is frontrow international a scam

Is Frontrow International a Scam? Hidden Pyramid scheme or Legit MLM?

Is Frontrow International a scam or legit place to earn money? Is this only about recruiting and building a pyramid scheme? Or rather a platform where a chance of professional growth and money-making? It’s always a strategic move to find the company’s credibility and product quality before you step into a business. My appreciation for this wise act and interest to research and find the right choice that fits your expectations. Proper investigation is the first step to success!Presumably, you would be recommended by any of your friends or relatives with assuring profits and an extensive path of opportunities. You cannot avoid the chance in MLM that someone would try to make money by adding you; regrettably, it’s how this business operates. So it’s solely your decision to choose the best one for you.Here we are for you to bring in light the truth, whether Frontrow International is a better track to gain earnings or neither. Continue reading that I get the maximum information to help you.

Frontrow International Review

Company Name: Frontrow International

Website: and

Address: Pacific Tower Century (6,607.02 mi), Quezon City, Philippines 1468

Phone number: +63 905 230 0703

Founders: Mr. Sam Verzosa & Mr. Raymond “RS” Francisco

Products: Health & Beauty products – Beauty soaps, Perfumes, Vitamins

Price: $53 Bronze, $80 Silver, $ 146 Gold, $199 Premium

Recommended:  Not the best way to make money!

What is Frontrow International about?

Frontrow International is an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company that originated in the Philippines, launched on January 23, 2012. Their objective is to market beauty products to complement health and wellness, thus to improve how people look, feel, and live. Their products are manufactured and bottled by AIE Pharmaceuticals in the United States, who are since 1995 in supporting health and research.

Frontrow International claims that all its products are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and licensed by the U.S.A. It is a positive indicator that products are not harmful. Department of Health and Human Services, and finely adapted to the Standard Operating procedures in manufacturing.The company highlights its mission to create a radically positive change in people’s life. As they are spreading and extending globally, they seem to be very successful in the market. Sametime it’s a fact there are many criticisms against their products, which again prompt us to hesitate.So is Frontrow International a Scam? It is too early to say Yes or NO. Although the products are FDA approved and not harmful, it doesn’t mean the company is legit. Nor does it mean that you can earn good money after joining.Let’s research a bit deep and try to perceive it, so stay tuned.

Who is behind Frontrow International?

The two pillars standing as the co-founders of Frontrow International are Mr. Sam Verzosa (CEO) and Mr. Raymond Francisco (President). They launched this successful establishment on January 23, 2012. It’s an interesting story as they both were graduated together in the same university in Diliman, Philippines. After campus, Sam routed his career to an Engineer while Raymond traveled in paths of acting and direction. This master combination leads to the birth of Frontrow International and growth as a Multi-Level Marketing company.But the above doesn’t confirm this company provides a golden opportunity to invite business and earn the profit. Moreover, just 3 months back in March 2020, one of Frontrow International members accused the company of being a scam. The company allegedly refused to pay a commission 300 000 PHP, which is approximately $6000.So let’s indulge more in a better judgment.

Sam Veroza & Raymond Francisco

Sam Veroza (on the left) & Raymond Francisco (on the right)

Frontrow International Product Line

There are no plenty of products Frontrow International introduces to you, still can consider an advantage to have some options. All the products are to keep you healthy and beautiful. Mainly they are suitable for skin whitening, detoxification, and appetite boosting. At the same time, Frontrow International recommends taking Doctors’ advice, especially if you are under any medical condition, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.As well, as you may notice, their product rates are expensive comparing to similar other brands. If not much when seeing in dollars, still a leg and an arm in Philippine peso for an average person. Here are some of them for your reference#1. Luxxe White Enhanced GlutathioneThis product serves as a whitening supplement and anti-oxidant. It helps to protect skin, lens, cornea. Also, it is a detoxifier for the Liver, Kidney, and lungs. Price: $59 for 60 capsules, which is in PHP #2. Luxxe Slim L-Carnitine & Green tea extractThis product is promoted as an effective weight loss supplement and provides maximum vitality. The company claims the green tea content detoxifies the body from being youthful and having radiant skin. Price: $59 for 60 capsules.#3. Luxxe renew Luxxe renew is known as an Anti-aging supplement. It helps to reduce wrinkles. There are multiple online reviews of good and bad about the product quality. Price: $ 59 for 60 capsules.#4. Luxxe ProtectThey claim it’s made of grapeseed extract and acts as a powerful antioxidant that energizes the mind and body and relaxes blood vessels. Price: $ 20 for 30 capsules.#5. SoapsThey introduced three hyper lightning soaps with ingredients Glutathione, Papaya enzymes, oatmeal, and vitamins that perfect skin in the face and body. Below is the list of it. One soap will cost you $5.1 Skin Whitening bar2 Oatmeal Exfoliant bar3 Orange papaya bar#6 Body creamThey have five varieties of body creams built as lightweight and infusing benefits of BB and CC. Names listed below with prices.Luxxe white reveal instalbright body cream: They promote it is infused with natural ingredients to diminish skin imperfections, lightening of dark spots and fills you fair, bright and rejuvenated in a short time, Price: $37

Luxxe white reveal Dynamic Duo BB + CC Hybrid Sticks SPF 50 PA+++ shade 00 /  01 / 02 / 03 – price: $ 39These DD sticks offer the skin benefits and also make you look young.

Frontrow international Products

As I said before, the products are FDA approved, which means they are safe to use. However, they are really overpriced, and the quality doesn’t correspond with the price. If you join Frontrow International, you will get a 50% discount. It means the company puts very high margins. If the market price of DD stick is $39, Frontrow International will get $19,5, which still includes a margin which helps them to earn millions of Philipino pesos. At this point, think about the quality.

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How to make money with Frontrow international?

Let’s look into the possibility of earning money with Frontrow International. Like most of the MLM’s (Aloette Cosmetics, Anovite, Touchstone Essentials), they also plated the chances to make money by selling products and recruiting your near’s and dear’s. Their compensation plans are well designed and good enough to attract a join at a glance. One major attraction is they offer a 50% discount on all products for the members lifelong. They have three ways to earn profit being a member of Frontrow International. 

#1. Direct Sales

Where you sell the products directly via your website or otherways and save 100% profit. For example, if you sell a ‘Luxxe white Enhanced Glutathione’ bottle to someone for retail Price $ 59, you instantly earn $29.5 since you have member privilege of 50% discount. You likewise benefited in all other products according to the price.But wait a minute and think. How easy can you sell a bottle for this price? And what about when it comes to the second bottle, the third one and so on. Also, you have to think about how many bottles you must sell per month to earn good money. You can start your website and sell the products through it; however, you should know how to drive traffic to your site. It can be easy if you pay for an advertisement. Nevertheless, sometimes one click can cost even a few dollars. 

#2. Direct Sales commission

Here you start to sell the package instead of products, and you earn a direct sales commission (they also call it a bonus) of PHP 1,000 (approximately $20) for each package sold. You can also call this a bonus 

In total, they have three packages:

#1. Silver which is cost PHP 5,988 (approximately $120)#2. Golden – PHP 10,988 (approximately $220)#3. Platinium – PHP 14,988 (approximately $297)

Now, this turns more or less to a Pyramid Scheme. Because you are hiring people and building a pyramid scheme.

#3. Group Sales commission

It is the group version of the pyramid scheme where you first sell two packages A & B, and then you are benefited with a direct sales commission of PHP 1,000 (approximately $20) for each and a sales match reward of PHP 2,000 (approximately $40).Then like all other money chains, your added members should sell two new packages each, and again you are benefited PHP 2,000 (approximately $40) for those sales matches, but direct sales commission goes to A & B members. Then it continues as you can again sell a package of own and bring them down and earn more. They follow a binary compensation plan where the spillovers are brought down to increase the weak’s strength. You have to recruit all the time, as not all members will stay active in your pyramid scheme. Nor all of them will be able to sell and recruit others. With any MLM, your incomes always partially depend on others. 

How to join the Frontrow International company?

If you want to try your luck in Network Marketing, Frontrow International gives you multiple options. You can become a distributor by directly joining them through the site, or you can find another distributor. From their official website, you can choose one of three packages, Silver, Golden, and Platinium. However, my research has shown that some members are running their own sites, and you can find 4 packages, including a Bronze one, which costs only PHP 3,988 (approximately $80).Each package will permit you to utilize the compensation plan. You will be able to get a lifetime discount, 50% for all products excluding DD sticks. And 30% for DD sticks. As well you will be able to recruit people and earn PHP 1,000 per referral. By buying the product you also get from 500 up to 2000 sales match, depends on the package you select.

frontrow international prices to join

What I LIKE about Frontrow International?

Concept. Honestly, there are not many things I like about this company. However, despite the high prices, I like the concept. Nowadays, with thousands of network marketing companies and the same products, selling whitening and detoxication creams is a good idea.  

Products are FDA approved. As the primary goal of the Food and Drug Administration is public health protection, you can be sure products are safe to use. Indeed not many products that are not FDA approved will survive on the market nowadays. And this could be the reason for Frontrow International company success. 

What I DON’T LIKE about Frontrow International?

The company is not BBB accredited. Most businesses are trying to show their legacy and good reputation by getting accreditation from BBB (Better Business Bureau). However, Frontrow is not in a hurry to get their accreditation. There could be many reasons. One example is that people can place in BBB complaints about the company’s products or services. Those complaints will be visible to the public. 

Product Price VS Product Quality. As I have already mentioned before, the prices are skyrocketing. What is even worst, they include a minimum 100% margin. Therefore I doubt the quality. You can buy a natural whitening cream from the pharmacy for a much lower price. 

Exaggerated earning promisesI do believe you can be a success if you want. All you need to do is to work hard. However, in the MLM business, not everybody can sit on the top of the pyramid. You need excellent sales skills. Just have a look at the print screen! Just ask yourself if you can sell every single day 15 membership packages? 

can i earn money with Frontrow International

Low earning potentialUnfortunately, there is a 99% risk you will fail in doing this business. And it is not only about the company but about the structure of this business. 

Skandal – PHP300,000 unpaid commission. In March this year, one of the TOP members of Frontrow International decided to leave the company. Both owners refused to pay the PHP 300K commission. Mr. Villanueva (victim) also claimed that apart from not getting his money, partners tried to devastate his good name and reputation. 

During his membership, Mr. Villanueva was also barred from working elsewhere. The main reason was a shadow of the company’s reputation. Mr. Villanueva was supposed to show his life as a millionaire.

Mr. Villanueva admits that the dispute occurred after he physically fought with one of the female members. 

Is Frontrow International a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Frontrow International a Pyramid scheme? Now on a vital point where it matters, they are not a complete pyramid scheme as they do have products in the market. But again, it’s a pyramid scheme in disguise since it focuses mainly on recruitment. Even though you have a product-selling platform, it will be hard to sell for those prices. And if you again feel a possibility in earning with this company I am not here to stop you. Just get ready to bring in all your dears and nears to the ground. Make sure you are an excellent orator to convince many to your track. I will wish you good luck, as there are few still some who are successful in MLM and pyramid scheme. And it will be great if you will belong to 1% of those successful people. But if anyone approaches my advice on how if become a business associate in Frontrow International? Based on my experience with MLM’s business model and in-depth research of this company, I suggest you stay away from this opportunity. Save your time and effort for better business occasions.

Is Frontrow International a Scam? Final Verdict

Although Frontrow International is a legit company whose systems are well professional and passionate, it is only benefited by recruiting people (a pyramid scheme in disguise) and not by selling products. So ultimate truth; you have to keep adding people in line for your survival, wherein fails is the end.While going through many member reviews, it points to the lack of satisfaction and earning challenges due to comparatively high prices. As we said before, even the 50% discount on all products marks poor product quality. Many customer reviews highlight ‘no results’ after using the products for a reasonable period. It is a grave concern, where you would be studied deceptive by all who follow you. Well, considering the unbiased reviews and research, I found it impossible to find a bright path in Frontrow International, and it’s a scam indeed.Out of my whole experience, I would always suggest starting a business of own and bring your dreams to come true. And if you feel difficulty, I swear it’s not so, and vast opportunities are around you. All you need is the right choice fits your taste and then a start. There you are on track.

Alternative Earning Method

If you again desire to earn money, I recommend you to try affiliate marketing. Here it doesn’t bother you to recruit, to sell, or to cheat someone deliberately or not. Affiliate marketing is all about to research and comment on products honestly, and so to build a passive income. It is all about you are an independent worker, bring out a passion and rise with results. Instead of running behind people and forcing them to buy products, you can work online. With affiliate marketing, you have a broad audience that is supposed to spend nearly $7 BILLION this year. Yes, that’s affiliate marketing. Of course, before you start, you need to learn things. And the best learning platform is a genuine company named Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t worry; it is not a Scam! It is a legit place, with over 1.5 million active members. The best part of affiliate marketing and this company is that you can join them for FREE. So what are you waiting for?

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