The Ecom Cash Crusher review

The Ecom Cash Crusher review – fraud or legit?

Hey everyone, welcome to the Ecom Cash Crusher review!

First of all, I would like to acknowledge yourself for a job well done in researching first before you invest your time and money in this really good but suspicious product. That is really the best way to avoid scams and be successful in time with make money online opportunities.

All of us must be really annoyed with the catchy slogans and promising quotes but would later on turn out as a fraud. Or rather, a clickbait that is really unsafe and dangerous for our computer and to our personal information. We want to EARN, but this scammers really want to earn from us.

So, let me help you decide on whether we should really invest our time at Ecom Cash Crusher or just leave it alone. Stay tuned as we unravel the key points of Ecom Cash Crusher that you did not even know.

The Ecom Cash Crusher review

The Ecom Cash Crusher Review

Product Name: Ecom Cash Crusher


Founders: David Anderson

Price: 37$

Recommended: NO

What is Ecom Cash Crusher

The Ecom Cash Crusher system is a new ClickBank product, which invites people that are new to online businesses. It is an ingenious system that would help the users get up and running for Shopify. It also includes the things and tricks that David learned throughout his Shopify success. Furthermore, it promises to offer great opportunities if you buy and be a member of their product for $37. 

The Ecom Cash Crusher has an introductory video in the homepage. It  explains everything about the Ecom Cash Crusher method.

It claims that we can earn $40000 in every single month even though we do not have the appropriate set of skills or special qualifications to make money. How can that be possible? Is it some kind of sorcery?

Just by the look of its homepage, I immediately said to myself that this is just some another scam product that offers “big” money. But instead of getting that, we get nothing or just small earnings at least. It also says in his homepage that we can earn $2000 per day at an instant if we sign up now. Isn’t it a bit suspicious?

Oh NO! Fake Testimonials!

There are clips in the video showing us testimonies of how “legit” this kind of method is. They even brag about how big they earn within just a couple of days or weeks.

I have really high doubts with those testimonies. The girl in the picture said that she earned $2834 within just 2 days. While the guy in the next picture said that he is already using this website for just over 2 months now and earned a hundred thousand dollars profit.

So, I researched for these people who shared their success in the said video. Did they really have such profits in just a short span of time? And I was not wrong. I found out that they are just actors hired to do videos from ​

With this kind of findings, it only heightened my doubts for the Ecom Cash Crusher. Why would they even hire an actor or actress if they have a legit product? Or who even hires an actor to do the testimonies if you have real people earning real money on your site?

The Ecom Cash Crusher reviewThe Ecom Cash Crusher reviewThe Ecom Cash Crusher reviewThe Ecom Cash Crusher review

How does Ecom Cash Crusher work?

David assures us that what we are about to do is neither illegal nor any other fraud schemes. He then brags about how much he earns and everything that he bought due to this method, from new several cars, to luxury vacations, and a dream house. 

As we watch the video, he explains how big we can earn if we buy his product for 37$. After that, we will be asked to sign up for Shopify. As soon as we are done, he will give us trainings and share us the tricks and lessons he learned from his 4 day trip with Sandra Wilson.

How to make money with Ecom Cash Crusher?

Once we are already a member of the Ecom Cash Crusher, we will now use all that we learned to earn in Shopify.

Shopify is an e-commerce company that offers online retailers a list of services that includes: online payments, marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools in order to make the transaction easy for both the retailer and customer. Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake founded the company in the year 2004. 

 I think spending $37 is not really worth it because you can have those trainings and tricks for free. And Shopify also has a free, quick run through if you are still new to the website. Also, the video said that you would be able to earn money while you are away from your laptop.

Well, I think the video is again misleading because you have to attend to your customers online as long as your store is open. You also have to ship out the things that your customer bought to you. This kind of business is really hands on. It is not basically what the video said, but it is almost the exact opposite of it.

Instead of doing this, you should try affiliate marketing. It is by far the best make money online opportunity I have ever had. Unlike the Ecom Cash Crusher’s system, which runs Shopify, you will have to advertise the product of other companies. And as soon as the customer buys a product of the company from your advertisement, you will earn money. Isn’t it very easy? Click here if you want to learn more.

Is David Anderson real?

David Anderson is the founder of the Ecom Cash Crusher. There are not many details of him in the homepage and in Google aside from what he said in the video.

He claims that he is from Oklahoma City living a simple life and had lots of low paying jobs before he discovered Shopify. On the video, he stated that his father died due to lung cancer when he was 14. When he was 16, his mother remarried a guy named Randy, who was alcoholic and had horrible temper. Her mother got pregnant but Randy left 3 months before her mother gave birth to his little sister. David then became the sole provider of their family. He was not able to go to college and worked instead on whatever jobs that he can get.

I persistently and patiently looked for him online but there are just too many David Anderson. There is not even a single one contact that can be found in the homepage. With that, we can’t be so sure if he is real or not. Having no real identity is another flaw of advertising your own product.

The Ecom Cash Crusher Privacy Policy

I went on to read their privacy policy and guess what I just learned. 

In the purchase agreement section, I found out that they will collect your name, phone number and e-mail address and will use this to share it with the third parties that they work with. In particular, they will share your data to their coaching partners who offer a related service to their own, in which they assumed that you already agreed.  

They will also subject you to a fee of £10 if you want to have access of the information they held about you. It is just so untrustworthy to have that kind of rule. 

The PROS of Ecom Cash Crusher:

  • Gives trainings
  • 60-day money back guarantee

The CONS of Ecom Cash Crusher:

  • Misleading video
  • Fake testimonials
  • Lots of upsells
  • No real identity of the owner

Not many will be able to know this key points because we do not usually read the privacy policy of a website. We are talking about real money being spent here but I think this system is not really worth it.

Are there any legitimate place to earn money?

We are all tired with the scams that are very rampant in the Internet. The people behind that make use of the scam schemes to generate money. They generate money as we are being played within their hands. Let me help you to earn more safely and not get toyed with. 

I have tried lots of make money online businesses already but the Affiliate marketing is the best of them all. All you need is your laptop, patience, and an ample knowledge to the niche that you want. The niche you need to have should be the niche that your heart and mind chooses. 

​Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I have been literally an Affiliate that has become Wealthy both physically and emotionally. Your earnings depends on how dedicated are you in earning more money. You can make use of your family and friends as an inspiration in being a really good affiliate.


As we end the Ecom Cash Crusher review, I would say that it is an untrustworthy site.

I will not recommend you to try this product. It would just be a waste of time and money. The video it had is very misleading and had many fake testimonies.

Like the other ClickBank products, it has so much upsells. Instead of having lots of earnings, you end up earning the very least or worse, nothing at all.

The system offers a Shopify system controlled by David Anderson that is very dangerous and unsafe. Instead, try the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Unlike the Ecom Cash Crusher, it is very safe, has real life testimonies, do not have misleading videos or information, and to top all of that, it is the best make money online opportunity.

Would you like to know how to build a real, strong, business? See my #1 recommendation here! 

With this platform, you will be able to start your own online business from the scratch. Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!

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