is viridian energy a scam

Is Viridian Energy a Scam? Is This Still An MLM? Can you earn?

Is Viridian Energy a scam? Is this your primary concern? Read and find out with my Viridian Energy review. I tried to make it as comprehensive and helpful as I could, so hopefully, you will get what you come here for.

First off, though, congratulations on having the mind to do research first to know if Viridian Energy is legit and if you can make money with this online business opportunity. Others will not take the time and end up being scammed.

While it's a pity, they can be somehow to blame as well. 

is viridian energy a scam

Viridian Energy Review

Product Name: Viridian Energy 


Founders: Michael Fallquist

Price: $199 plus upsells

Recommended: NO, and IT IS NO LONGER AN MLM

Viridian Energy NO LONGER AN MLM

Viridian Energy was founded in 2009 by Michael Fallquist. It started off as an MLM company, but in 2017, it announced that it would no longer continue with its MLM operations. If you are here to find out if you can still earn, then chances are the person who talked to you is a scammer. 

If you are here to find out if you can really save from Viridian Energy products, then I can help you with that. 

Still, even though the MLM structure is already eliminated by now, I will also discuss its previous compensation plan to show you the probable reason why it failed. After all, the company did not disclose why. 

On December 2017, Viridian leaders claimed that after 8 years of incredible work and growth as MLM, it is already going to cease supporting its network marketing channel. They claimed that this move would allow the company to continue giving the due commissions to the associates who were dedicated to them from the start, and at the same time, strengthen their energy sales.

They also believed that this move would ensure no disruption to the energy services that their customers are getting and for their travel clients to have better services. 

The company said the move would become 100% effective in March 2018. 

What is Viridian Energy About? 

Viridian Energy is a green energy niche MLM that promises to give people green energy at lower rates compared to all the major energy providers. It's not a novel company, as I reviewed several like that, both MLMs and non-MLMs. 

It is currently lead by a man named Paul Booth, CEO. Booth has extensive (namely 30 YEARS!) of network marketing experience. This is probably why it made sense to start off as an MLM in the first place. 

Apart from his networking experience, he has a lot of experience creating and leveraging technology that can help direct sales professionals boost their performance. 

When it was still an MLM, Viridian Energy promised its members a steady stream of passive income. Many thought they could work at home and travel the world if they became members of the company. I am not saying they did not, but knowing MLMs and their promises, it was probably a claim too good to be true. 

When it stopped operating its MLM business, I could only wonder why.

Viridian Energy Products

Viridian products can be categorized into three: Home, Business, and Travel.

Home products revolve around those designed for electricity consumption — for example, solar panels, natural gas, thermostats, and many more others.

Business products are actually similar, but target not those in the residential areas. They are products designed to reduce the electricity consumption of office buildings and technical systems. 

Travel products are those that revolve around travel discount deals. 

When it was still an MLM, members could sell these products and services: 

1. HOME• Electricity & Natural Gas• Solar• Smart Thermostats• ECO Prepaid (Texas Only)

2. BUSINESS• Commercial Energy Program

3. TRAVEL • Travel Light Membership

The company also offers energy price information, which comes handy for some, such as the utility price index, solar, and smart thermostats. 

Overall, it promises cheaper and greener energy, so that the goal of a cleaner environment can happen. While this is a noble goal, especially if the company promises too to provide people with a money-making opportunity, the company has gotten into several legal issues through the years because of billing practices. While it was not disclosed as such, it can be the reason why the MLM section was closed down.

Lawsuits are not good for a company's reputation. I laud though the fact that it stopped operating as an MLM, even though it still operates an energy company. This just means it does not want to drag the members down. That's one way of looking at it, at least. 

Costs to Join Viridian Energy

When it was still operating as an MLM, the opportunity works just like every other one. You have to pay first to become a member and start earning. If you enrolled as an independent distributor or associate, you have to pay a one-time fee of $199. 

This covers the starter kit, some promotional material, and access to the member’s only section of the website.

In 2017 however, it was announced that no new members will be allowed in starting on 2018. 

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Viridian Energy Compensation Plan

Because the company is no longer an MLM, I will no longer go into great detail on its compensation plan. However, for research purposes, you have to know that while it was still operating as one, you can earn through five ways: 

1. Customer Bonuses – For each recruit you enroll, you start earning money.

2. Team Bonuses – you get this by mentoring members to mentor their recruits.

3. Residual Income – You get residual income every month your recruits pay their bills

4. Car Pool – Top money makers can enjoy this perk.5. Travel Incentives. Good distributors get to explore the world through getaway discounts and volunteer journeys.

As you can see, it was not that easy to earn through Viridian Energy. There may be five ways to earn, but you get them by recruiting HARD. Selling does not even come first, which is a red flag for me. An MLM that is more about recruiting can look like a pyramid scheme. I can smell that this is one of the reasons why the company just shuts down its MLM component. 

What I Like About Viridian Energy

At present, the only thing I like about Viridian Energy is that it is NO LONGER an MLM. If you are being recruited and being told you can still earn as a member, chances are you are talking to a scammer.

In addition, while I love discounts on energy costs, and I support wholeheartedly green products, I cannot say that I can vouch for these products' effectiveness. I have not tried them. But for the company to want to focus on that part of their business, it means that they could be earning from customers who are experiencing the benefits.

That makes my second reason - it has good products that can reduce people's electric bills.

What I DO NOT Like About Viridian Energy

There are a lot of things that I DO NOT like about the company, whether as an MLM or not. Even though it stopped being an MLM, it's reputation has absolutely been tainted by the lawsuits it received during its MLM days. 

This covers the BBB complaints and class action lawsuits. Even if you search far and wide, it can be actually challenging to locate a third-party review that encourages people to go with the company. 

AS such, while I already mentioned that it has a great concept, complaints of how the company processes billing and automatically raises your prices and renegotiates your contract at their own volition WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION is alarming.

IT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. These are unethical business practices after all, and whether an MLM or not, i rather you stay away. 

Another reason why I do not like the company is that back in its MLM days, members literally cannot earn unless they recruit. Nobody has called it as such, but I would like to be the first to say that this just means Viridian Energy is a PYRAMID SCHEME back when it was still saying it is an MLM. 

Now that it is no longer an MLM, it still pays to be careful when patronizing the company's products. 

Not to mention, I had also found out that there are a lot of people saying that when they joined the company, they started out with low prices, but during peak seasons, the bill is outrageous. So much for the promised discounts. 

Instead of saving money, some said they got a way higher bill! 


Is Viridian Energy a scam? It sounds like one to me.

Is Viridian Energy a Scam? Review

Is Viridian Energy a scam? It sounds like one to me.

Is Viridian Energy A Scam? FINAL VERDICT

Is Viridian Energy a scam? I already said yes, even though it is still operational. MLM or not, members are not earning, and clients are not saving. It may have experienced years of growth, but at the expense of their distributors and clients. 

If you are being recruited to be a member right now, JUST RUN FAST. You are talking to a con artist. If you want to enrol as a clean energy consumer, maybe check out other options first. 

Alternative Earning Method

If you want to check out what a legit earning opportunity looks like, but not hell-bent on joining an MLM. Check out affiliate marketing.

It is affordable, and you can try it out for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate. You can get a whopping total of 10 sessions to know all about it and start your journey as an affiliate marketer.

You will not be selling NOR recruiting. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, which for me, makes it 100% legit. 

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