Is opinion outpost a scam

Is Opinion Outpost a Scam? Earn $1 a Day?

Did you Google for ways to earn online for part-time and found out about Opinion Outpost?  Is Opinion Outpost a scam? The better question is, can you earn well from this?  I am happy that you come here to confirm it first. WELCOME!

If you are here trying to find out if Opinion Outpost can be your ONLY job though, do not fret. No one should be judging! If you want to do something full time online, including answering surveys, then you should be free to do so. The more important thing is that you earn.

Otherwise, that will be a waste of already limited time and even money. I will not let that happen to you.

Read my full review of Opinion Outpost to know if it is a scam. Find out if it is any different from other sites out there masquerading as legit earning opportunities - I certainly see a LOT like that.

It pays to be careful these days. There are always people with ill-intentions out to get you just because they know you want to earn money. DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR PLOYS

Is opinion outpost a scam

Opinion Outpost Review

Product Name: Opinion Outpost


Founders: NOT CLEAR

Price: FREE


What is Opinion Outpost about?

Opinion Outpost is a market research company that researches people's perceptions about specific products and services. The company tasks members to answer surveys, and in exchange, they get a fee for their opinions.

You might even be wondering, why will they pay for your thoughts on some certain products? Why not hire official testers and reviewers? Why do they even care to about what you think?

Well, Opinion Outpost gains from your opinions. It is commissioned by the people and affiliated businesses that desire to hear from you.

Instead of paying testers or reviewers to check out their products and services, big companies give the company the responsibility to look for these people. These people are those who, just like you, want to get paid for devoting a few minutes or hours of their time to express what they think of the products.

It is a win-win for everyone...

Companies pay Opinion Outpost and you so that they can get a wide range of informative data about their products. What you think helps them make the necessary improvements to their product. 

Notably, what they pay is only a fraction of the cost, and they would spend had they looked for these opinions themselves. They also save a lot of time! 

They uses specific criteria to determine who among their members can be qualified to share their opinion on particular products.

Qualified members give out their opinions and in exchange, get points they can redeem whether in gift cards or actual cash. Sounds like a good deal; HOW MUCH CAN YOU EARN, THOUGH?

You probably think that it would be impossible to know unless you sign up first and work until you get to cash out your earnings, right? I can help you avoid the hassle of doing that!

How to Join Opinion Outpost?

Joining Opinion Outpost is simple. I have described the steps one-by-one below:


Go to the company's sign-up page and enter all the details it needs from you - name, email address, a strong password. If you find this too cumbersome, you can also sign up using your Facebook account.

LinkedIn and Google Plus social media accounts can also be used to register. Once you confirmed your email, you are in!


Once you are registered, the company will give you a link through email. Click it to go to your profile page. Here, you are required to supply the necessary information about you.

It is crucial to be as accurate and as honest you can be here because your responses will determine the kind of surveys you will be allowed to take in the future.


After furnishing the company with your personal information, your next task is to take a welcome survey. You will receive payment for this. You'll get 5 points or 0.50 cents for this. 

It's essential to be as honest you can be on this welcome survey as well. It will serve as the basis for future surveys that the company will allow you to take. 

#4 Have a Ready PayPal Account

I am putting this in here because you also need a working Paypal account to get your earnings. PayPal takes registration and setting up as well, so be mindful of this too. Unless you want your earnings to be stuck on your Opinion Outpost account or just redeem through gift cards.

How Much Can You Earn From Opinion Outpost? 

How much you can earn with Opinion Outpost depends entirely on your effort. Quite a no-brainer, though. Most online gigs will only give you the chance to earn up to the amount of time and effort you exerted.

Unlike 9-5 jobs, you are unlikely to be paid for not being provided, haha.

The more surveys you can complete, the more you can earn. Makes sense! 

How Many Points for A Survey?

Surveys have their corresponding points, and 1 point is equivalent to 10 cents. You cannot just cash out anytime, though. You should reach 100 points first and get your $10 through PayPal. 

Survey prices can range from small to big. What you may consider little or big not be the case for other members. You can take a 5-minute survey and get 5 Opinion Points. I calculated this for you and found that just for 5 minutes of your time, you can earn 0.50 cents. In 60 minutes or one hour, you can get $6. 

This amount is not in any shape or form, near the minimum wage today, which is at $7.25. Yes, it's just $1.25 difference, but imagine the work you will put in answering one survey after another in an hour. Compare this to the hour you spent in a typical office. Now imagine answering surveys for 8 hours straight.This scene is literally impossible!!!

Still, this is just one example. Some surveys can go as high as 10 Opinion Points, even for the same amount of time. Based on my calculations, for 5 minutes, you can earn 10 Opinion Points, and for an hour, you get $12.

Note though that the number of higher-paying surveys is limited. 

Are the Rates Worth It?

Whether this is worth it or not wholly resides in you. For me though, $6 an hour is not acceptable if you plan to make this your source of full-time income. You Need to answer 90 surveys a day.

Regardless if you can earn $8 per hour, or above minimum wage, I do not think it is possible to make this much consistently. The surveys are limited in number for one.

What is excellent about Opinion Outpost though is that it is transparent. It tells you what you can earn, and the time you will approximately devote to a survey before you actually take it.

What this gives you is a CHOICE - the choice to decide if a survey is worth taking or not. 

Opinion Outpost does its best to make sure the surveys you take to match your demographic profile. So you are unlikely to be taking surveys you mainly do not care about or feel bored with completing. 

Also, the company sends you an email notification whenever there are surveys you can take. You do not have to log in to check new offers regularly.

One feature of Opinion Outpost is that it offers you more than just points. Usually, some surveys come with other offers too, such as a prize draw entry that you can use to enter a raffle.

If you win at their quarterly drawing, you get the chance to win USD 10,000! 

Can You Earn from Referrals?

Opinion Outpost allows you to earn not just from taking surveys, but also referring members.

Referrals are, in fact, the easier way to earn some extra cash with this website. Each time your referral or friend signs-up using your link, you are given 5 points immediately. That's 0.5 cents. Using the above example, that's already like finishing one complete survey. 

Making referrals takes seconds. You have to post your link where some of your friends or anyone can click. You can post it in your social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. 

However, maximum referral earning is set only at $5.

How to Cash Out

The moment you reach the 100 points minimum required for redemption, you can get your $10 cash through PayPal.

If you cannot wait that long, opt to redeem Amazon or iTunes gift cards instead.  This option requires fewer points for redemption, usually at $5 worth of points.

If you reach the minimum cash-out amount, payments are usually made on time as well. I read members getting paid within 72 hours as long as there are no issues. 

Based on my research, it also has a responsive support team. Whenever you have questions regarding your points or payout, or other issues, it is easy to contact them. I read that they get back to you well before 24 hours have passed.

Opinion Outpost Reviews, Complaints - SCAM EXPOSED?

Why will anyone think Opinion Outpost is a scam unless there are some bad reviews and complaints about it? 

Unfortunately, yes, many people have complaints against Opinion Outpost. I am going to discuss the major complaints one by one. 

You are Not Qualified to All Surveys

Based on the complaints and reviews of Opinion Outpost, members hated that most of the survey invites they are getting are just pre-qualifiers.

Ultimately, they do not get them anywhere because they are not qualified to take the survey.  

Some members have ranted about wait for weeks before they were able to get hold of a survey that they actually qualified for. Others noted already pouring in their time and effort to answering the survey only to find out in the end that they did not even qualify!

Opinion Outpost Complaint

Sudden Termination During Redemption

Reading some comments, I think the company also has a problem with explaining why it suspended some accounts. This type of complaints baffles me, considering the responsive support team I can the company has. 

Check out the screenshots:

Opinion Outpost Review

Had I not seen other good reviews about getting their payouts, I would immediately say this is a scam. Why the sudden termination during redemption? However, there are literally hundreds who said they got their money, and they do not appear fake to me.

Most of the comments I picked out provided both the pros and cons of their experience, so that's a good sign for me that they are legit reviews. Check these out:

positive review Opinion Outpost

Surveys are Long, Boring, and Pay Little

Some also complained of the surveys becoming tedious and long. Others said the surveys have become repetitive and boring that they lost interest in the middle of taking one.

These complaints are not going to taken as signs that Opinion Outpost is a scam, but you should know this before joining.

If you cannot complete a survey out of lack of interest, you are not going to earn! 

Complaint - little payout

The PROS of Opinion Outpost:

  • Responsive customer support
  • Free to Join
  • Legitimate earnings

The CONS of Opinion Outpost:

  • It does not guarantee an effective way of making money online
  • hard to qualify for surveys
  • sudden termination
  • boring surveys

Is Opinion Outpost a Scam? Can you Earn? FINAL VERDICT

Is Opinion Outpost a scamNo! I cannot see any reason why anyone will think it is. Can you earn from it? Unfortunately, my answer will still be no.

Opinion Outpost is not a scam because people are indeed, getting paid for taking surveys. While the number of surveys is limited, you can still get to answer at least 1 or 2 in a day. 

Based on the Trust Pilot site, out of 1,427 reviews only 14% of the total are poor and bad ratings.

But even if though it is not a scam, I cannot say I recommend it making your only source of income. You can not earn decently even if you treat it a part-time job.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide. Since it is free, you will not be losing any upfront money if it doesn't work out. Think of the time though. 


If you are here, chances are you are looking for an online business opportunity or a side hustle that can give you extra cash. 

Do not worry; I had been there myself, always googling ways to increase my gas money so that I do not waste my salary. That is admirable of you. Who does not want some extra cash to do some unplanned shopping or treat a friend or maybe even quit your daily job?

After reading all these if you realized you are not a big fan of answering surveys? You should check out affiliate marketing!

One of the best platforms where you can learn about this business model from scratch is Wealthy Affiliate. You can join them for free to see if this is something you really like to do. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most lucrative business nowadays; the best part of it is that you can achieve a passive income. 

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