Wealth academy scam or legit

Wealth Academy Review: Is it a SCAM or LEGIT? Earn $8,000 a day?

Wealth Academy is a platform that offers training courses for affiliate marketing, promising to uncover all the secrets about earning up to $8,000 a day with their step-by-step guide. Would you like to know more about Wealth Academy? Well, in this review I will reveal the truth!

Are you a newbie who would love to learn about affiliate marketing and how to make money online? I'm glad you are reading this post now because I would like to open your eyes to affiliate marketing and the companies that provide courses on this subject.

Wealth academy scam or legit

Wealth Academy Review 2019

Product Name: Wealth Academy

Website: https://wealthacademy.click

Founders: Richard, last name unknown

Training updates: NO. The latest information is coming from 2015, a lot of training from 2013

System improvement: NO

Price Special offer July 2019 - $37 for unlimited, lifelong access. Usual price $24 

Upsells: Yes, up to $200

Recommended: NO

What is Wealth Academy about?

First of all, let me make something clear before we start talking about Wealth Academy. We are reviewing Wealth Academy with a .click extension. And this domain has nothing to do with the Wealth Academy that has a .com or any other extension.

Well, a domain name itself tells me how defectively they named their business. See our post: "How to name the business". As well, this is the first red flag right at the beginning!

So let's take a look at this company.

This is an online training platform for affiliate marketers, which promise you to get rich quickly. By registering with them, they assure you of starting making money right away. Sometimes even up to $8,000 a day, which is nearly 3 milion dollars a year.

Their main goal is to attract newbies, so:

  • You don't need to have any technical skills
  • No budget for advertising
  • No need to spend endless hours on your computer
  • Wealth Academy Scam

    What is inside Wealth Academy?

    You will find the following content with a note: "Revealing the secret tricks for making six figures with Amazon"

      • What amazon.com all about
      • How do you make money with Amazon as an affiliate
      • Why Amazon affiliate marketing is your best choice
      • Picking a hot Amazon niche
      • Selecting some hot products to promote
      • Creating product-oriented content
      • Creating your Amazon associates account
      • Linking Amazon affiliate links
      • Promoting your Amazon AW
      • Building an Amazon affiliate empire the right way
      • Amazon native shopping ads
      • Embedding an Amazon affiliate empire the right way
      • Embedding an Amazon store into Facebook
      • Other Amazon affiliate marketing strategies to consider.

    At the beginning of their video, they offer you brand new way to make money online from just one cash-rich website. You can access this site right now and start seeing results immediately. Basically, they are talking about Amazon. However, their method is not a brand new way.

    The exact same content was found in the Smart Money Methods company, which may be created by the same person. This company cannot be found on the market or clickbank anymore, but you can still find their review in Google. It tells me that Wealth Academy uses short-term strategies to earn money and this is not a long-lasting, trustworthy company. All they do is create new companies and rebrand them. The content will always be the same, and very outdated.

    How does it work?

    The system offers the possibility to learn how to earn money on Amazon mainly by using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You have training for each of those social media sites. However, please notice now it's July 2019 and a lot of their training is from 2013. The most up-to-date course is from 2015.

    Just think how many times a year, Google changes the algorithm. Same is with affiliate marketing. Only updated training can help you stay on the same track. You cannot be successful by applying a five-year-old theory into practice. Moreover, earning $8,000 a day with an old method? Impossible.

    All of the courses are outdated, and Wealth Academy doesn't provide any secret tricks on how to make money with Amazon.

    Nowadays, you can find a lot of useful information from sources like YouTube, blogs, Quora, and absolutely for free. A lot of successful affiliate marketers are ready to share with you the best tips on how to earn money in their videos. So no need to spend a penny on this program!

    Who is behind Wealth Academy?

    The founder of this company is Richard. He is married to Linda and they have two daughters, Jessica and Scarlet. They live in Boise, Idaho. At least this is what is mentioned in his video.

    After doing some research, I haven't even found this guy on Facebook. For the person who knows how important social media is to business, it's quite bizarre.

    Let's say you do have a company that provides affiliate marketing courses and you know very well how to drive traffic; would you be opening accounts and promoting this great training to others? Oh, I also forgot to mention that in his video he said this was a limited offer and very few people are using this system right now. But what about his statement where he wants to give access to everyone at an affordable price and help people change their lives? I guess that's not his main purpose. Half of the information that he provides in a video is nonsense!

    How much it cost to join Wealth Academy?

    My first reserach and Review of Wealth Academy were made in November 2018. That timethe price was only $3 for having a life long access. Price before discount was around $24

    Wealth Academy Price

    However now we are at the end of July 2019, video still tells us about $24, but a special offer now is $37. That's bizarre, and for that, I give another red flag.

    Wealth Academy review

    What Can be improved?

    In one word: everything.

    Content and training should be updated for 2019 and half of the information in that video should be removed as they over exaggerate and it's outdated.

    If you want to know what is affiliate marketing and how to get started have a look at our post. 


    Wealth Academy is a SCAM with one little plus.

    They promise to provide you with secret know-how on how to make money, without any hard work. The training is outdated and includes some basic information on how to make money with amazon.

    It is impossible to earn money on the spot in the affiliate marketing business. So definitely earning $1,000 in the first month, $2,000 in the second month is impossible.

    This is not a complete SCAM as you can find some real training on their platform. However, it's outdated. The similar even better information you can find any time in Google, Youtube or elsewhere.

    Therefore I do not recommend this product!

    The PROS of Wealth Academy:

    • Basic Training

    The CONS of Wealth Academy:

    • Unknown founder
    • Unrealistic earnings
    • Expensive upsells
    • Outdated training
    • Lacks the appropriate tools to be used in Affiliate Marketing


    It's not a question of $37, $24 or $3. If you want to earn, you have to invest.

    Its a question of outdated and inaccurate training that won't bring you a single penny. All you will do here is waste your money and precious time.

    Wealth Academy doesn't have a brand new system that helps to earn money in affiliate marketing. With the information they provide, you cannot earn $8,000, maybe not even $8 a year.

    After joining this training platform, a lot of newbies can be absolutely disappointed with affiliate marketing. However, notice that affiliate marketing nowadays is one of the most lucrative online businesses out there. You need proper training and a useful guide.

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