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Is Permission Research A Scam Or Legit Site To Earn Extra Cash?

Is permission research a scam or legit site to earn extra cash is a good question? Permission Research may not be a scam site but not a sure way of making money online. This site claim to have over two million plus membership base. This is not entirely true, because most members join and also leave immediately. Hence the number of active members may not be as elaborate as they claim.

Company name: Permission Research


Price: FREE

Recommended: NO

permission research waste of time

How Does Permission Research Works?

The way and manner by which Permission research works will be categorized into three headings that is:

  • Add-on Software
  • Surveys
  • Privacy

Add-on Software

This is also known as monitoring software. This software collects data on the web. This occurs when surfing the internet. It runs on your computer. This monitoring software monitors your online activity and your web behavioral pattern.


This site has a minimal survey offer. But this is how permission research works and reward active users. Users receive survey invites that may earn then cash or gift cards reward. There is a possibility that you won't get paid and you might not also receive a survey within months.


As you already know, Permission Research monitors your online activities. Once you sign up on this program and install their software, you have automatically given them permission to access your information. They collect data from third parties for better analysis.

The above three steps are the simplest form permission research operates.

How Much Can You Make With This Site

As I said before, Is permission research a scam is not entirely true because there are possibilities to earn rewards. It is not the surest way of making money online. The following are some of the ways to make earn with permission research:

  • They give sweepstake entries instead of paying you real cash. They propose to plant a tree for your involvement.
  • There are fewer surveys. That is, the availability of the survey is very minimal. You can stay for months without getting the survey.
  • There is a rigorous screening if you eventually get an invite for the survey.
  • Do not expect to receive cash rewards from Permission Research.

With the above illustration, there is a need for us to understand something. The fact that there is no immediate cash reward does not confirm the question "Is permission research a scam" to be true.

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Permission Review Reward Options 

Rewards are given to active members. That is members who allow the software to be there on their computers while surfing. The following are some of the reward options:

Tree for knowledge:

You get a tree reward with continuous participation in the program.

Monthly Sweepstakes:

Permission Research gives a cash prize to a few active members on monthly bases in the sum of &100 to $100,000.This can be attained through the contest. That is, winners are picked randomly through a lucky draw.

Cash or gift cards reward: 

Also members gain different digital gift card rewards by actively involved in surveys. The availability of this survey is seldom.

Software Reward:

You can also gain software reward like file protection tools, screensavers, and privacy tools by using their software in your system.

The Pros Associated With Permission Research

  • There is no restriction. It can be operated anywhere in the worldwide.
  • There is no sign-up fee. It is free to register
  • It offers various reward options for active users
  • It also an affiliate program. That is, you can earn by referring a friend

Cons Associated With Permission Research

The cons of permission research have conditioned people to ask this question "Is permission research a scam". The following are some of the disadvantages:

  • There are privacy issues: Though they claim not to sell your information to the third party, but how true is that. This has made most participants to lose faith in permission Research.
  • Virus concern: There are vast complaints regarding virus after software downloads. Some client claims they got a virus on their system immediately they install permission research software.
  • Low payment option: This is a huge failure on this system. It as good as this, site does not reward cash value. They have low cash reward options. There is no record of cash price winner of $100 to $100,000 since Permission research was established.
  • Software Crisis: Their software downloads and installation creates various problems to the user's system, like slow surfing, draining of computer battery and virus issues.
  • There is a limited number of the survey: The availability of survey is very minimal. And this cannot guarantee an effective way of earning with this system.


On the final note, Permission Research does not guarantee a reliable way of earning money online. Their reward system is poor. Attempting to make money with this system is a total waste of time. It does not stimulate an effective way of making money online. But also, with the above abnormalities associated with this system does not confirm the question "Is permission research a scam" to be true. Permission Research is not a scam but it is not a credible and reliable way of making money online.

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