is waiora a scam

Is Waiora a Scam? Another Pyramid Scheme? The Truth!

Is Waiora a scam? Would you like to earn money while selling anti-aging products? If you are here right now, I am sure you have hesitations about joining this company.

Maybe one of your friends would like to make money by using you as a downline. It sounds terrible, but that's how the MLM business works.

Maybe you've already heard about Waioras' lousy reputation. And want to know the truth? Anyway, let me say welcome to this comprehensive and honest review.

Before we start revealing the truth, I want to congratulate you on researching before investing your money. That's the best way to escape from scams!

So, is Waiora the right place to start a business, or is it another bogus like many other MLMs out there? Just keep on reading.

is waiora a scam

Waiora Review

Product Name: Waiora USA, Inc


Address: 791 Park of Commerce Blvd Ste 300, Boca Raton, FL 33487-3630

Phone: 1-866-699-2467

Founders: Stanley Cherelstein

Price: $29.95 - $999

Recommended:  NO

What is Waiora about?

Waiora is one of the health & wellness-oriented network marketing companies. It seems like the market is already overwhelmed with such companies, but Waiora is differing a bit.

The main goal of this firm is to sell anti-aging products. According to the statistics in the US, over 77% of the population belongs to healthy living and the aging market. Which is, nowadays, one of the fastest-growing segments. And this is Waiora's primary target audience.

It is an American company established back in 2004 by Stan Cherelstein, who is at the same time the owner of Javita.

Regardless of 16 years of operation in the industry, they are not BBB accredited. One of the main reasons could be unwilling to solve possible problems and issues regarding their products. If Waiora is a legit business, then why they don't have acreditation?

Is Waiora a scam? It is too early to say, so let's dig it more in-depth.

Who Is Behind Waiora?

Stan Cherelstein is the founder of Waiora. At the same time, he build another MLM called Javita, which was settled in 2011. For the moment of writing, he is parallelly running those both companies which are in the same niche.

Before building his own business, he worked for a nutritional company called Relax Sundown for over 7 years. So definitely Health & Wellness niche is something that interests him a lot.

But, does it mean both companies are providing high-quality products? Well, unfortunately, NOT!

Continue reading, and you will be surprised!

Javita Founder

Waiora's Product Line?

This company's offer is severely limited. They have only four types of products for sale. 

Healthy Aging Formula. Waiora claims this product to be one of the best and unique anti-aging products on the American market.

Apparently, it reduces the effects of aging, supports the immunity system, and accelerating a weight loss. One bottle contains 60 capsules, which can serve 20 days. The price is $50. 

MegaDeffense. This product aims to support the immune system. It helps to remove toxin and heavy metal, and its made from natural ingredients. One bottle has 30 capsules and stays for 15 days. The price of this product is $40. 

Natural Cellular Defense. It is a 100% natural and non-toxic product — the primary purpose is to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body. The bottle contains 90 drops, which will last for 30 days. 

When you check the supplements facts sheet you, there are only two ingredients - natural zeolite and purified water. (Is Waiora a SCAM? Continue reading because there is the shocking truth behind this product)

Superior Fiber Blend. This food supplement product is the last from their product range. It's a weight loss and cholesterol-lowering drink mix. The price is $40 per pack, and it includes 24 doses. 

waiora products

Although Waiora claims those products to be the best on the market, they have no proof. And Waiora doesn't even deny it. When you the product benefits, Waiora declares that the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated all those statements.​​​​

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Waiora's $12 Milion Lawsuit !

Yes, that's right! There is a dark revelation behind Waiora's products. Back in 2012, one of the customers filed a lawsuit against Waiora. He claimed that the description of the product's (Natural Cellular Defense) doesn't correspond with reality.

This claim subsequently was substantiated by facts of the third party laboratory. The laboratory proved that NCD contained over 90% WATER


Well done, Waiora! That's the best way to make money. And still, after this ugly case, they are proudly announcing the ability to sell over 3milion bottles. Usually, I don't count somebody's money, but in this case, let's do a crazy calculation. One bottle costs $40 when you multiply by 3 million; you will get a whopping $120 million. Not bad at all for selling watery products.

Waiora NCD

Just for the information, the laboratory proved that Waiora's NCD product contains only 150 milligrams of ZEOLITE instead of 2,400 milligrams, which they've mentioned on the bottle's label.

To make it long short, Waiora paid to its plaintiffs a compensation worth of $12 million.

So, can you trust this company after knowing about their lawsuit? Finally, this is not the only company on the market!

How to make money with Waiora?

So, let's discuss how you can make money with Waiora. Same, like many other MLM, you can earn by selling their products and recruiting people.  

Their compensation plan is brief and straightforward. And there are only three types of income. 

1. Immediate Income - leverage your Income

Here you have three bonuses 

Retail. You can sell products directly to the clients via your website, and Waiora will pay you a 30% commission. 

FastStartYou will get paid three levels deep from your downlines. The 1st level 25%, second 10%, and the third one 5%. For each new member order, you will get a 50% commission from that value. Next, 50% will be paid in your team commission. 

Instant bonusHere you must be a PaceSetter or Premier Member. Anytime you recruit a new member, you will get a one-time bonus.

2. Residual Income - Leverage your team income.

The more your team grows, the more you earn. Just have a loot at the print screen below. 

Waiora Compensation plan

3. Bonus - Leverage Everyone's Income

Bonuses you can earn only if you are qualified

To make it more clear - to qualify for Ruby bonus, you must have 1000 OV, including 200 in PV from your new members. 

To qualify for the Emerald bonus, you must have 2000 OV and 500 in PV from your members. 

waiora bonuses

If you are curious about more details, have to check out their compensation plan

Is Waiora a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Waiora a Pyramid Scheme? Honestly, it has a lot of resemblances. The primary earning method here is recruitment. You can sell only products and get a 30% commission, but how many products you need to sell per month to make enough money? That will be hard, especially if you have only four products to offer.

If you want to make some serious money, you must recruit everyone around you — your friends, relatives, and colleagues. As well, you must have extraordinary selling skills.

So can you do it? Can you promote Waioras products and claim them to be the best in the world, just like they do?

If you can do it, let me say BRAVO because you belong to 5% of people who earn money with MLM. Yes, the statistic is correct - 95% of people are failing in network marketing: unfortunate truth, but its a reality.

Apart from recruiting, Waiora seems like a pyramid scheme because it allows earning the commission from more than five downline levels. As well it offers a bonus for recruitment and to stay an active member you need to have a minimum monthly order.

Typical Pyramid Schemes are expensive to join, and they will always sell you training and some kits. Waiora does it as well. You can be a Premier member, which costs $999. Apart from it, you must pay a membership kit, shipping, and taxes. As a reward, they promise you up to $500 bonus on every new member. The second membership will cost you $499, plus kit, shipping, and taxes. However, they are smart enough and offering as well a basic membership, which is $29.95. Well, what to say, judge yourself.

Even though it looks very similar to a pyramid scheme, for the day of writing, it is not proven. Also, apart from recruiting, they sell products. The selection is minimal, but still, there is something to sell.

For me personally, there are more red flags than green.

Is Waiora a Scam?

Is Waiora a scam? Can you trust this company after knowing about its shadowy history? Well, I don't think Waiora is scamming people with watery products right now. If they still do, it would be ridiculous. However, do you still want to become their partner and build a career? That would be a bad idea. You can not succeed with their red flags and already spoiled reputation.

Actually,I am a bit surprised that this company is still on the market. It's been a long time since there was any news about them. Their website is not updated and even not secured.

All I can suggest is to stay away from them. Just a few days back, I've reviewed one MLM called Direct Cellars, which, from day-to-day shut down, without even saying goodbye to its partners.

 Can you imagine to be loyal to someone, build your career, your team, and suddenly everything will disappear? That's the worst part of doing business in MLM. Better to start our own business, and if you think it's hard, I will tell you it is not! All you need is the right business model and place to learn things.

Alternative Earning Method

If you are frustrated to earn money, I suggest you doing affiliate marketing. Here you don't need to recruit, to sell face to face, or to depend on your downlines. Affiliate marketing is an online business where you can build a passive income

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom (like me), full-time employee, senior, or student, you can succeed in this business. 

Instead of running behind people and forcing them to buy products, you can work online. With affiliate marketing, you have a broad audience that is supposed to spend this year nearly $7 BILLION. Yes, that's affiliate marketing. 

Of course, before you start, you need to learn things. And the best learning platform is a company called Wealthy Affiliate. Don't worry; it is not a Scam! It is a legit place, with over 1.5 million active members. The best part of affiliate marketing and this company is that you can join them for FREE. So what are you waiting for?

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