Is Cashback Research A Scam

Is Cashback Research A Scam ​? Don’t waste your time!

In recent times a majority of individuals turn in to online paid survey websites in order to earn extra money. This group of people who look for ways and sites to make money do not indulge in thorough research to ascertain the trust level of such survey sites. This necessitates this question Is cashback research a scam or legit.

Cashback research is a survey site that promises real earning opportunity by taking survey. There is no doubt that, there is various survey site that promises good earning opportunity, and at the end they offer nothing.

Online survey site is not a get rich quick scheme, it mainly for those who desire extra cash. But how much can you earn by doing surveys? Let's dig it deeper and see how does it work with Cashback Research.

Is Cashback Research A Scam

Cashback Research Honest Review

Product Name: Cashback Research 


Founders: unknown

Price: 0$

Recommended: NO

What is cashback research?

This is an online survey site that pays real cash. Though there are many online surveys, cashback research tends to stand out among others. I will be given my honest review concerning this question "Is cashback research a scam" as we progress. I will be reviewing the in and out of this survey site for you to make an informed decision.

The truth is cashback research is not a viable way of making money online. If a program does not give credit to your time and effort, it cannot be regarded as a viable option of making money online. Cashback research is recognized online survey company. This company falls short in their compensation plan. The amount they pay the reviewer is very poor.

How Can I Make Money With Cashback Research

Making money with cashback research takes time. It does not guarantee fast and easy earning method. You earn money once you complete a given tasks offer. These survey tasks are mainly from a third party survey sites like Inbox Dollars, Survey Club, Ipsos Panel, and many more.

Taking survey with cashback research is very cumbersome. You have to leave the entire site and get an account with the third party site before you can take the survey. It is time-consuming and pays less. Is cashback research a scam is a question one asks when you get less reward for a time-consuming task. This is how you can make some little cash with this site.

Is Cashback Research a Scam? 

The answer is NO, Cashback is not a scam, but it has a lot of cons.

Profile survey is the first class of survey. There are several steps on profile surveys, and you earn $0.25 per survey which cumulate to $2.50 once you round the whole process. This is very paramount, as a matter of fact without the completion of profile surveys, you are not entitled to a new one. The survey panel uses your profile information to send you surveys. This also reduces disqualification from some surveys.

There is vast survey you can conduct with cashback research third-party sites. Like I said before you can NOT make a huge amount of money while taking these surveys. Their pay is very low and, they are time wasters. This does not mean the notion that states Is cashback research a scam to be absolutely correct. But they do not guarantee a long-lasting way of making money online. This system can only add extra bucks.

Their pay is very low and discouraging. For every 20 to 30 minutes of your time you can earn the maximum amount of $2. Also the longer the survey the more cents you accumulate. Short surveys do not give a reasonable amount.

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Is Cashback Research Worth Your Time? 

Unfortunatelly cashback research is not the best way of making money on the net. Taking surveys is time-consuming. This company has been in existence for long. It kind of possesses a reasonable site reputation, but cashback research is not credible or reliable for a viable option of making money online. 

I  doubt to recommend any individual to engage in this strenuous way of making money. They do not stand out in online money making venture. It is time wasting, you can only make extra few bucks. The prices they pay for people opinion is discouraging. They give little to people and take more from individuals. Don't forget that time is money!

The PROS of Cashback research:

  • It is free to create an account
  • Fast and simple surveys
  • There is a fast payment gateway.

The CONS of Cashback research:

  • It does not guarantee an effective way of making money online
  • Poor earnings
  • It is time-consuming
  • They disqualify you from taking surveys without reason
  • It is extremely difficult to reach $30 cash out
  • It is stressful because most of the surveys are in third-party sites.

For me personally the cashback research is definitelly not a formidable way of making money. It is time-consuming and stressful.

How Do I Receive My Earnings

Their payment gateway is PayPal. There is a minimum cash out amount of $30. Getting $30 from cashback research is very difficult and stressful. You can spend months on this platform to be able to cash out. As I said before this system won’t make you rich. Though it adds up but is not an effective way of making money online. Also, there is a restriction of frequent cashing out.

Spending time online to attain $30 minimum cash out does not worth it. Making money online is something to be fun not stressful. 

Take a look at my #1 recommendation on making money online HERE 

If you would like to start earning good money, surely you have to work hard and it will take time. But with a proper guide and good support, it will be always easier. You can start building your business today itself. By spending a few hrs a day on your own project you can reach financial freedom within 1 year.

The surveys are time-consuming, and in fact, it reminds me of employment, if you work you earn if you don't, you don't! The only difference is that your daily job at least, will cover all your expenses. You can do surveys the whole day long and will never achieve a sufficient amount.

Trustpilot reviews - true or false?

What are others saying about Cashback Research? 

Well, if you want to see a bunch of reviews, the best place to go is Trustpilot or BBB. However, unfortunately, even here, we can not entirely rely on the information provided. Currently Trustpilot records 370 reviews with 3,5 stars out of 5. 

When you look at the reviews closer, you see that most of the 5star reviews are very short and not providing any concrete information about the success with Cashback Research. 

For example:

"This program is awesome"
"I haven't had any problem so far"
"Amazing, I am happy to find this site"
"Wow, amazing app"

and many more , see below...

Cashback Research Trustpilot reviews

When you look at negative feedback, you can gain some deep information from unhappy members.

Most of the people are complains about collecting payouts.
This survey site usually works perfectly until you request a payout, some people facing troubles with 500 error page, some with a blank page. The worst part of it that it happens after doing surveys up to six months and achieving only 30$. What I am trying to say is, during six-month site worked well and suddenly after requesting your payout, it cracks.
That's really Bizzare!

Cashback Research Trustpilot reviews
Cashback Research Trustpilot reviews


Now its all up to you. You can still try doing surveys. But from my personal experience, this is the cheapest and the worst business you can ever do and make money with.

It is time-consuming and does not give room for a quick withdrawal of your revenues. Your time is too precious to waste on this site that pays peanut for people opinion.

Why don't you learn how to build a real online business? If you are worried about your skills. It's good! And the reason is that you don't need to have any skills because you can learn everything from the ZERO. The most important is, of course, to join the right platform.

I have a great two options for you.
The first one is affiliate marketing, and the second is Dropshipping. These are not get-rich-quick schemes and requires hard work and patience. However, compared to surveys, (where you are merely wasting time), you can build your own active business!

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below.

11 thoughts on “Is Cashback Research A Scam ​? Don’t waste your time!”

  1. I will say that a lot of people use these types of GPT or survey sites to make a handful of extra dollars every month – they are good for that. But, as you point out, you are earning to pay a couple of bills – NOT to make a monthly wage (which is impossible on these sites!). 

    I’m glad you covered the screening out process that a lot of these surveys use – very irritating and unfair. You answer about ten questions only to be told you don’t qualify…but they get to keep the answers you’ve submitted of course!!!

    1. Hi Chris, 

      Actually its a good business for the owner of that company. Cheap labours are always welcome. While paying to one person per hr will cost a lot of money surely better to pay some cents per hr. and finally reject that person with an excuse that you don’t qualify. I used to do surveys as well and only after some time I realized how precious is my time. That’s why I really don’t recommend this making money business model. 

  2. Hi Halyna – thanks for sharing this interesting review. I had not heard of this programme before, so I wanted to know what you thought of it. I have participated in online surveys in the past, and although I have been paid, it doesn’t amount to very much, in comparison with the amount of time you have to spend. The payout threshold seems quite high at $30. I think I will stick to affiliate marketing, which takes more effort, but is worth it in the end. All the best, Diane

    1. Hi Diane, 

      You are right affiliate marketing takes more time but you can reach financial independence. With surveys, you will earn very less and if you don’t work won’t earn anything, just will waste your time…

      Wish you a lot of success!

  3. Taking surveys is okay for a little side cash but most of the time people get tired of working so hard for slow little. Most become so frustrated with either long boring survey’s or not qualifying for a high paying survey that they give up before ever reaching the payout threshold. Making real money online isn’t rocket science,  in fact you give away a very credible and reliable option at the end of this review, your top choice has helped a lot of people make money online.

    1. Hi Jason, 

      Exactly little side cash, nothing big… Even if you spend every day doing the surveys you won’t be able to earn the amount that is equal to your salary… Investing every day in your own business will pay it off with interests…  Affiliate marketing nowadays is one of the most credible online business opportunity. 

  4. looking at just the preview of your assessment it would be very bad idea to invest your time with cash back you shall be doing it for nothing and after going through the whole blog you have proven me right . that is why  i will keep on telling people to invest their time and money on wealthy affiliates  you have guarantee over your investments.

  5. I read your article about Cashback, at the end I  was definitely of the opinion that there must be an easier way to make money online,first of all it doesn’t seem easy to join and start earning money, the Paypal threshold of thirty dollars means you have to work really hard to make a small amount of money before you get paid.However if somebody had the time and patience to complete those surveys it would be possible to make some small money.

    Cashback does seem to be a legitimate way to make money using your computer and your time, did you ever do any online surveys and get paid for them?

    All the best 


  6. Cash back may not be a scam, but is it worth it?

    Are online surveys worth it?

    With online surveys, you will never earn a lot. Ok?

    You will spend hours and hours and earn $3 – $10 per day.

    A better choice would be to work for yourself.

    Every passion can be transformed into an online business?

    Have a nice day,


  7. Thank you for this amazing review. I have engaged myself in a lot of survey sites and I can categorically tell anyone that there are just few website in the online world that can offer you something tangible, Cashback pay is not encouraging and will also consume time and the payment is not in any way consistent.

  8. Judging by your review on cashback I don’t think anyone should try it, I honestly wanted to give it a go, but you enlighten me enough not to. Thanks for the informative article! I will definitely share this with a few of my buddies who are interested in making online as well.

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