is asea global a scam

Is ASEA Global a Scam? Salty Pyramid Scheme? Full Review 2020

Is ASEA Global a scam? Can you make money with this direct selling multilevel-marketing company? How much can you earn by selling only few types of products?

I am happy you are here because you will be able to find the answers to all your questions in our post. Whether you want to buy ASEA products for personal use or join them to make money, you should know what ASEA is and how they operate.

Before you dive into this article, let me say CONGRATULATION for doing your research. After reading our comprehensive review, you will probably realize it is just a waste of time and money. I don't want to disappoint you right at the beginning. But unfortunately, the MLM business model is not the best one. Well, how could it be if only 1% of people can make money with network marketing?

So what ASEA Global can offer you? Does it differ at all from others? Let's have a look...

is asea global a scam

ASEA Global Review

Product Name: ASEA Global 


Address: 6550 S Millrock Dr Ste 100, Salt Lake Cty, UT 84121-2319

Phone: (801) 928-2100

Founders: Verdis Norton & Tyler Norton

Price: from $120

Recommended:  Not the best way to make money!

What is ASEA Global about?

ASEA is a private American network marketing company established by father & son Verdis Norton and Tyler Norton. The company was founded in 2007 in Salt Lake City (Utah) and officially launched in 2009. Previously they've been named Medical Immune Research, Inc. 

Same as many other MLM companies (Waiora, Javita, Freelife International), they operate in the health and wellness niche. The main products are skin revitalization and anti-aging gel. ASEA created an innovative MDI-P (Medical Discoveries, Inc-Pharmaceutical) solution, a liquid made from electrolysis, and highly reactive chlorine. Tests show that MDI-P is effective against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, Legionella pneumophila, Staphylococcus aureus. It is a microbicidal solution with fast action. 

Although their great innovative solution, one of a retired physician and surgeon Harriet Hall, criticized ASEA. According to her, ASEA is not transparent to its clients due to false labeling, broadcasting fake news, and testimonials. 17 May 2018, an article appeared in the Skeptical Inquirer magazine, where Ms. Harriet Hall doubts the capabilities of the product to regenerate the heart valve. Allegedly in one of the testimonials, the heart of a baby who used ASEA for three months was completely healed. According to the doctor, it is absolutely impossible. 

At the moment of writing, ASEA claim to have more than 30 000 active members. However, are all those members able to sell the products? 

Who are the founders of ASEA Global?

As I have already mentioned at the beginning, there are two people behind this company: father and son. 

Verdis Norton ASEA founder

Verdis Norton used to work as a Sales Planning Manager at the billion-dollar beverage division for General Toode Corporation in New York. 

He was responsible for products such as Kool-Aid and Country Time Lemonade. 

After five years, he rejoined Kraft Food in Chicago as a vice-president of the group. 

At the age of 57, Verdis Norton got retired. But, instead of enjoying his retirement, he failed in love with science. After years of discovering he settled the ASEA company

While building an ASEA brand name, his main goal was to introduce his revolutionary and innovative product worldwide. 


Since childhood, Tyler Norton (Verdi's son) was impressed by his father's strategic thinking. He was very fascinated when the father used to explain how the company can work in different ways. 

He used to work in the financial business but quit in May 2010 due to ASEA's new invention product, that father has introduced to him.  

In the beginning, Tyler was a bit doubtful and fearful about the product as he could not believe it can work. But after offering the salty water to one of his ill neighbors, he believed in the product. Supposedly the neighbor got recovered from the disease within a few months only by drinking salty water. 

Tyler Norton ASEA

ASEA Global product line

The product line of ASEA is minimal. In total, they have three main categories. ASEA Redox, ASEA VIA, and RENU Advanced.

1. ASEA Redox is Cell Signaling Supplement with molecules that aim to keep your body healthy.  

2. ASEA VIA is a nutritional supplement that comes in capsules. you can choose from 4 options. 

  • Source™ for getting micronutrients,
  • Biome™ - probiotics,
  • LifeMax™ a vitality complex, 
  • Omega™ for improving heart and brain functions.
  • ASEA ViA products

    3. RENU Advanced has four main products:


    RENU Advanced Mild Cleansing Foam tones and hydrates the skin while gently removing dirt, oil and impurities


    a. RENU 28 is a quickly absorbed gel that is suitable for the whole body. It is developed to support healthy cell renewal. It is Revitalizing redox gel. 

    b. RENU Advanced Intensive Redox Serum is an anti-aging facial care gel, with cell-renewing molecules. Supposedly you will get a result after two weeks of using this moisture. However, the effectiveness of this product was not proven. 


    RENU Advanced Replenishing Moisturizer is for everyday use. The primary purpose of it is to keep your skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles. 

    But how good are those products? Why, until now, there is no proof for its benefits? Maybe because Dr. Harriet Hall is very right when she said, it is just water with the salt. 

    Based on ASEA's request, The Tauret Labs did a study to prove product effectiveness. However, after unveiling 5 potentially interesting gens, the study couldn't determine the effectiveness. The main reasons are that only 60 people participated in a study, and the research was done within a short period. 

    For the moment of writing, there are NO OFFICIAL CONFIRMATIONS, which proves that ASEA products really contribute benefits to the human body and health. 

    ASEA negative review
    ASEA drink complain

    ASEA product price list

    Although the product's prices are not available on their website, we find them in other sources.

    One case of ASEA Redox supplement costs $120. It is a wholesale price, which is already very high. The market price is $150. If you want to try out these cosmetics, you have to find the distributor near you. Also, you have an option to buy it online on Amazon, eBay, or Facebook sites. However, the prices of different distributors vary.

    Here is a complete price list for you.

    How to make money with ASEA? 

    Before joining any company, it is good to find the answers on how to make money with ASEA. As well can you really make money with ASEA?

    If you are new in network marketing, you should know there are only two ways to make money with this business model.

    The first method is to sell the products and the second one is to recruit people. 

    #1. Selling Products 

    Considering the number of products ASEA has and its prices, I can tell you it will be tough to make for a living.

    In general, there is a rule. Bigger selection better chance to sell and earn.

    Ssecondly you have to consider who your customer will be? Brother, sister, colleague? Unfortunately, this how the MLM business works. You have to start selling to your dearest. You can also run a website and share your product on social media, but do you know how to run traffic to your website? What are the chances of selling such an expensive product online?

    I currently live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. I know only a few people who would really try this product, especially when it does not have a certificate that confirms the quality and uniqueness of the product.

    If your situation is different, I am happy for you. But even with a hundred friends, you can not make enough money without recruiting.

    Multi-Level Marketing Business Model-2

    #2. Recruiting people and building a pyramid scheme

    This option will open the door for higher earnings and increase chances to make money. But the name speaks for itself - you will be building a pyramid scheme. I don't know a single distributor that only sells MLM products without recruiting others. And if you decide to join ASEA, I highly suggest you to start recruiting others immediately.

    Apart from earning the commission, you will also be motivated with different bonuses and rewards. This is how the Pyramid scheme works.

    To get the best results, you must build two strong teams. ASEA uses a binary model, which means you, as a distributor, hire two front line distributors. Each of those distributors must do the same, and it continues on and on. However, not all distributors will stay active and at the same level, so they often will be replaced.

    As you can have only two direct distributors when you hire the third one, he will go under one from your first line. This way, you can sponsor your distributors and build a pyramid.

    This process will take a lot of effort, and you should recruit all the time. You have to realize that your earnings will depend on your team. Only if they develop their teams and stay active, you have a chance to make money.

    So, can you make money with ASEA? The answer is YES, but the question is, how much? To quit your daily job, you must sell at least 4 cases of ASEA Redox every day.

    Did you know that MLM business has a 99% fail rate? Maybe, for this reason, many people wonder whether MLM are scams and whether you can make money.

    Is ASEA Global a Pyramid Scheme

    Is ASEA Global a Pyramid Scheme? Well, this is a great question. Back in March 2014, In Rome, ASEA Italy got penalized for behaving as a Pyramid Scheme.

    The company was accused of unfair business dealings and, as a result, had to pay a penalty of 150,000 euros.

    It was proved that the company's primary objective was not to sell the product but to encourage consultants to recruit more members. ASEA Italia tried to motivate customers to get involved in their system. For finding other participants, the new distributors were financially motivated and rewarded.

    Another thing brought to the attention of the Competition Authority was the customer's deception. Allegedly, ASEA attributed medicinal properties to its products, which have not been proven in any way. Actually, the same as now.

    According to the rules, the client cannot contribute to getting compensation from involving other people into a system. The primary goal should be to sell the products.

    Because of this structure, personally, for me, all MLM's are Pyramid schemes in distinguishing.

    So what about ASEA Global? Is it a Pyramid Scheme? The system is pretty the same as ASEA Italy. The only difference between them, nobody yet declared ASEA Global as a pyramid scheme.

    However, without recruitment, you can not make money here. So it is up to you if you want to join this Salty Pyramid Scheme.

    What I LIKE about ASEA Global?

    The idea. It would be great if you can dring salty water with active molecules, which will help your body to regenerate. However, the case study of ASEA products is not completed. There is no proof the water is magical and really helps.

    The founders. Compare to many other MLM companies where founders were often facing some problems with the law, ASEA's founders are different. Verdis and Tyler Norton seem to be hardworking and intelligent people with the goal create revolutionary products that can help people globally.

    BBB accreditation. I was glad to find out that
    ASEA is BBB accredited. It is a good signal, especially for customers. The company undertakes to resolve all complaints that come thru BBB. I just got disappointed when I found out only four feedback, of which three are negative.

    ASEA BBB accredited

    What I DON'T LIKE about ASEA Global?

    Product Quality VS Price. Although the idea of salty water is good, where is the proof that products work? The price is enormously high and my question why the products cost so much if it doesn't have any special effects?

    Low earning potential. There is a high risk you will fail doing network marketing—only a 1% chance you can be on the top of the Pyramid. Your earnings depend on your team. To promote such a product, you need to have some good experience with it. Also, ASEA's products are not for everyone. If you are in good health, what is the chance you will buy this product?

    Fake testimonials and news. When I choose an expensive product, I wonder what the outcome of this price is. And if it is good at all. So how ASEA can deceive customers when it does not have a certificate in hand? The only option here is fake testimonials and news. I fully agree with Mrs. Harriet Hall when she doubts the product effectiveness. If there will be a product which will cure a valve of the heart everybody will know about it. And the scientist who researched such a miracle will receive a Nobel Prize.

    Let's think logically. Was it the only case in 10 years of the company's existence, when the child got recovered. Why isn't it happening now? Why doesn't anyone say how miraculous ASEA products are? Because they are not miraculous at all.

    Is ASEA Global a SCAM?

    Is ASEA Global a scam? No, it is not a scam. However, I would not recommend you to join them. Whether you want to buy the product and become healthier or make money, I suggest you stay away. You can find much better products at a better price from the pharmacy itself.

    Despite their rapid growth and operation in 33 countries around the world, there is a little chance to make money with ASEA.

    Why everybody tries MLM business? In this modern era, everything is online, so why you want to sell the products face to face. All you will do is spoil your relationship with friends and family?

    Alternative Earning Method

    If you are serious about starting your own business, there are better ways to earn money. One of the most lucrative business models is affiliate marketing. Why is it a better option compare to MLM?

    1. ZERO investment - you don't have to buy any products
    2. You can select companies and brands you trust
    3. No need to be loyal to only one company
    4. Sell online - NO face to face selling
    5. You can build your passive income
    6. Your income won't depend on your downlines. 
    7. You don't have to be an expert 

    If you are curious about this business model, you can join --> FOR FREE <-- one of the best platform Wealthy Affiliate. It is not a hogus-bogus. It is a legit place with over 1,5 million members. 

    So what are you waiting for? In case you have any questions, please leave them below!

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