is incruises a scam

Is Incruises A Scam? Pyramid Scheme or Unique MLM?

Is InCruises a scam? Will it be the ticket to achieving your dream of traveling the world in a luxury cruise no less? Is it your way to help others achieve the same dream? DOES IT SOUND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THOUGH? To be able to travel and LIVE THE DREAM and at the same time, earn?

I am glad you have all these questions, similar to the ones racing in my head when I heard of Incruises. People like us are the ones unlikely to be scammed in the long run, because not only do we ASK questions, we also LOOK for the answers.

I am sure you are here because you are looking for an InCruises review to answer your burning questions. After all, you do not just want to take a leap blindly, mainly if it will involve your time and money, right?

You indeed came to the right place. I will give you everything I found out about the company that promises you can travel the world and make decent money at the same time.

Rest assured that I am a completely neutral third party. I am in no way affiliated with the company. Everything I share here was discovered through pure research. I will give my final verdict on the question is InCruises a scam at the end of the report and tell you whether you should or should not join. 

What you do with my advice, of course, is entirely up to you. Trust your intuition and do more research if you have to - avoid doing something you will regret!

Now let us do this and find out if InCruises is a legit MLM. 

is incruises a scam

InCruises Review

Product Name: InCruises 


Founders: Michael Hutchison

Price: $100 monthly + 95 per annum

Recommended: NO

What is InCruises about?

InCruises is, first and foremost, an MLM company in the travel and leisure niche. The company is relatively young, as it was only founded in 2015 and then officially launched the next year, 2016. This company is reportedly headquartered in Miami, Florida. 

InCruises is founded and ran by Michael Hutchison. While there are some writeups about how great of a guy Hutchison is, I cannot find any background information about him. 

According to Globe News Wire, ever since inCruises International was founded, it quickly became the premier cruise membership club in the world, because it has members and partners across 178 countries and counting. Moreover, it was described as a company committed to ethical business practices.

It remains to be seen whether these are just empty and flowery marketing press releases, though. 

inCruises promises members rewards, bonuses, and discounts. Apart from these, they will also have the opportunity to earn in other programs under the company. 

InCruises Products

Unlike most MLMs or the ones I reviewed, InCruises only has ONE product line. It does not offer a range of products nor varying services. Instead, it only sells memberships to the club, wherein members get discounts on cruises. 

Discount memberships are usually easy to SELL, because hey, who does not want to save on anything? Let alone for something as expensive as cruises, right? But this is not as straightforward with InCruises. 

If it is offering something so attractive, I do not understand why no one is CLAMORING to be invited. Why wait to be recruited? Why be an MLM company in the first place, when anyone and everyone wants to have access to discounts? This is something that makes me want to search further. 

Price of Incruises Membership

Membership is at $100 monthly. Members get $200 in cruise dollars every month of payment. 

In their first year with the company, they can use up to 60% of their accumulated cruise dollars. After paying the recurring $100 per month, a member gets $2400 in cruise dollars. He or she can use only up to $1440, while the rest are kept in the account.

There is an automatic saving in the above scenario. For 12 months, a member will only pay $1200, but will get $1440 in cruise dollars that can be spent. This means saving $240! This should be a nice selling point or an excellent reason to sign up as a member. 

If a member commits to the company for the long haul, the percentage of cruise dollars that can be spent increases, in particular, during the second year of membership, 70% of cruise dollars can already be used. 

Costs to Join Incruises

InCruises is an invitation-only exclusive membership travel club. Once you have been invited, you need to pay $100 monthly to become a member yourself. Is Incruises a scam because you have to pay? Of course not. 

Note though that for every month that you pay, you get 200 in cruise dollars. Not bad if you just want to enjoy cruise discounts. Cruise dollars are, in fact, points

If you want to earn, though, or become a partner, there are additional costs. 

Annually, you need to pay a renewal fee of $95, so you can remain an active partner. At the same time, you will receive live and video training modules. 

As a member, if you can recruit at least five members, you can get your $100 fee monthly waived. If you work hard enough, the $100 could even be doubled and then changed to actual Cruise dollars. 

Would you like to know how to build real and strong, business ? 

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Incruises Compensation Plan

As Incruises is an MLM, it is crucial to understand its compensation plan. It's one way to know the answer to the question is Incruises a scam.

How exactly will you earn? Do you earn just through the discounts you get? The rewards you receive by inviting new members? Referring cruises to others? Apparently not. I thought, given that Incruises only has one product line, I thought there's one way to earn as well. 

I will not discuss EVERYTHING on the Incruises compensation plan. Some of them will not make sense or feel relevant until you already become a partner to it. Instead, I'll discuss the features that I think will help you decide whether you should or should not join Incruises. 

I am wrong. There are a lot of features in Incruises Compensation Plan - different ways to earn. It is important to note, though, that you need to BECOME A PARTNER and not just a mere member to avail of the compensation plan. 

Also, there are different ranks to work at, which can affect the bonuses, rewards, or income you can earn. In fact, this is the first characteristic of Incruises compensation plan that I will discuss. 

9 Affiliate Ranks

Amount to Generate Per Month in Downline Travel Membership Sales
0 (just sign up)
Marketing Manager
 $          3,000 
Senior Marketing Manager
 $        10,000 
Marketing Director
 $        25,000 
Senior Marketing Director
 $        50,000 
Regional Director
 $      100,000 
National Director
 $      200,000 
International Director
 $      300,000 
Executive Director
 $      500,000 

Recruitment Commissions

The first way you can earn with Incruises is through recruitment commissions. You earn these commissions by recruiting new affiliates to become members. UNLIKE OTHER MLMs, recruitment commissions are PAID DAILY. 

Still, even if they are paid daily, how much the commission depends on how many affiliates are recruited monthly. Once the month ends, the commission rates reset. To understand this better, let me give you the rates.

1st Affiliate
 $               50 
2nd affiliate
 $               60 
3rd affiliate
 $               70 
4th affilate
 $               80 
5th affiliate
 $               90 
6th affiliate
 $             100 
7th Affiliate
 $             110 
8th Afflilate
 $             120 
9th Affiliate
 $             130 
10th affiliate and above
 $             150 

 When the month ends, recruitment commissions reset back to $50. If you recruit a lot of people FAST, the chances of earning are high. Not sure how feasible that is, though. 

Producer Bonus

Apart from recruitment commissions, you can also earn a producer bonus, amounting to 100 Cruise Dollars.

You can get if you sell three non-affiliate travel subscriptions within a month. 100 for every three subscriptions? Again, fast is the word. Sell fast, and you can earn more. Ideally. 

Residual Commissions

Like other MLMs, you get residual commissions too. Incruises follows the uni-level structure. This means you are placed on the top of your structure. All your direct recruits are placed under you, forming your L1. Your L1 also get to recruit affiliates, and if they are successful, their recruits become your L2 affiliates. SO ON AND SO FORTH.

Unlike other MLMs however, InCruises have a cap at the levels payable with commissions. You can only earn commissions up to your L5 affiliate activities. Commissions are paid out at a fixed rate of $5 MONTHLY per travel subscription sold. The company does not differentiate between Affiliate and retail customer travel subscription purchases, so this is a plus point!

Note that you can only earn residual commissions only if you sell and maintain five active travel memberships, regardless if Affiliate or retail. Also, you have to personally recruit at least ONE affiliate who has achieved this as well. If not, you do not qualify for the commissions.

Rank Achievement Bonuses

For every rank you get to achieve, you earn an automatic one-time bonus. This can certainly motivate you to work hard to reach the next rank level.

Rank Achieved
Marketing Manager
 $             500 
Senior Marketing Manager
 $          1,000 
Marketing Director
 $          2,500 
Senior Marketing Director
 $          5,000 
Regional Director
 $        10,000 
National Director
 $        20,000 
International Director
 $ 30000 + Rolex watch 
Executive Director
 $        55,000 

Bonuses! Incentives! Travel Rewards!

Apart from these commissions, you can earn all sorts of bonuses, incentives, and travel rewards, too, such as getting to travel for free or for a 50% discount when you recruit an extraordinary number of affiliates within 60 days of signing up.

You also get to earn leadership bonuses if you become a team leader. Learn more at the video below: 

What I LIKE ABOUT InCruises

There are some things I like about the company. 

First, I like the fact that it is a young company that still has a lot of room for growth. People are also just starting to see the value of cruises and fun trips, given the Facebook and Instagram era, so the company can still become even more exciting down the road.

Second, I like that it is a unique MLM company, given that it is not another one in the health and wellness niche. This one is in the traveling industry, and there are only a handful of such MLMs. 

Third, YOU CAN CANCEL ANYTIME. That's music to my ears. No Hassle if you want to leave the company! 

Lastly, I like the fact that the company has one product line only - so it is not going to be that hard to keep track of what you are selling, and yet SEVERAL ways to earn - bonuses, commissions, and travel incentives! 

These pros that I see can easily become cons, though. 

What I DO NOT LIKE About InCruises

Even though the company only has one product line and yet, several ways to earn, there are a lot of factors that make me think you CANNOT earn as promised anyway. Is Incruises a scam because of these factors? Not really, but they are still worth thinking about. 

First, to become a member or a partner, it can be costly. The monthly membership costs $100, which is too steep. A one-time fee is fine, but to pay that in a recurring manner can be a tad too much. To become a partner, you have to pay $95 yearly. Compared to other earning opportunities, joining InCruises can be costly for an average person. 

Also, even if anyone can cancel their membership, once 14 days have passed since the last payment date, REFUNDS ARE NOT GOING TO BE GIVEN.

Even though I praised the fact that it has only one product line, the company needs to expand this to remain lucrative for itself and its partners. The more products, the more things to sell and earn money from, right?

Being an MLM company in itself something I do not like about InCruises. While I think selling discounted rates of cruises is a novel business, why it needs to be an outdated business model is beyond me. Not to mention, MLMs have such a bad rep! This is because 90% of affiliates of most MLMs do not earn, and therefore, accusations of scam abound.

Lastly, I do not like that your income is not guaranteed here. How easy is it to sell cruise memberships anyway? NOT EASY, BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD CRUISES - discounted or otherwise. 

Concerning this, you can read various negative feedbacks that the supposedly "discounted" prices offered by InCruises to members are NOT EVEN that cheaper compared to others! Is Incruises a scam? Probably not, but it's not that honest!

Is InCruises a Scam? FINAL VERDICT

Is Incruises a scam? I do not think so. But it is also too early to tell since it is a new company. 

Can you earn from Incruises? If saving is making money, then yes. You can save by becoming a member, and somehow, you can treat that as your earnings. On the other hand, if you are wondering whether you can earn as a partner, or by recruiting other members and partners, I do not think it is as easy as the company laid it out to be. 

Alternative Earning Method

If you are looking primarily to earn and could not care less of the discounts you can get by a member of Incruises, I do not think this MLM is for you. Is Incruises a scam? No. But, it is not that easy to earn a good income here.

To become an earning partner, you have to pay a steep monthly fee of $100 and then an annual fee of $95 - you can join better MLMs wit that! By better, I mean companies with a better range of products, a good operational background, and a working compensation plan.

InCruises has a fair-looking compensation plan, but you can only earn if you do not just SELL A LOT of memberships but SELL THEM FAST. Mind you; you have to deduct the monthly fee you have to pay when computing your earnings. 

I think there are better earning methods out there, just like affiliate marketing. You do not have to sell nor recruit, just market and promote products and brands you 100% believe in. If you successfully drive sales or traffic to the company, you are paid for your efforts. But this is not all there is to it. You can learn WAY MORE on the hows of affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate

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