Is BeautyCounter a Scam?

Is BeautyCounter A Scam? $713 For a Package?

Is BeautyCounter a scam? Before I answer that question, can I tell you how wise you are to research first before joining this so-called business opportunity? 

I salute you. You are not an easy person to be scammed. I am not judging anyone unafraid to leap at money-making opportunities. Unfortunately, nowadays, too many people are becoming victims of scams. the main reason is that they did not bother doing their research before investing in any opportunity

Yes, life is hard, and we all want to be financially secure, so I understand. But if you take time to read reviews such as this one I am making, you will be hard to fool. 

If you're reading this, then you're certainly one step ahead of scammers. CONGRATULATIONS!! 

Now let me tell you everything you need to know about Beautycounter. 

Is BeautyCounter a Scam?

BeautyCounter Review

Product Name: BeautyCounter


Founders: Gregg Renfrew

Price: $85 for enrollment fee

Recommended: YES, but its not the best way to make money

What is BeautyCounter about?

BeautyCounter (yes, one word), is a network marketing company that mainly sells cosmetics and skincare products. Through the years, the company has amassed a lot of fans. Many people are often surprised to hear that it is an MLM.

Is BeautyCounter a scam because it is an MLM?

Not that all MLMs are bad, but you get the drill. MLMs often get a bad rep because of the pyramid scheme business model.

Anyway, back to BeautyCounter.

It was founded in 2013 by a businesswoman Gregg Renfrew. Compared to most MLMs today in the category of beauty and cosmetics, this is entirely new. But based on my research I see, it has already grown quite well, quickly rivalling those in the business for so long. 

Prime examples of these companies are Mary Kay, Avon, and Young Living. Some of these companies I already reviewed, so you can also check if they are for you instead of BeautyCounter. 

Within six years, the company has grown to be membered by 25,000 consultants. They also now have more than 100 different products. 

The Goal of BeautyCounter

The inspiration behind BeautyCounter is quite heartwarming. According to the founder, the company was inspired by these statistics: 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will receive a life-altering cancer diagnosis in their lifetime

The statistics alarmed her, and she decided to do something about it by founding BeautyCounter. How? By producing products that contain absolutely no harmful chemicals that can lead to different types of cancers. 

According to the company, in making their products, they made sure to avoid OVER 1500 ingredients that they deemed unsafe. Doing this allows them to set a new standard for health and safety. 

Well, this is undoubtedly a winning point for BeautyCounter. 

BeautyCounter Products 

BeautyCounter products have four major categories: 

  • Skin Care
  • Makeup
  • Bath & Body
  • Family (Kids & Babies)

Are Beautycounter products really safe? According to the company, 80% of ingredients in their products are organic, natural and plant-derived. While 100% would have been ideal and more preferable, this is still a good number.

I'm sure you'll know more about their products once you join, but here's a closer look at some of their bestsellers, based on what I have researched:

1. Volumizing mascara that can make your lashes become 385% fuller. I do not think you will have a hard time selling this, what with females obsession about dramatic-looking lashes. 

2. Colour intense lipstick in 8 different shades. This lipstick is said to rival the top lipstick brands out there, with their intense colour payoff and hydrating formula. 

3. No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil, this is quite a cult favourite. It can make the face smooth and younger-looking given the blending of seven oils!

4. Rejuvenation Regimen – Beautycounter's Rejuvenation Regimen can literally stop ageing, fans claimed. It can reduce fine lines and dark spots. The collection also comes with cleanser, serum, toner pads and day cream.

Before I get carried away and review all their 100 products, I will stop here. I just want to show you that the company has quite a reputation concerning its products.

The price points are quite decent too, even though they are in line with the price of department store prestige brands. In fact, this means some people will not be able to afford them. But I think your target market - those who are quite serious about skincare and beauty, will. They also have lines for babies and men so that you can sell well, I believe.

So if you decide to join and sell, I do not think you'll have a problem with pitching. 

Whether you can ultimately earn, however, is a big question.

How to Join BeautyCounter

Becoming a BeautyCounter consultant will cost you. The fee you will have to pay comes with the Starter Kit to set you on your journey with this MLM. Let's check whether the fees are reasonable. 

​To be a consultant, you need to shell out these figures:

  1. $85 for the enrollment fee
  2. $218, $419, $723 for the product packages, depending on what you prefer.
  3. $50 yearly to renew as a consultant

Let me tell you honestly now that I find these fees quite steep. You can join other MLMs for as low as $40 and start selling and recruiting already.

Still, I do believe in the marketability of BeautyCounter products so maybe these fees are reasonable. I do not recommend you going into debt just to pay these fees though. 

Your $85 enrollment fee comes with:

  1. personalized website 
  2. back-office access
  3. training access

I am compelled to say the inclusions are not bad but still quite expensive. When it comes to having a website, the fees are quite steep when you just sell the products through your social media accounts. Still, if you have the amount, then there is no problem. Just make sure you can sell and you'll get the $85 in no time.

But their products packages just might be a different story altogether. I am not quite sure you'll get your investments quickly. No matter the package you choose, paying something higher than $200 outright is crazy in my opinion. 

The cheapest $218 package called The Skin Care Classics include the Facial collection and the Balancing collection.

Hmm.. still too expensive for me but if the company has a good compensation plan then you might earn well enough to recover your costs in time. 

How to Earn with BeautyCounter

There are several ways to earn with BeautyCounter.
If you're already a BeautyCounter consultant, you can get 25% discount privilege. Buy items you think people will like and then sell them for a profit. Easy. 

Or get orders from your friends and then buy them all for them at a discount. Charge them a little bit lower than the retail price (but higher than your discounted price of course!) and you'll get more orders, I'm sure.

What I like with this buy at a discount, sell at profit option is that unlike other MLM companies, you are not required to keep an inventory of BeautyCounter products.

Another way to earn when you become a consultant is to send traffic to the company's website. If you are a consultant and then chosen by your customers as their mentor, you can earn 25-35% on all their purchases.

As this is an MLM, you can increase your income the most by recruiting new consultants and make them your downlines. You will be earning commissions from their sales and recruitment efforts as a result.

Would you like to know how to build real and strong, business ? 

See my #1 recommendation here! 

Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!

You will get absolutelly for FREE:

- 2 websites including hosting and backup

- Training course for begginers

- Video Walk-Throughs

- Keyword research tool

- 1-on-1 coaching for the first 7 days.

BeautyCounter Compensation Plan

BeautyCounter's Compensation plan is actually easier to understand compared to other MLM companies. This is a plus point. Can you imagine how hard it is to earn well if you do not understand the rates of the commissions you deserve? 

Some MLM companies have so many levels and ranks, tables and figures in their compensation plan that anyone can feel intimidated and discouraged just by looking at it.  This is why whatever MLM companies you are looking into, always go straight to their compensation plan to make sense of it.

I learned that the company pays you a 5% commission on all of your personal sponsorship with 300 BV. This includes your downline and all your combined retail sales. You do not have to meet any  minimum or maximum sales requirements. THAT IS AMAZING, and refreshing to say the least.

Based on the compensation plan, your commissions increases depending on your level: senior consultant level, manager level, senior manager level. 

Senior Consultant

After signing up and achieving 500 QV in the first month, you can immediately get $100 in terms of product credit bonus. From a starting consultant, you can become a senior consultant when you achieved these:

  1. 250 QV from your personal orders and personal sales
  2. a 1250 BV from your downline as well as combined retail sales

What is nice about this level? As a senior consultant, you can receive a payment of 7% on your personal sponsorship at level 1, and another 5% on your level 2. There are many more bonuses offered to senior consultants, paid in cash.

For example, the Start Counting bonus is what you can earn when you refer people to sign up. The mentoring bonus is what you can receive when you mentor a team. 

Manager Level

If you work well as a senior consultant, you can quickly rise up to the manager level quickly. To be at this level, you need to achieve 250 QV, 2500 BV, and 250 NV, which is what you can earn from new consultants and customers.

At this level, your commission increases to 9% on your personal sponsorship at level 1. You can get 7% on level 2 and 5% on level 3. 

Senior Manager

If you are truly committed, you are likely to reach the level of a senior manager at one point. To reach this level, you need to achieve 250 QV, 5000 BV, and 250 NV. 

At this level, you naturally earn bigger. 

If you want to understand it better, here's a video of it:

BeautyCounter Complaints and Reviews

Is BeautyCounter a scam? I'm trying hard to know this. Because so far, I can tell you it is not. 

When looking for some reasons for you to think twice about joining BeautyCounter consultant, I realized I could not find any.

Not on the usual sites where complaints are logged, such as PissedConsumer, TrustPilot, and BBB site, anyway.

Is this too good to be true? 

I did not find some complaints from consumers of BeautyCounter products, though. They're still worth considering pissed consumers are likely to break a business in the long run. 

Is BeautyCounter a Scam? Complaint

While I take these complaints seriously and think BeautyCounter should address them, I do not believe they are enough reason to say the company is a scam. I also do not think this should put you off the idea of being a consultant, IF AND ONLY IF, you can shoulder the hefty fees of joining and know YOU CAN SELL AND RECRUIT.

If not, I can tell you now that the company not being a scam is the least of your concerns.

The PROS of BeautyCounter:

  • great products with ecological awareness
  • transparent compensation plan
  • good training opportunities

The CONS of BeautyCounter:

  • have some consumer complaints
  • expensive startup fees
  • low income opportunity

Is Beautycounter a Scam? Final Verdict

Is Beautycounter a scam? No, I can tell you that directly.

 Will I recommend you to join? Yes, but only if you have what it takes. Because I can see that earning is possible, but whether you can make big is not a guarantee. 

While I love some of its offers, I think you need to put in a lot of work here than you anticipated. If you want to earn, you might also be the one doing the training of people with their mentoring option while convincing them to sign up.

Also, while I said you could have promoted your products using social media, the company has some strict policies around promoting the opportunity on social media, and you can’t use your own site. 


If based on what I told you and you realized that BeautyCounter is not for you, DO NOT FRET. 


But you can still earn money online. I can recommend you affiliate marketing as an alternative earning method. With affiliate marketing, you do not recruit nor sell. 

If you find talking about beauty products, especially hundreds of them, too hard, then I suggest you try another business model. WARNING: It takes someone with drive and dedication to earn from this though.

Wondering what affiliate marketing program you can join? I can genuinely say Wealthy Affiliate. Of all the companies I reviewed, this is one that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Check it out. 

6 thoughts on “Is BeautyCounter A Scam? $713 For a Package?”

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for this review about Beauty Counter, 

    There is lots of valuable information about the company and how it works in terms of manager levels etc.

    I used to be an  Avon rep, back in the day when there was no such thing as an online business. So whilst I have experience of the cosmetics industry I would certainly need to do more research before joining an online scheme.

    Its good to know all the pros and cons that you have reviewed in order for someone to make a sound decision.


  2. I get why BeautyCounter has a lot of fans. They have tapped on one of the most sought after industry that can easily convince people to enroll. It is really great that the company was started for a cause. I also find their fees quite high to start with. Other than the fees, the methods of operation are quite daunting for me. I do not like to attach myself to physical products then try to convince my friends and family to buy. However, the concept of sending referrals to their website is one great method I would implement. 35% margin is quite good I must say. Thank you for this in-depth review.

    1. Hi Carol, 

      thank you for your comment. 

      You are so right. A lot of people will enrol because, In the beginning, doing this business sounds so good and easy. But the reality is different, not many people are good at, face to face selling, and if they want to earn good money, think how many products need to be sold out. Hundreds…

  3. Good and very thorough review of BeautyCounter I would say. Beautycounter seems to have a pretty solid product line with high variety of products in my opinion. And high majority of ingredients are organic, it’s good but there are lots of beauty stuff with 100%. An $85 enrollment fee and very high-cost product packages make it not so affordable for many of us. Based on all the information you gave us, I agree it is legit but not the best pick on how to make sustainable income online. But thanks for people like you and sites like yours, helping us not only to create foundations of making money online but also to avoid scams, I really appreciate the job you have done. Thanks for sharing this, I will take a deeper look at your other articles out there.

  4. I feel so happy that I found your post so that I can get an insightful review of this Beautycounter opportunity. You are very correct that it is wiser to do a thorough research before investing in any online network marketing opportunity these days. 

    After reading your analysis, I think it is better to avoid investing this opportunity not just because of high joining fee of $85 but also the fact that their cheapest product ($218 package) appears to be too expensive for me. 

    Thanks for this very informative post

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