secret investor society the facts

Secret Investor Society – Why It Is No​​​​t Recommended?

secret investor society the facts

Are you wondering if Secret investor society is a scam or good online money making opportunity? Well, I am sorry to burst your bubbles, this program is fake and is not recommendable to anyone under planet earth.

It is very paramount to do your Not thorough research before embarking on any investment. Do the due diligence before you engage in any automated system that promises high yield returns. Doing your own proper investigation ensures you do not fall prey to the predator all in the name of making money online.

Regarding Secret Investor Society, it is not as rosy as it seems. The sales video clip has negativity or rather red flag. Most of the testifiers are a Fiverr voice over professionals who do not give real life review. Secret Investor Society package this program as residual income that is free and easy to make money.


The following are some of the vital aspects to buttress why Secret Investor Society is not recommendable for anyone:

  • Name of company: Secret Investor Society
  • Site URL:
  • Founder: Simon Green
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 1/10

What Is Secret Investor Society All About?

secret investor society the truth

This is an ugly scam that claims to provide a system that can earn $2,301 within 24 hours. It is an autopilot system that makes participants become a millionaire within a short period of time. In other words, Secret Investor Society promises to make individuals a millionaire within three months.

Secret Investor Society runs on absolute autopilot, meaning you do not have to put in the work. Simon state that Secret Investor Society does not require you to work before you could earn. This courageous statement by the founder is very deceptive. For you to make money you must put in the efforts and resources.

Also the assertion that the system is completely free. That means you can actually make tons of money without putting effort or capital? The reality is that there is no such thing called effortless wealth. Every success and wealth is always a product of effort. You can wish for money, rather you work for it.

The totality of the spokesman statement sound too good to be true. This is just like get-rich quick scheme that does not see the light of the day. Beware and be smart, individuals, groups who promise fast money is not credible.

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The Truth You Need To Know About Secret Investor Society

Secret Investor Society is a fake system. This is not to be recommended to anyone. The philosophy behind this program is false. It does not guarantee a perfect and original way of making money online. In the video, they fail to mention Secret Investor Society instead they use the word “Free Ad cash System.

This implies that, they use Free Ad Cash System video promotion to advertise Secret Investor Society fake sales page. Even the so-called Free Ad Cash System is also a scam page.

Secret Investor Society claims to make a ton of money by only flipping advertisements. Please do not be deceived. This system is not real and should not be reckon with.

How Does Secret Investor Society Work?

The owner of this program do not make it elaborate to how they really make a huge money with the Secret Investor Society. There is no proof of the $2,300 per day returns. How they make it is not clear. Let’s set greed outside, how possible can it be, to be a millionaire within three months without tangible investment either capital or time?

There is no fast way to success. And I say this is unrealistic and is not attainable. You might be lucky to make a few bucks from the ads flipping. You cannot make $2.1 million in 3 months without doing anything. It is only a greedy and gullible individual that can fall for this type of scam.

What Proof Do I Have to Call Secret Investor Society Scam

The following are some of my proofs or observations why Secret Investor Society is a scam:

Income Claim

It is true that one can make huge money online. Earning a living is real. I am an evident of online making money proof. But for you to succeed in online money making venture you have to put in the time and resource. Secret Investor Society undermines this fact, and lay claim of unrealistic income returns. The assertion that promises a huge return in a day without putting in the effort should be ignored. There is no such thing quick money.

Limited offer

This is something most get rich quick scheme use to lure their prey. They tell you there is a limited space that you should take action now. They coerce you to make an irrational decision. This is one of the strategies of Secret Investor Society. They make it seems that you going to lose out if you do not take action.

Untrue Testimonies

Maybe the video testimonies have made you think Secret Investor Society is real. Do not be deceived, the actors in the video are not real. Most of them are voice over freelancer on They are paid actors, it is not an honest review.

It is evidently clear that Secret Investor Society is a total scam. This program or system will not benefit you. The fact that they indulge in fake testimonies is a clear indication that this system (Secret Investor Society) is not to make you but to mar you if you indulge in it.

Who is behind Secret Investor Society

Simon Green is the owner of Secret Investor Society also known as Free Ad Cash System. The product is poor in quality, and the owners are a fake identity. There is nothing positive about those behind the program. If indeed this system is genuine, their owners would be glad to make their names known to the general public.


As you see thi is a scam and is not recommendable to anyone. This system tends to favour only the owners. It does not guarantee a reliable way of making money online. This is another scam to swindle individuals of their hard earned money. Be smart and be prudent with your time and resources. Do not fall for this scam it does not worth it.

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