is Freelife International a scam

Is Freelife International a Scam? The Ugly Truth Exposed

Is Freelife International a scam or not? When it comes to starting a business with a company, it is essential to know about its legitimacy. Although even if the company is legit, there is no guarantee you can earn money with it. How excellent earning opportunity you get from Freelife International?

First of all, let me say Congratulation on doing your research before joining this good-looking opportunity! It is the first step to success. Unfortunately, many people regret in future for their impulsive decisions. So don't be one of them. Do your investigation and take the time to choose your career and livelihood wisely.

I can understand why you are on this page now. I am sure you want to find out whether Freelife International company is worthy of investment in terms of profit.

It's an undeniable truth that most of the MLM companies end up as a loss for the majority invested. Unhappily a game where the first-line score and others play the pawn role.

Based on my detailed analysis, I can help you today to know the entire mechanism of this company. So continue reading and fill your doubts to make the right judgment.

is Freelife International a scam

Freelife International Review

Product Name: Freelife International


Address: 4717 East Hilton Avenue suite, 100 Phoenix, AZ 85034, United States

Phone: 1-602-333-4828

Founders: Mr. Ray Faltinsky & Mr. Kevin Fournier

Price: basic pack at $19.95 and several quick-start -packs from $428 to $1080

Recommended:  NO

What is Freelife International about?

Freeline International is a direct selling MLM company that originated in the United States. Same like many other network marketing companies (Aloette Cosmetics, Anovite, Zija) they aim for health and wellness.

Their business is spread in many parts of the world, to say Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and so on in the list.

Since from their early stage in 1995 to several years, the company was focused on marketing nutrition supplements and health care products. But later in 2003, they switched the product line to a Juice made from Goji berries named 'Himalayan Goji juice,' and it's their produce.

Well, have to say, they are more into a hiding type, as it's not possible to enter their main website ( for information. But when I check in other ways, again, it's hard to find a clear picture of what exactly they are?

It's not a feature to attract someone. It's always better to be an open page that everyone can see. Another critical point of this company is that they are not BBB accredited.

Well, there are many successful companies without accreditation. But it matters how successful they could manage to be? How good or bad are they for a newbie to associate?

The only way to find the exact answers is to research and research multiple ways to gather maximum information for a better decision.

I am sure this comprehensive review below can help you to a large extent, so stay tuned and continue reading.

Who is behind Freelife International?

The two masterminds behind the foundation of Freelife International are Mr. Ray Faltinsky (CEO) and Mr. Kevin Fournier (President). They established the company in 1995 and were backed by many investors, including their family and friends.

My research directed me to an interesting history for the Freeline International foundation. Mr. Ray Faltinsky's mother, Ms. Martha, was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and near to end up in a wheel hair.

Then Mr. Ray's elder brother named Ron, who was much involved in nutrition, produced a healthy drink for bones. The mother decided to try it for a while. Miraculously it started to work well gradually, and later in a doctor's diagnosis again, it resulted in saving her from the disease.

This fact reasonably inspired Mr. Ray and led to start Freeline International with his good friend Kevin. 

Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier

Well speaking about Mr. Kevin, he is a Lawyer at IBM Bournemouth, United Kingdom. As well educated as an Electrical engineer from 1983 to 1987. He also has working experience as a patent examiner at the US Patent & Trademark Office from 1987 to 1989.

So this is quite the right combination of two personalities to have their own business. They succeeded in starting Freelife International firm and running it for more than two decades, even this passing moment. But how successful are they? To what extent are they possible for others to associate and build a lucrative career? Well, let's dig deep into their work history and find the answers.

Freelife International Product Line

They are not found so impressive in their product line. Since only three to four products are considerable, and others are just to exaggerate as an MLM. The products are all about Himalayan Gochi juice, GoChi, TAIslim liquid, and TAIslim Chocolate Decadence.

Do you think this is enough to be considered a legit MLM and can earn through direct selling? Absolutely NO, it's evident that it's a pretending MLM and, in reality, a Pyramid scheme. Why? Because you can never find a growth or an earning unless you recruit people for this platform.

Anyways, let's have a quick view of their products.

Himalayan Gochi juice. The main ingredient is Goji berries. The fruit from plants Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense. The company says it supports the immune system, promotes healthy skin, and improves depression and sleep. Price: $55 for a one-liter bottle.

TaiSlim shakes: This is a perfect appetite supporter and an apt meal replacement. Price: $60

Taislim liquid. This product is known as a weight loss formula and available as two bottles and four bottles pack. The prices are $205 for four 1 liter bottles / $ 105 for two 1 liter bottles.

Taislim skinny's. You can get it with chocolate and vanilla flavors. You should apply it with water. Supposedly it helps your stomach filled for hours. Price: $85 for a pack of 60.

TaiSlim Boosters Protein plus - stimulates the body and enrich in protein level. Price: $43

TaiSlim Booster superfruits - is an anti-oxidant product and price: $43.

There are some other products as well, but almost similar to the above mentioned in different names. You can find all of their details online.

freelife Taislim liquid

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Freelife International Lawsuit - Ugly Truth 

The lawsuit is a real noticeable concern. Unfortunately, Freelife International had a very dark past in 2009. A lawsuit was filed against in District court of Arizona, United States. It alleges the false claims, deceptive representations, and advertisements did to promote their Himalayan Goji's juice. This ended in a settlement agreement that the company is no longer allowed to market Goji products as 'unheated' or' raw,' with some penalties.

Before in 2007, Mr. Earl Mindell, the spokesperson for Freelife International, was questioned for claiming the unfounded health benefits of anti-cancer and anti-aging in Goji juice. In the same investigation, it was proved that Mr. Mindell's Ph.D. qualification was invalid. Then the company severed its relationship with him in 2008.

I don't understand how such a big company can falsely advertise to promote their products. Well, it's all about business for many, and no ethics or genuineness cared when blindly eager to earn money. Its much surprising for me they are still live in the market even after so gained a bad reputation.

All the dark shades of Freelife International are navigating us to stay away from this company. It can never give us a better opportunity to build a business and earn a profit. 

How to make money with Freelife international?

Is there a possibility to generate earnings with Freelife International? Likewise, other MLM companies, Freelife International, also can make you earn by direct selling and by joining people down to your line.

The direct selling plan slowly finds space in the trash once we realize how hard it is and how less you earn. So the next step in front would be to recruit as many people as possible. Then instill the interest in your below team to populate the members count.

They as well have portrayed different compensation plans to attract the crowd to them. So let's drown into those details to find how effective they are to produce earnings.

There are five ways to meet profit with Free life International. I can list it out one by one for your reference.

A) Product rebate - An affiliate can earn a 30% discount in the retail product price and earn up to 20% of the accumulated value per month. It varies like slabs, 10% commission for 100 to 499 points, 15% for 500 to 999 points, 20% for 1000 plus.

B) Fast start Bonus - This scheme makes you earn 10% commission up to 100 points from the first two months of all members you enrolled in the team.

C) 10 Level Tri-Max - After the 'fast start bonus, of two months from your added executives, the third and next months points will be moved to 10 Level tri max plan.

D) Matching bonus - You being the director of the pyramid, can earn 20 to 40% bonus on the Trim max commissions earned by all of their personally enrolled marketing executives.

E) Ambassador Generational Bonuses - This scheme gives you an additional 2% generational bonus on the total points of five levels in your pyramid.

Is Freelife International a pyramid scheme?

Is Freelife International a Pyramid scheme? It's unfortunate to say this company is again another Pyramid scheme in disguise. The above search results depicts you won't earn unless you add more people in.

Believe me; it's not so easy to expand the strength with such product line and black history. Even though you have extraordinary marketing skills.

Again if you are so confident to be a part of it, I would say go ahead and be one among the very few who gained earnings and career. I wish you good luck in that way.

But remember, it is inevitable that you have to add your loved and cared ones to keep this business alive. Sadly the MLM business operates so; though unintentional, we become a reason for loss to many others. So I advise you to think deeply and make the right decision.

Based on my research, I would doubtlessly say Freelife International is not legit but only a pyramid scheme where you end up in loss.

Is Freelife International a Scam? The Final Judgment

This company is not a scam, as it exists in the market with its products and MLM plans. But their history, product line, and compensation plans match precisely to a pyramid scheme. It doesn't sound right to deal with, as nowadays almost all such systems will drive you to loss of money, time and effort.

I would say this as a hidden scam because of no earning possibility at any point. Agree, it would have benefited to some in the early stages but not working well for more than a decade.

If you take some customers, then many won't be much satisfied with the product benefits. And if you are curious about what other members are saying. A vast majority recommends not to fall in the trap as you won't be able even to touch the base expectations. People are criticizing them for the lawsuit and other alleged charges. It cannot be considered a legit opportunity.

I suggest you find a better place to invest your precious time and effort. The one that aids you in a good earning and a bright future. If you need a recommendation, I can proudly suggest you try Affiliate marketing, an independent business that you start of own and be your king.

Alternative Earning Method

If you step in affiliate marketing, you can save yourself from the roles of a Marketing executive, a recruiting agent, and, most important, a deceiver. 

Affiliate marketing is all about to investigate and share your honest thoughts about products.

All you have to do is to invest in your passion, effort, and determination to deliver legitimacy. I can guarantee from my experience; it will never disappoint you like any MLM's or Pyramid schemes.

You don't have to sell any physical products and run behind your friend or family. With affiliate marketing, you have a broad audience that is supposed to spend this year nearly $7 BILLION. 

Of course, before starting anything, you should get enlightened, so spare your time to research and grab knowledge. Why don't you try with a genuine company named Wealthy Affiliate? Why should you believe Wealthy Affiliate? Because it has over 1.5 million active members.

The best part of affiliate marketing and this company is that you can join them for FREE. So what are you waiting for?

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