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Is My Daily Choice a Scam? A Review of a Hemp MLM.

Is My Daily Choice a scam? What’s this MLM all about? Before we proceed, let me welcome you to the My Daily Choice review.

Check the current market. In here, you’ll see a growing trend of organic health products skyrocketing in popularity. As of late, retailers are now getting their hands on CBD-based products. CBD, or cannabidiol, comes from the hemp plant.

To this day, many people aren’t too keen on using CBD. Why? It’s because of its close ties with marijuana. But, CBD doesn’t alter the mind. In fact, it helps promote numerous health benefits. Now, what about this MLM?

As for My Daily Choice, it focuses on selling CBD products. Of course, there’s a compensation plan for distributors. Still, it can make you wonder if it’s a scam. Well, is it? Let’s check it out, shall we?

The My Daily Choice Review

Product Name: My Daily Choice


Founders: Josh Zwagil & Jenna Zwagil

Price: $69.95 USD per month plus $20 USD activation fee

Recommended: YES

What is My Daily Choice About?

Is My Daily Choice a Scam

So, is My Daily Choice a scam? For now, it's too early to tell if it's a sham. But, check out the main page of this MLM first. In here, you'll see a site filled with information. Also, it's a far cry from the standard scam website. It's because the company is transparent in telling the world about its products.

In fact, this MLM company isn't afraid to tell the world that it sells CBD. After all, CBD received plenty of bad raps over the years. If you become a distributor for My Daily Choice, you'll be entering the health and wellness niche.

Remember, many other companies already entered this industry. Hence, it may be difficult to sell products because of the competition. Nonetheless, this MLM company separates itself with its distinct set of products. 

The Products

My Daily Choice Products

Yes, it's product list mostly comprises of CBD-infused items. Search the market, and you'll see other CBD suppliers. With that in mind, how does My Daily Choice separate itself from the crowd? Well, the company claims its products can absorb into the body in a better and faster rate. It also claims its products are more effective than others.

But, My Daily Choice isn't all about CBD. In fact, it also provides other health & wellness products for its targeted audience. For instance, it has a product called "Peak." This item aims to improve general health and boosts the immune system. Its main ingredients include deer antler velvet and superfruits. 

Now, like other MLMs, My Daily Choice offers a compensation plan to its members. In fact, there are various ways to earn in this company.

The Catch

At first glance, the company does look legit. After all, it offers plenty of reliable info from the get-go. But, it shouldn't stop you from being skeptical. Of course, the last thing you'd want is to invest time, money, and effort in a scam.

Even after seeing the company's compensation plan, keep your expectations real. Don't fall into temptation after seeing the earnings gained by some people. In fact, if you look at other online reviews about this company, you'll see mixed feedback. But, do note most reviews are positive. Some people say it's a good opportunity. On the other side, people tell that it's a waste of time.

So, which is it? First, let's continue by discussing the company's business opportunity.

Starting in My Daily Choice

Again, note that this MLM company dabbles in CBD. Remember, not all locations wholly accept this cannabis-based byproduct. In fact, there are specific laws that may ban the selling and using CBD products. As such, consult your local authorities before attempting to join.

Now, let's assume that you're in the clear to join My Daily Choice. Well, know that its compensation plan is exhausting to look at, to say the least. 

Initial Observations

It would seem that our views on My Daily Choice are off to a rough start. But, is My Daily Choice a scam? Again, it's still too early to tell. But, I can tell you that it's not the only way to earn money. In fact, there are other great opportunities out there to help you earn passive income. For instance, there's affiliate marketing.

How Does My Daily Choice Work?

Product points

First, let's talk about the product line of My Daily Choice. Take note, it consists of sprays and other items focusing on improving a person’s well-being. Aside from products containing things like superfoods, this MLM also promotes CBD-infused items. A few of the products from the brand include:

  • Peak (Deer Antler Velvet and Superfruits) - Improves your general health by boosting the immune system.
  • Shield (Alkalinity Spray with Coral Calcium) - A spray that helps balances pH levels and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Boost (Natural Energy Spray with Vitamin B12) - A spray that increases your energy levels with natural caffeine from coffee beans.
  • Trim365 (Weight Loss Spray with Garnicia Cambogia) - Helps suppress appetite for weight loss and burn fat faster.
  • Sleep (Sleep Spray with Melatonin and Valerian Root) - Regulates your circadian clock by supporting restful and peaceful sleep.
  • Brain (Brain Spray with Cognizin and Sensoril) - Manages mood, and helps improve cognitive function and memory.

The Compensation Plan

Like other MLM companies, My Daily Choice has a compensation plan for its members. In fact, it promotes several ways to earn. But, all of this information may be too much for beginners in MLMs. Also, and before anything else, there's a fee to start.

Beginning in My Daily Choice

To start, you need to pay a $20 USD "affiliate fee." Also, this payment is on top of the first package you choose. Furthermore, to remain an active member, you need to purchase products that will accumulate to at least 20BV per month. That's at least $69 USD per month! Hence, if you can't keep that up, then you can say goodbye to being a distributor.

Now, moving forward, here are the ways you can earn money in My Daily Choice:

  • Retail Commissions
  • Jump Start Bonus
  • Binary Commissions
  • Leadership Check Matching
  • Global Bonus Pool
  • Rank Bonuses
  • VIP Auto Club
  • Elite Expense Accounts

Now, I'm not going to go into detail about each way to earn. In truth, it may need an entirely separate post to explain each earning potential from this MLM. Nonetheless, know that the opportunities are great, as long as you work [really] hard.

What are the Prices of My Daily Choice?

Attempt to enter My Daily Choice, and you'll see three packages you can buy. These plans and their respective extras are:

Builder Pack

Price: $69 USD
You'll get: 1 Peak, 1 Boost, 1 Shield
Starting compensation: 10% Binary Pay
Extras: 1 level of jump start, 1 level of check matching

Director Pack

Price: $149 USD
You'll get: 4 Peak, 2 Boost, 2 Shield
Starting compensation: 12% Binary Pay
Extras: 2 levels of jump start, 2 levels of check matching

Executive Pack

Price: $299 USD
You'll get: 10 Peak, 5 Boost, 5 Shield
Starting compensation: 15% Binary Pay
Extras: 4 levels of jump start, 4 levels of check matching

At first glance, the price is just right to start operating as a member of this MLM. But, you might have difficulties in selling each item. Simply speaking, it's because of the price tag.

Product Prices

My Daily Choice price pacakge

Now, take a look at the picture above. In here, you'll see the various prices of the hemp-based products of My Daily Choice. See that the cheapest option you can buy is CBD for pets. At the very least, you or your customers would have to shell out $39 USD for one item.

But, what if your customer doesn't own a pet? Well, then they have to buy the next cheapest thing on the product list. It's a jump from $39 USD to $69 USD. Furthermore, that's only one item! Still, if you look at the market about CBD products, they're not cheap either. Nonetheless, it can mean that it's a product line not for every budget.

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Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!

Who is the Founder of the My Daily Choice?

Now, let's talk about the founders of My Daily Choice. This MLM company began with the brilliant minds of Josh and Jenna Zwagil. Take note, this duo is popular in the MLM world thanks to their achievements like:

  • Triple A classified Opportunity but Business for Home
  • Make $100 million in just their fourth year of doing business
  • Pays out to 85% of business volume to affiliates 

Now, let's look at these owners in more detail, shall we?

Josh Zwagil

Josh Zwagil My Daily Choice

First, let’s start with the Josh. He started his career in network marketing at an early age of 18. My Daily Choice came to be even before Josh reached the age of 25.

Jenna Zwagil

Jenna Zwagil My Daily Choice

Now, Jenna is a known leader and entrepreneur. But, before she co-founded My Daily Choice, she spent many years in the military. She served as both a soldier and spouse to Josh. Now, she works hard in making the company grow with other network marketers.

Is My Daily Choice a Scam? 

So, is My Daily Choice a scam? After everything, I can see that My Daily Choice isn't a scam. I've checked the company, its compensation plan, and its products. This MLM company has a deep focus on selling CBD products. Hence, it's not a sham or pyramid scheme.

It promotes and sells real products. Furthermore, the compensation plan is fair, albeit quite confusing. Still, it's difficult to recommend My Daily Choice UNLESS you have a knack for working with MLMs. To put it into perspective, take a look at this picture:

Income disclosure

As you can see, there's less than 1% of the people who join this company who reaches the top level. Well, to be fair, most MLMs paint a similar picture. Still, it doesn't mean My Daily Choice is a scam. In fact, many reviews point to its CBD products to be quite effective.

The PROS of My Daily Choice:

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • A fair (yet confusing) compensation plan
  • CBD products are effective, as per reviews

The CONS of My Daily Choice:

  • No regulations
  • No medical or scientific evidence to back the products
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to market and sell
  • Monthly payments plus activation fee


By now, you should have the answer to the question, “Is My Daily Choice a scam?” Well, if didn’t see my verdict in an earlier part, this MLM isn’t a scam. In fact, it’s a legit networking marketing company.

So, would I recommend My Daily choice to you? Maybe, if you’re an adept network marketer. Otherwise, you might want to stick with other money-making methods. For instance, you might want to try out affiliate marketing.

The Wealthy Affiliate

Speaking of affiliate marketing, I’d recommend the Wealthy Affiliate program. Take note, it promotes many benefits if you join: including:

  • An on-site personal website builder
  • Weekly workshops
  • Regular updates
  • Friendly community
  • FREE to join

6 thoughts on “Is My Daily Choice a Scam? A Review of a Hemp MLM.”

  1. Michal Svoboda

    Well CBD-based products are on a rise now, have recently been allowed in Canada, we’ll see how it will proceed… anyway still not sure about these specific products, I will for sure give them a try because I am interested in natural medicine. Regarding the company itself, could be worth a try anyway as you already wrote…the question is the regulations…I’ll wait how it turns out anyway could be a good opportunity – thanks for the article!

    1. Hi Michal,

      thanks for stopping by. I fully agree with you, a good think about these products is that people are satisfied, but the question is how it’s going to be in the future. I think, and I hope regulation is a question of time. But to be honest, I am not a big fan of MLM companies. 

      Take care!

  2. This sounds like a very interesting company with some very interesting products. I’m especially fascinated by the “Brain Spray”!
    Products in this particular niche certainly have exploded recently so I can see why they’re pushing a higher subscription fee. I bet it’s tempting for many to become a distributor but I think I’ll stick with affiliate marketing for now too. 

    1. Hi Emily, 

      It is an interesting product, and I think many people will be trying those products personally, plus joining this MLM company to earn money. For those that love face to face selling method, it might be an excellent opportunity. But same like you I will stick with affiliate marketing. 

      Best of luck!

  3. Are the affiliates of My Daily Choice been given support such as training to help them sell the products? ‘Cause if not, and as you say the seller should be adept in network marketing, then i think it’s going to be really hard. In this case, in order to sell a lot, an affiliate of My Daily Choice should at least put up his/her own store to achieve target sales. But we all know putting up a store is quite expensive. 

    Because of this I watch CBD products from Youtube and a lot of people says, it’s effective and they are feeling a lot better. I guess, there should be self assessment before venturing in this business. Remember all the requirements you must do to hold your spot.

    Thank for this informative article on both CBD and My Daily Choice. Let me say, I’d rather stick to other money methods.

    1. Hi Missus,

      MDC seems like any other MLM company out there.
      I’ ve found information about the training, luckily they educate people The “industry leaders” do the training, however, I do not have information on how it is done in real.

      I agree with you that holding a spot is a big minus. Wish you all the best!

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