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Is Cash Formula Scam? – Affiliate Marketing review

Hello everyone, welcome to my honest review on Cash Formula

Before anything else, I would like to congratulate you guys for a job well done in researching first before you dive directly to this kind of make money online opportunity. 

Many people neglect researching before investing. They do not understand how important researching is. It is actually one of the key traits of a successful person. Being diligent at all times only requires you to research.

Have you ever wondered how to make real money? What are the best and safe ways in make money online?

Today, we will get to know more about this new Clickbank product and how they generate an income. Is Affiliate Marketing that really good? Is Cash Formula a scam?

Stay tuned and let us find out…

Cash formula invitation

Brief Details About Cash Formula

Product Name: Cash Formula


Founders: Micheal Grant

Price: $37 plus upsells

Recommended: NO

What is Cash Formula?

Cash formula is a new Clickbank product that has been promising its users to have an incredible experience with their “free money system”.

Yes, you heard that right. It is FREE but how come it is free when you have to pay 37 bucks for the product? It does not really make any sense right?

When you say free, it should be literally free. No payments to be made, no hidden charges, nothing involves money.

But, the Cash formula owner said it himself that this product is a “free money system”. That does really sounds cool and amazing right?

Well, not until you see that you have to pay for the product so that it would be free. With that, it only heightened my doubts about this product.

Also, its homepage is just like the other scam websites that I have already reviewed like the Ecom Cash Crusher, Explode My Payday, Easy Cash Club, and a lot more.

The homepage is seems so dark and would really make you doubt the product. It made me think, is the product that this website offers a scam?

Well, we cannot judge a book by its cover yet. But as a human being, we cannot really help but be anxious.

There are already lots of scam schemes that are very rampant in the Internet. One wrong click may really cost us so much. We need to investigate even more with this product.

Cash Formula’s “Get Rich Quick” scheme

Michael Grant, the supposed to be owner of the Cash Formula product, claims that you can earn 5000 bucks within just 24 hours. That is insane!

Most of us would really think that it is too good to be true and might be tempted for it. $5000 in a day, meaning you will get a booming $150000 of income from this product in a month! And in less than a year, you will become a millionaire already.

It may sound really good but that is not totally real. How can you have this kind of product and not become a multi billionaire that is really famous throughout the world?

 This is totally a “get rich quick” scam that is very famous in most of the Clickbank product and in the Internet. Scammers and owners of these products, really loves to manipulate the mindset of the visitors they get.

They will start with a very attractive combination of numbers and just say to the visitors that you will get this kind of income in just a day. Or have this kind of big income with just simple clicks.

No one has ever become so rich within just 24 hours of work or by just simple clicks. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, and a lot more did not got rich overnight or by just simple clicks.

They invested so much in order to attain what they have right now. By investing money, time, effort, and patience, they are who they are right now.

Cash Formula is still new to the business Industry and if we have invested in this, the only one who gets really rich is the owner of this product.

7 slots left in Cash Formula already?

After I have watched the introductory video of the Cash Formula, I noticed something that is undeniably overused by the scam websites.

It is the “limited slots left” schemes. While exploring the homepage, we can see it at the right side, just above the first name and email tabs.

The quote says “ Only 7 New Spots Available”. In marketing, it is a well known technique used for selling the products as fast as they can.

It makes the customer or the visitor think that he or she must buy the product already or else it will not get a hold of it and it will be gone forever. Here, that is the kind of mindset that the owner of Cash Formula and other scam websites want from us.

Michael Grant wants us to buy it as soon as possible so that he can earn an income from us already.

I will tell you, this limited slots scheme is not real. Do not be aggressive and be patient enough in making decisions when investing to businesses such as make money online.

Get hold of yourself and do your research first. Think first before investing.

Its not about how fast you invest, its about how big you earn from your investment.

How does Cash Formula really works?

Cash formula does not really work like Michael Grant said in the homepage video. It is not the kind of make money online business where you will earn thousands of dollars in just one sitting or in an overnight.

Furthermore, it will not give you an income by just clicking some buttons in the system. That is why, the video is very misleading and it seems like he is just telling lies.

If we have really bought the Cash Formula system, we will be given a product, which focuses on Affiliate Marketing.

Now, what is Affiliate Marketing? It is a type of performance based marketing where a company will pay one or more affiliate once a customer was brought to the company by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Would you like to know how to build a real, strong, business in affiliate marketing? See my #1 recommendation here! 

Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!

That kind of business is indeed legit but how come Cash Formula seems like a scam?

It is because the Cash Formula does not provide the appropriate tools that can be used in the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

As an Affiliate Marketer myself, it really takes time to earn a lot of income. You will start from scratch and from there, you will have to exert an effort and patience and invest your time doing marketing stuffs.

After doing those, you will see that you have already succeeded in the Affiliate Marketing Industry already.

Fake Testimonials?

Have you watched the videos and testimonials about Cash formula reviews? If you found yourself indulged in those videos circulated online, do not be deceived.

Cash Formula has been posting videos of numerous client’s testimonials about how good their company is and all those sugarcoated positive reviews. Truth be told, those people behind the ‘alleged’ testimonials are all fake.

This means that they are all paid to do that. Those were not really an honest testimonies but rather, an actors paid for a specific script to be read.

Some sources claim that the actors behind the camera earns $5 per video just to trick the audience about the business and to tell positive claims about the product they have not even tried.

Aside from the positive claims and reviews about the products, also proclaims that money is very easy when you get yourself involved in this business. You could ‘allegedly’ earn at least $5000 a day when you invest your time in Cash Formula.

Personally speaking, this kind of testimonials which unrealistically advertises a business and tells everything with a highly remarkable words kinds of give way already or a hint for us viewers about it being a scam and fake.

Thus, it must be very important for us to be cautious and critical enough with whatever we see or watched online to avoid being scammed. 

I personally researched about the guys behind the video to prove if they are really a member of the company and are avid users of the products. Turns out that they are just using ‘fake names’ only for the video and also proves the ugly truth about their fake membership.

They are just actors hired from Everything they said in the testimonies are all lies filtered with highly deceptive statements.

Is Cash Formula SCAM? The Fiverr actors and actresses!

Most Clickbank products like Cash Formula hires actors and actresses to portray the success testimonies of their product. is the most famous site where they hire actor and actresses for them.

The girl below seems very familiar right? She also appeared in the Ecom Cash Crusher video where she also said that she earned big time there. And now, she is here again advertising Michael Grant’s product.

Is Cash Formula scamThe Ecom Cash Crusher review

This guy right here is also hired by Cash Formula from

Is Cash Formula scamIs Cash Formula scam

Is the owner of Cash Formula, Michael Grant even real?

At this point knowing that the testimonials about Cash Formula are fake and all scripted, it is not hard to believe that the owner as well is not real.

The picture used in their website is not really the owner of the business nor a member of it. The picture is uploaded from a photo search engine website,

Just when you thought that they could not have worse unethical behaviors. Using someone’s identity is clearly a violation of law. Also, using it to scam people online is on a higher form of violation.

In fact, this form of cyber crime could be punished heavily when seriously acted and investigated upon. These scammers obviously used another person’s image and identity to avoid future confrontations and complaints.

Therefore, with these informations you obtained, it is safe to say that Cash Formula is not legit and is a business solely created to scam people and to make money out of you.

Is Cash Formula scam

How much really is Cash Formula?

Michael Grant first said that his product, Cash Formula, is free. But as a matter of fact, you will have to pay $37 for the welcome kit.

That would really sound cool if the $37 investment would make me rich and make me a multi millionaire in just a couple of years. Moreover, this product also has lots of upsells within the product just like any other Clickbank product.

If we take a closer look, we can already predict how much the upsells are within the product. There is this page in Cash Formula that says “$398.25 Commission you can make across the front end, and multiple UPSELLS”.

It is already safe to assume that the upsells cost more than 400 bucks. Imagine spending $400 for just a scam. Is it really necessary?

Are there any better websites that offer Affiliate Marketing?

Yes there are a lot of websites that offers Affiliate Marketing. But let me help you introduce you the world’s leading company in the said industry, the Wealthy Affiliate

It has been innovating and propelling the world of Affiliate Marketing Industry. Not to mention that this company has already helped lots of its members to succeed in their own niche. 

If you want to be an Affiliate Marketer, you can just have a trial of it first and test the waters of the Affiliate Marketing Industry. Once you are ready to earn more, you may upgrade to Premium and be amazed of the perks you will get while earning safe.

The PROS of Cash Formula:

  • Introduces Affiliate Marketing
  • 30-day money back guarantee

The CONS of Cash Formula:

  • It does not guarantee an effective way of making money online
  • Poor earnings
  • Misleading information
  • Fake testimonials
  • No real creator


Now that we have finished our review about the Cash Formula scam, we can answer our first question already. Is Cash Formula scam? YES IT IS!

Although the Affiliate Marketing is legit, we cannot deny the fact that Cash Formula is a scam itself. Please do not invest in this kind of system.

The alleged Michael Grant is just going to rig you with all the money you have. If you feel like Affiliate Marketing is for you, then you should try Wealthy Affiliate Instead.

From its name, it has already helped its members to become literally wealthy. You should try it for free first and think wisely of which niche you really love. Choose the niche that your heart and mind would love you to pick. 

14 thoughts on “Is Cash Formula Scam? – Affiliate Marketing review”

  1. I must say that this article is very helpful and interesting. I already heard about Cash Formula not so long ago and I was actually wanted to give it a try. Honestly, I hate fake testimonials and that is the proof that the system does not work, I will not throw my money on that.

    1. Hi Daniel, 

      I am glad to hear this review saved you from such a scam. 

      This making money online method is not wort to try — just a waste of time and money. 

      I wish you a lot of success! 

  2. Thanks for this great article and i totally agree with the author that cash formula is a big time scam, even after reading the article and checking their website i found out so many loopholes and it was very obvious that they are out there to steal from people who doesn’t research before venturing into any business online, after reading this review i am very convinced and confident to say that “cash formula” is a scam.

    1. Hi there, 

      I don’t see anything legit about Cash Formula as well!  What they promise to give you for free will finally make you lose your money, and we are not talking about 40 dollars but about 400. The founder of this “excellent” make money system is unknown as well. Better to stay away from them! Too many red flags

      Wish you a lot of success 

  3. afolabi anumicheal

    Thanks for writing this review on cash really did well in this your review I must commend you for that. Although this is my first time of hearing about cash formula but firstly the fact that Michael Grant claim you can make 5000 bucks with the program within a day really send a signal that it is a scam because it is not possible as far as affiliate marketing is concern you can’t make that money over night as a sure cash formula is after newbies in other to scam them of their hard earn money. Am so glad you recommend wealth affiliate as the best program for newbie who is willing to learn all about affiliate marketing and not a get rich quick scheme that is out there 

    1. Hi Afolabi, 

      I am glad you find this post useful. While reviewing different scam products, I am just amazed by the creativity of their domain names. 

      Get Rich Quick, Grab money now, Cash Formula and many others. 

      All of thus companies are so similar… 

      At the beginning catching your attention with the slogan, promising you income without doing any hard work and at the end ask you to pay money for their platforms. 

      The founders are usually unknown, and they have minimal spots… Let’s save time and money…. the best ways to earn money is to build your own strong business.

      Wish you a lot of success!

  4. Thank you so much for this honest review.

    Honestly, I just got to know about cash Formula and was already contemplating on trying it out. I was baffled by the $37 demands and also the shabby looking interface. Thankfully, your post just confirmed my suspicion of the product that its a scam. I have friends that have made payment for this product. They need to read this post too so they can demand for their money back from the scam product. Should in case they fail to refund, do you have a suggestion on necessary steps to be taken against them?

    1. Hey, 

      Their offer, to earn money online, looks great especially this small investment $37. However, the reality is entirely different. I am glad our review saved you from this seemly good looking product. Sorry to hear about your friend… He has a right for the full refund within 30 days. Hope it’s not too late for him!

      Wish you a lot of success!

  5. This is wonderfully great. Thanks so much for this exposure. The Cash Formula is a big scam. This is one of the bad eggs to Affiliate marketing. The Pros and Cons of Cash Formula says it all. The PROS of Cash Formula: introduces Affiliate Marketing.
    30-day money back guarantee.
    The CONS of Cash Formula: It does not guarantee an effective way of making money online.
    Poor earnings.
    Misleading information.
    Fake testimonials.
    No real creator.
    Although the Affiliate Marketing is legit, we cannot deny the fact that Cash Formula is a scam itself. Please do not invest in this kind of system. The alleged Michael Grant is just going to rig you with all the money you have. If you feel like Affiliate Marketing is for you, then you should try Wealthy Affiliate Instead.
    From its name, it has already helped its members to become literally wealthy. You should try it for free first and think wisely of which niche you really love. Choose the niche that your heart and mind would love you to pick. Thanks once again. Best wishes.

    1. Hi Sajua, 

      Thanks for your contribution. 

      I am very glad you have great experience with Wealthy Affiliate! Me too! Its one of the best platfrom for learning affiliate business. If you wish to learn how to do this business from A to Z, you must go for premium membership, but it’s worth it as they provide you with many marketing tools which are already included in the price. 

      Best of luck!

  6. It really baffles me a lot how so many cybercrimes gets these get rich quick schemes to just overflow the internet. Many of them going away without punishments for scamming people of their hard earn cash is appalling. So far as I can tell, $5000 per day , just like that, is virtually not possible. Success requires enormous hard work. 

    It is very helpful that you pointed out the need for thorough research of any product before diving into it. 

    I really wish that the whole world will know about this magnificent platform of wealthy affiliates. WA is a dream come true. A place you can learn all you need to become successful online. I’m a premium member of Wealthy Affiliates with no regrets. No upsells whatsoever in Wealthy Affiliate. Couple with hundreds of free knowledge that commands very gigantic value. Thanks for this article.

    1. Hey, 

      thanks for your comment. 

      You are so right; I can pick up daily few new SCAM products that are coming out on the market DAILY and write a review. Sometimes I feel there are more scams than legit products. Very often I see how they copy each other’s video; I do believe as well sometimes behind the scenes can be the same person who got a lot of experiences while scamming others and at the same time a lot of success in earning from naive people. Honestly, I don’t know how that person is sleeping at night!

      When you search for negative feedback for Wealthy Affiliate, you can hardly find something! After being 13 years on the market, they are number one in teaching affiliate marketing! 

      I wish you a lot of success! Take care!

  7. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Cash Formula.

    From your review it’s obvious that they’re full of lies and not worth joining. I’ve seen many similar programs use the same old scarcity sales tactic of saying how there’s “only 7 spots left” but they’re just rushing you to buy by making you think you’ll miss out if you don’t act quick.

    The thing I cannot stand is fake testimonials. If they’re lying to your face then they’re definitely something you need to stay away from. Thanks for this article.

    1. Hi Son, 

      thanks for sharing your opinion.

      Unfortunately, that’s the way it works. Yep: “only seven spots left, hurry up otherwise you will be regretting the whole life!” That’s how they are “fishing”.

      When I see fake testimonials in my research I am putting the first red flag out. It tells me directly – this is a full SCAM.

      Take care!

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