Traffic Ivy scam

Is Traffic Ivy a SCAM or Revolution in FREE traffic? It won’t work!!!

Is traffic Ivy a scam

Welcome to my Traffic Ivy Review!

Getting real FREE traffic to your site seems to be impossible? Usually, you have to work hard to get your site visible and reach potential organic or even refferal traffic.

On the other hand, you always can have a possibility to use paid ads. However, if you don't know how to promote your products correctly, you can easily waste a lot of money.

Is Traffic Ivy a Scam or they can really guarantee you FREE traffic anytime you want? That could be a real revolution!

Let's have a look at this brand new product a bit closer.

Brief Details About  Traffic Ivy 

Product Name: Traffic Ivy


Founder: Cindy Donovan

Members: 1685

Domain name registration: 17 April 2018,

Launched: 23 January 2019

Price: 27$ 19.97$ for 2000 traffic points, 97$, 47$ for 5000 traffic points,  147$, 97$ for 10 000 traffic points

Recommended: NO

What is Traffic Ivy? Is it another ugly SCAM?

When I saw the Traffic Ivy offer for the first time, I got quite curious about it.

I thought; finally, there is an intelligent solution to drive FREE traffic to any site in any niche. That's a real revolution! And one of the best things is that you get a Guarantee? But wait, can you really get a guarantee for real FREE traffic? Generally, I am not a big fan of promises, so I've started digging deeper!

Mainly, we are talking about new SaaS platform that are associates top social media marketers, video marketers, bloggers, website owners, and e-com store owners with the goal to support each other, and generate FREE traffic through the social media.

Real FREE Traffic Anytime You Want?
is Traffic Ivy a scam
1. Organic Traffic

If you are a business owner, you surelly know how hard it is to drive a traffic to your website. Bloggers usually love getting organic trafic as it can guarantee the snowball effect, but it takes a long time. First, you have to create a usefull content; then it must be indexed by Google. Finaly, you will be waiting for your content to rank and only after you will recive your long-awaited traffic. This is the best traffic you can ever get!

2. Paid  Traffic

Another possibility is paid traffic. However, it can be quiet expensiveand a lot of entrepreneurs fail with their promotions without even knowing about it. I mean, yes, they are getting some leads but how many? Maybe accurate to pay their promotion. If you want to be good in paid traffic, here is one recommendation.

3. Fake Traffic

Not the last one, but the one that drives over 52% of traffic is fake traffic. There are a lot of companies that will be ready for your reward to click on your site. Why there is so much fake traffic? First of all, because Google loves traffic, and you want Google to love you! Once you start receiving a good amount of traffic, it will give Google a signal that your site is important, and has good and useful content. However, don't forget, FAKE traffic is dangerous and can negatively impact your site. And, of course, its FAKE, you won't be getting real leads.  

So, promoting your site on social media is very important. For ranking high in search engines, you have to make a cloud around your site. The more sources are referring to you, better it is. In the world of SEO its called Link Juice.  

free traffic Traffic Ivy

What Traffic Ivy is offering you are posting your content on more than a thousand active social media accounts,  like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Reddit. At the same time, they promised to post on peoples blogs, social media accounts, banners on blogs and websites, even upload the video to their network on a YouTube. I do believe you are so excited at this point, but wait! IT WILL NOT WORK!

How does it work?

 So, first of all you have to choose a package. There are three types of packages with different traffic points. 

Traffic Ivy packages

After the payment, you will have immediate access to the system and will be able to spend your points by creating a campaign with a content you want to share, including your affiliate links. 

I can compare Traffic Ivy with a barter system. When you share somebody's content on your site, you get points as a reward. If you want somebody to share your contentyou spend those points for your campaign.

But of course, Traffic Ivy want to earn money as well for providing their SaaS; therefore, they are selling you one-time package that already contains some traffic points.

Traffic Ivy campaign creation

What's next? You will get a step-by-step guide for creating campaigns. That's quite positive. However, there is no guarantee your post will be shared immediately as they are promising.

Lets have a look inside...

When I saw this, I was shocked! Only 1110 shares are calculated for 1626 members. It tells me that people don't like to share. What they want is having shared content.

Traffic Ivy SaaS

Let me ask you something, how interested you would be to join this platform if you know your campaigns can be promoted on many other sites for some of these traffic points? I think pretty much. 

And now, let me ask you a second question, how much would you like to share somebody's content on all your social media profiles and your website to gain some points? Don't forget about relevancy; the content should always be relevant, means your competitor can earn money on your site from your traffic!

And here we are...

Why should I promote somebody posts on my site with other affiliate links? Unless its a good piece of content, I won't do it at all.

Unfortunately, the content that members are sharing there is spam and poor quality! Most of the posts are not having even 300 words, but having up to 5 affiliate links. This can be a real disaster for your site!!! Google can consider it spammy, and at the worst case can even penalise you! Of course, it depends on how many  of these posts you will be having on your site.

Let's think logically... When you are sharing your blog posts on your personal social media profiles, how many people will share your post, like your post, and how many leads you will get? Hardly any!

Honestly, I am not a big fan of sharing somebody posts unless it's a good piece of work. And this is what is missing in Traffic Ivy platform.

Is Traffic Ivy a SCAM? Why it won't work?

No, Traffic Ivy is not a SCAM as they provide you with a fully functional platform.

However, I don't recommend this platform to anyone, as you will not drive any traffic to your site. At the worst case, it can hurt your site.

The number of members is higher than the number of campaigns shares. All those people bought a package with traffic point and simply waiting for someone to share their content. Only once all points will be used; they might be earning more points by sharing others content. However, good content is missing!

Traffic Ivy scam
Generally it might be a good idea if everybody respect rules like these:
  • The content must be original & unique
  • Minimum number of words 1000
  • The product must be legit! This concerns mainly that money making online niches
  • The posts and campaigns should run only on social media, and the niches shouldn't be unifying. For example: If I am into the money making niches, I have the right to promote campaigns only from other niches. Maybe it seems crazy, but this way, it will work much better. I can find some interesting posts about cosmetic or yoga or video games and promote my social profiles without engaging my blog post. If the content is a high quality, people will engage more.
Traffic Ivy from inside

All of the above points are missing in Traffic Ivy! Content is duplicate, insufficient and very short. Most of the campaings are scams with making money quick schemes. I've reviewed lot of them so i know what I am talking about. 

Would you like to know how to build a real, strong, business in affiliate marketing? See my #1 recommendation here! 

With this platform, you will learn how to drive NATURAL &ORGANIC traffic to your website. You will be able to achieve a snowball effect! Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!

What others says about Traffic Ivy

As you can see,the first research tells me it must be an incredible place to gain good traffic to have a lot of leads and finally,earn money online. 

Just have a look at the first page on Google. Everybody is happy.

Traffic Ivy is a SCAM

Do you know why? Because they are getting a good commission on this product! They are not reviewing this product, but simply selling it, read at least one of those posts. 

Traffic Ivy incomes

As I said, the idea is not that bad, and it would be great if affiliate marketers can cooperate and help each other in their businesses. But simply, it will never happen. We, affiliate marketers, know very well how important is the unique content. Allowing someone spamming your site is unacceptable. 

The next problem is the competition. Why should I share with my competition and provide them with my good content?

The PROS that follow Traffic Ivy:

  • The platform is easy to use, the users are real  
  • They do have a rating system so the people can  evaluate the quality of campains
  • You will get a video training, pdf reports and access to over 30 training sessions
  • 30 days free, money back guarantee

The CONS that follow Traffic Ivy

  • It does not guarantee a hight and quality traffic
  • Most of the content is from making money niches,  spammy and not useful
  • Most of the content is very short with and includes a high number of links
  • The content can be dublicated. That's something you surely don't want to have on your site
  • There are hidden costs; if you do not promote somebody's contentyou have to buy additional traffic points that might be quite expensive
  • The rating system is not working as nobody criticizes those poor quality campaigns. 

Who is behind Traffic Ivy?

Cindy Donovan Traffic Ivy

The founder of Traffic Ivy is Cindy Donovan, an Australian resident.

Cindy Donovan is a very successful online entrepreneur who loves online business and affiliate marketing especially. She used to create a lot of different products such a WordPress themes, plugins, at the same time, was expanding her SaaS products such as Traffic Ivy, 

This business lady has sold over 1 million products created mainly by herself. 

She is the owner of Wildfire, Launchr and a co-owner of IM Wealth Builders Ltd.

She've created all those products! plus many more

Covert commission
Text Deliver2
WP Blazer
Drop Gecko
Commission Sumo
Video Overplay
WP Scope

To recommend or criticize those products, I should first do a detailed survey, which I don't have. However, after the survey of Traffic Ivy product, I can tell you it's a poorly conceived concept, which won't work.

Would be better to see instead of quantity a quality.


If you are running a brand new site,stay away from Traffic Ivy. Learn how to drive real traffic to your site. 

The main goal of Traffic Ivy is to sell their SaaS and to earn money from the marketers, bloggers, website owners, and e-com storeowners. They don't care about your traffic.

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