Auto Chat Profits review

Is Auto Chat Profits SCAM? Don’t ​waste your ​time and money!

Hi everyone and welcome to my new review of Auto Chat Profit; that claims to be a revolutionary product in 2019. Is Auto Chat Profit a SCAM, or a new solution which helps to make money with few clicks? How do they earn money or better question from whom? From people like you and me?

This is a brand new secret ROBOT system, that promises to make you $423.67 a day! Are you excited? Because that sounds incredible.

Let's dig a bit deeper and reveal how does it work in reality, or actually if it works. But before that, I would like to congratulate you on doing your own research before buying any good looking product, that has a few positive reviews and promises you to achieve incredible incomes within a short period of time! 

In our review, we will reveal the truth behind this product!

Auto Chat Profits review

Brief Details About Auto Chat Profits Review

Product Name: Auto Chat Profits 


Domain name registration: 26 September 2018,

Launched: January 2019

Founders: unknown

Samantha Smith - is a pen name - an alias  name used instead of the real name

Price: $37 + upsells 

Recommended: NO

What is Auto Chat Profits?

Auto Chat Profits is a newly launched software, that claims;  you can start earning up to $423.67 a day under 6 minutes and 14 clicks. 

This revolutionary, money making  robot, is 100% legal and they guarantee that it's new and unseeing! They claim this to be a SECRET product for 2019.  

This point click software designed to make fast money mainly from Affiliate Marketing.

They claim to earn money over the last 336 days with their secret Robot technology. 

Everything sounds so good, but is this true  or is Auto Chat Profit a SCAM? I feel nowadays, avoiding SCAMS is becoming more and more difficult. A lot of those companies trying to offer at least some value, so after all, you cannot call them SCAMS. 

In their video, they were using a psychological pressure method, with the goal to convince that this product is not for everybody. Auto Chats Profits urging that you might not be a person they are looking for to cooperate. First of all, if you never used a software. Secondly if you are already making over $100.000 you should click away (NON SENSE!). They are trying to manipulate and attract mainly newbies and people that are still searching for the success in online business. 

How does Auto Chats Profits work in reality? 

This Robot System, promises to be free to use, but before getting a licence, you must pay for hosting & support - $37. 

Once the fee is paid, you will get access to the licence, and you must follow 3 steps:

  1. ClickBank registration 
  2. Choosing a domain name 
  3. Email Service Setup
Auto Chat Profits SCAM

After following the instructions, you will get immediate access to the website, with some kind of robot, that will do all the hard work for you.

Once you have a visitor on your site, the robot will automatically start chatting with him/her. Your potential client will be receiving questions, answering them, and based on the answers, chatting Robot will automatically choose the best suitable product. At least this is what the platform is promising you. 

Make money online business site or a coctail bar?

Just have a look at what they have created. This website with chatting Robot, does not look trustworthy at all. At least, not for those who wish to make money online. 

The website, in fact, has no content: no menu, home page and no information about the owner, or about the business model.  Once you visit the site you can deal only with a chatting robot!

How much are you impressed by seeing this picture and how serious does this site look? Would you like to have such a website? Beautiful lady in a cocktail dress,  sitting on the sofa with humid light, doesn't look like a serious owner of this business site. For the domain name, make money today, I would expect a different website. 

ugly robot website
Your niche has been chosen without asking you

The next bizarre thing is that; they have already chosen a niche for you! 

While affiliate marketing is about choosing the right niche, Auto Chat Profits made a choice for you. So, to let you know you will be into a make money online niche

If you would like to know how the affiliate marketing works in reality,  and what is it, read one of my articles here

In fact, the programs you will be selling will be similar  to  an Auto Chat Profits. You will be literally scamming other people and promising them a FREE MONEY-MAKING system for which clients finally have to pay. 

your niche in make money online

Unfortunately, at this point, I must inform you that it will never work, especially if we are talking about affiliate marketing!

And one more important thing, this site, in fact, is not yours, you cannot own it, it belongs to the platform and this platform can be closed  any time. 

Why it won't work?

If you are a newbie, or a person that is trying to earn money online with affiliate marketing ,and still unable to succeed. Let  me explain to you shortly, how this business model works:

1. The first step must be finding a legit learning platform, where you will have a step by step guide on how to build your business from scratch. I can highly recommend a company called Wealthy affiliate. You can join them for FREE without even providing payment card details, and will get access to some good training for beginners. Only after doing the trainings, you will understand how this actually works and if  it is really something you want to do. 

2. Second step is Choosing a niche. It can be anything that you like to do, even your hobby.

3. Next will be choosing a domain name and hosting company. By the way, with Wealthy Affiliate, you can register 2 domains and will get access to the 12 WP templates (for FREE)

4. You must build a website. Have a look at our post How to build a website for free!

5. Optimizing your website for the search engines. It sounds a bit scary, but its very easy. As an SEO lover, I can personally help you optimize  your site, and it will be for FREE! This is a BONUS for YOU :) Contact me and I will inform you how to claim your bonus!

6. Once the 5 main steps  are done. You  must write a content, and do an on-page SEO  (here is my FREE guide for you)

7. Driving organic (FREE) and natural traffic to your site, and finally earn money.

As you see, the real process of creating an online business in affiliate marketing might take longer than  6 minutes and 14 clicks. And that’s the way it works! I am telling you this as an affiliate marketer who never made over 400 dollars under 6 minutes and 14 clicks. 

Who is this Scam made for?

Sorry for the title, but I could not help myself.

Unfortunately, this is one more fraud for the newbies.

These type of products always sell well, because they know how to convince inexperienced people. 

Auto Chat Profits, claims  that you need a software that will work and they are right, but their software will definitely not work, and I am telling you this from my personal experience. 

 They try to catch an attention with 3 main questions; that the only newbie will ask.

  1. How to build a website. 
  2. Next one is how to find a products that sells and  they assure  you about their secret algorithm that helps find  websites with the best products 
  3. Last, and the most important is, how do you find people to buy products from those websites.  - step by step methods to send thousands of people that will convert.

Unfortunately, Auto Chat Profits will not reveal answers on those questions.

First of all, the website, you  are going to build won’t be yours.

Secondly, you will not be able to choose a product for your potential clients; as it will be a robot.

Lastly, you must pay for the advertisement. Even if you will be able to attract some visitors, the conversion rate with this kind of website will be a zero. 

Is Auto Chat Profits SCAM?

Auto Chat Profits is definitely not a legit place; neither is it an efficient method to earn money online!

While listening to that great video, and seeing amazing statistics of Samantha Smith earnings, you could miss some important facts... 

1. Out dated paycheques!

Is this a completely NEW and UNSEEN software that helps earning over 400 a day? Well, then how come they are showing their statistic from years; 2017 and even 2013?

I do believe, those numbers are real and I see this person might be really successful in affiliate marketing. But those pay checks must be a result of similar products they sell, and as a result of scamming people. Just the way they do it right now! Definitely its not the result of their newly launched software.

outdated statistic
Auto Chat Profits review

2. The free Licence is NOT for free

Same like many other scammers, Auto Chat Profits promising to get you a Software for free, but in fact, they want you to pay money for it. However, they say that the fee is just for server support and staff cost.

Guys, if you will create a revolutionary software that makes money within 6 minutes and 14 clicks, won’t you dare sell  it for hundreds or even thousand of dollars, and promote it so well that everybody will buy it? 

Auto Chat Profits is not for free

3. It is NOT a private video

Same like many other scammers, Auto Chat Profits welcoming you to their private video.

First of all, makes no sense, because this product can be easily found in ClickBank. And the owner registered this product on ClickBank with the main purpose to earn money from it and to sell it!

Auto Chat Profit is not what you think

4. They will not drive a traffic to your site

Auto Chat Profits convince that; in affiliate marketing, you have to find a customer and refer  them to the sites that sells the product. When they buy products, you get commission.  

On one side, that’s right, and here, we are talking about paid traffic. However, the biggest problem is that; Auto Chat Profits will not help you with finding  clients and surely will not pay for your ads.

Next possibility is driving an organic traffic (natural traffic) to your site. However, again, with this kind of website, its impossible, because you need to have a content on your site. For getting an organic traffic you have to provide good and helpful content not a chatting robot! 

5. 23 minutes daily will not make you successful

Auto Chat Profits suggests you spend 23 minutes a day and follow their  steps.

If you even decide to try this money making  opportunity, you will just waste $37 and those 23 minutes. Doing affiliate marketing the right way takes time!

6. Affiliate marketing doesn't have a "Quick Rich Scheme!

They are trying to reveal the secret of making money fast with affiliate marketing. But there is no such  secret, because in affiliate marketing you cant earn money fast. It takes time but if you are committed with a right mind-set, you will be SUCCESSFULL.  Unfortunately, Auto Chat Profit is not a place where you can learn about affiliate marketing and how to make money with this business model!


Is Auto Chat Profits SCAM or a legit place to earn money, should be clear at this point. 

For those of you who want to build a real business from scratch, I have a good news. There are legit sites with a step by step guide. Some of them like, Wealthy Affiliate, offering you free starter account without even providing a payment card details. Some require investment on the spot.

However, let me tell you that success can’t be reached overnight, neither does it take just  6 minutes and 14 clicks. If you really want to achieve  success, be ready to work on your business for a while! 

14 thoughts on “Is Auto Chat Profits SCAM? Don’t ​waste your ​time and money!”

  1. Wow…. $423.67 a day what a nice profit to make from just $37 software  program. It really worth it, let me give it a try. That is what will be on the mind of a newbie that want to make fast money online. Back to auto chat profit there are so software program like that in town that claim what is not realistic in a short while.that y I always tell newbie to be careful of programs that a too good to be true and do their findings before they purchase or participate in any program. 

    And thanks for your recommendation on wealthy affiliate is really a good place to be with a lot of opportunity to earn money online 

    1. Targeting mainly newbies is the only way for them to earn money. 

      There are so many people that are really searching for some opportunity to earn money and finally without doing research they easily falling into this kind of making money software. 

      In fact, we can’t call them even scammers as they do provide something (chatting robot on the site and some training). However, I would like to point out that this is only the way to lose money and time It’s not worth $37 and even 5 minutes of our time

  2. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous

    I am so happy reading this review as you have clarify my fears. I once saw auto chats profits online and after reading their stories, I was convinced but I have this thing about softwares that promises so much. I am always skeptical about going for them so I decided to wait a bit till I see many positive reviews but I didn’t so I left it. Reading this review has actually proven to me that I did the right thing. Thanks so much

    1. Hi Linus, 

      I am glad you aware of this software. 

      Chatting robot can never be like a human and bring you, customers. This software is nothing special and very simple. I do believe it can take just a day to make something similar and you don’t have to be a professional. 

      It’s great you don’t jump straight into a shiny looking program! Wish you all the best!

  3. Thanks for this eye opener, although I have come across this site multiple times it still doesn’t change the fact that  Auto Chat Profits doesn’t work to make you money, It works to generate profits for the unethical marketers who created it. Honestly these done for you system is not the best way to generate a long term income for yourself and I honestly don’t recommend this for anyone.

    1. Hi Seun, 

      Glad to hear your opinion! 

      There are so many similar products on the market with similar price, testimonial and maybe even with the same owner. To sell a legit program or software is much harder as it doesn’t offer you earning over 3 000 dollars in few clicks. so its all up to us to do good research before buying such software. 

  4. First red flag for me would be that there are no founders, and most of the time when something seems “too good to be true” it usually is.  In this day and age you do have to put a little effort and sometimes a lot of effort into getting ahead.

    Secret robot technology I think might be another tip off for me lol and I personally hate talking to a robot, as much as they try to make them as real as possible, they are just not real.

    You don’t seem to have a lot of say in this company either, they choose your niche for you…that seems pretty unfair.  This sounds like a crock to me.  

    Going with wealthy affiliate seems like a better choice as they provide step by step coaching, all the resources and community support you need.

    1. Hello Amanda, 

      thank you for your comment!

      Even though technology goes ahead, people are irreplaceable and no robot can replace human communication. 

      Those robots sites seem to be like spam itself. Honestly, I would be scared to provide my payment card details. 

      BTW I’ve never heard any bad review about Wealthy Affiliate so this is a GREEN flag for those that want to give a try and build a strong online business!

  5. Auto chat profit claims to be a revolutionary product in 2019.its is a brand new secret ROBOT system, that promises to make you some huge bucks a day. The system is a point click software designed to make fast money mainly from affiliate marketing.

    The system uses secret Robot technology that automates all the process involved in making money online. However,it requires you to get a license before you can access the system

    Its worthy to note that these are Get Rich Quick scheme and are scams.I have experience of one similar to this and at the long run,I found myself to blame because I was ripped off.

    Auto chat profit is a scam because it promises people huge returns within a span of 24 hours.You sleep and wake up to see to find yourself rich.Get rich quick scheme are after gullible,those who are just new into online business and those who want fast money.

    1. Hey there, 

      thanks for stopping by!

      While reviewing a lot of scams I can 100% agree with you! 

      Make money now! Click here and get 3000 dollars! It’s so flagrant itself that when I see this in my email it goes directly to the spam file. 

      Nothing is easy, so if we want to build a real business we have to work hard. But from my personal experience no matter how long it takes its worth it!

  6. Never heard of this Auto Chat Profit before now, but so glad you took the time to see if they are legit business or scam. With the promise of that kind of money with little time requirements. So many people would want to try this mostly the inexperienced, and who can blame them. But with your review I know I will never be interested in this Auto Chat Profit.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Mary, 

      After doing research and finding real answers, nobody will go for Auto Chat Profit. 

      Better to do a training course and get into the real business model!

      Have a nice day and wish you a lot of success!

  7. Without an iota of doubt, I can boldly sag that auto chat profit is a huge scam. I don’t think there’s any robot that will make you over $600 everyday in just 6 minutes. It’s one of the most ridiculous programs I’ve come across. It would take a huge naiveness to register for this. The word scam doesn’t even qualify this, this program is outright fraud.

    1. Hi Louis, 

      Yes, it is an ugly scam. Actually, this is not the wors what I have seen :) LOL. Some scammers provide nothing at all when you pay the fee and login to their system its empty… This provides at least robot that is of course of no use. 

      However, they are somehow successful to make income and profit from the naivety of others. 

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