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Online Business for Students without Investment and Risk: Is this possible?

Are you one of those smart students who is already thinking about opening a business but have no money, experience, and no idea of what to do? In this article, I will show you one of the best possibilities for online business for students that exist.

It may sound impossible to create a business without risk or investment, so the first question you might ask is if such an opportunity is a scam. I have personally experienced scams (you can read about that on my about me page) and I hate them! So no, it’s not a scam. You can have a good and legitimate online business.

Unfortunately, a lot of students don’t know what potential they have and what the available business opportunities on the market are. In school they teach good theories, but what about practice? Most of you feel that without experience you don’t have much chance to get a good job, and even with experience, you might not get one.

Are you serious about doing online business or you are just dreaming?

Each and every student would like to earn some extra money and are ready to do any kind of extra work in fast food restaurants or grocery stores. The big advantages of this is that you don’t have to stress much. You can work five or ten hrs a week, it’s all up to you and the best part of it is that you will get cash on the spot. I remember that feeling…

Everybody loves to get money straightaway, but if you want to do an online business you have to invest your time and a lot of effort. Successful businesses can’t be built in a short period of time.

So, before you start an online business, you have to realize that there are no shortcuts. Just think about your studies, how much time and energy it takes and finally, you will be working for someone and make that person rich. What about investing that time and energy into your business to make yourself rich. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not telling you to quit college, I am suggesting that you work on the side on your own business and to be patient.

Turn any idea into your business, it’s simpler than you think.

One of the best ideas is your hobby. Do you know that you can monetize your hobby? If you are totally confused about how to do it, I will give you a very simple example:

Let’s say you love to ride a bike and you know how to choose a good bike.

First, what you will be doing is searching for a keyword and getting an idea of your potential audience. You can use the keyword tool Jaaxy, which gives you the possibility to do a 30 searches a day for FREE.

So let’s say you would like to write an article on how to choose a bike.

how to choose a niche

So your keywords should be “how to choose a bike.”

  • Avg – This is the average traffic, meaning that 189 people are searching for this term.
  • Traffic – This is your potential traffic.
  • QSR – The competitors; 128 other sites are ranking for this keyword.
  • SEO – 94. This means you have 94 chances out of 100 to get ranked well.

It’s quite a good keyword, but for beginners, I recommend going for the keyword with a minimum of 40 searches and a maximum 100 QSR. Let’s dig it deeper and as you can see I found another “easy to rank” keyword.

Here you can see that the competition is very low; only seven sites are competing with one another.

Help your readers

Your main task is to help other people. You will be writing blogs about good products, reviewing them, and as a reward, you will be getting a commission. This business is called affiliate marketing.

At this point, you might be saying to yourself, “I don’t know how to write posts or make a website.” Well, here are the answers:

First of all, writing a post and reviews is not the same as writing an essay in college. Writing a post is like telling your friend about the best shoes for running. In your post, you will simply be explaining the product or the best running techniques, and in order to get well ranked in Google, your post needs to be written simply and naturally. I have good tips for you in this regard in one of my blog posts: “How to Write an Article.”

Second of all, you can create a website within minutes without any technical knowledge and without money. Have a look at our post: “Build Your Own Website Free of Cost.”

Step-by-step guide for building an online business

how does affiliate marketing works


1. Choosing a niche

Let’s continue talking about your hobby – running. To make it simpler, let me tell you that a niche is a group of people with the same particular interest. For example, all of those people love running, making it a niche.

2. Registering a domain name

The next step will be for you to choose the name of your business and to register a domain name. If you want to know more about naming a business and its importance you can read one of our posts: “How to Name the Business? EMD, PMD or Brand Name

3. Creating a website

It’s a very simple and fast process. Ten years ago, it was impossible to create a website unless you were a developer. Nowadays, you can do it all by yourself. With no investment, you can create your own website.

4. Writing and posting a blog on your website

Don’t be scared of writing. As I said before, you don’t have to be an excellent writer you need to communicate with your potential audience. Just ask yourself how many essays you have already done on vocational subjects? Don’t you think that now it’s easier to explain your hobby to someone?

To be successful, I suggest you start writing 3-4 blogs a week. First reason: Google loves constant posts and will be awarding you with a good ranking. Second reason: the more content you create, the more people you will reach.

5. Find affiliate companies and earn money

There is a huge possibility of finding good affiliate companies. Almost 90% of businesses have an affiliate program. You can find them everywhere. Now you have to find affiliate companies and link your post so that readers can choose a product and you will get a commission.

Can I get free training on affiliate marketing?

Sure you can! You can join a FREE training program at the Wealthy Affiliate company which has a 13-year history on the market and more than 1,200,000 members. If you want to know more, have a look at this review.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you these possibilities for FREE:

  • To register two domains and own two websites on Siterubix
  • Keyword research tool with 30 searches a day
  • Affiliate boot camp training, Phase 1
  • A hosting service
  • Access to the affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is one of the safest online business on the market. You risk nothing, all you need to have is self-confidence and the right mindset.


Do you see how simple building a business can be without having even the basic knowledge what a business is? Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business for students.

To inspire you a bit more I would like to share with you this successful story of one hardworking affiliate marketer who is at the age of 21 as a student earning around $4,000 a month. He did this, but it took a time and a lot of hard work. If you are willing to invest your hard work and time you can be successful as well!











6 thoughts on “Online Business for Students without Investment and Risk: Is this possible?”

  1. Hi there, 

    Thanks for such a comprehensive article – i thoroughly enjoyed it! I’ve been a passive income earner in affiliate marketing for the past 5 years now; still learning new stuff every day and your post had a few great nuggets in there too :) thank you!

    I especially liked your tip about selecting keywords with a minimum of 40 searches and a maximum 100 QSR. 

    Well done! Have a super day!


    1. Hi Karina, 

      thank you for stopping by. 

      Its big pleasure to hear that experienced entrepreneur found this post useful. 

      Actually, If we are talking about QSR the lower number is always the best and mainly for ranking on the first page… If Google will place your post on the first page he will look at your site differently… 

  2. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing with us this great post on online business for students.Many people are trying to make money online including students.

    There are many scams all over the world but if some students are serious,they can earn money through their built website.

    Wealthy affiliate is the great platform which helps everybody around here to earn money.

    1. Hi Julienne, 

      I fully agree with you! Students have a great potential and huge motivation, as well when you are studying you have more time than usual…  Once you starting job routine its hard to find a time to build a business. I know a student who hit 5 digit monthly income with Wealthy Affiliate, this is really incredible! It took time and hard work but it worked out…

  3. Thanks for posting. In today’s precarious world where “job stability” is an anachronism, I believe that developing multiple sources of income is a MUST. And for students who are gearing up to join the gloves off fray that is today’s job market, developing an online business, however modest its beginnings, is vital. Also, I cannot think of a better time to do so than when one is a student and where their only responsibility (usually) is just themselves. They’re free to engage at will. I loved the clarity of your explanations as well. 


    1. Hi Norman, 

      thank you for your opinion! You are right! That’s the best time to start a business especially if you risk nothing. Time is the main key to success. Sometimes its so hard for me to manage my time with 2 kids… I always think about my student ages and regret not using my time more effectively. Looking forward to navigating my kids… of course if they will be interested in what I am doing :)

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