is kynect a scam

Is Kynect a Scam? The Ugly Pyramid Scheme Exposed!

Is Kynect a Scam or not? Can you trust this company and its services?For a successful business in MLM, it’s crucial to be part of a legitimate company. A legitimate company means having a reputed history with the services provided. And, of course, the success depends on the product quality, chances of direct selling, and their compensation plans. It’s appreciated that even in this fast world, at least a few people take time to understand a business comprehensively. And one of those people is YOU. Nowadays, I would say it is a common mistake to enter the wrong place and then later realize and regret it. It’s no surprise that all happens because we don’t have time to do the research, and sometimes we are so much in a hurry to earn money fast. My congratulations, you thought not to be one among those who want to make money without thinking about the risks. Unfortunately, a majority of pretending MLM’s are pyramid schemes and the fact they still exist in the market. For more than two decades, Scam Pyramid schemes follow a hiding concept that ‘cheat or get cheated.’ It’s worst; after failing to generate members, we apply this concept to our loving ones. How crazy it is!What this page is about and why you are here now? The answers are simple, to know whether ‘Kynect’ is a legit company to associate and worthy of investing money for a business. So let’s research deep and find the whole history and life of Kynect Company. I promise you won’t be disappointed by this time.

is kynect a scam

 Kynect / Stream Eenergy Review

Name: Kynect Ltd. 


Address: 14675 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 150, Dallas, Texas 75254, Southern US

Phone: 833-859-6328, 866-447-8732 (Customer care for Energy and Gas)

Founders: Mr. Rob Snyder & Mr. Pierre Koshakji

Products: Energy, Wireless & Protective

Price: $199

Recommended:  NO

What is Kynect about?

Kynect, known as Wekynect & Stream Energy, is a network marketing company born in Texas, United States. Typically like many other MLM’s Kynect also claim the motive to reach high-quality products to customers for a better world. They have three main categories of products:

  1. Energy – electricity and natural gas 
  2. Wireless – fast speed internet connection
  3. Protective – safeguard services & protection

During their inception in 2005, they started with energy services in 7 states of the US (Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Illinois, Washington DC), and then expanded to Northeast in 2010. Later in 2015, they started to provide mobile phone service named Stream Wireless. We understand these products are now in the essential list of humans life requirements. But it’s more important to know are these products beneficial for customers in terms of money and quality. In an MLM business, it’s always a perk to have direct selling possibilities, and it needs the right products. It’s a positive point to know they are BBB Accredited recently, 9th February 2020. Again a question can be; why so late after 15 years? The company started in 2005. But comparatively good when many who are still not in accreditation.

Isn’t it too early to have a judgment? Let’s drive to know more about Kynect.

Who is behind Kynect Company?

The founders of Kynect are two wonderful personalities named Mr. Rob Snyder & Mr. Pierre Koshakji. They successfully launched the company in 2005, along with some board managers and finance controllers. Rob Snyder’s career holds 1-year experience as a Law clerk in the Supreme court of Delaware, three years as an associate attorney in the practice of transactional law. As well as two years served as Vice President-Corporate Development of Snyder General Corporation. They were then raised as Co-founder of ‘Kynect’ and the same time Managing Director of Snyder Capital Corporation.On another end, Pierre Koshakji served as the President and CEO of the Edge Technology group for a short time. He was an active Vice President of ‘Axtive corporation’ company from 2002 to present, also Co-founder and Sr Managing Director of Stream Energy (Kynect).Good to know they both own a bright history and career throughout their span. No surprise, this combination led to the start of this successful venture.Let’s check whether Kynect can be a platform for newcomers to step in for a business future and earnings. Stay tuned and continue reading!

Kynect Product Line

As I said before, Kynect offers three primary services that are very necessary nowadays for the majority of people. They market their products in three simple names:

Energy, Wireless,Protective. But are they good enough to impress their customers? Are they reasonable in quality and prices for someone to associate in a business? Can you make money while selling those services? How you, personally, will marketing them and to whom. It’s confusing that product details and prices are not so transparent on the website. I guess it is a smart marketing method which helps the company gain new customers. If you want to have a basic overview of their services here you go:

Kynect electricity and gas services

#1. Energy

In this category, you can find three main products. 

  • electricity
  • natural gas
  • renewable

For electricity, you can get fixed or variable prices. 

Fixed prices usually won’t change while you have a running contract with the company. Also, it will stay the same even if prices will go up. Here you have to think about the possibility of reducing rates as well, as the price will remain the same. In case of early termination of the contract, you will pay the penalty. The amount of the fine is, of course, not disclosed. 

The variable prices may differ from month to month. Based on the market price, your cost will be or increasing or decreasing. You will not have any contract and can cancel the services at any time.  

Natural gas. 

As they do not provide the prices on their official website, I did research elsewhere. From a customer’s reviews, it was evident that the initial purchase cost $329 and $29 per month. Don’t you think this is high priced? 

Well, I say it is. You can compare it with your existing service and confirm the better one. Kynect energy services are associated with the American energy company named NRG.

You cannot find exact details unless and until you call their customer care number (mentioned at starting). 

#2. Wireless 

It is generally Mobile service, and they have two plans in it.#1 XTRA UnlimitedWhich has 15 GB high-speed data and unlimited essentials in one line. You can purchase as much as lines corresponding to your devices. Price: $35 per line per month#2 Global pass Global pass is an add on service that can be used when your limit data is over. Price: $10 per line per month.Features of this pass are: Talk, text and 2 GB of international roaming dataUnlimited talk and text between the US, Mexico, and CanadaUnlimited text messaging to 175 plus countriesLowest international calling rates

Kynect internet

#3. Protection

This category classifies into four subcategories. 

A. Virtual MD 

This is a doctor on call service. They can arrange the service around the clock for you. Price is $25 per month, less than a dollar per day, and it varies slightly according to the number of days.

B. Roadside assistance 

You can avail of it for any unexpected services required on the road. It can be your vehicle damage, fuel short, or any minor accident. Price is $15 month.

C. Identity Protection

Identify protection includes multiple services in terms of identity protection, such as wallet lose assistance. Also, identity theft insurance, change of address alerts, and many others. Prices: $15 per month

D. Tech support

This service helps to keep all your connected services in the right status. You can also avail 100 GB triple encrypted data save in Cloud storage. Price: $15 per month.

Kynect products

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How to make money with Kynect?

If you are interested in being an associate with Kynect, you would intend to know how good they are to earn profit and career. Like many MLM’s, they also have two platforms: Direct selling and creating a team.Usually, directly selling products won’t make you enough money to quit a daily job. So the next option is to add people and create a team, and it solely depends on the attractive and convincing compensation plans. You can be a partner of Kynect by joining with a price of $199. Then avail a Kynect Pro package for $24.95 per month. They promote their business only as two steps: Enroll new members & teach them to do the same. It is very typical for pyramid schemes. After being a member, you can work in two ways to earn an income by adding personal customers and Team Customers.

Personal Customers

Here you will receive 2 Customer bonus points by availing the Kynect Pro package and then add each customer to increase bonus point of 1 for each. When it’s 4 Customer bonus points, you achieve to be a Qualified Director and earn $100. Then it goes on as slab below.Four customer points – earn $ 100Seven customer points in 60 days – earn $100Ten customer points in 60 days – earn $50015 customer points in 90 days – earn $500So 15 personal customers in 90 days can earn you $1200. Then for the next 15 customers added, and when reaching 30 points, you receive $500 as a one-time bonus and $200 extra when those 30 customers pay their bill, see the slab below.Total 30 customers – $500 one time bonus and $200 for their bill paymentsTotal 45 customers – $500 one time bonus and $400 for their bill paymentsTotal 60 customers – $500 one time bonus and $600 for their bill paymentsThis system keeps on going infinite for every new 15 customers. Note that the bill payment bonus will receive only when all the customers pay. It can earn you much more if everything in the right way.

Team Customers

Here you are benefited in both ways, for you add and your team adds. The first step remains the same that you add two members and earn $100. When your two personal customers add two new members each, they earn $100 for each of them as you made. At this point, when you add your own customer, you will achieve the position of a Regional Director. Hereafter, you start to earn leadership points when new customers achieve their Personal customer points. This cycle goes on as you complete more positions and money.I advise you to watch this video for a better understanding of Personal customers; team customers and the earnings:

Kynect / Stream Energy and its dark shades

Before you decide to join the Kynect, you should know their dark shades. A good reputation is a basement nowadays. Once the company has a lawsuit, it can drastically affect their marketing and existence as a competitor. So what about Kynect? Unfortunately, they do have many issues. Or maybe to be more clear they had before Mr. Plantiff Steven Basile filed the stream energy class-action lawsuit in 2015. This alleged about their contract on saving energy bills if using Stream energy. He mentioned, he was ended up paying 50% more than the service he would have used otherwise. He initially had a fixed rate for one year and then shifted to other plans and found exorbitant bills. He criticized Stream energy to mislead people and claimed for violation of the contract. The stream energy (Kynect) denied the allegations. It still settled the varied plant rate to save their reputation and stay away from the legal trap. In 2007 the ex-employee of Stream energy, Mr. Michael Massingill, filed a charge for getting ownership of the ‘Arsenal’ software he developed for them. He joined to work with Steam energy in 2004 and resigned after two years in spring 2006. Later on, this charge was dismissed. You may have a check on this link. ​In 2015,Mr. Solavei had filed a charge against Stream Energy for misappropriation of trade secrets. This charge later went in favor to Stream Energy, as District court found Solavei claimed a false accusation and had no evidence on the statement. This led to award Stream energy an amount of $ 3,46,000 for the win in this petition.In 2015, Mr. Andrew Kochanowski, Mr. Sommer Schwartz, and many others filed another petition against Stream energy for a scam Pyramid scheme, fraudulence sales, and business practices. This states they falsely recruited 1,00,000 new distributors and grabbed more than $80 million. ​This world has so many opportunities around, so why you chain yourself, better be a free bird. If you are eager to do business and want to be successful, Kynect is not the right place.

Is Kynect a Pyramid scheme? Is it a SCAM?

Is Kynect a Pyramid scheme? Evaluating the researches, law suites, reviews, and marketing strategies, it’s obvious they are a Pyramid scheme. They are only into recruiting and no chance of direct selling. Kynect charges are very high for their energy and wireless products. For the hype promoted, customers are failing to find earnings through direct selling or recruiting. A company owning so much of allegations and lawsuit, can you even imagine being an associate and have earnings and career? Well, I say if you join, it can be among a lot to justify against all the allegations for adding a member. Do you think it’s so easy?If you check on YouTube videos, their web, and in other ways, it’s nowhere to say about direct selling other than to recruit. I saw many positive reviews, well it’s evident in common sense that all those are fabricated. Even after dealing with such daily use products, if associates struggle, then it’s crystal picture that the company not good for business. Still, if you feel about going ahead and finding the good out of Kynect, I wish you success. Remember, not 100% had ended up in a loss. Still, 1% of people are very successful—especially those on the top of the pyramid and first row of downlines. Well, I would recommend a big ‘NO’ based on my researches and study.

Alternative Earning Method

If you are severe and look forward to business and earnings, affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity to try. 

Here, you are save from recruitment and selling. Build a passion for starting a business of own. All you need to do is to deliver honest, and quality products reviews to customers rather than promoting a fake product. Make sure you are an aid to people who look to you and thereby earn a genuine income. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative businesses nowadays. 

Compare to MLM’s:

  • you don’t have to sell products directly 
  • no need to purchase and store the product – zero investment
  • you can choose the company and products you like to promote, and you -don’t have to tie yourself with only one company. 
  • with affiliate marketing, you can achieve a passive income
  • no face to face selling
  • your income fully depends on you, not on your team. 

Doing affiliate marketing is easier than doing network marketing. You don’t need to have excellent sales and presentation skills. 

Of course, everything needs a detailed study. And some necessary steps are required to be done for becoming a successful affiliate marketer. You can learn to do this business from Wealthy Affiliate. It is one of the best worldwide platforms for affiliate marketers that offer from A to Z education. The most benefited side of it is that you can join them for free. Get in touch with top successful affiliate marketers. 

It’s a legit and trustworthy workplace, with more than 2 million members. 

So why don’t you try this out?

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