is xooma a scam

Is Xooma a Scam? WorldWide Pyramid Scheme? Review 2020

Is Xooma a Scam or legit opportunity for you? Before starting an MLM business, it's essential to make sure you are dealing with a legit company. You need to know whether they have quality products to sell and standard compensation plans. I guess the last thing you want right now is to join a pyramid scheme or bogus company.

Is Xooma Worldwide a worthy account to invest in? I can help you to know this based on my in-depth analysis.

You have to be one among those who learn the scenario well before investing in an MLM business. Unfortunately, there are many well-costumed and designed scams in the market to attract and take you far from success. If you explore, you can understand how good they can trap you to the wrong plot. So be wise and choose wisely.

Are you been approached by any friend or relative who is already a member of Xooma worldwide? Well, I asked because it works out so in MLM business. All of MLM's representatives rely on their dears and nears to drive forward and earn a profit. It is not shocking that this is the only way to start MLM business once you are into it.

I appreciate your interest in finding the real face before you step into a business. You can get answers to all questions about this company from my below research results. I firmly hope that after discovering what Xooma WorldWide about, you will be able to make the best decision.

is xooma a scam

Xooma WorldWide Review

Product Name: Xooma WorldWide


Address: 150 Research Drive, Hampton, VA 23666, US

Phone: 888-865-6687 (Customer service)

Founders: Mr. Dan Putman

Price: $100, $500, $1000, $2500

Recommended:  Not the best way to make money!

What is Xooma WorldWide about?

Xooma Worldwide is an MLM company that originated in the United States in May 2005. They are focused on the mission to bring forth a new face of healthy nutrition and wellness in the market.

I have noticed that they have rebranded from the parent company named Health through Nutrition settled back in 1993. For a decade and a half, Xooma Worldwide is active in the market with its products. At the same time, they have a motivational compensation plan for business associates.

A noticeable point, they are not BBB accredited. It's a negative sign, but still, it is too early to decide on them, as there are many legitimate and successful companies without accreditation.

Reasonably they have a good product line with numerous options, more than 30 numbers in the list. Again question stands how good these products are? Can they live up to the standards of the best available market products?

Another positive side of this company is that they own a well-polished and informative website. Not everyone does so, the same time, a fact never judge a book by its cover.

Again, I found that their compensation plan is missing a lot of details.
I invite you to have a detailed study about Xooma Worldwide from the below-furnished facts. I promise it won't be a waste of time to read below if you seriously have a plan to associate with this company.

Who is behind Xooma WorldWide?

Mr. Dan Putman is the founder of Xooma worldwide. He introduced this company to markets in 2005. 

Mr. Putman owns the sole proprietorship of this company and served as the President initially. Later in 2012, he stepped into his next launch named' EPX body.' Then he drove again in starting two new startups called 'One80' and 'The Elite Networker' in the year 2014 and 2015, respectively.

At the time of Dan Putman's move to 'EPX body,' the position of President & CEO was taken over. Mr. Ron Howell, who had 30 years of leadership and serving experience in the sales and marketing industry, got a chance. He had served in the top positions of many reputed companies, and he is undoubtedly an asset for Xooma Worldwide.

There are some interesting facts when talking more about Mr. Ron Howell while serving with the New Vision company in the year 2000.

They encountered a problem for marketing their products as good to improve PH. The FTC filed a charge against them for unproven claims, and that leads to a legal fight. After the incident, the New Vision company altered and renamed the company to Vemma, while Ron Howell made a move to launch Xooma Worldwide with Dan Putman.

This story was a mild shade to Mr. Ron Howell's history but nothing to deal with Xooma Worldwide. Once a time, when Mr. Ron was the backbone for Xooma Worldwide, this story was linked as the peripheral of some comments.

So far, furnished details are an outline of the company. Where exactly it matters for you? Is it a worthy plot to invest in a business? 

How good can it reciprocate you in terms of profit? You will find the answers after discovering more about product quality and compensation plans offered.

Come, let us travel a bit further to find more.

Xooma Worldwide Product line

Their product line is quite solid compare to other MLM's which offer few products. Xooma has more than 30 products available in the market. 

Soul out of all seems to be the one named X2O. Unlike the other Pyramid scheme companies, this opens a door of possibility in direct selling to have an income. Let's have a view on their product line to get a clear picture.

X2O - The company claims many physical benefits like Alkalizing, Anti-Aging, Antioxidant, and disease prevention. When dissolved in water, it transforms into alkaline beverages and aids in fighting against acidity. 

Even though said disease prevention, they never clarified on what diseases. Price: $36 for 30 Sachets.

Focus Up – This is an energy drink that keeps you energetic for hours, and it's a natural berry flavor. Xoom says it as the first think drink and will help you in concentration, memory, and mental performance. Another highlight is that there is no sugar or sweetener added to it. You can get Focus Up as powder or capsules. Price: $35 for 45 capsules and $36 for 12 stick packets.

MetaboWize AM Formula – This will stimulate your metabolism by elevating the brain Chemical Norepinephrine. It helps in fat loss and optimizing the body's methylation process. It also improves healthy metabolism, supporting thyroid function, and reduce food cravings. Price: $38 for 60 capsules.

MetaboWize AM Extra – Provides all the benefits of AM Formula and adds to double the energy level. Price: $40 for 60 capsules.

Xooma worldwide products

MetaboWize PM Formula – This contains nutrients to boost the brain chemical named Serotonin, which is very useful for body relaxation. It helps to have a good sleep and craving control to reduce fat. The price is $38 for 50 capsules.

MetaboWize Nature's body cleanse – This helps to control the toxin accumulation and reduces the slow bowel transit time. Promoted as advance to clean digestive system helps fast and effective weight loss. Price: $38 for 60 capsules.

MetaboWize Protein Fibre shake – This is a blended fiber shake consists of fibers. It controls your appetite and also maintains optimal digestion, absorption of nutrients, and elimination. Available in chocolate and Tropical Vanilla flavor: Price: $75 for a bottle of 30 servings.

KardiaXyme – This aids cardiovascular health control the inflammation. The company claims it has a unique blend of 14 sea-based, highly bioactive polyphenols that optimize metabolic health and helps mental wellness. Price: $65 for 60 capsules.

Natural Collection – This is a formulated wellness compound that contains vitamins, herbal, and mineral ingredients to keep you energetic and give a rejuvenation. It indeed helps as an anti-aging oxidant. Price: $150 for a 240 ml bottle.

All the above mentioned are their first-line products. 

The rest of the products are more or less similar to a different version of the first line. You can get the exact details on every products here.

How to make money with Xooma Worldwide?

Like most MLM's, they also have fixed up surfaces to earn through direct selling and by building a pyramid team. They are systemized in a binary pay plan wherein you bring one each on left and right and then benefit from their established bricks. 

So how does their compensation plan work? Let's have a look. Well, they have 8 Plans for associates to earn a profit.

Direct sales

Being a member, you have the privilege of a 20% to 50% discount on the retail product price. And it can be your direct profit for each sale. So selling four memberships every month can benefit you in having the products for no cost.

Cash-back Value packages

You have to earn $25 to $500 and then qualified for this added income. You can also help a new member to avail of this same quality, so he earns great value and benefits with good commission.

Would you like to know how to build real and strong, business ? 

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Rapide Rewards Bonus Plan

This bonus is structured to earn money fast. All you have to do is to add four members in a month and receive $100 as commission to cover up your product pack cost. Then when they start to follow the same of recruiting four each, you gain again $400 and keeps you earning more if every new joiner recruits.  

Team commissions

Team commissions work on pay cycles. You can have a pay cycle with 160 point volume and can have an 80 point volume with a $ 100 purchase. The benefit is a 15% commission of $ 24 per cycle. Also, there is a condition to hire 4 people. 

Executive Pay Match

This benefit will let you earn a 25% pay match of weekly team commission earned by your personal sponsored members. The more you support your direct recruited members, the better reward you will get.  

Generational Pay Patch

You will benefit a 10% pay match of the weekly team commissions profited to 4 generations of your team. This can even lead later to earn hundreds or matching bonus if your team efforts have resulted.        

Leadership Bonus Pools

When you are qualified as a leader (Leadership designation: National Director, International Director, Senior Director, and Executive Vice-President), you can earn a 2% commission of all company sales. But this is too far from the start, and it takes quite a long time and more effort. 

Luxury car bonus

You are eligible for this bonus when your uni-level team starts to generate at least $ 75,000 in group volume monthly. By happening so, you will earn $750 for that month of achievement.

Is Xooma Worldwide a pyramid scheme?

Is Xooma Worldwide a Pyramid scheme? I won't say this as a pyramid scheme. The reason is that they have many potential products in the market and existing members.

Well, there are multiple online reviews about their product. But considering the truth, the majority are satisfied customers. Many people are happy, especially with the X2O drink. Legit product is the most important fact, especially in a direct sale.

I am also sure some online reviews are fake and misleading. Unfortunately, writing counterfeit reviews belongs to one of the marketing strategies that everyone uses. But again, there is some quality when no much negative reviews are pointed out.

But keep in mind that it is always a 'dreaming apple' to profit in an MLM business by selling products. Unfortunately, statistic says that only 1 to 5 percent of people can be successful in MLM. So, of course, to be prepared to join new members for your good returns and existence. Make sure you sell products to the right person. By the right person, I mean the one who is good and experienced in marketing.

Still, I would say there are many other online businesses with better opportunities to earn and build a career. I have appended one of those at the end for your reference.

Is Xooma Worldwide a Scam? The final judgment

Based on my research on this company history, product quality, compensation plans, and reviews, I can conclude Xooma is not a SCAM.

However, if you want to try this MLM, follow the slogan "struggle and win." You have to be an expert marketing employee to bring out results.

I am sure you know that people don't trust much on MLM's since most companies are started only for their benefits by exploiting others. They mislead us with the wrong products and plans, so we should agree that MLM's are considered traps in the first approach. It inevitably has to end somewhere bad with a group of people lose.

But when talking about Xooma Worldwide, it's better than scam companies like
Frontrow International and Freelife International. So if you have firm confidence, go ahead. Try to grab your success. Nothing can stop you from it. I wish you all the very best!

But, if you are not sure you can sell well face to face, move forward. In today's ERA, every business is trying to be visible online. And I think within the next ten years if you are not online you will be out of the game.

Alternative Earning Method

Why don't you try affiliate marketing? I would confidently recommend this because it merely saves you away from selling the products and running in the streets.

Well, how sad when we are considered a cheat after our hard efforts? All because we added someone in an MLM business, and unfortunately, he couldn't do so. It's much worst when they are our loved relatives or friends, my god can you imagine. It is the real curse of MLM, and I instead prefer to stay away from it.

Compared to MLM's, affiliate marketing has a different model, wherein you work independently and honestly to achieve your aims. All you have to do is to collect precise information about the products and help people in knowing what exactly is it about.

Your investment is honesty, research time, efforts, and there you are at the door of success.

Don't you think, rather than convincing people to buy a product or join a scheme, it's better to work online and earn. Within affiliate marketing, this comes true, and you are the boss of your own. There are extensive requirements and people in numerous to spend more on this platform.

It's necessary to know precisely everything about a business before you start. So save some time to get yourself educated and make sure this can work well for you. I can suggest you a legit company named
Wealthy Affiliate, where I found myself so secure and benefited. It is a really member-friendly platform and has around 1,5 million happy members.

It is not a scam since a start with zero investment. And I proudly say from my experience; it's a legit place and so happy I am here. So join for FREE, build-up your dreams, and live the life you desire.

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