is noonday collection a scam

Is Noonday Collection a Scam? Make Money or Donate to Charity? MLM Review

Is Noonday Collection a scam? Most probably, that's the question coming to your mind after talking to one of your friends who recently tried to impress you with this company and business model.

I am happy you are here and let me say Congratulation as you are one of the very fewer people who research before investing money. Well done, because that's the first step to escape from scams or seemly good looking opportunities to make money.

Would you like to make money and think that Noonday can help you? Maybe Noonday Collection is aiming to help people, but unfortunately, the MLM business model is a big obstacle!

In this comprehensive review, I will explain how the whole process works. And whether you can make money with Noonday Collection or neither.

is noonday collection a scam

Noonday Collection Review

Product Name: Noonday Collection 


Address: 1825 E 38th 1/2 St Ste 207, Austin, TX 78722-1341

Phone: (512) 379-5470

Founders: Jessica Honegger

Price: $9.99 per month + starting package $199

Recommended:  NO

What is Noonday Collection About?

Noonday Collection is an MLM network marketing company that resells handmade jewelry and women accessories. This MLM company clime to support artisans from most weak communities in the world and help them to develop and build the business. 

The company was founded in 2010 by Jessica Honegger in Austin, Texas. Three years after opening, in October 2013, they've got BBB accreditation. 

The company goal seems to be great, but how does it work in reality? If you want to make money with Noonday Collection, can you only sell the jewelry? Or is it better to recruit people to earn more like in a typical Pyramid scheme?

Is Noonday Collection a scam or legit company? Are they are genuinely helping people or milking them?

Who is behind Noonday Collection?

Jessica Honegger is a founder of Noonday Collection as well, a writer of a quite popular book, "Imperfect Courage."

She was born in San Antonio and, at the age of 18, moved to Austin, where she studied.
Its a successful entrepreneur and a mother of three kids. After having two kids Jessica and her husband Joe decided to grow their family and adopted a little boy from Uganda - Jack.

Due to a lack of money and adoption fees, Jessica was searching for a solution. One of her friends gave her an idea to resel jewelry from Uganda to the U.S, and that was the first impulse of Noonday Collection.

Jessica is very famous in social media and loves to give interviews, which is a perfect step to promote her business.

jessica honegger

Noonday Collection Product Line

Noonday Collection doesn't offer a wide range of products. For the company that is uniting creative people around the globe, in my opinion, there should be more products. They have over 260 products. See the categories below.


  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earings 
  • Rings

Bags - starting from some simple models for $22 up to leather ones, which can cost $298. You can choose from 22 products

Accessories - makeup bags, wallets, pouches, hair clips, headbands, embroidered bloom straps are available. You can choose from 13 products. 

Scarves - this category has only six products. The cheapest you can buy for $22 and the most expensive will cost you $88. 

Home goods - even here, you can not have many options. Only four products are available - note cards, wrapping paper set, wallhanging, and pom wreath, which is $108. 

noonday collection products

In my opinion, some products are overpriced. I love creations, and everything about handmade products because I also used to create things myself and selling them. But when I am looking at the prices, some producs are not worth the price 

For example, have a look at pom wreath from Peru, which costs $108. How much do you think the person who've made it is getting for this work? 25% of that price will go to the pocket of an individual consultant.  

The target market of Noonday Collection is, of course, only women, which eliminates your earning potential. 

How much it cost to join Noonday Collection?

Joining Noonday Collection will cost you $9.99 per month, plus you have to buy one of 3 starting kits.

By paying the monthly fee, you will have access to the

  • Training courses,
  • Customer support
  • Your e-commerce web
  • Website office and digital marketing materials

There are three kits you can choose from 

Basics will cost you $199 with a value of $402.
Essential is $349 and $652 retail value
Luxe will cost $699 and with the value of total $1,262

Each kit will include 

  • 20 lookbooks, 
  • One impact report
  • 50 mini brochures
  • 50 order forms
  • One style & story card set
  • 1 runway guide
  • hostess planners & opportunity brochures
  • DVD of "Noonday: our story."
Noonday Collection starting kits

All these three starting kits will give you access to the full compensation plan and rewards.

To stay an active member, you must host a Trunk Show every month during the first six months. And to qualify in your trunk show, you need to have a minimum of three orders and $300 in a sale. Again this means you must buy a kit every month.

If you are entirely new to MLM business, you should know that Noonday Collection is an expensive business opportunity. Before achieving any success, you will end up paying more than few thousand dollars a year.

There are better options to make money online without buying products and running Trunk Shows.

How to make money with Noonday Collection?

Same as hundreds of other network marketing companies (Origami Owl, Color Street, Touchstone Essentials), Noonday Collection offers two ways to make money. Those are selling products and recruiting other people. 

Selling product

While many MLMs are giving you an option to sell the products individually, Noonday Collection forces you to do a Trunk Shows. It means you must host a party and it should be a minimum once a month.

Who will be your potential clients? Guess! Of course, your friends, relatives or colleagues. For me honestly, this is the worst part of doing MLM business, making money on your friends. As well, what about earnings? Have a look at the example below 

making money with noonday collection

As you see, to earn back your investment, you must host at least three parties a month. Can you do it?

If you are sure you can, I will tell you it will be hard, and there is a 99% chance you will fail. Also, calculate how much money you can earn with Noonday Collection if three parties on average can make you $250. 

Recruiting people

In-Network Marketing, there is always a second chance to make money, and it is to build an own pyramid while hiring people.

Usually, MLM's paying rewards and bonuses for recruiting new members as well; you will get some percentage of commission from your downline sales.

There are two negative points about hiring people and building a pyramid scheme. The first one is that your income partially will depend on your downlines. And the second is that you have to recruit all the time.

Without having "super sales skills," it will be hard. The reason is that most of your downline won't stay as active members for a long time. According to the statistic, 99% of people fail to do network marketing!

Noonday Collection compensation plan

Compare to thousands of network marketing companies, the compensation plan is not available on their website. If you are curious about it, you must contact the company directly or talk to your recruiter. 

You can get some basic information from the website. For example, for selling products, you will get a 25% up to 30% commission (Retail Sale). 

And you will get a 5% up to 10% commission on your team sale, but that's all. 

However, we've got you covered; you can check their compensation plan here

noonday compensation plan

Personal commission

All ambassadors can earn a 20% commission from the sales. 

Runaway Rewards

You can earn the credits from the first three months. There are four different levels Spark, Glow, Blaze, Blaze+. 

For example, at the Spark level, you must make a personal sale from a minimum of $1,000 up to $2,499, and you will get $50 product credit/month. In total, you will receive $150 product credits and $25 business tool credit. 

Radiance Rewards

Apart from earning product credits, you can also make a commission from each month based on Personal Qualifying Sales. For achieving over $2,499 (Glow Level), you will get 3%, and if you make over $5,000 (Blaze Level), you will get 5%. 

Star Program

Here are 4 levels: Rising star, Rock Star, Super star, Mega Star.

noonday star program compensation plan

Is Noonday Collection a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Noonday Collection a Pyramid Scheme? The answer is NO; Noonday Collection is not a Pyramid Scheme. But honestly, I see some of the associations.

For example, joining this company is expensive. You have to buy the package, which is a minimum of $199 plus you have to pay a monthly membership fee, which is $9.99. Without purchasing a starting kit, you can not have access to the compensation plan.

Usually highly joining costs reflecting pyramid schemes. Accompanying MLMs should be for free or at a minimum price. As well don't forget that to keep your active membership, you must purchase products every single month. Prepare yourself to invest some serious money, maybe even up to thousands of dollars.

The next reason why I see them like a pyramid scheme is recruitment. Noonday Collection highly motivating members to recruit others and build their pyramid scheme. As a reward, they are ready to pay from 5% up to 10% commission from the downlines sale.

The saddest part about starting MLM is that you have only a 1% chance to earn good money and become a successful entrepreneur. Based on the statistic, 99% of people fail in doing network marketing.

Before joining any MLM, think twice about this success rate and be realistic.

So what is a pyramid scheme? To make it long short it's a company that has no tangible products to sell and only recruits people.

Is Noonday Collection a Scam?

Is Noonday Collection a scam? No, it is not a scam. Still, I do not recommend you join this company. Do you want to make money and think Noonday will help you, unfortunately, the reality is contrary.

By enrolling here, all you will have is a good feeling of buying handicrafts from disadvantaged countries. Without luck and super sales skills, I believe you will belong to that 99 % of people that make an average $14 per week.

I believe you are disappointed with this company and maybe even more with the MLM business model. But no need to be sad. There are many other opportunities on how to make money.

One of the best and most lucrative is doing affiliate marketing. Compare to MLM

You don't have to buy any product
Zero investment
No face-to-face sales
No recruitment
You can build a passive income (earn while sleeping)

However, it is not a get rich quick scheme. You must work to achieve some result. However, it is worth it!

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