is panda research a scam

Is Panda Research A Scam or A Legit Way to Make Money?

The concept of earning money online through less effort seems very charming in this age of technology. You can make money online via some freelancing websites like Fiverr. Another way of earning some extra cash is by filling out the online surveys. At this point, if you have heard about Panda Research the question "Is Panda Research a SCAM?" might be comming to your mind. 

First of all, I am glad you are here, and you did your research just before diving into this making money online opportunity. 

There are many websites like Surveytime, inbox Pays, YouGov Surveys and others. Well, how is the Panda Research differs from these sites, can they offer you good money for doing simple tasks. In this article, we will reveal the truth about how it works in real!

Latest update 16.8.2019

is panda research a scam

Panda Research Review

Product Name: Panda Research


CEO: Rob Huey

Price: FREE

Recommended: NO

What is Panda Research?

Panda Research started back in 2005 in a midwestern state, Illinois (USA). The owner of this platform is A & A Marketing, Inc, which started their business 3 May 2004, 15 years back from now.

Apart from Panda Research A & A Marketing, Inc also owns the following businesses:

  • Perfect Pay Check
  • Big Devil
  • TikTik Cash
  • Mindspay
  • Make Money Club
  • Mindplay

It looks like they have a good portfolio and some history behind them. This can be the first positive point about the legibility of Panda Research. So what is Panda Research? It is a platform that helps you earn money by taking surveys as well they have offers for Cash & Incentive Work. 

Panda Research gives eligibility to participate in research only for the residents of the United States. 

The website requires you to make an account, but before that, you must take a survey called a membership survey. Based on your answers, the system will evaluate your eligibility to participate in taking surveys. You must be at least 18 years old and as I said before you must be a resident of the United States. 

How does Panda Research work?

Once you are registered, you can start taking surveys. To complete one survey can take about 10 to 30 minutes. You can earn from  $0,50 up to  $5, in some rare cases even $40. 

The minimum threshold for payment is $50, and once you’ve completed, the payment will be made via PayPal. The payment is made twice a month, always the first and fifteenth day of the month. Compare to other survey sites; the threshold is quite high. Usually, you get paid after cumulating $20 or $30. 

Sadly I can state that taking a survey is one of the cheapest work you can do to earn money online. I have already revied a lot of different platforms and can clearly say that surveys are a waste of your time. If you would like to see what other Legit programs / SCAMS are there see the complete list of our reviews here and find the best place to earn money from home. 

is panda research a scam

Can You really make money here?

The website has few ways that users can use to make some bucks for themselves. But let think how much time you will spend here and what is your potential income.

#1. Online surveys

First of all, they intermediate the surveys from the partner companies. And of course, they are requested to get those surveys filled from random people. Panda Research takes it to a whole new level by offering money by filling them out. Most of the intermediate sites offer points, not real money. Only after reaching a threshold the points will be transferred to a check or real payment. 

Completing a survey might take in about 10 minutes to 30 minutes. The payment varies as per the length of the survey and the required time, as I said before from $0,50 to $5.

Now let's do a simple calculation. Let's say you can earn in average $3 for taking one survey, and it might take you on average 15 minutes. If you are fortunate and you get 4 reviews per day, you might earn $12. However, unfortunately, you will not get those four surveys per day maybe not even one if you are lucky it can be 3 per week. As I am not U.S. resident, I didn't take the surveys with Panda Research, but I have a lot of experiences with other international sites. Most of the survey sites promise unrealistic income and deceive peoples expectation. 

#2. Paid offers

Panda research also has an affiliation for some service providers. This is how they offer another way to let their users earn money. So the thing is that you have to try out some of their products and services to get paid. This might mean subscribing to a website or buying a subscription of some other services. But the thing is that when you take the trial offer, you might have to enter your credit card details. So you have to be very careful in this case.

These services have their way of deduction money from your bank account as the trial period expires. What many people do is unsubscribe from the service as soon as the trial period expires. Personally, I do not like this money-making model.

#3. Refferal Program

Panda Research also offers you with a referral program to make some money off inviting users to their site. So you can also get paid to invite your friends to the website. Now let me tell you how this works.

Let's say you had invited a friend to the website. He signed up from your referral link. Now 10% of your friend earnings will also be given to you. As long as your friends keep their account active, you will keep getting paid as well.

At this point, my little conclusion for you is that:

  • Taking surveys is not an effective way to earn money online
  • You can never quit your daily job
  • You will waste a ton of your precious time here. 

Just have a look at the below picture, does it surprise you? If you check the terms & conditions of this site, you will find out that there is NO PAYMENT GUARANTEE!

is panda research a scam

They simply don't guarantee you a payment for the compleated survey. If there is a lack of appropriate information at the member account, it's understandable, but if there is:" and/or any other reason, that's not fair. That's disappointing, and for that, I give a red flag!

Who are the target audience?

Well, the target audience is, of course, the residents of the USA who search for an opportunity to earn money online. Adding to that, it also attracts teenagers and youngsters so that they could make some extra cash for their expenditures. 

Nowadays, people are more keen about the concept of working online to make some extra money and taking surveys might be an excellent opportunity for them. At the beginning giving a few minutes of their time to get some additional cash seems attractive. But then comming the question: "How much you can earn with such a business?" Unfortunately not much and with this platform you can earn hardly any money. 

The reason for my critique is simple. Unfortunately, my research showed me a lot of negative feedback about Panda Research. A lot of people called this company SCAM

Would you like to know how to build real and strong, business ? 

See my #1 recommendation here! 

Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!

You will get absolutelly for FREE:

- 2 websites including hosting and backup

- Training course for begginers

- Video Walk-Throughs

- Keyword research tool

- 1-on-1 coaching for the first 7 days.

Is Panda Research a SCAM?

From the structure of the website and their own claims about the paid users, it seems that the website is quite legit. As well they are already 14 years on the market. Most of the SCAM products deesapeer after one or two years.

Typical scam performed by a dishones company with a goal to gain money or other value, usually they represent themselfs as someone else with good skills and authority. Only for that reason I can not call Panda Research SCAM, However bear in mind it is one of the worst survey site on the market!

What I like about Panda Research

Unfortunately, there is nothing much to say. But i found a few positive things...

The first plus of Panda Research is that we know the founder. As well we know they have a physical place. 

The second plus goes for terms and conditions, where you can find that they don't guarantee payments. Based on that, members can decide whether to join them or neither. Unfortunately, I think not all of the members read the conditions and it's pity. 

What I don't like about Panda Research Survey Site

There are more things I don't like then I like about this platform and its not only some impression.

This review was done with in-depth research, and of course, the information was evaluated with maximum effort to provide you with a real picture. 

#1. Website is not secured / old / outdated

Although when you go to the site, it looks legit, but when you look up the link, the website is not even secure. 

On the one hand, its straightforward site and its easy to navigate. But on another hand, the site is old and haven't been updated a while.

They claim to give away over 2 million dollars to their users, to be concrete $2,243,857. However, this number has been there for a while. First time I saw this website in November 2018, it's been almost one year.

#2. Payment is not guaranteed

The company don't guarantee you the payment for taking surveys. 

Still, if you want to join the program for earning some money, I would advise you to keep your expectations as low as possible because you might get messed up if you don't get paid.

#3. Low income potential

Unfortunately, even if you get paid for the surveys, you can never achieve sufficient income and quit your daily job. Each survey ranges from $1 to $5 and above. You might get a survey that is worth 40 or 70 bucks, but that happens once in a blue moon. 

This method is very cheap and hardly can make you rich. If you get four surveys per day worth of 0,5 cents you can earn only $2, but think how much time you will spend. I would personally go to McDonald for a daily shift to make more. 

#4. Member complaints

There are a lot of complaints from Panda Research members in different areas. But, most of the negative feedbacks are about the payment. Some members say that even after working on surveys a while and achieving the threshold, they still didn't receive the money. ​

In some cases, we are talking about a few months but in some even about a year. Huge red flag for that!

Panda Research complaints
Panda Research complaints
Panda Research complaints
Panda Research complaints


Is Panda Research a SCAM or Legit? At this point, it should be obvious. 

If you don't want to waste your time, stay away from this survey site.

Remember, your time is very precious. You can do much more than spending a few hrs a day by taking surveys and getting a few dollars or even zero.

Have you ever thought about building your online business? If yes, I have great news for you because there are still legit platforms that will teach you how to build your own online business from scratch? If you never thought about it, then think. You don't need to have some special skills or knowledge; you will be able to learn the whole process. It's a better option to invest your time in something real instead of wasting it on surveys. 

If you have any question, please feel free to leave them below. 

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2 thoughts on “Is Panda Research A Scam or A Legit Way to Make Money?”

  1. I think such websites are just a waste of time. You fill in the necessary information through the website, Take a survey, You answer the questions in the survey. Then they say you’re not suitable for the survey. I’ve signed up for a lot of surveys and I’ve come to a conclusion. There are many ways to make money online. I’d better do other things.

    1. Hi Ali, 

      it is a real waste of time. I think even if you will quit a job and work hard on surveys you will never be able to earn good money and be financially free. A better deal is to learn how to start an online business and work on your own project. Working for your boss or for some survey company, in fact, is the same.

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