USANA Health Sciences Review

The USANA reviews are not the best! Another MLM Scam or Legit?

Hello everyone! Welcome to my unbiased review about USANA Health Sciences, Inc. Is USANA a legit multi level marketing company? Or is it just another scam pyramid scheme, which is in disguise as a multi level marketing company? 

As a matter of fact, that is indeed a good question for someone who is very serious in investing real money and time to such things. Well, you are in the right place for you to know the answer that you are looking for! 

Before anything else, I would like to congratulate you for a great job in doing first your research before you invest everything in this company.

It would be such a waste if you have already invested your time and money and later on discover that the make money online company you joined is just nothing but a scam. 

USANA Health Sciences Review

The USANA Health Sciences review

Product Name: USANA Health Sciences


Founders: Myron W. Wentz, Ph.D

Price: $29.95 compulsory welcome kit and + $100+ per month for further product purchases!

Recommended: This is not the best make money opportunity

Today, we will talk about the 2 similar ways in make money online field, which are the multi level marketing and the pyramid scheme. The MLM is legally accepted in our laws while the pyramid scheme, on the other hand, is illegal.

There are already lots of companies that are very interested in Multi level marketing due to its kind of business model. Also, it requires lesser effort for the founders of the company since the company itself will just expand by its own with the help of its non-employee distributors or just commonly known as the sales associates. While the Pyramid scheme is very rampant, it is illegal in the eyes of our laws.

Now, let us talk about the USANA. We are wondering how effective their products could be that they are already very famous in the medicine market nowadays and how their business model works. Join me as we dig deeper in the USANA reviews.

What is USANA?

The USANA Health Sciences, Incorporated, or just commonly known as the USANA, is a multi level marketing company, which is based in Utah. Their products are mainly about nutritional products, dietary supplements, skin care products, and other supplements rich in vitamins and minerals.

As a matter of fact, their products are not found in common retail stores, markets, or even drugstores. We may only be able to buy and find these products from their own independent distributors or as we all know them, the sales associates. Essentially, they are just the salesperson of a typical multi level marketing company.

Furthermore, we can also buy their products through direct contact with the company. But, it will take time buying their products since it will still be under a “pre order” method. 

USANA is extending...

As of the year 2014, the company already had 349,000 active Associates and another 81,000 active Preferred Customers in their multi level marketing system. Those numbers are still increasing until today because this company is considered to have the best products in the nutritional supplements field. 

The company is currently looking to extend its borders worldwide. That is why, their products are currently marketed in many countries such as: United States, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, United Kingdom, Philippines, France, Mexico, Singapore, and a lot more. 

USANA have their own mission where they promise to create and develop a very high quality product that is solely based on science since it would be distributed internationally. 

Despite the success of USANA, they also faced lawsuits along the way. It was on year 2007, when Barry Minkow submitted a 500 page report to the officials, accusing that the USANA Health Sciences, Inc. is operating an illegal pyramid scheme. But, USANA countered Barry Minkow’s report by lodging suits to Minkow and his company claiming defamation and stock manipulation.

Who is the owner of USANA?

USANA was first founded by Myron W. Wentz, Ph.D. in the year 1992 at West Valley City, Utah. At the age of 79 years old, he is already a visionary, scientist, philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. 

He is a globally renowned scientist and is well known for his outstanding work in developing human cell culture technology and the diagnosis of infectious disease. Also, he designed and built a superior nutrition system, which is perfect for the human body in a cellular level. With that, he was awarded in 2007 with the Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Life Sciences.

Dr. Wentz got his first Bachelor of Science degree major in Biology at North Central College and had his MS in microbiology at the University of North Dakota. At the University of Utah, Dr. Wentz received his PhD in microbiology specializing the immunology. 

Dr. Myron Wentz
Dr. Myron Wentz believes that the core values needed in USANA are: Excellence, Community, Integrity, and Health.

With excellence, they want their products to be superb and of top notch, never settle for less. USANA would love to support the communities either locally or globally. Integrity is always needed, and they choose to do what is both ethical and beneficial to everyone. And lastly, health is very important to us, that is why they made their products to help us. 

While he believes that nutrition is the best way to maintain good health, Dr. Wentz knew that the people needs more than just good nutrition to recover their health. With that, he also founded the Sanoviv Medical Institute, which is located in Baja, California.

What are the USANA's products?

USANA’s products are divided into 4 categories: the NutritionSkincareWeight Management, and Energy. There are lots of products for every category and all of them may go hand in hand. It means that if you take 1 capsule from the nutrition category products, there is no side effect when you take another 1 capsule from an energy category product. 

Why is that even possible?

We know that some supplements or vitamin capsules react to another supplement or capsule if taken simultaneously. That is because the components present in these capsules are not herbal or contains elements that would have chemical reaction to another element. 

USANA on the other hand, it capsule only contains herbal ingredients. With that, there will be no chemical reactions or any side effects as you take 2 or more capsules simultaneously.

The USANA Health Sciences, Inc. is very proud to say that their products are of world class. I, myself, would also believe that because of these 4 main reasons. 

First, USANA already has a lot of patented products. Once you patent a product, the said product will be yours and will not be available in the market unless you are the one who will sell it.

Second, USANA is being rated by a nutritional supplement study as the Top Nutritional Supplement Company. 

Third, USANA is being advertised and is trusted by thousands of athletes all around the world. These athletes not only advertise and trust USANA, but they also use them in their daily lives as their nutritional or dietary supplement.

And lastly, USANA was rated by BBB or the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. BBB is a trusted nonprofit organization that reviews and accepts complains about a certain company.

the USANA reviews

How does USANA works?

Unlike other MLM companies that would almost focus on recruiting, USANA is a lot more different. USANA will only work if we get to sell their products and inviting or recruiting other people is just optional. We get to choose between the 2 methods in getting part of USANA.

Preferred Customer

The first technique in investing at USANA is by being a USANA Preferred Customer. This kind of method is very applicable to anyone that does really want to start a business with USANA and at the same time would love to use the products for daily consumption. USANA products are good for our health since it contains vitamins and minerals that our body needs. 

One perk of being a preferred customer is that we get to have a 10% discount as we purchase a USANA product from its original price. With that, we can sell the product at the original price or a little bit lower than the original price depending on our strategy in getting more customers. 

Another perk of being a preferred customer is that we get an additional 10% discount if we purchase from them at an “auto order” method. Auto order means that you will have to automatically purchase their product every month and they will be the ones to process it monthly. 

Hence, we will receive a total of 20% discount from its original price if we become a preferred customer. Now that would be an interesting business since we get to sell our products at any price you want.

The USANA reviews
Usana Associate

The second technique in investing at USANA is to be the company’s Associate or a salesperson. This kind of method works if we want to earn more money while sharing the idea and recruiting friends or anyone into the company. While we get to buy the products for our business and daily consumption, we may invite friends or other people and basically earn with the commissions. Being a USANA associate is a bit more advantageous than by just being a preferred customer. It is because we get to have the perks given to the ones who just want to be preferred customers and at the same time, we get to invite and help others to become a USANA associate. As they become an associate, they also become your downline and earn commissions from their own sales.

The usana reviews

How to make money with USANA?

There are actually 2 things to do in order to earn money in USANA. First, sell products directly and earn profit with it. Second, help our downlines to sell their own products and recruit other people.

For every sale done, may it be your own sales or from your downlines, you will earn points along with the commissions and these points will then be converted to cash. Earning commissions via our downlines may sound a bit of a pyramid scheme but let us not confuse USANA as a pyramid scheme. USANA has real products and the Associates will not be able to earn points if a product is not sold. As a result, we will not earn money by just plainly recruiting. We must sell the products in order to earn money. That is the real way in multi level marketing. 

What are the income streams of USANA?

There are 6 income streams that are present in the multi level marketing of USANA: retail sales, weekly commissions, lifetime matching bonus, incentives, leadership bonus, and elite bonus. All of these ways will generate us income that will surely compensate our investment.


Out of the 6 income streams, the retail sales is the fastest way to earn money. With all our knowledge in buy and sell, we can profit as much as we can as we sell USANA products. It is doable in all selling platforms like in online, in person, in a meeting, and a lot more.


The weekly commissions are just basically the points we earned in a week, from our left and right downlines’ sales. Every week, we may be able to exchange our points for real money.


As we help our downlines achieve certain goals within a span of time, they are eligible to earn a special rank called the “premier pacesetter”. With that, we will receive an additional percentage commission from the sales of the said downlines forever as long as we are both qualified.


Just like a normal company, USANA also has incentives. They host a variety of contests for their members and give out incentives and rewards, which includes luxury travels, cars, and even bonus cash.


In order to get the leadership bonus, we need to get to the rank of Gold Director or any higher rank. With that, we will receive weekly profit shares from USANA itself.


The elite bonus is achievable if we become the top earner in the company. The higher the rank we get, the more additional commissions we earn.

Usana compensation plan


USANA Health Sciences, Inc. is definitely not a scam. Although it introduces recruiting and commissions earned from it, USANA is NOT a pyrmid scheme in disguise. They introduce high quality nutritional supplements into the market. Also, it is not mainly about recruiting because you will not earn anything if you will not be able to sell something. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best multi level marketing company nowadays.

Despite its success, there are a few flaws in this kind of business model. The ones at the top are the only ones who earn a lot more than expected. Basically, we need to rank up in order to get more money. Ranking up, on the other hand, will take a lot of time. Time vs money is very important to us. We do not want to waste time to things that offer less in a huge amount of time. 

Also, USANA is a very expensive thing to invest in. A payment of $29.95 is needed for the welcome kit and a $100+ per month for further product purchases. Since we wanted to earn big, we also have to invest big.

Are there any cheaper ways to earn big?

Yes there are a lot of ways that are cheaper compared USANA’s MLM, and that is the affiliate marketing. A legit MLM company will indeed give you a big amount of income but you will also have to invest a big amount too. But, there are other kinds of marketing which would not involve such money to be spent in order to earn big or have a face to face selling or even recruiting other people. 

What I am talking about is the Affiliate Marketing. It is a type of performance based marketing where a company will pay one or more affiliate once a customer was brought to the company by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. 

There are already lots of people earning big time in this kind of make money online opportunity. In this kind of marketing strategy, there will be no typical downline upline system, no direct selling, and most specially you get to pick whatever niche your heart and brain really wants.

One of the best affiliate marketing startups is located in Wealthy Affiliate. It is the leading company in Affiliate Marketing industry and has been innovating and propeling the make money online industry. 

In Wealthy Affiliate, a starter membership is free for those who want to test the surroundings of the Affiliate Industry. On the other hand, premium log in is very well recommended for everyone, who wants to earn big and are really interested in being an Affiliate. 

As you sign up, everything that an affiliate would need is already provided. All you need to have is the 3 factors of life; patience, time, and effort.


Since we have already finished the USANA reviews, I will recommend this kind of business opportunity only if you have the confidence to do a good sales talk. Otherwise, it is not advisable because you will have a hard time selling your products and even recruiting friends to be your downlines.

Instead, you can absolutely invest your time and very small money in Wealthy Affiliate. Join now and be an Affiliate from the world’s leading company, the Wealthy Affiliate.

4 thoughts on “The USANA reviews are not the best! Another MLM Scam or Legit?”

  1. I must commend you for taking your time to share this review because you must have done a lot of research. Usana’ s features is quite convincing but I don’t think it is the best for someone like me who didn’t know how to advertise to make sales and since you said it’s not the best making money opportunity ,I think I will be going for the one you think it’s best , I will be looking forward to your reply on the one you think it’s best to venture in.

    1. Hi, 

      thanks for your contribution! 

      My number one recommendation is building your own business and sell the product that you don’t have to store anywhere or sale face to face. I am talking about Affiliate marketing business model. If you are interested, you can join a training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. You can join them for free and go thru the first ten training to see if this is something you want to do. 

      Wish you best of luck

  2. Thanks so very much for providing us with such a detailed and helpful review of USANA. I have had my reservations that USANA is indeed a pyramid.scheme. Much of that had come from hearsay. I am grateful that after having read your review, you have finally put that topic at rest.

    However, from a personal standpoint, I am someone who shuns away from the recruiting business model. I like your recommendation of affiliate marketing. It sounds like a business concept where there is less confrontation. I like the fact that Wealthy Affiliate offers one a free trial.

    Thanks for all the help.



    1. Hi Roopesh, 

      I am not a big fan of MLM. Affiliate marketing is much better. You choose the product that you like and want to sell. Wealthy Affiliate is worth trying as you said they are offering FREE membership with training and some useful tools. 

      Wish you all the best!

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