the six figure mentors scam

The six-figure mentors, scam or legit?

The six-figure mentors cannot be undermined in our online making money endeavour. They profess to educate individuals around the globe how to make money on the web with the use of computers and internet connection.  

the six figure mentors scam

Indeed the concept is okay, but the idea behind it is trickish and scamming. This pyramid scheme is very expensive with various upgrades that cost from $29.95 to over $20,000.

Their training packages are capital intensive and overpriced. It highlights showcase all the relevant elements of a pyramid scheme. The six-figure mentor is a gradual process of extorting their clients from one level of upgrades to another with a price tag. 

Brief Details About Six Figure Mentors

Product Name: The six figure mentors


Founders: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Price: $29.95 to $20,000

Recommended: NO

How Does it Works?

It involves the claim of learning how to make money online through coaching, and also by advertising their program. Indeed The six figure mentors scam is real. It works in such a way that you are actually learning how to promote their own product (The Six Figure Mentors) to other people in order to earn. This implies that, the founders and the mentors do not teach you the nitty-gritty of making money online. 

This means that, if you are unable to recruit people into the system then you do not earn and you cannot make money. This system undermines the participants and favors the founders. At the lower level, you earn commission through membership fees, business tools, and application. While at the other levels your mentor encourages you to keep on upgrading in order to be successful. Mind you these upgrades are not free, very expensive. 

Why The six figure mentors is not recommended 

  • Firstly, you earn the commission from the recruits of your downline which buttress the multi-level marketing feature. There are no physical products to sell at all level. So tell me, if there is no product for sale, and there are no services to render, how then can you make money online? The founders are out to swindle people of their money.
  • Secondly, another reason why The six figure mentors scam is that the membership price is outrageous. It is very expensive. It can cost a whopping sum of money. All levels package cost $20,000, and you, in turn, earn 10 percent commission by selling their own product to people who care to buy. The Six Figure Mentors is not online money making venture and can never be. It is a medium of extorting naive individuals of their cash. Do not be move by the fantastic write-ups on their webpage.
  • Thirdly, at the third level called Digital Experts Academy (DEA) levels, there is no product. All is required is to invest your hard earn money worth $20,000 to meet and hang out with the founders of this scam program. The question I ask if you invest this large sum of money and get 10 percent returns, who get the 90 percent? The six figure mentors scam is real and you should avoid them by all possible means.

My Opinion on The six figure mentor

There is no doubt that everyone individual around the globe has their own opinion. But one cannot undermine the opinion of others when there is glaring truth. The following are some of the reason why I do not recommend Six Figure Mentors to Anybody. 

The learning process

Their training process is poor. The system does not educate the participants on how to make money online. Instead, it teaches all members same process to recruits people into the program. They do not teach how to create a product or provide services.

Outrageous membership price

You spend from $29.95 to $20,000 to get a membership. This is just to promote the same product you paid for. There are several upgrades that you need to pay at all levels. Also, you pay an annual fee of $2500 for the Elite level. 

No Personal website

Imagine, after paying this huge amount of money, there is no website to promote or kick-start your business. You are continually glued with the founders.

They only have done for you affiliate page that advertises their own products. In order words, you are building their business by recruiting other people.

The six-figure mentors Founders

There is nothing outstanding about the cofounders of this fake online money making venture. They are fond of running a fake site (Pro U or Carbon Copy Pro) for money-making ventures. Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross have nothing to offer you. Except acting as a mentor to recruit you into The six-figure mentors program, and therefore instruct you to do same.

They do not have what it takes to coach and lecture individuals on how to make money online in a genuine way. Both founders are the brain behind DEA, which is the most expensive sales in SFM. If they claim the system is real, why are they charging so high?

Why would they promote packages that worth $20,000? Why would a participant get 10%, where does the remaining 90% goes? The mentors are not trustworthy and they have a questionable character.


There is no merit or benefits with this program. Beware and avoid this product. Do not throw you’re hard earned money to some individuals who promote a fake product.


  • It is very expensive
  • It is misleading
  • There is no proof you can really earn money 
  • The viability and authenticity of this product is unknown 
  • It only favours the admins
  • It is exploitative in nature.

If you are tired of the scams and searching for a good and safe opportunity to earn money I have good news for you!

you can start your own online business right now. But let me inform you it will take time and effort. If you are serious about building online business remember there is no shortcut and get-rich-scheme. 

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My Final Note

The six figure mentors is not for thouse who really want to know how to make money online and create teir own business. It is a pyramid scheme and is not credible. This system further enriches the founders. Like most of MLM companies

It is a continuous scam. The various upgrades will make your pocket go dry. Remember the core essence of online money making venture, is to maximize profit, not perpetual spending.

The six figure mentors have nothing to offer you. Seek a more reliable and viable alternative way of making money online. 

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