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What is the best internet business opportunity without risk or investments?

Today, I’m going to be talking to you about one of the best Internet business opportunity out there. So what is it and why is it actually the best? To make it clear from the get-go, we will be talking about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative Internet businesses today, but unfortunately, a lot of people fail at this type of work because of a few simple reasons.

Before starting any business, you have to make a proper plan and establish the main goals. Building a business takes time, especially if you are building a brand new website. You need time to gain authority and become a trusted company.

Is affiliate marketing the best Internet business opportunity?

Yes, it is. So what am I actually trying to say when I say “best opportunity?” The best Internet business opportunity is the one that has low risk, low investment, and lucrative opportunity to earn good profits. Many successful affiliate marketers are earning an incredible amount of money today; up to a million dollars per year.

Nowadays, online business is one of the favourites in this field. Day by day, more and more people search for products and services online without going to the stores. Google records around 3.5 billion visitors daily!

PROS of the best Internet business opportunity

 ZERO risk

You don’t have to own any product or deal with customer service. All you have to do is market and promote. All other risks will be held by the company that owns the product.

Small investment.

If you are a beginner, no investment at all is required. You can register a domain and create your website for FREE. If you are absolutely new to the affiliate marketing game, you may be interested in joining a training seminar. There are some training platforms out there that provide you with the basic knowledge you need, without asking you for your credit card information. One of these training is from the Wealthy Affiliate company. You can check out their reviews here.

Organic traffic

What can be better than organic traffic? In affiliate marketing, you will be able to drive organic traffic to your website without paying for ads. With the right strategy and marketing tools, you can be on the first page of Google. To get organic traffic takes time, but it’s worth the wait.

Work from anywhere 

This business can be done from anywhere in the world. You can travel and earn money! You can live in any country you want and earn money while you’re there.

Start out as a part-time job

You can start creating your own business by investing a few hours of your free time. Personally, I know many people who quit their day job.

Passive income

You will be able to earn a passive income. This is the best part of the whole deal. Once you are on a good way with your business, your rank will be high and your traffic will increase. After all, it’s a question of the snowball effect. However, even then you should still continue working on your website.

CONS of the best Internet business opportunity


Affiliate marketing can be competitive. You can find a lot of competition for every niche. In order to beat your competition, you must work hard from the beginning by using low competition keywords in your posts. This will help you to get well ranked in Google and you’ll be getting traffic.

Choosing the right affiliate company

Finding a trustworthy affiliate company is very important. First, what you’ll want to examine is how long this company has been on the market and how good are the products they are offering. How innovative are the products? Surely it can be disappointing working hard on your content, writing posts and reviews, and then the next day that product disappears from the market. Quality will be always crucial and your main task is to offer only quality products.

Insufficient knowledge about affiliate marketing 

You have to know how to do affiliate marketing correctly. A lot of people want to earn money quickly and instead of providing helpful content, they are stuffing their website with a huge amount of affiliate links. If you are serious about affiliate marketing and want to be successful I suggest you take the course or training.

How you represent your website on Google will affect its performance on search engines. You need to learn what affiliate marketing is and how to do it properly.

How not to fail in Affiliate marketing

Let me give you a few basic tips on how to do affiliate marketing right.

First, I suggest you take a course or pay for a training program so you can understand what affiliate marketing is from the get-go. This will help you to decrease the number of potential mistakes.

Choose the right niche and evaluate your potential income. If you choose a niche related to biscuits, where your commission will be 20 cents per sale, calculate how much time it can take to drive huge traffic to your website and how much money you can earn. Be special with your niche and help people learn about it through your content.

Research your audience, reach out to your potential readers. You can do this with a keyword research tool. If you are curious, check out your keyword for free HERE.

Don’t overstuff your content with affiliate links. In fact, Google is not a big fan of affiliate links, but at the same time, they are a big fan of unique, quality content. Find the golden mean between these two factors. Overfilling your site with affiliate links will make Google penalize your site.

Don’t rely on only one source of income, sometimes that can be dangerous. Build up few main income pillars. One good helper in this regard is Google AdSense. Even if your reader is not interested in what you’re offering, before leaving the site they could click on an advertisement, so you can still monetize your site a bit.

Create a business plan. This is the primary key to success

starting online business

As we have already mentioned before, you need to have patience. I think this is one of the major traits of being successful, and a proper business plan will help you to be active and concentrate on future results. Set up your business plan to cover one to two years.

Write a plan for each month, each week, and each day.

Have a look at how the first month can look:

First week:

  • Choose a niche.
  • Research 20 low competition keywords. You can use a free keyword tool called Jaaxy.
  • Find a domain name for your business. Have a look at our post about how to name your business.
  • Create a website. You can have a look at our FREE guide to help you.
  • Write an “About Me” page and publish it on your site.
  • Do SEO optimization for your site.
  • Learn how to write an article.
  • Write another blog post and publish it.

Second week:

  • Learn how to do an on-page SEO.
  • Write two more posts targeting a low competition keyword and publish them.
  • Create social buttons on your website and share your posts on your social media profiles.
  • Learn how to write a review.
  • Do research for a product and write a review. Publish it on your website.

Third week:

  • Write another two articles targeting a low competition keyword and one product review.
  • Study Google Analytics.
  • Connect your website to Google Analytic.
  • Create your own logo.
  • Check if your website is indexed. To do so, go to the Google search bar and type “site:yourdomainname.yourextention” (for example, for my website I would type “”).
  • Create an account with the Google search console, also called webmaster tools, and connect it to your site.

Fourth week

  • Continue writing posts and reviews.
  • Keep searching for low competition keywords.
  • Study the importance of sitemaps. Add all sitemaps to the Google search console.
  • Create more social profiles.
  • Share your posts on social profiles
  • Improve your website design, including the menu.

In the first month, you’ll be able to learn a lot. Similarly, you have to create a business plan for the upcoming month. Don’t forget to frequently publish content. This is the key to success. The more content you have on your site, the more visitors will come.

Where to learn about affiliate marketing

There are few famous affiliate training platforms out on the market today, and I have listed the main three below:

1. Wealthy Affiliate – This is a highly recommended platform, see their detailed review.

You can choose from two possibilities: a FREE or premium membership, which is $19 for the first month and then $49 per month, or $349 per year. No upselling.

The FREE membership does provide:

  • Registration of two domain names, build a website, and they will host your site for free.
  • Access to the keyword research tool with 30 searches allowed per day.
  • You can join 10 training sessions for starting your business.

2. Affiliate marketing mastery 

This is another legitimate learning platform. However, they do not provide domain name registration, hosting, or a keyword research tool. The price is $1,997.

3. Human Proof Designs 

This is an affiliate marketing company that is offering readily built websites with a six-month history. The price is around $2,000 and it’s mainly for those who have a budget and who want to outsource. By the way, the owner of this company is an ex-student of Wealthy Affiliate.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best Internet business opportunity out there today. The main key to success is having a proper business plan, patience, and committing yourself to do hard work. Not everybody can wait to earn money one year, and it’s for this reason that they fail in their business.



12 thoughts on “What is the best internet business opportunity without risk or investments?”

  1. Hello! This is some very useful information right here, as I struggle to understand the real meaning of affiliate marketing for they’re many sites out there trying to explain which leads to confusion. I like the way you laid your site out every content make sense, you have also provided training and advice. I will definitely be passing your site around, Thank you.

    1. Hello Otis, 

      I am glad you found the information you were searching for. I think many people in their blogs are not mentioning how long does this business takes to be successful and earn money. Maybe the writers do not want to disappoint their readers. Before starting this internet business everybody should know those facts.

      Wish you a lot of success! With the right mindset and patience, you will be a winner :)

  2. Hi Halyna, 

    I agree affiliate marketing is a great kind of online business to start. You need little in the way of investing capital and you can focus on something that you already have an interest in. as you say, you can start off pat time and it is passive income. people say that the real way to get wealthy is to be earning while you sleep and affiliate marketing can help you achieve that.

    1. Hi Nate, 

      It is one of the best internet business opportunity. I like the fact that the only things you have to invest are your time and willingness. What can be better than earning money while sleeping? Possibility to travel around the world and stay with a family all the time…

  3. You are right on the button when you say the best business opportunity to do online is to get into affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have been a member now for three years, and I will probably stay a member for life. They have everything you need to start your own online business, including training, hosting, support, and so much more. This is definitely the best way to learn for anyone wanting to build their own affiliate marketing business and make an online income that will be sustainable for years to come.

    1. Hi Michel, 

      Thank you for stopping by. 

      I love Wealthy Affiliate as well mainly because they are simply the best. The most I like about them is all in one solution. You do not have to out-search hosting and keyword research tool. Same with the website you can build your website just by following few basic steps. Lessons are very detailed and well explained. What else we can wish :)

      Wish you a lot of success!

  4. Great post. Internet business is undoubtedly the new way forward in this era. I so much fancy the benefits that comes with it such as work from home, convenience and it is way easier than most 9-5 jobs.One of the reasons am a bit skeptical about affliate marketing is the competition,how can one make it through,and you also talked about organic traffic, can you explain better what organic traffic is all about? 

    1. Hi Clement, 

      one of my favourite quotes is: “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” – Bill Gates, and it is true!  

      The competitors are everywhere, but if you fight you will be the winner! To overtake your competitors can be in fact easy if you know how to use good marketing tools. As well the next important thing is to be patient and work hard on your dreams. 

      The affiliate marketing, in fact, is about blogging and about writing good content. How can you know if your content is good? You can use an SEO tool which helps you to read your competitors data and compare them with yours. 

      For example, you would like to rank for a keyword. First what you have to do is to check the sites that are ranking for this keyword. It is very easy with SEO tool called SEMrush

      You will have two possibility:

      1. Check your already created post  – SEMrush will tell you exactly how you differ from the competitors. If you content is long enough to compare to your competitors. What keywords you are missing from your text. what backlinks you can gain to rank higher and much other important information. 

      2. The second possibility is using a template for your future content. You will insert a keyword you would like to rank for and the system will give you a ready template. It contains informations such a SERP, how many words should be your post, what keywords it should contain atc. 

      By following the template I can say that you do have a guarantee to rank on the first page, so no need to worried about competition.  BWT you can create a free account with SEMrush and try to use of those methods, If I am not mistaken you can use up to 10 templates per month for free. 

      In fact, just now I answered your question about organic traffic. Once you rank for your post you will start getting visitors = people who are searching for the keyword you are ranked for. This is an organic traffic. 

      The huge advantage of this internet business is organic traffic as you don’t have to pay ads. 

      Your main goal is to rank for each post on the first page in Google. 

      Wish you a lot of success, and don’t be scared of competitors, make them scared of you! :)

  5. Thanks for the interesting post! Yes, affiliate marketing is truly an internet business opportunity that doesn’t involve any much risk or heavy investment. Many people actually fail in this business for not having the right mindset. Most struggling veteran bloggers give up quickly because of this too.

    I want to believe they expected that they’ll start making cool money in 1-3 months only and may decide to call it a quit once they can’t meet their goals within the expected time range. If I’m asked the same question; “Is affiliate marketing the best internet business opportunity?” a million times over, I would keep saying “Yes”. Thanks for the great work!

    Israel Olatunji

    1. Hi Israel, 

      Exactly! You are so right. In affiliate marketing its literarily impossible to make money in 1 or 3 month, actually maybe some money, but definitely you can not quit your job. `As we are talking about internet business, it takes time for the brand new site to rank in Google and to get authority. Even 6-month-old site for Google is a baby. I took a great SEO course and I can clearly state – if you want to drive organic traffic to your site you need to be patient and to have work persistence!  Again I will repeat that right missed is a key. 

  6. Hello!

    I think we all who are interested in online business want to know what is the best way to do it. I can actually agree with your opinion about Wealthy Affiliate, it is really great platform, you described it well so it will be easy to follow for beginners or those who just think about start affiliate marketing.

    I like your article and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Luce, 

      I am glad to hear about your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. Actually, I’ve never heard any negative feedback about them. 

      Free membership opens the door to all directions. You have all in one platform that contains all necessary marketing tools. The most I like its great community that will always support you and detailed training followed by tasks. 

      Wish you a lot of success!

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