is pruvit a scam

Is Pruvit a Scam? Legit 101 Keto Supplements or Fraud?

Is Pruvit a scam? Should you believe its claims? If you join Pruvit, will you earn? Should you even join?

These are just some of the questions that I know you want to have answers to before you even entertain any thought of being part of the company. For that, I want to congragulate you!

You are the rare few who took time and effort to look for information about Pruvit. Congratulations because you are not a gullible person who will just believe anything. You are the limited number of people today who are not going to be vulnerable to scams.

Now that you ere, I will not waste your time and give everything you need to know about Pruvit. I will give you my verdict to the question is Pruvit a scam in the end. I urge you to use your intuition on whether to believe or do not believe my verdict. In the end, you will know if this MLM is worth joining, scam or not. 

Let's go!

is pruvit a scam

Pruvit Review

Product Name: Pruvit 


Address: 901 Sam Rayburn Highway, Melissa, TX 75454

Founders: Brian Underwood

Price: $37 annual fee

Recommended: NO

What is Pruvit about?

Pruvit is a MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company that is mainly capitalizing the wave of ketone craze today. Even though it was already around before the keto diet became popular, it really thrived when this specific diet made waves.

Whether this craze will last is another story altogether, but at present, many are certainly on board with doing the keto diet, because of the many alleged benefits, some of which cannot be offered by other forms of diet.

It is part of the nutritional supplements industry, one I think that is increasingly becoming saturated with so many MLM companies. The question is, can Pruvit compete? Can you compete?

The company was founded by Brian Underwood in 2005. 

Founder of Pruvit

The founder of Pruvit s Brian Underwood. His story shaped why and how the company is founded.

Underwood has an extensive experience as a distributor himself. He saw his high school basketball coach used direct selling to earn more and he was inspired. The coach used selling for an MLM company as his second stream of income, which even reached higher than his main  salary and Underwood just found it so fascinating.

He joined one at the age of 20 and became hooked with such a business structure. According to him, knowing that his coach could be successful in the industry made him think he could do it too. He even said that having a business and being engaged in athletics are similar in many aspects.  

Brian Underwood - Pruvit founder


After two decades and a half, he used extensive experience to set up Pruvit. He is presently the founder and CEO of the company. According to him, being a businessman is not easy but the direct selling channel was worth all the up and downs because the returns are great. Being part of the industry is more than just personally creating product transactions and financial success, but also make others experience the same.

Why Pruvit? 

WHY PRUVIT, though?

According to Underwood, when he perceived the supplement industry before Pruvit was born, he saw a lot of similar products just vying for the same market. Most supplements cater to similar conditions and promise the same things, so a lot of sellers of different companies face stiff competition. 

To get ahead means to come up with something different. This is business 101 and Underwood knew it. 

Therefore, he started to innovate. His innovation story was not a simple one. It involved the process called biohacking, which means hacking into one's biochemistry so that it becomes efficient and optimized. 

As he went deeper on his research about biohacking, he noticed how many times the term "ketones" kept coming out, which pushed him to research more about them through podcasts and blogs. He did not really just study these from a ketogenic diet or ketosis weight-loss perspective, but on their overall impact on the body. 

He discovered something that got him really excited. 

According to him, increasing ketone levels can turn the body into a high-energy, fat-burning machine. Pruvit was created to transform what Underwood into products that can change many people's lives - by increasing their ketone levels, at the very least.

Underwood clarified that Pruvit is not about JUST selling diet or health products, or even just about changing the health industry. Instead, it is about creating lasting change that could make the world into a better place for all. The goal is to make people become their best versions

The MLM structure was naturally thought the best and fastest way to do it, especially with the founder's experience with direct selling.

Goals of Pruvit

When Pruvit is well underway and has grown its number of distributors, which are called Pruvers, the company implement something it called "community-based marketing." The company said this is the best way to achieve its mission to transform the lives of everyone, which means not just their clients, but also their own distributors. 

Under community-based marketing, distributors are not just called to sell or recruit, like most MLMs, but also to educate others about how the body works and how ketosis is important. In fact, they are more encouraged to do that rather than promote the company's products. The company believes that through this, deeper conversations can be had about ketones, which can make people naturally interested 

The first priority within the framework of community-based marketing is about bringing value, and that value starts with education. Rather than promoting products, Prüvers focus on educating others about how the body works, and how to optimize both the metabolism and mental function through the process of ketosis.

This opens the door to deeper conversations about the results they have achieved with Prüvit products, like KETO//OS® drink mix, which the company says delivers ketones directly into the bloodstream to trigger ketosis in less than 60 minutes.

Pruvit Products

Pruvit's flagship product is  KETO//OS and it comes in a variety of flavors. Some varieties contain caffeine while others do not. ​

3 Product Lines

1. KETO//OS – Orange Dream and Chocolate

This is in powdered form and sold in tubs and packets. The product is taken mixed with water  or any other beverage while someone is in a ketogenic diet. It comes in orange and chocolate flavor.

2. KETO//OS MAX – Maui Punch, Raspberry and Cacao

Keto-OS Max is another ketogeic supplement that is in powdered form. Customers can choose to have the caffeinated or non-caffeinated versions. It comes as Maui Punch and Cacao flavors. 


Keto Kreme is a flavored creamer, and is the least expensive product snce you can use it only with coffee.

All these products came with health statements and claims and even though the company said their products are NOT WEIGHT LOSS products,  they all seem to commonly made for weight management.

pruvit products

Pruvit Prices

When it comes to the price, NONE OF THE PRODUCTS COME CHEAP AT ALL. Apart from the KETO KREME, everything starts at $138 for 20 servings.  The Keto Kreme starts at $88

What Do Pruvit Products Do?

As can be seen in all these descriptions, the products revolve around the ketogenic diet. When you become a promoter, you should not only be marketing the products to those who are familiar or undergoing the keto diet though. Under Pruvit’s plan, promoters should educate the public about the importance of ketosis. 

The company said it is proud to LEAD THE KETONE REVOLUTION with its products. They are all reprotedly designed to boost one's metabolism, manage weight, and fight all sorts of diseases - EVEN CANCER because of increased ketosis levels. The thing is, none of these claims have been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Pruvit's products are also described as working their best when paired with a ketogenic diet, which if you are not familiar, is a low-carb diet similar to Atkins. It is unclear if it is the product that is going to help people lose weight or the diet itself. 


Costs to Join Pruvit

It is not free to join Pruvit. You will have to pay an annual fee plus maintain a minimum product purchase requirement to be a Promoter. The annual fee is $37. Is Pruvit a scam just because you need to pay? Of course not. 

Specifically, the minimum of 50bv, tantamount to a 1 box purchase of Keto OS MAX each month, should be maintained. Not meeting this requirement will disqualify you from commissions and endanger your chances to earn from the company's compensation plan. 

NOTE THAT As you increase in rank, your personal volume requirement is also going to increase. 

Pruvit Compensation Plan

Before you join any MLM company, it is important to take a look at its compensation plan to know how you can earn money with it. It's important to check out the key features of Pruvit's compensation plan to know if the company is fair to its members and if it emphasized equal selling and recruiting. If the company tends towards recruitmnt, it can be a pyramid scheme masquerading as an MLM. 

Like most MLMs out there todaya, Pruvit allows its promoters to earn commissions both from retail commissions and referral commissions. In this company however, there are additional ways to earn, all linked to how well you sell and refer people to the company. 

  1. Kick-Off Rewards
  2. Gameplay Rewards
  3. Residual Rewards
  4. Leadership Rewards
  5. Partner Rewards

#1. Kick-Off Rewards

Pruvit gives its promoters several bonuses during their first 30 days with the company - GoPro and MVP Bonuses. If you hit certain team volume goals within the first 14 days, you get a GoPro and if you hit specified team volume on your first 30 days, you get the MVP bonus commissions. 

#2. Gameplay Rewards

Pruvit gives three types of Gameplay rewards - retailer bonus, endorsement bonus, and go fast bonus. 

Retailer bonus commissions are what you get for selling Pruvit products to customers at their retail prices. Endorsement bonuses are what you get from recruiting a specific number of promoters into your team. The Go Fast Bonus is what you get weekly when you personally refer new promoters into the company. 

Check out the chart below from the website. Go there for a more detailed explanation of everything. Although I do not think you should be VERY in tune with it until you are already part of the company because sometimes this just leads to confusion. What you need to know is that you have to work up to a certain rank and acquire up to a specific level of downline to earn well. You have to determine, BEFORE YOU JOIN, if you are capable to do that. OR ELSE ITS JUST IMPOSSIBLE TO EARN! 

Would you like to know how to build real and strong, business ? 

See my #1 recommendation here! 

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You will get absolutelly for FREE:

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#3. Residual Rewards

Residual income is what makes MLM opportunities unique to other earning opportunities. it essentially means earning from the efforts of your referrals or recruits. You can earn indefinitely if you have a lot of PRODUCTIVE recruits. 

Pruvit adheres to the unilevel compensation structure where you as the affiliate stays on top of your team, and your personal recruits form your level 1 affiliates/promoters. Their recruits become their L1 but your L2. Your L2 recruits will also be referring others to the team, who will become your L3 recruits, and so on and so forth. 

With Pruvit, you can earn down to 11 levels. That is quite good for me, because other MLMs only give you earnings from the activities of your recruits down to 6th or 7th levels. 

The percentages you can earn also depend on your rank.  You cannot earn residual income yet when you first joined because you need to achieve R1 first. It is possible to work towards up to R10. 

Check out the chart from the Pruvit's site.

Champion bonus and residual match bonus rewards

YOU ALSO GET TO EARN the Champion Bonus and Residual Match Bonuses. However, you get these only when you reach really high ranks with several generations of downlines under you. If you are interested to find out what these are so early in the game, you can refer to the website. What is important to know here is that you are rewarded for your efforts. 

Other signs that your efforts can get paid are the leadership rewards and partner rewards. Partner rewards mean you can earn a certain percentage of the COMPANY's profits if you reach a particular HIGH LEVEL OF SALES AND REFERRALS. 

None of these will really matter to you now. They will just make you overly excited even they DO NOT TELL YOU HOW SOMETIMES, REACHING THESE LEVELS ARE NOT EASY, and quite IMPOSSIBLE EVEN. This is why I refuse to GO INTO ALL THE DETAILS.

#4. Leadership Rewards 

If you can achieve and maintain for a minimum of two consecutive months Rank 6, Pruvit will reward you with CCB.

CCB is a Champion Car Bonus with a value of up to $800. 

#5. Partner Rewards 

One of the last rewards is a Partner Reward.

Partner Reward consists of MVP Pool, Rising Champion Pool, and Ownership Pools. Click here to see detailed info about partner rewards

BBB-Accreditation, Customer Reviews and Complaints!

IS Pruvit BBB-accredited? Given it being a pioneer keto research and products, you would think this is company is accredited with BBB. However, Pruvit is not accredited with BBB. Other MLMs are not BBB-accredited as well, even though it would have been so much nicer if Pruvit is.

Even though not accredited, the BBB website allows for customers and promoters to make complaints and post these for all to see. Pruvit can respond to these complaints if they want to.

The company has tons of complaints, mostly from the customers. Some of the common issues are customers not being satisfied with the products and not getting their refunds even though the company says it is allowed. Some said the products did more harm than good! 

Promoters complained of getting charged for membership they did not authorize. Check out the screenshots below: 

Pruvit complaint 1
Pruvit complaint 2
Pruvit negative feedback

Personally, I do not use product reviews or reactions as the main basis to say if a company is a scam. Is Pruvit a scam just because it did not work for several customers? But what should I do with people who claimed the products worked? The thing is, like all products that people take, reactions can vary for many reasons. 


What I would focus on is the refunding issues and charging without authorization. These are bad business practices that can be a sign that Pruvit is a scam. Although there are also sometimes valid reasons behind these errors.

For me, if I were you, you have to read ALL these comments before deciding whether to join or not. Some simply said they INSTANTLY REGRETTED BUYING THE PRODUCTS BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE.

Imagine if you are the seller of these and your proespective clients say to your face that your products ARE NOT WORTH IT. Be sure to be ready for that. 

Frankly, even if I answer No to the question "Is Pruvit a scam," I think these complaints meant the company is not perfect and you will run the risk of encountering hassles and experiencing stress by joining it.  

Is Pruvit A Scam? FINAL VERDICT. 

Is Pruvit a scam even with the complaints? NO. Can you earn? I have a feeling that getting your desired earnings is not possible, especially if you want a STABLE INCOME. Even if you sell well on one month, achieving the same monthly is not going to be guaranteed. 

What you have to know is that the name of the game with Pruvit is that you have TO SELL FAST and BUILD A LARGE TEAM, to even earn what you are promised to make. 

Given the products are hot right now, as the keto diet craze goes on, this can be possible for some, but still difficult for others. Know which group you belong to - know if you can sell people keto products as well as educate more people on the value of ketosis and the VALUE OF PRUVIT. 

Otherwise, the whole compensation Plan of the company WILL NOT EVEN MATTER. 

You have to take into account the fact that even though ketosis may be scientifically-backd, people still view keto diet is a fad. One day, the craze might stop and your products will lose their value. 

Alternative Earning Method

A more stable earning method is affiliate marketing. Instead of selling products and promoting a company that you are unsure of, affiliate marketing allows you to market for a company that has products you 100% believe. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative earning methods nowadays. It is not a get rich quick scheme, and it might take some effort and time to earn good money, but if you are serious about building your own business, you should definitely try this out! You don't need to have any skills and experience because anybody can do affiliate marketing. If you are a stay-at-home mom (just like me), student, full time working person, or a retired senior, you can do this. 

Of course, you will need to learn how this business works, and the best place to do so is a training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. You can join them for free without providing even a payment card details. You have nothing to lose as you will get access to the first ten lessons for free as well. So what are you waiting for?

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