Life Coach Certification review

Life Coach Certification Review: Dr Steve G. Jones and his Fast-track Certification

If the billions of dollars that the life coaching industry is generating is anything to go by, you can bet that going into the business of life coaching is still as lucrative as ever.

Perhaps you are considering becoming a coach and the only thing holding you back is the fear that people may not take you seriously without a certificate. Well, you can be sure that your fear is not totally misplaced, people do want to know you have undergone the necessary training required for any job you do.

So now you want to get certified but don't know which one of the thousand claims and promises offered by various life coaching certification programs to believe. Well, read on this life coach certification review of Steve G. Jones' fast-track life coaching certification program that promises to enable you to become a life coach making millions in the comfort of your home. It's this program of his that I'll be reviewing in this article.

Stephen G. Jones' Life coach certification review

Life Coach Certification review

Who is Dr Steve G. Jones? What's unique about him or what makes his life coaching certification program outstanding from that of his competitors? You'll get to know all that and make your own assessment as you read on.

Brief Details About Life Coach Certification

Product Name: Life Coaching Certification Program 


Founder: Dr Steve G. Jones

Number of students: Over 10 000 people are certified

Year of foundation: 1990 (28 years of experiences)

Price: $675 but currently available at a whopping 95% discount. Just $39 (updated 4 February 2020)

Recommended: YES

What is Stephen G. Jones' life coach certification program about?

This program is all about equipping you with the comprehensive training you need to become a certified life coach making money in your cosy clothes and on your comfy couch. Dr Steve G. Jones claims that if you take full advantage of the techniques he will be teaching in his program, you will be ready to guide others into maximizing their potentials. Should you get Steve's fast-track life coaching certification? Well, it's definitely worth giving a try.

Besides the opportunity of getting a certification that will be recognized worldwide, you will also be exposed to lots of indispensable tools that you can use for as long as you like. Sure, the huge discount that Steve is currently offering is crazy --- a whopping 95% discount. This will definitely have many potential life coaches immediately reaching for their pockets to escape spending thousands on getting a life coach certificate. The amount of money that most life coaching certification programs are charging their clients is enough to empty your thick wallet.

life coach certification review

Huge discount?

However, this huge discount is also enough to make a lot of people sceptical. For a program that originally runs at $675 to be slashed down to not even half or quarter the price but as low as $39, you will either be a naive or gullible simpleton to not have any atom of doubt about its effectiveness.

But Dr.Steve G. Jones who's been coaching people for 28 years, who has an active page you can check out on social media channels and who has a running website promises you a full refund if after two months of purchasing the course, you discover it's not worth a dime or did not live up to its promises.

If that isn't some kind of proof that Steve has great confidence in the program he is offering, then I don't know what else is.

life coach certification review

How does Steve's life coach certification program work?

According to Steve G Jones, if you are quick enough to join the program now, you will pay $39 instead of the original $675 and get access to a certified life coaching course loaded with 30 pages and a 100-page digital book.

He revealed some tools you will come across in the course, they include:

  • The value creation system
  • Level one coaching model
  • Entrepreneurial and small business coaching
  • Career planning and development coaching
  • Artistic creativity coaching
  • Identifying the perfect candidate
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Goal setting
  • Relationship development
  • Communication tactics
  • Assessing needs
  • The power of questions
  • Mastering intuition
  • Preparing for the role
  • Motivational tactics
  • Developing rapport
  • Four circles of coaching
  • Your first consultation
  • Honing your approach technique
  • Overcoming setbacks
  • Program development
  • Confronting hesitation
  • Developing homework assignments

And so much more. These are comprehensive exercises on life coaching that will help you become an expert in the field. The course also covers various study cases, situations and work frames that will help you know how to be a better coach. All of these and more for just $39--- that is, for the fastest fingers.

Who is behind the life coach certification?

It is the well known Dr Steve G. Jones who has been working in the field of clinical hypnotherapy for 38 years.

He is the author of more than 22 hypnotherapy books. His job involves helping people struggling with negative habits to completely quit such habits. He does this by planting some positive seeds into the affected person's subconscious mind.

Through hypnosis, Steve has been able to change the way his clients' brains work, making them take actions that will help them reach their goals.

Dr Steve G. Jones is a University of Florida psychology graduate. He has been a counsellor to many people since 1990.

Dr Steve G. Jones life coach certification

What can be improved?

ICF accreditation

Since getting an International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation is one of the best ways to determine if a life coach training program is genuine or not, people will easily distrust those coaching programs without an ICF accreditation.

There's no obvious way of knowing whether Dr Steve G. Jones fast-track life coaching program is ICF accredited or not. It will help if he makes it easy for his potential clients to know early on whether his program has an ICF accreditation. Although from all appearances, his program seems genuine, it won't be a bad idea to show a solid evidence.


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I guess this life coach certification review has given you a better understanding of what Steve G. Jones fast-track life coaching certification program is all about.

You should be able to better decide whether you should cough out your hard earned money for this program or not.

6 thoughts on “Life Coach Certification Review: Dr Steve G. Jones and his Fast-track Certification”

  1. A very balanced, mature and objective analysis. Overall, excellent review. The last paragraph about ICF certification still left doubts in my mind whether to take the course or not.

    1. Hello Farhan,

      thank you for stopping by and your comment.

      Well, I absolutely understand your hesitation.

      In this fast-growing era, people definitely care about certificates more than ever before. All of the ICF holders are recognized as real professionals, which gives their clients some kind of security and trust. On the other hand there any many professional coaches without ICF and at the same time with hundreds of happy clients. Dr. Steve G. Jones might be one of them, a professional coach with 28 years of experience but without ICF. (It is still not confirmed)

      After reviewing over 200 products I can clearly say this course is 100% legit and if you decide to go for it you having a 60 days money-back guarantee.
      If you are still hesitating whether to go for it or no, ask yourself how important is ICF for you personally?


  2. Having completed an accredited ICF training program, I can tell by what is described that it is not ICF accredited. For example, a minimum of 60 hours (of an approved curriculum) is required, along with 10 hours of mentor coaching (by an ICF certified mentor coach), and 100 hours of documented coaching experience (75 of which must be paid). Further, a transcript and recording of a coaching session is submitted and evaluated. The only “certification” received from this training is a certificate of completion of this course. And if, as you said, you can’t tell whether this course is ICF certified, you didn’t look very hard. Any ICF accredited training program would indicate that it is, and you can search the ICF website for all accredited training programs/schools.

      1. Well, it is a legit course and I know some people that are satisfied with it. All depends on your expectation.
        As well, there is nothing to lose. If you are not happy they provide a money-back guarantee.

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