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Tai Lopez and 67 steps review

Being healthy, wealthy, loved and happy are top elements in millionaires and successful people lives. Everybody wants to live a good life, but not everybody is ready for it or knows how to change the life. A lot of people, in fact, are not even trying to change anything, as they don't believe they can ever have a good life. The feeling of a not deserving better life seems to be the biggest problem. To get what you want, you must deserve what you want. So the first step for changing a life is a right mind-set. Tai Lopez and 67 steps program is for those who want and willing to change their lives.

This program is not only about money but as well about health, wealth and love... So whether you wish to improve your healthy life, become financially independent or just to find yourself you can reach the success!

Tai Lopez and 67 steps is not a "build-now business opportunity". In his 67 steps program, he will be explaining you very important factors, tactics and circumstances that can help you change the life. So if you are expecting a guide on how to build a business, there is no such guide in this program. First of all, you need to have the right mind-set and only after starting something. 

Brief details about Tai Lopez and 67 steps review

Product Name: 67 steps 

Website: the67steps.com

Founders: Tai Lopez

Year of foundation: 2015

Number of members: 217 945 +

Price: $67

Recommended: YES

What is Tai Lopez and 67 steps about, see my detailed case study...

The 67 steps program is a kind of a guide that will help you to improve 4 main pillars in your life. We are talking about health wealth love and happiness. 

Tai Lopez describes a kind of Wealth Pyramid that shows you different stages of peoples life. To reach the peak of that pyramid you must overcome the obstacles that are mainly in the first and second level from the bottom. 

This is how the wealth pyramid looks like:
Tai Lopez wealthy Pyramid
1. Debts

The bottom level of the pyramid belongs to the people who have debts. If you are one of those people you can't move anywhere. First what you have to do is to get rid of the debts. Most of the population actually staying in this level for the whole life, the chance to change their lives is very low due to the scarcity which is next level.

2. Scarcity

So, the second level is scarcity. This factor is influencing the decision to do new things including business.

Before trying people are sure they will fail or it will not work out. This kind of mind-set is very hard to change especially if you are not willing to do anything. Generally, scarcity is the hardest to get rid of.

One time I read a well-known book by Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad Poor Dad. And there was one great example of how differently rich and poor people thinking. For example, if you want to buy a new TV the poor dad would say: "I do not have money for it" but the rich dad would say: "I do not have the money right now, but let me think what I can do".

 Once you start thinking about how to solve the problem your brain will be opening new doors and will be searching for new possibilities. If you say: "I don't have money" - your brain stop working at this point, the door is closed.

3. Health

The healthy stage is the third level. Here you will feel quite good. Waking up will alarm clock won't make you suffer, at this stage probably you have a good salary you like your job and you don't have debts. This is the minimum stage that everybody should have.

4. Prosperity

Prosperity is the fourth level. Your bank account getting hits, you don't have stress at all as you are financially independent and feel amazing.

5. Wealth & Impact

The last stage is wealth & impact, means you can change the world. You wake up every day full of energy and ready to discover the world and you can do anything you want. What I mean by impact is that you are the one who will be an example for people, especially for those that live in the first and second level. You are the one who will be a mentor, teacher, investor and motivational speaker. 

Now back to the first two stages.

Tai Lopez says that most of the people end up in first and second stages and all the 4 life pillars are in a negative stage. 

Healthy life - as an example, it peoplecan be overweight, people don't feel good physically either mentally.

Wealthy life - facing money problems, expenses are higher than incomes.  

Social life - they don't like their life, they communicate mainly with people from low level with low education. they do not like social engagement generally. They do have poor friends around them and no one who can influencethem positively.

Happiness - according to the research up to 20% people are on medication and 30% are in a depression. Those people are coming from the first two stages as well.

3 ways that will help you to move on the top of the pyramid

Tai Lopez summarizes 3 main ways to move on this pyramid.

1. The first one is that you have to know your life purpose. Here you should be able to answer, what is your life purpose and why you are here. Reading books & finding mentors are the key factors to reach the top of the pyramid. 

2. Second way is to win friends and influence people, for that you need to have powerful social skills. Tai Lopez promises to teach you how to find the investors and mentors. He says that 33% of people around you should be mentors, 33% should be your level and 33% below your level. If you will follow this rule your life level will be the average of 5 people you spent your time with.

3. The last one is motivation on how to overcome procrastination. Once you will be able to overcome procrastination you will be moving smarter and your life will begin to transformand it will teach you how to do twice the work with half of the effort.

To overcome on the top of the pyramid you don't have to work hard but to work smart. Tai Lopez says that "The more you learn more you earn" and this is true, don't you think so? 

Tai Lopez and 67 steps - how does it work?

Tai Lopez 67 steps are 67 training videos. 

After joining the 67 steps program you will get immediate access to the training and will be able to watch the videos. To complete the program itmight take you 67 days, as one video a day is recommended. 

67-course steps include some following lessons and videos. 


Start by discovering your destiny, what do you want to achieve and what is your goal. It shouldn't be just about money but about a good life destiny. What you love to do can help you make money.

This example I can see in affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing business you choose your niche, something what you love to do and you can easily start building your business. See our post: “start affiliate marketing today


How to track millionaire mentors. You will be able to learn how to find mentors and how to network with people.

Tai Lopez shows his own proof. He used to spend time with such people like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk. In fact, networking with highly intelligent people can be a kind of core foundation. 


This lesson mainly will help you to understand yourself and how you make yourself deserve things. In fact, not everybody wants to be millionaires and not everybody is ready to earn big money. And I absolutely agree with this.

Can you imagine the person from the bottom of pyramid earns in one day one million? Most probably this money will be spent in a day or saved till the rest of the life with very limited expenditures. 

Most of the people have their own limitations in earnings. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur the first thing what you have to do is to break the limits.

The limits can influence our dreams and let me explain you how. Let's say you are earning around $3,000 per month and you wish to run your own business and earn around $10,000. There is a problem you already settled the limit. After reaching $10,000, your brain will tell you: "Yes you did it, you reached your top" the goal is reached so what's the next? 

Your main goal should be becoming successful and continue developing your business and your knowledge. That's how millionaires became millionaires they have a passion for their arts. Firstly they think about success and after-all, of course aboutmoney.


Another interesting lesson you will have is about getting an MBA degree for less than $100 and how to find a mentor. This lesson must be very valuable especially for students who want to do business. Tai Lopez in his video (same as Robbert Kiyosaki in his book rich dad Poor dad) mentioning the inability of the schools to teach us how to do business and be successful. All they teach is how to study hard, go for interviews and get a job. When I think about it, in fact, its true. Of course, not everybody can be an entrepreneur Doctors and Teachers are definitely irreplaceable.


Next lesson that belongs to the top category is about becoming smart and let other people do your hard work. None of the millionaires is struggling with hard tasks. Most of the problems are managed by employees, however, you need to know how to be a boss. One of my favourite quote of Bill Gates is: I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it."


Learn how to use a credit card instead of being used by credit card. This is one of the main millionaire's principles. Here you will be able to learn how to make money by simply holding onto your account and how to use the banking system for your benefit. 


This video will explain to you why wealthy families having more than 1 house.

Real estate is one of the most lucrative business ever, logically the main reason is that the population is growing and more people need property. 

Numerous successful millionaires in the US earn their money from the real estate sector.

Think about the founder of McDonald, Ray Kroc! If anyone of you read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad written by Robbert Kiyosaki you might know that this man was not in hamburger business but in real estate business.

Yes, he was mainly trying to sell hamburger franchises, but the most significant factor was his franchise locations! All McDonald's franchisers are paying as well for the land under the franchise. 

Today, McDonald’s is one of the largest owners of real estate in the world, owning some most valuable intersections and street corners in the world and the amazing thing is that McDonald's gets all this real estate for free. Their franchises pay for it.

If you will be interested in real estate business Tai Lopez has, as well, a special real estate mentor program where he promises to teach you how to start real estate business with 0$ in your pocket. link (real estate mentor program) see below


This is the science, and I fully agree with it. You can successfully deal with people only if you can read them.

Understanding a body language can help you to improve your social life and become an authority. 


This lesson is about understanding investment and ability to recognize a good investment idea from a bad one. Doing wrong investments will make you loose money. 


 According to Taithere are 28 basic magical words that open the door to the VIP deals. Here you will get an explanation on how to understand the people and aware of manipulation according to Dr.Bernstein.  


The Lecture is about 3 business ideas that you should never do. 


Auto-pilot automation how to make the retirement plan. This is something definitely very useful.

So, those are just some main steps you will discover in Tai Lopez and 67 steps program. If you are already ready to do business and you do have right mindset you can start building your business right now. I am not talking about any get rich quick scheme. To earn money you have to work hard and be ready to work for free. Yes, working for free sounds weird but that's the only way you can reach financial freedom. 

another legit ways to earn money, see our detailed reviews:

What you will get after joining the 67 steps program? BONUSES! 

  1. Investment secrets of the ultra-wealthy. Once you see the steps and starting learning how not to lose money you will understand the formula of investment - Usual price for this lecture is 497 dollars - you will get it for free. 
  2. VIP concierge guy. You must find a new problem in your life and solve that problem by yourself first. After that, you can hire someone else who will be solving your problems.
  3. Speed reading. Generally, Tai Lopez recommends reading a book a day however he is ready to teach you a method of how to read smart. If you will be reading more than your competition it will give you the edge - "Readers are leaders" Usual price for this lecture is $97 - you can get it for free.  
  4. Total memory system. Reading a book a day can be sometimes a tuff task, moreover if you need to remember what you are reading. You will get tips on how to remember what you read. The usual price for this lecture is $97 - you can get it for free. 
  5. Free membership to the social learning group. Learning and reading books are not enough; you have to interact with people. Only by giving a question and getting a lot of different answers will force your brain thinking differently. 
  6. You will be getting a special call from the team that promises to help you to accelerate your learning.
  7. FREE trial to VIP program. 
  8. Lectures about Love that is a 3rdpillar of a good life. 
  9. How to get people to love you. 
  10. Health - 8 ways to use new success to help you stay young and healthy. This lecture promises to be without the involvement of surgeries. 
  11. You will get a list of personal applications that Tai uses on a daily basis.

How much exactly it cost and why?

So, first of all, the program cost $67. As the main reason why it's not for free Tai Lopez explains that one of his mentors told him: "If you give something for free people will not use it and appreciate it, but if you buy something you are willing to get the return on your investment". Personally, I absolutely agree with this, after all the price is just a $1 per one video and he gives you a guarantee of full refund for 60 days. 

Why $67?

Here is his answer: The scientists in one of Londons university discovered that in 66 days the average person can change his life. He added one number for a piece of good luck and it became 67.

Who is this program for?

It might be perfect for those who are just starting out, want to change their lives and to understand the main principle of millionaires success. 

Before starting my own online business I used to read books as well. Mainly about how to become successful, overcome the problems, how to manage the time, what's right mind setand many others.

From my honest point of view Tai Lopez, uses in his own training, best 67 tactics that are considered to lead the most success in peoples lives. Who knows how many books he had already read in his life? However, 67 steps program is kind of book summaries.  

If you are a book lover, you can easily find a lot of similar tactics that Tai Lopez provides in his training from the books. You can either choose to read a book a day or watch a video every day. Watching video might save you a lot of time and money while reading books can take longer, as well it will take you much longer to figure out what is the best for you.

Here are some examples of good books from millionaire writers:

"Rich Dad Poor Dad" - Robbert Kiyosaki

"The Intelligent investor" - Benjamin Graham

"The snowball" - Warren Buffett and the Business of life

"Made in America" - Sam Walton 

"You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise" - Joel Salatin 

"The Essential Drucker" - Peter Drucker

Do you have the right mindset and ready to do business?

For those who already have a right mindset and wish to start a business right now, I have good news. 

You can join one legit training platform that provides steps by step guide on how to build an online business from scratch. First of all, we are talking about affiliate marketing that is one of the most lucrative online business out there. The company name is Wealthy Affiliate. It was founded in 2005, currently has over 1200 000 members in 195 countries. 

What you can get for free?

- You will be able to build up to 2 websites, including hosting and website backup.

- Access to one of the best keyword research tool for affiliate marketers - Jaaxy, with a possibility to do 30 searches a day. 

- Live chat with Wealthy Affiliate members, as well 1 on 1 coaching for first 7days with me personally.

- 10 step by step training videos (understanding how to make money, how to build and set up a website, choose a niche, optimizing the site for search engines, content creation, creating menus, research keywords) 

- You can join this company right now without even providing any card details. See my detailed review here

The Wealthy Affiliate is not suitable: 

  • For those who are expecting to earn money within a short period of time.
  • For those who believe in get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Who are, not willing to work for free on their project
  • Those who can't invest at least 2 hrs a day in their own project

Who is behind the 67 steps program?

Tai Lopez and 67 steps

Behind the 67 steps program is a motivational speaker, investor and millionaire Tai Lopez. 

He was born on 10th April 1977 in Southern California. Raised mainly by his mother and grandmother.  Tal Lopez is not coming from the rich family. In some of his videos, it's very clear that he faced a hard time in his life. From being unable to pay for his bills up to falling into a depression. The circumstances of his life made him think about changing his lifestyle.

While his school friends end up with gangs he ended up with books and he started searching for business opportunities. He dropped his college without getting a degree, with a goal to earn money.

His good knowledge about marketing and paid ads helped him to reach a very wide audience within a short period of time. His Instagram account is followed by 3 million people, Facebook over 6.3 million people. While Robbert Kiyosaki Instagram account followed by 1 million and Facebook around 4 million. The difference between those two motivational speakers is paid ads.  

How actually he earned his money? 

There is no clear answer on it, but what is clear he is a certified financial planner who loves real estate business. 

 At the same time, another stream of his incomes is coming from his mentoring. 

 - Apart from 67 steps Tai Lopez offering as well program which will teach you on how to start a home sharing business. His know-how promise to help you earn from $1000 up to $10 000 a month. However, it will not cost you just $67 but up to 500. 

- Real Estate Flipping Program. The training you will get is from Cole Hatter who is well known as a professional real estate investor. The method you will learn promise to help you earn from 5.000 up to 15 000 a month. For this program, you might pay €997.00 (single payment) or 4 instalments of €297, in total it will cost €1,188.00. Without having experience and even money you can start your real estate business and should be able easily to close deals. 

- E-commerce blueprint. You will be able to learn how to start an online business and how to sell the products. This program including tools as well. Everyday Price: €4,994. Special Price Today: €49.00. Eligible for a refund

- SMMA 2.0. (Social Media Marketing Agency) How to start your own marketing agency with social media and get small business to hire you. Personally, I would trust this training, if he knows how to promote himself he surely knows what is he talking about. The price is $29 instead of $697. Eligible for a refund

- Credit mentor 2.0. this program will teach you how to fix the credit. however, this product is not eligible for a refund. Everyday Price:(€2,291). Special Price Today: (€99.00)

 - Knowledge society - Entrepreneurial and Career development. The price is $9.99 a month.  

- 5-minute mentor - you will get a 5 minutes daily training which might help you to improve your life. Today's price $0, in 3 days you will be charged €9.99. Usually, the price is €297. Eligible for a refund. 

- 12 Foundation Training. Learn the things you were not able to learn in a school, its all about health, wealth, love, and happiness! Usual price €1091, special price €300.00. This product is not eligible for a refund

What I like about Tai Lopez and 67 steps

  • All the tactics and suggestion are not invented by Tai within a day. These are the summaries of the best insights from the best entrepreneurs who have earned millions from using their knowledge.
  • It's not just theory, but real steps that lead to the success.
  • This program is accessible for everyone as it cost just $67
  • It's very inspiring for those who want to change their lives and start a business.
  • It's not only about changing your material situation, it’s all about - health wealth love and happiness
  • His training gives sense and its very motivational
  • To complete this program will take you around 2 months

What I don't like about Tai Lopez and 67 steps

  • Apart from showing useful tactics and principles, it would be great to see a real example of how to build a business from scratch. After joining his 67 steps program surely many people will be ready to do business, however not all of them will have a clear idea what business they should do

On the other hand, as you saw in my example, Tai offering a great bunch of business opportunities. Though after the special offer all of them are quite affordable. 


As an entrepreneur, I would like to say that Tai Lopez and his 67 steps program is worth your time and money. His, let's call "book summaries" are providing you with some shortcuts in understanding the life and money.  

If you have any doubts about investing, better don't do it! But don't forget if you want to be successful you have to invest in yourself and work hard, nothing is easy and unfortunately there is no elevator to the success you have to take the stairs. 

After reviewing a great bunch of online products I tell you that this is definitely not a scam, but a legit program.  

If you want to live a good life you have to work on yourself. 

" Invest time before you invest money. Don't just aim at being rich without any knowledge or experience about money. Learn how money has been made and lost in this world before you commit your own money"

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