The shaklee reviews

The Shaklee reviews – Is this worthy of an investment?

Are you familiar with Shaklee or its products? Are you certain that the product they sell are effective? You might be wondering and searching on different internet sources on what Shaklee is all about and its various honest reviews from first hand customers. 

Well, you just reached what you’re looking for as this page primarily discusses about Shaklee Corporation with a collective reviews accumulated personally and from online sentiments which I read that you guys need to know if you are interested to be engaged with the business or if you are just plain curious about its products. 

This has been made possible through a thorough research and inquiries about the said company. Although reviews are obviously subjective, it is also important to take advantage on learning from other’s experience and reviews. After all, you don’t want to end up being first-handedly scammed and beguiled. Nowadays wherein Internet platform could be filled with deception and scammers, and posting fraud online business is completely possible, it is indeed necessary to be extra careful and be engaged in an online marketing with utmost awareness.

Stay tuned as we explain the Shaklee reviews.

The Shaklee reviews

Brief Details about Shaklee Corporation

Product Name: Shaklee Corporation


Founders: Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

Price: $49.95

Recommended: NOT REALLY

What is Shaklee Corporation?

Shaklee Corporation is an American-owned business that manufactures and distributes wide varieties of natural nutrition supplement, weight-management products, beauty products and house and cleaning products. The company’s main branch is located in Pleasanton California with its international extensions in China, Canada, Japan, Malaysia and other South-east Asian countries. 

Its business model is based on a famous make money online opportunity, which is the multi level marketing. Like any other multi level marketing companies, Shaklee is basically using a famous scheme, which is the “recruit more, earn more”. That does sound like a pyramid scheme kind of business right? Let us take a much more closer look with this.

As we invest in this kind of make money online opportunity, we need to use their product, and recruit more members to the business. 

Although recruiting other members is very tiring, we get to earn much more income. The amount of bonuses and rewards given to us will be proportional to the number of recruits that we have. In other words, we just have to recruit as many as we can and we will receive lots of money.

Also, in order to become an independent distributor, you will have to spend more money to this business and climb up the rankings. When we are already an independent distributor, we will be able to buy their products at a retail price and earn big time from it. 

Brief history of Shaklee

Shaklee is founded by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee on 1956 in his home state Oakland.

At this time, he created the “Shaklee Vitalized Minerals”. Dr. Shaklee constructed the idea of producing variations of health products to contribute for the growing production of healthy and nutritious supplements that will benefit the majority.

On year 1965, the company was officially named “Shaklee Corporation” which now manufactures numerous with diverse nutritional supplements.

Together with Dr. Shaklee is his two sons in which they started to market their products in a multi-level marketing business model. It was in 1960 that the company started to produce organic, natural and biodegradable cleaning products.

Up to this date, Shaklee Corporation is still producing and distributing “natural” products and food supplements across different countries.

Shaklee Mission

Shaklee’s ultimate mission is to live in harmony with nature. It is evident with the product they are selling.

Their vitamins and supplement are 100% natural and pure as the founder itself genuinely believed in the positive and beneficial product the nature could offer.

Highlights of Shaklee

Shaklee provides beneficiary products that “highlights” or “trademarks” their company.

It is essential for any company to establish its own emphasis in order to attract potential clients. It is how clients or customers get an overview of the benefits and expectations of the company.

Like USANA and other nutritional multi level marketing companies, Shaklee also claims that their products are the best.

They say that their product’s essence can be summarized into three major categories: safe, proven, and guaranteed.

#1. Safe

As you have seen on the ads and marketing strategies made by Shaklee, the word “natural” is overused. This is because the products of Shaklee are garnered from fresh and natural plants which is then, by the use of technology, designed to be an organic tablet. Shaklee’s products are said to be safe according to the United States Pharmacopeia.

They made sure that their products would not only pass the screening process but also surpass the standards set by the United States Pharmacopeia. Also, they have screened their products for over 350 contaminants, pesticides, and other chemical impurities for every herbal ingredient they used.

positive reviews

In just a year, they conduct over 100,000 tests to literally ensure the safety of their users. As a matter of fact, Shaklee was the first company in the whole to world to receive a Climate Neutralcertification.

#2. Proven

Shaklee’s products are scientifically proven by a thorough periodic research. Their research is accurately done so that the ingredients they used with their products are not only absorbed by the body, but also enter the bloodstream and reach the desired site. Their landmark study was conducted in collaboration with the University of California at Berkeley. 

In terms of cardiovascular health, they have 11%lower cholesterol ratios.

For our heart health, they have 33%lower levels of triglycerides. 

36%lower levels of homocysteine, which is very good for our brain and cognitive health.

And lastly, 59%lower levels of c – reactive protein, which would help us for our long term biological stress.

They are also proud to say that more than 120 published scientific papers and presentations will be able to back their products. These papers show that their products would make a significant difference to your health.

#3. Guaranteed

Lastly, they stand pride on the safe and proven performance of their products. Shaklee vitamins and supplements are superior and proven to be more advanced compared to other brands. The formulas of the products are science-based and from natural resources.

With that, we can send them back their products and get a full refund if we are not satisfied with it.

How does Shaklee works?

Shaklee’s business model is just the same with other multi level marketing companies. Some are very dependent to recruiting, which made them a pyramid scheme, others are dependent to the sales of their products. With that in mind, let us examine how Shaklee Corporation really works.

In order to be part of Shaklee, we will need first to become a consumer or a seller of their products. Their products are priced depending on the market demand. If you are just a consumer or a plain seller, you may buy their products at an original price, which is a bit expensive compared to the retail price.

Now, all of the sellers really want a cheaper retail price for them to sell the products at a competitive price, where it is not overpriced and not underpriced. For us to buy their products at a retail price, we need to climb up to the rankings by buying more of their products and recruit other people to join the business. This is where the downline and upline scheme will take effect. We will now be labeled as independent distributors and get to earn more by recruiting more members to the company.

Selling the products alone will let us earn lesser. On the other hand, recruiting more will save us the hassle and will let us earn from our downline’s sales. 

Now that is a bit of a pyramid scheme right?

Products of Shaklee

Since Shaklee produced varieties of vitamins and supplements across global branches, it is important to know what are products they manufacture and distribute.

Their products is organized into 5 divisions: Nutritional Products, Healthy Weight, Beauty Products, Sport vitamins and House Cleaning Products. Let us briefly enumerate the products of these divisions.

How Shaklee makes and compensates money?

As mentioned earlier, Shaklee chose multi-level marketing (MLM) to market or advertise their products. But what is MLM and how does it works? MLM is a type of network marketing plan that gives commissions to the distributors once they are able to recruit another distributors. Distributors also earn commissions based on direct product sales. So in able for the distributor to earn more money in Shaklee, he/she must exert extra effort not only to market the products but also to recruit clients that might be a potential distributor. More recruits and more sales means more commission. Let me explain these things further. 

There are actually four ways to generate income in Shaklee: profit on sale of products, GOLD Ambassador Program, Personal and Group Bonuses, and Leadership Bonuses.

1. Profit on sale of products

Shaklee has many products to offer in the market. To name a few, we have; multivitamins, nutrition regimens, prenatal supplements, protein shakes, anti aging collections, and a lot more. If you are already an independent distributor you may be able to buy these products at a retail price and earn more income.

2. The GOLD Ambass​ador Program

In this program, we get to invite more people to invest in the business. As a matter of fact, there are 4 phases in this program with a total of 12 downlines. We earn an income depending on which phase we have. The phase 1 will let us earn $50. At phase 2, we earn $75. In phase 3, we earn $100. And lastly, $125 for phase 4. All earnings are possible for each GOLD Ambassador Mission PAK sold. 

3. Personal and Group Bonuses

In this kind of bonus, we get to earn up 34% of the commissions from our downlines. Here, we have unlimited number of levels. We can now say we will have a passive income by just earning from all of your recruits.

4. Leadership Bo​nus

With this bonus, we get to earn up to 7% of the commissions from the downlines of your downlines. We can let it stack up until 4 generations of leaders. At the first generation, we earn 7% of commissions. The percentage will go down until the fourth generation, which will let us earn up to 4% of the commissions.

We can observe that 3 out of 4 ways we can earn in Shaklee is because of your downlines or recruits. It makes me think that is this really a legit multi level marketing company? Or is this already a pyramid scheme in disguise? Their products are indeed superb but their business model is kind of misleading.

Instead of selling products, you can just recruit more and let them sell products and there you will have just the passive income. That is really kind of pyramid scheme, but let us dig deeper.

negative reviews

Is Shaklee a Pyramid Scheme?

This question might have popped in your mind when you are searching about the credentials of Shaklee. Even though the process of compensation and making money have similarities on pyramid scams, MLM business are legal as long as the company is legitimately producing products which corresponds to its purpose. 

Shaklee is partly a pyramid scheme because this company will let you earn more by recruiting others rather than selling the real product.

Now, what would happen if we are at the bottom of the chain and get nothing to recruit? This is where their product will save us.

Unlike pyramid scheme companies, Shaklee can give assurance to its distributors as long as the job is worked properly. Their legit products are its primary service to its clients.

Pyramid schemes don’t have any assurance as to how much money the recruiters can earn because this scheme rely solely on the recruiter’s new recruits. No recruits means no money.

Joining in that kind of scam might let you end up losing money instead of gaining. That is why you have to be critical on choosing a business or job to begin with. 

Furthermore, base on multiple online reviews, Shaklee has been producing wide varieties of effective and nutritional products. There were no complaints from Shaklee distributors that says they are being scammed. 

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Are there any ways to make money without recruiting?

Yes, and as a matter of fact, you can earn if not bigger but of equal income compared to the multi level marketing companies. A great way to make money online is by Affiliate Marketing

It is a type of performance based marketing where a company will pay one or more affiliate once a customer was brought to the company by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. 

This is by far the best in the make money online industry because aside that it is easy; it implies no risk of an investment. And for you to try the best make money online opportunity, you may sign up to the leading company in the Affiliate Marketing Industry. 

I am talking about the Wealthy Affiliate. It has already been the one that has innovated and propelled the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you may be able to sign up for free membership and test the waters of the Affiliate Marketing Industry. If you are now ready and would love to earn more, you can try the premium membership.

All of the paraphernalia needed for Affiliate Marketing will be provided. All you need to invest here is your patience, time, and effort. 

The PROS of Shaklee:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Scientifically proven
  • Money back guaranteed

The CONS of Shaklee:

  • It does not guarantee an effective way of making money online
  • Downline-Upline method 
  • Not recommended for a long-term business 
  • Temporary/short-term perspective
  • Lack of micro management


We are already done with the Shaklee reviews. With everything that was said, I cannot recommend you to join this kind of multi level marketing company, although this is not a scam. It is because of the downline upline method that they applied in their business model.

If we ran out of recruits or we cannot find any recruits, our investment here will just be almost good for nothing. Moreover, other consumers can also buy similar products of Shaklee but on a cheaper price. 

Alternatively, we can try the Wealthy Affiliate for free and just try to test it for free. Examine if this is really good for you. If yes, you can try premium and earn more money. But I tell you, this is the best make money online opportunity, do not let it go to waste.

4 thoughts on “The Shaklee reviews – Is this worthy of an investment?”

  1. I’m always looking for new investment and after reading your post, I can safely say I’ll be passing on Shaklee haha. Kind of gives me a “itworks” vibe. Definitely not saying those types of products are bad but one thing companies like that going for them is a solid foundation. I think people are always looking for the next big thing before it happens and I’ve heard of Shaklee but after reading the review, I think I’ll pass. Very informative read!

    1. Hi Corey, 

      the product can be excellent but that’s all. This is not the best way to earn money. I have my own experience with those type of companies and its all about your willingness and desire to be a salesperson. Not everybody can do face to face selling. Internet marketing offers a much better opportunity and for everyone no matter what is your background or how much money you do have in your pocket :)

  2. Shaklee products sound very amazing. Dealing in the spheres of health and domestic living is a plus for the brand. More so, I love the fact that the products are organic ones. Organic is the way to go for an enhanced healthy living. 

    Also, the business aspect of the Shaklee product is amazing, although MLM is not a typical business model for many people because of the fact that many prospects find it difficult to preach a brand. Nevertheless, courageous marketers will make a fortune through the MLM model of these products likewise distributors who get the products at the retail price. 

    A major factor that moves products like this is the efficacy of product and cost of it. If these two factors are customer friendly, then the success of investors likewise marketers knows no bound. 

    Finally, this article portrays the Shaklee products as promising. I am bookmarking it to have a deep thought on venturing into the MLM aspect of it. 

    1. Hey there, thanks for stopping by,

      I am a fan of healthy living as well and I agree that the quality of Shaklee products is there. That’s a trump card in their hands. Everybody can be a member of Shaklee and enjoy their products personally. But if we are talking about making money with Shaklee is not that easy as it seems to be. 

      Of course, if you are having strong selling skills that might be something for you :) 

      Wish you best of luck 

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