The profit injector review

The Profit Injector review – Is it a scam?

Hello everyone, welcome to the Profit Injector review!

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you all for a well done job in researching first before you commit to this kind of make money online opportunity. Some people often forgot that the key to success is just by having the basic skills. One basic skill a successful person should have is doing research with the business he or she wants to work with.

How will you even earn if you just easily dig in to the business you just randomly found on the Internet? You will not even know if the time and money you invested will make you reap an ample amount of income. 

We are here today to examine and be able to conclude if Profit Injector is really a good site to invest in. Or is it just another scam website that wants to rig us with our money as much as possible.

Stay tuned as we are going to unravel some key points you may have missed in the Profit Injector’s homepage. 

The profit injector review

Brief Details About Profit Injector

Product Name: Profit Injector


Founders: Jamie Lewis

Price: $37 plus upsells

Recommended: NO

What is Profit Injector

Profit Injector is a new ClickBank product, which invites people that are new to make money online businesses. The main idea of the system is to provide you a software with a training course on how to earn a lot of money with video marketing. 

In Profit Injector, you get to learn the video methods that Jamie Lewis talked about in the video. He will share you the tips and tricks that he used, which made him successful, to create and develop his own YouTube channels and other similar video platforms.

Also, it includes the right tools that you need in order for you to have a more efficient way in looking for the right videos to place your ads. So basically, you will look for certain videos that are not yet monetized, then approach the owner of the video, and make a negotiation to put the ads in the description of the video.

Who are the men behind the Profit Injector?

Who is Jamie Lewis?

Profit Injector was founded by Jamie Lewis in January 2019. Unlike the other websites that we have reviewed like Ecom Cash Crusher and Explode My Payday, Profit Injector is a lot more different.

This time, we will not deal with a ghost owner.

Jamie Lewis is a real guy and has been in to the marketing industry for a long time already.

Jamie Lewis is known to be a very successful affiliate marketer. He was once started at the bottom and now, he helps other people discover their ways to a better affiliate marketing path.

He was once also known as “the singing guru” because he had YouTube videos, where he advertises his way of marketing by singing. His YouTube channel is “Jamie Lewis” you can search that and you will be able to find lots of videos, where he demonstrates how marketing is done. 

Also, he has already some products released nearly 10 years ago, an example for that is; “Im With Jamie”.

In that product, he gives you training on how to work with the Internet marketing. This includes, social networking sites, website hosting, driving traffic, and a lot more tips on how to be successful in affiliate marketing industry.

Even though it offers such features, this product has only average reviews because there are things within the product that can be obtained freely or in a cheaper way. As we compare this to other websites like the Wealthy Affiliate, the tools that Im With Jamie offers for the affiliate marketing industry is really insufficient.

The profit injector review

Tom Lua and Matthew Tang

Along side Jamie Lewis, we will have other affiliate marketers like Tom Lua and Matthew Tang. Unlike the other make money online websites, these people are real people. I even searched on them in Google and I found their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

As a team, they had 4 consecutive 6-figure launches in affiliate marketing industry. Both Tom Lua and Matthew Tang will help Jamie Lewis training other people in the Profit Injector system. 

The profit injector reviewThe profit injector review

What is inside the Profit Injector?

The Profit Injector provides step by step trainings and also tools to be used about video domination. Jamie Lewis will teach you the most practical ways in video marketing and make use of the software, Profit Injector, for you to have practice.

Training will absolutely consider having emphasis on very popular landing sites like YouTube and Facebook. It will include the main things like;

  • creating your channel from nothing, 
  • establish a subscriber base,
  • design contents of your channel,
  • search and deal with an established channel owner to cooperate,
  • how to make your channel catch a trend, and lastly,
  • a long term development.

With this kind of training, I think you might be able to fully establish a name and your YouTube channel after more or less 2 – 3 years. That is really a lot of time and effort to get involved in. 

As Jamie said, the Profit Injector is his own method to success. So if something goes wrong, we can just contact him for help. He is a real person; you have nothing to worry about.

How does Profit Injector works?

Profit injector works really easy and very uncomplicated. As soon as you buy the product, you get trainings and basically just place ads in the description of the videos of a well established channel.

Let me explain it to you a lot more clearly.

First of all, we will just have to find YouTube or Facebook videos or any video platforms that have at least some traffic. We should have to make sure though, that the video are not monetizing the traffic yet. In other words, the video must not have any link within their description that makes them earn money. 

Second thing, we will have to create a free ClickBank account that is if we do not have any. Otherwise, we may use our own ClickBank account. It is because we earn here via Affiliate Marketing and if other people will buy stuffs through our unique links, then we get to have an income.

And lastly, we will have to connect with the owner of the video. And then, we must have to come to terms with them in adding our affiliate link into the description of their video. Well apparently, nothing is free so, they will ask for something in return. You just bargain with them like for example, pay for the advertisement or just split our own profit with them. 

With that, both of the parties will earn something from the advertisement you have. It is like a win-win situation for both of us. The owner of the video did not monetize with his video until you came. 

Who should be able to use the Profit Injector?

May you be a beginner or an expert, you are all welcome to use the Profit Injector. But there are some basic knowledge needed also, unlike the scam websites that are claiming “anyone can use because you can just autopilot this”.

For us to be able to use the Profit Injector, we should have at least a little bit of knowledge in using our own laptops. It should be a given qualification if you really want to be in the make money online industry.

Also, dedication is a must here. You will need your patience, time, and effort.

This product is most recommended to Affiliate Marketers, eCommerce, and make money online businesses. But then as I have researched, the tools offered here for the Affiliate Marketing industry is really insufficient.

Let us take for example compare the Profit Injector to the world’s leading company in the Affiliate marketing, which is the Wealthy Affiliate.

The profit injector review

As we can see, there are some key factors that must be used in Affiliate Marketing and should be available to all the products that are advertising the said industry. But then, Profit Injector does not give you such things.

We have observed that it only has 1 phase of Affiliate Bootcamp training. This training is very important to the people who are still new to the Affiliate Marketing Industry. And yet, he only offers 1 set of training. 

Another important tool to be used in Affiliate marketing is a keyword search tool. You use this tool to have appropriate knowledge of the traffic that your niche have. But as we can see, Profit Injector does not offer any keyword search tool.

The red flags of the Profit Injector

We could really see how successful Jamie Lewis is with his Affiliate Marketing career. And we also know, that the steps provided for the Profit Injector is of his own. But that does not mean this is the only way he had in order to get successful.

It is because all of the businesses need patience, time, and effort.

The above situations and steps are only applicable to ideal situations. In reality, there are some red flags and drawbacks for this type of make money online opportunity.

The first major red flag is that you have to spend really a lot of time searching for videos that has a really good traffic but was not monetized by the owner. As soon as we find them and have agreed with the owner, we get to have very small income from that.

That will leave us to a debate about the TIME VS MONEY. What I am looking for a make money online opportunity is that time is also proportional to the money I earn. As I spend too much time to such make money online opportunity, I would love to earn a proportional amount of money too.

Another major red flag for the Profit Injector is that we do not own the content of the video that we are advertising. The owner of the video can just simply turn around us at any point. He or she could have realized that we earning real money with the advertisement. They could just replace our unique affiliate link with their own and all of our hard work will just be nothing.

This kind of make money online opportunity is really risky. Instead, we can try other Affiliate marketing strategy, where we are at our own and will not depend on others.

How much does the Profit Injector really cost?

Like other ClickBank products, the Profit Injector costs $37 and some upsells within. And to be exact, there are 3 upsells waiting for you within the product. The 37 bucks you spent first time is indeed far from what it originally costs. If you buy all of the upsells, well you should be ready to spend something big. It costs more than a booming 600 bucks! Imagine paying that amount of money and getting a product that does not have the sufficient tools needed for Affiliate Marketing. That is really a waste of money!

And also, to think that Wealthy Affiliate is a lot cheaper than that makes me realize that we are just getting rigged if we buy this product.

The profit injector review

The PROS of Profit Injector:

  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Provides trainings
  • Customer support is provided
  • Gives training

The CONS of Profit Injector:

  • Insufficient tools required for Affiliate Marketing
  • Has 3 upsells that are very costly
  • You rely too much on the owners of the videos
  • Very costly
  • Spend too much time, earn lesser

Is Profit Injector really a SCAM?

As I have researched, I do not really see how Profit Injector to be a scam. It is indeed legit and has a decent product for a starter. But, there are just some shady parts on the video in Jamie’s homepage that will make you have doubts with it. It is because a usual scam website always brags about how “big” the money they get with the kind of method they advertise. And, the Profit Injector is also using such technique. 

Also, this is a ClickBank product, so if you are very unsatisfied with Profit Injector then you can just have a refund within 60 days of first purchase. 

Even though we can see how successful Jamie Lewis is, we cannot rely on this product to get into his level at just a snap of your fingers. He has been an Affiliate Marketer for years already and even if we get to start now, there is a really big gap between him and us. 

We also need to consider the risk involve as we take on this product. Every business has an ample of amount of risks but if we can avoid it then you should at least try to avoid it first before risking it all.

Again, this is not a scam but I can recommend you something better if you really want to try the Affiliate Marketing Industry. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform in in this industry. Click here to learn more.

Would you like to know how to build a real, strong, business in affiliate marketing? See my #1 recommendation here! 

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To sum up the Profit Injector review, this product is indeed legit but it just costs too much for a product that has insufficient tools within for the Affiliate Marketing industry. Also, the time vs money consideration is not recommended at all. You just spend too much time looking for videos but end up earning so small or being rigged by the owner of the video.

Doing Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn in make money online opportunities. But, we have to be careful in signing up to certain platforms that offer such make money online businesses. We need to search for platforms that really offer the best trainings, tools, and other features so that we our investment will not come to waste.

Just like the Wealthy Affiliate, it is the leading company in Affiliate Marketing Industry, which offers the complete package for you to succeed, and yet it is way cheaper than the Profit Injector. I, myself have tried Wealthy Affiliate also and it is indeed the best.

I hope this review helped you a lot :)

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