Is Vasayo a Scam? $239 USD for the cheapest package?

Is Vasayo a scam? Before get into the review, let me say good day! Welcome, and thank you for visiting my review of Vasayo. 

Remember, it's always a good choice to research about an MLM company. After all, the last thing you'd want is to waste your time and money in a scam. Is there anything worse than that? Well, imagine pouring all your effort to an illegitimate program.

Still, by the time you realize it's a sham, it may be too late. Now, you may have heard of Vasayo from a colleague, family, or friend. At its core, it's an MLM company that dabbles in the health sector. Once a member, you sell products that may benefit the health of other people. Sounds simple, right?

But, how are we so sure if Vasayo doesn't have any ulterior motives? Now, let's jump into the review, shall we?

The Vasayo Review

Product Name: Vasayo


Founders: Dallin and Karree Larsen

Price: $239 USD for the cheapest package

Recommended: NO

What is Vasayo About?

So, is Vasayo a scam? In truth, it's still too early to tell. For now, let's talk about what this MLM company is all about.

Vasayo's core products lean to health and nutrient absorption. You might think, "Not another health MLM company." Before you assume it's not a good idea to become a distributor, let's talk about it more.

What Vasayo Offers

Vasayo focuses on selling sprays and pills. Conversely, many other MLM companies focus on energy drinks and vitamins. As for Vasayo, its supplements may help benefit the health of consumers. Its ingredients may give you better sleep. Also, its products may help you with increased energy and vitality. Furthermore, let's not forget about the company's weight loss products.

Tons of supplements already exist to help promote weight loss and improved sleep. So, what makes Vasayo different?

The Ingredients

Over the years, the company developed products that may help nutrient absorption. Ultimately, this MLM's goal is to help improve the lives of its consumers. Also, that objective may be saying it in more ways than one. Now, Vasayo focuses on a core set of ingredients. These components are:

  • Coconut Juice Powder
  • Green tea
  • Maca
  • Adaptogenic Herb Blend
  • Citicoline
  • Guarana

Some of these components are familiar, right?

In fact, there are over-the-counter products with a few of these ingredients. With that in mind, Vasayo claims their products have a better and faster rate of absorption to the body.

Other products that are trustworthy also have these components. But, what Vasayo claims a better absorption of these ingredients. Furthermore, the company claims it already "perfected" the liposome. Take note, the liposome is a spherical sac of molecules surrounding a water droplet.


Now, Vasayo claims their liposomes have double layers (called “bubbles”) that surround nutrients. This barrier helps ingredients pass through the digestive system without losing effectiveness. When it enters the body, nutrients absorb faster and protected from damage.

A Quick Word

Now, I'm not a big fan of MLM companies, but it doesn't mean I hate them. Still, I'm not too keen about the idea of selling non-FDA-approved products. After all, what am I going to say to potential customers if they ask about it? Well, one answer may be the testimonials of people. But, that's still difficult to become hard evidence.

On the other hand, MLM companies aren't the only way to earn money. Aside from working as an employee in a company, I prefer affiliate marketing. In fact, there's a program that's free to join, and you can start earning passively in a few moments.

How Does Vasayo Work?

Vasayo's products target problems concerning the life of the user, so to speak. Well, it can't fix ALL problems. Again, so to speak. But, these products may help with weight loss and better energy. This Utah-based company helps provide solutions to health-conscious customers. Some of its products are:

  • V-Tox
  • Eternal
  • Microlife (Core Complete, V-Slim, V3, Neuro, Renew, and Sleep)
  • CBD One

Vasayo calls its manufacturing technology as ADT. Take note, it stands for Advanced Delivery Technology. Also, it aims to help the body better absorb micronutrients for the user's better health.

BBB Rating

Better Business Bureau

According to, Vasayo has a B rating. Still, the score doesn't seem like much. Nonetheless, it's a good score in comparison with many registered MLMs out there. Also, the fact that it even has a BBB rating means it's a legit company.

So, is Vasayo a scam? By now, we can say that it's not. But, it's early to say if it's a good company. Now, let's move on with the review.

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Other Testimonials

Is Vasayo a scam? If so, then there should be many negative reviews about it. But, other websites have things to say about Vasayo as well. Also, not all feedback about the company are negative. In fact, check out the picture below:

Vasayo comment

But, unlike other MLMs, the customer service of Vasayo seems to be working pretty well. As per reports, its customer support service can answer concerns pretty quick. Not only that, I’ve done further research of the testimonies found on the official website.

Is Vasayo a Scam
Is Vasayo a Scam

You can search for Van Womack on Google. Among the search results, you'll see a Twitter picture of this Vasayo product user. Remember, the company's products aren't FDA-approved. Still, the company notes that outcomes may vary for different people.

There's even a YouTube video by this weight-loss-winner. In it, he explains how the product changed his life for the better. Upon looking at the video, it would seem like it's not a paid advertisement. In other words, Vasayo didn't pay someone to do a fake review of their products. You can even see the happiness in the eyes of Van as he talks about his life-changing experience. Take a look at a screenshot of Van talking about his experience in the video:

Vasayo video review

If this was really a scam, it would pretty much close down. Remember, scam programs tend to shut down after a few years. But, that's not the case with Vasayo.

How to Join

Many MLMs call you a distributor at the beginning. For me, that's not very enticing. But, Vasayo identifies you as a leader, right off the bat. Upon joining, you now have attributes of a Vasayo leader like:

  • Transitioning to success
  • Enhancing wisdom
  • Formulating trust
  • A person for the team
  • Humble beginnings
  • A good outlook on life

It seems like a challenge. Why? It's because the company "requires" you to have these attributes to succeed. Well, it's not all bad. In truth, the company's compensation plan makes the challenge more appealing.

The Vasayo Compensation Plan

Upon joining Vasayo, you'll learn that that payout is about 60%. Hence, you’ll start earning in a large sum between $500 and $1,000 USD per month. Well, that's if you played your cards right.

What is the Price of Vasayo?

I think we've already established the answer to the question, "Is Vasayo a scam?" But, is Vasayo a pyramid scheme? For one thing, this MLM company offers legit products. Yes, it does offer compensation for recruitments. Still, know that pyramid programs focus more on recruiting than selling.

Now, know that the price varies depending on the starter pack you choose. Let's look at the eight ways to earn in this company:

How to Earn Money in Vasayo

Vasayo ways to earn
  • Customer Sales Bonus (CSB) - sharing the products directly to people you know.
  • Product Introduction Bonus (PIB) - Earn 20% on new sponsored brand partner’s first commissionable order.
  • Team Commission (TC) - Increase the members of your team. With each added member, you earn more income potential.
  • Team Commission Matching Bonus (TCM) - Vasayo’s version of the standard binary pairing system most MLM have.
  • Rank Advancement (RAB) - The higher the rank, the better the rewards.
  • Global Leadership Bonus (GLB) - Only Gold Paid-Ad rank or above are eligible to receive this incentive.
  • Lifestyle Trips (LT) - Enjoy luxury accommodations, adventures, and top-notch education. But, only when your rank is high enough.
  • Multiple Business Centers (MBC) - Making multiple business centers with more member means more earnings. 

The earning potential in Vasayo seems good. Still, I’d say it's very difficult to earn as a member of this MLM. First, the products are expensive. Hence, you need to have a lot of expertise in trying to persuade potential customers.

Now, let's look at Vasayos' distributor/leader packs.

The Vasayo Product Packages


Ambassador Pack

  • Price: $1,399 USD
  • CV: 1,000
  • MicroLife Product: Core Essentials (4), Neuro (4), Renew (8), Energy (8), Sleep (8)
  • 6 Energy Sample Packs
  • 6 Sleep Sample Packs
  • 1 FREE ticket to the convention

Executive Pack

  • Price: $949 USD
  • CV: 650
  • MicroLife Product: Core Essentials (3), Neuro (3), Renew (5), Energy (5), Sleep (5)
  • 4 Energy Sample Packs
  • 4 Sleep Sample Packs

Premium Pack

  • Price: $699 USD
  • CV: 480
  • MicroLife Product: Core Essentials (2), Neuro (2), Renew (3), Energy (3), Sleep (3)
  • 2 Energy Sample Packs
  • 2 Sleep Sample Packs

Foundation Pack

  • Price: $329 USD
  • CV: 240
  • MicroLife Product: Core Essentials (1), Neuro (1), Renew (2), Energy (1), Sleep (1)
  • 2 Energy Sample Packs
  • 2 Sleep Sample Packs

Intro Pack

  • Price: $239 USD
  • CV: 160
  • MicroLife Product: Core Essentials (1), Neuro (1), Renew (1), Energy (1), Sleep (1)

Upon closer inspection, even the cheapest package isn't cheap, at all! If you want to start earning money while on a budget, there are other ways to achieve that goal.

Who are the Founders of Vasayo?


When you're thinking, "Is Vasayo a scam," you're also thinking about the founders. Above all, the founder of Vasayo is Dallin and Karree Larsen. This couple is also founders of another MLM company called Monavie. In 2015, Jeunesse bought Monavie and its rights.

A year after that, Vasayo came to be. But for now, let’s focus on the founders first.

Dallin Larsen

First, there's Dallin Larsen. Awarded as the CEO of the Year in Utah, he created billions in revenue in direct selling.

Before the creation of MonaVie in 2005, Dallin helped it grow to a multimillion dollar company. Furthermore, that achievement came to be in less than five years. Unfortunately, due to scam-related issues, Dallin had to step down from his position. But, he helped co-found Vasayo a year after.

Karree Larsen

Now, there's Karree Larsen. Karree is a professional commercial pilot outside of Vasayo. She was a single mother of four children, but now enjoys her life with her husband Dallin. The couple built Vasayo as partners, both in marriage and business.

Is Vasayo a Scam? Here's the Truth.

So, Is Vasayo a scam? I'm here to confirm that it's not a scam. But, let me tell you that I wouldn't recommend it either. First, know that its products aren't FDA-approved. Next, you'll have to deal with the expensive price tags on its product packages. If you have the means to buy the products, then I won't stop you. Still, you need to be incredibly skillful in persuading prospects to buy these items.

Other Caveats

Not only that, the promises the company offers aren't realistic. For starters, to reach the Diamond level, you need loads of cash to buy its products. Next, you have to recruit a lot of members. If you don't have enough members, or if your downlines aren't active, you won't have a chance at this level.

There's no assurance everything will run smoothly while you're a member of Vasayo. Still, such is the business model for most MLMs.

The PROS of Vasayo:

  • Legit products for health (despite not being FDA-approved).
  • Real owners.
  • Real testimonials.

The CONS of Vasayo:

  • Products lack concrete scientific evidence.
  • Too expensive. 
  • The founder has a bad history.


So, is Vasayo a scam? Thankfully, Vasayo isn't a scam. But, you'd have to deal with many shortcomings. Also, not to mention the incredibly steep price tags of its products and packages. Furthermore, you should note that the you're about to enter a sector with many competitors. Hence, even if the prices are a bit cheaper, it's still difficult to sell Vasayo's products.

My Recommendation

I'm not into earning money through MLMs, but it doesn't mean I hate it. Still, I prefer affiliate marketing over other money making methods. In fact, I prefer earning passive income through the Wealthy Affiliate program.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate offers many benefits to users looking for a legit way to earn money online. These advantages include:

  • An on-site personal website builder
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  • Strong and friendly community
  • No face-to-face selling
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