anti-aging products

  • LimuZ - a nutritional powder that helps to improve the nervous and immune system, as well as to balance endocrine and Anti-Aging. It cost $70 per pack and contains 30 packets. 
  • OxyQuest - it is alkaline, which contains negatively charged electrolytes of oxygen. Kind of non-sense product for me. However, the main goal is to improve the immune system and kill bacteria in the body. The price is $37.5
  • Anovite face serum - slows down the aging process. The cost is $99 - 30ml.
  • Anovite face serum and face cream, you will pay $188. For this much money, I would buy a high-quality product directly from the pharmacy. 

Waight-loss products

Here you can choose from 7 products. 

You can buy a weight management pack with vanilla or chocolate flavor. You will get 

Colostrum6 - 180 pills
LimuZ - 30 Daily Doses
130 Ct Pineapple Colostrum6 Lozenges
LeptiTrim6 DayTime
LeptiTrim6 NightTime
Chocolate Shake
Healthy Horizon Newspaper & the brochure

The price is $299.95, and the retail price is $454.

Anovite weight loss products

​Same like in the anti-aging product category, you can buy a LimuZ product as well. 

The next product is Lepti Trim6 daytime. It is a weight loss supplement in capsules. One pack contains 180 capsules, and it will last for one month. The daily dosage is six capsules. The price is $62.5

Lepti Trim6 Nightime, This is another weight loss supplement for night time. The dosage is 1 scoop per 2-4OZ of liquid. Just put this powder in any drink you like and have it before going to sleep. It has 162gram and cost $61.25 

The last product from this category is LeptiTrim6 Vanilla or Chocolate shakeThe price is $60

Immune system products

This section is all about such a famous Colostrum6 product.

You can buy it in different doses and forms.
They have pills available in a pack of 90 or 180 pieces. The price is $25 or $43.75.
Then you can choose a Colostrum6 powder in 4 different packs the smallest (48,5tsp) will cost you $30, and the biggest (594,5tsp) will cost $202,5.

The last product is Colostrum6 Pineapple Lozenges and Colostrum6 Strawberry.

Both of those products are a cold press form of colostrum. The price is $41.5

Beauty products

In a section of beauty products, Anovite is offering Face CREAM and serum.

Each costs $99, or $188 if you buy all of them.

The rest products are the same as in weight loss or immune system category.

Pet Health

​​​The pet health category contains only three products.

Canine6 Natural Beef and Bacon Flavored Colostrum.
This is a food supplement only for small breeds. One pack has 90 grams, and it cost - $33.75

Canine6 Natural Beef and Bacon Flavored Colostrum for large breeds. Price is $72.5 (240 grams)

Feline6 Colostrum Supplement. Food supplement for cats. Price is $22.5 (44 grams)

Pet Health Anovite products

Workout Supplements

The last category is Workout Supplements.

There is only one product in this category. It is called Flex6 Fitness Formula, and it cost $67.5.

One pack contains 180 capsules and last for 30 days (usage - six tablets a day)

Anovite Founder - Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith

As I said already Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith is a founder of Anovite. He was born in a village Cache Valley, where all childhood he could observe nature, including animals such as cows. 

The dairy farm was the first impulse that led him to study about colostrum elements and its health effects.

Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith

 His research has confirmed that colostrum is containing antibodies that protect the organism against disease. Therefore he started his very first business - raising day-old calves. 

After some time, he developed a wide range of products containing colostrum. And of course, he started selling them under the Immune Tree company name, which was founded in September 1991.

Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith holds a Ph.D. in nutritional science. He is a writer of a book called "First Milk Diet: Your Anti-Aging Secret," which got published in 2016.

As I said before in 2015, he opened an Anovite company with an MLM business model. For the moment of writing, Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith lives with his wife and three kids in Lehi city in Utah.

Well, as we see, the founder seems to be passionate about nutrition science and the effects of colostrum, especially. But are his products legit and quality? Unfortunately, I have bad news for you.

Anovite Lawsuit

There are so many MLM companies with lawsuits, and they are still running well and recruiting more people. That is something really horrible.

Just a few days back, I've reviewed one company that paid $12 million to its customer.

The company was selling products containing over 90% of pure water. It was also an MLM selling anti-aged and nutritional products.

So what is Anovites case? Well, the Anovites case is much worst. See the full Notice of Violations

Four of their products exceeded the limit of some dangerous chemicals, which leads to developmental toxicity as well as the reproductive toxicity of females and males. As well it was confirmed that products contained a component called arsenic, which causes CANCER

anovite products including chemicals

This is one more reason why I don't like MLMs! You can not trust products. People are buying dangerous and expensive products without knowing the truth about them. How many companies have already been revealed, and how many are still not?

If the only reason you want to join this company is to earn money, please don't do it. There are better LEGIT ways to make money without recruiting your friends and selling dangerous products.

How to make money with Anovite?

Anovite gives you two options to make money. The first one is selling the products and the second is recruiting people. 

As a wholesale distributor you can earn from 20 up to 30% commision, which is not bad. But for someone entirely new, starting as the wholesale distributor seems impossible. And for 99% of people, it is really impossible. 

Did you know that almost 99% of people FAIL in MLM business? Unfortunately, this is a reality, but nonetheless, people are still giving big chances to this business model. 

Can you calculate how many products you must sell monthly to earn good money? A lot! The worst part of doing network marketing is selling to your friends, relatives, and colleagues. 

How much does it cost to be an Anovite distributor? Compare to other companies, where you have to pay a yearly membership fee; it is free. But you will not be qualified for bonuses as well; you can not use the compensation plan.

If the idea of selling products one by one doesn't attract you much, Anovite has another option. It is, of course, recruitment and building your network - your pyramid. 

Instead of selling products, you will be selling a ready business idea to your friends. You must convince people to buy membership and to recruit other people. That's how the pyramid scheme is made. 

#1. Anovite starter pack

colostrum6 starter pack

The cheapest Anovite starter pack will cost you $149.95. It contains four products worth of $192.5 and 100BV/150QV. 

You will get LimuZ6, Colostrum6 180ct Capsule, 130ct Colostrum6 Pineapple Lozenges, OxyQuest. 

As well you will have a bonus called fast-start mentor bonus, which is $24. 

#2. Weight Management Pack

Next is the Weight Management Pack, which includes 11 products. 

  • Colostrum6 180 Count, 
  • Flex6, 
  • LimuZ6 Bag (30 sachets), 
  • 1-2.5oz Colostrum Powder, 
  • 130ct Colostrum6 Pineapple Lozenges, 
  • Oxyquest, 
  • LepiTrim6 Daytime, 
  • LepiTrim6 Nightime, 
  • LepiTrim6 Shake, 
  • Product Brochure, 
  • Healthy Horizons Newspapers
  • Price is $299.95, with the wholesale value $364 and retail value $454. 

    With this package, you will get bonuses like - fast start bonus $75 and a fast-start mentor bonus: $24. As well 150BV/300QV

    #3. LifeStyle Pack

    With LifeStyle Pack you will get 10 products including

    • Colostrum6 180 Count
    • 1-Flex6
    • LimuZ6 Bag (30 sachets)
    • 2.5oz Colostrum Powder
    • Serum 30ml
  • Cream 30ml
  • 130ct Colostrum6 Pineapple Lozenges
  • Oxyquest
  • Product Brochure
  • Healthy Horizons Newspapers.
  • The price is the same as Weight Management Pack $299.95. With the wholesale value $408, retail value $511. here you also get a quick-start bonus $75 and quick-start mentor bonus $24. /150BV/300QV

    #4. Business Sample Pack

    The last option is Business Sample Pack, which costs a whopping $499.95. The quick-start mentor bonus is $25, and a quick start bonus is $125. Here you will have 200BV/500QV

    Business sample pack
    • 10-Colostrum 90 count
    • 4-LimuZ6 Bags (120 sachets)
    • 10 Samples 4ml Serum
    • 10 Samples 4ml Cream
    • 10 Samples Skin Care Mailers
    • 10 Samples LimuZ Mailers
    • 10 Two Week Sampler Box
    • 10 Product Brochures
    • 10 Healthy Horizons Newspapers

    PACKAGE will include only samples. 

    If you want to qualify for a fast-start bonus and fast start mentor bonus, you should always have a 150 personal qualifying volume. 

    Anovite Compensation Plan?

    Anovites compensation plan is quite long and complicated 21 pages in total. I will try to explain briefly the whole system and how it works. 

    They are mainly using a fusion binary compensation plan, which fuses 14 earning methods in two ways. Within a compensation plan also built-in 13 bonuses that you can achieve.

    Here is a little clarification of how the binary system works. Compare to standard recruitment pyramid system in the binary downline, associates having only two legs - left and right. 

    When you start recruiting, your downline will be placed into the right or left leg. If your associate recruits someone, that person will also be set into the right or left leg. If you recruit, for example, three people, the system will automatically place a new associate into the first available spot in the right or left leg. 

    Logically people from your upline can also be placed under you. 

    You will be earning from your whole binary system that consists of those two legs.

    Anovite Bonuses 

    #1. Retail bonus.

    To achieve a retail bonus, all you need to do is to sell the products. You will be able to buy products for wholesale prices and sell for retail prices. The difference between those two prices will be your income. You can do face-to-face selling or promote the products on your website. 

    #2. First Order Bonus. 

    This is a one-time bonus from each first order, excluding fast-start packages. The commission is 25%. 

    #3. Customer Advantage Bonus. 

    For each product that you or your team sell, the Bonus Volume will be distributed to the pay-leg. Which increases the number of pay cycles.

    #4. Smartship Advantage Program. 

    With this program, you have an option to get free product credits, which are known as loyalty premia. They usually are paid in gift cards, which are valid for 12 months. You can spend them on buying new products. You can maximize credits from month to month. The longer you stay there, the higher percentage you will get. 

    • 1-3 month - 10% 
    • 4-6 month - 20%
    • 7 months and more - 30%

    #5 and #6. Fast-Start Bonuses and Fast-Start Mentor Bonuses. 

    For each personally recruited member, you will get Fast-Start Bonus. This bonus can be paid only once. You will get or $75 or $150. But before that, you must be an active & qualified member. Means you should have 50QV (Qualifying Volume) + accumulating another 300QV in personal volume. 

    A Fast-Start Mentor Bonus is $24 or $25 

    Would you like to know how to build real and strong, business ? 

    See my #1 recommendation here! 

    Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!

    You will get absolutelly for FREE:

    - 2 websites including hosting and backup

    - Training course for begginers

    - Video Walk-Throughs

    - Keyword research tool

    - 1-on-1 coaching for the first 7 days.

    #7. Team Bonuses

    You can achieve this bonus only when you stay active with 50QV and 400BV (Bonus Volume). In case you manage 600BV, those 200BV which are extra will be automatically transferred for the next month. 

    #8. Matching Team Bonuses

    You will be earning from team bonuses. It will be 10% of all your pyramid associates. However, to get this bonus, you should have a minimum director ranking.

    #9. Rank Advancement Bonuses. 

    The more you recruit and grow your team, the more chances you will have to achieve rank advancement bonuses. For each of your associates that are advancing in the ranking, you will get a one-time cash bonus. It starts from star associated up to the silver director.

    #10. Car Lifestyle Bonuses

    Once you achieve the Bronze Director position, you will be getting $100 per week a Car Lifestyle Bonus. The amount will be growing up to $375 per week, depending on your ranking and position. 

    #11, #12, #13 Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond Executive pools. 

    All product orders will be generating a bonus volume. 3% of this bonus volume is weekly distributed in between Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond Executive pools 1% for each pool. 

    What I LIKE  about Anovite?

    Money-back guarantee.

    It seems like a money-back guarantee is becoming a new trend for MLM companies (like Touchstone Essentials). I like it because it gives little assurance products are good. Furthermore, they give you a 90 days guarantee.

    Legit owner.

    After doing my research about Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, I can say this man loves his field. The company Immune Tree, which is already operating for over 28 years, is one more proof of it.

    What I DON'T LIKE about Anovite?

    Expensive products

    The products are expensive. Maybe you saw some reviews saying the opposite, but I can assure you, you can find better prices for similar products.

    For example, the serum or a cream 30 ml cost $99. You can find a much better product with an anti-age effect straight in a pharmacy. At the same time, you will have confidence that the product won't do any harm, and it's dermatologically tested.

    Product Quality Doubts

    One of the most common reasons for MLM having a lawsuit is inadequate product quality.
    In most cases, products contain dangerous components.

    The same happened here with Anovite. I am not claiming they are still selling those life-threatening products. But when you check most of the product statements, it is written that: "The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated those statements."

    High failure rate.

    As I said before, there is a 99% chance you will not be able to make money. It is not because we are talking about Anovite; the reason is the business model.

    To make a substantial income without recruiting and building your pyramid is impossible. Every single MLM will suggest you starting recruiting family members, friends, and colleagues. After all, you can not stand on the market and sell those products.

    MLM business model is similar to the Pyramid Scheme

    Is Anovite a Pyramid Scheme? No, Anovite is not a pyramid scheme; however, it resembles a lot.
    Just have a look at this post, which clearly explains the difference between MLM business model and a Pyramid scheme.

    Well, it is evident that Anovite is not the best example of the MLM business model

    So what Anovite and Pyramid scheme have in common?

    • Anovite pays bonuses for recruiting new members
    • You can collect the commission from your downlines
    • You are much more motivated to hire people instead of selling products.
    • To collect bonuses, you must buy a compulsory starting kit.

      So why Anovite is not a Pyramid Scheme? The reason is that they have products to sell.

    Is Anovite a SCAM?

    Is Anovite a Scam? No, Anovite is not a scam neither a pyramid scheme. However, I do not recommend you join this company. 

    If you still want to try it, well, it's your choice. However, it will be tough for you to sell all those anti-aging products on the market, which is already oversaturated. 

    At the same time, there is a significant risk of spoiling relationships with your family or best friends. Because they will be your target market, it is not worth it, believe me. 

    Alternative money making method

    If you are disappointed with the MLM business model, there are many other ways to make money.

    One of the best and most lucrative business nowadays is affiliate marketing.

    Compare to MLM:

    - You don't have to buy products and store them
    - No face to face selling and recruiting people
    - Zero investment
    - Higher successful rate
    - Passive income - earn while you sleep
    - You can choose the products and companies you want to promote

    Anyone can do affiliate marketing, seniors, stay-at-home moms (just like me), fully employed, or students. The best place to start is the Wealthy Affiliate. Join then now and get the first ten lectures for FREE.

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