wealthy affiliate review in 2018

Wealthy Affiliate review in 2018 – Can you trust this company?

When I started searching for the opportunities to make money online, I was very sceptical. There were a lot of companies promising me a daily income, from hundreds to thousands of dollars. I thought, “if that’s true, then why are so many people still struggling? If it’s so easy to earn money, everybody would do it!” The truth is the exact opposite. There is no affiliate company or program that can make you rich in one day. Wealthy Affiliate is one of those companies that is not making any empty or shiny promises, and this is what I like about them. They simply teach you how to build and run a new business. So, how is the Wealthy Affiliate review in 2018 and can you trust this company?


The Wealthy Affiliate review in 2018

Company name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Founders: Kyle & Carson

Year of foundation: 2005

Number of members: 1.200,000+ from 195 countries

Training updates: About 750 per year

System improvement: About 150 per year

Price: The membership is free! A premium membership is $49 per month or $349 per year.

Recommended: YES

Personal experience: I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

Wealthy Affiliate review in 2018

Let’s dig it deeply Wealthy Affiliate review in 2018

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform that helps people build their business in affiliate marketing. It’s great for newbies. Inexperienced people can learn, from the beginning, how affiliate marketing works, and how to create a lucrative business without having any product to sell.

Being an experienced affiliate marketer, you can find a lot of new training and interesting posts from top experts. You can join the live training and participate in live chats and live interaction with other members. More than 32,000 interactions per day are monitored on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. According to the statistic, you will get your answer within just a couple of minutes.

The Wealthy Affiliate is not only about training, but they also provide you with important marketing tools that you can use for free.

How does it work?

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all-inclusive training from A to Z on how to start, run and grow successful businesses in affiliate marketing.


Before starting an online business, I was not sure about my niche, and I had no idea what type of business I wanted to start. After the first few lessons, I realized that it’s easier than I thought. You can pick up any interest, idea or hobby, and turn it into a profitable business.

At this point, you might have a question. How can I monetize a hobby?

Let me give you a real example…

Let’s say that you love fishing. You can start a website that will be reviewing relevant products like fishing rods, chairs, winches or fishing clothing. At the same time, you can also write about topics such as “Fishing tips for beginners,” “Fishing tools and equipment,” “Fishing methods and devices,” and many other topics.

The first step is a keyword search.

For example, you want to write a blog about fishing rod holders. You will enter this keyword in Jaxxy, which is a free tool in Wealthy Affiliate platform and see the results:

keywords research tool


As you can see, it’s a great keyword and has on average:

  • 4830 searches per month
  • Your potential traffic would be 822 visitors
  • Your competition is 149. This means that 149 people are ranking for this
  • SEO – 87 out of 100. You have a higher chance to rank on the first page of Google.

However, for the new website what I recommend is going with the keyword that has less than 100 competitors. Once your web page has authority, you can go after a keyword with higher competition.

So the next keyword should be something more specific. Let’s say fishing rod holders for boats.

Keywords research tool

  • 847 searches per month
  • 144 potential visitors
  • 77 competitors
  • SEO – 92

This is a very good keyword you should go after.

Based on this simple example, you will be doing deeper research and will be able to find literally hundreds of new keywords and write good content about them.

The Wealthy affiliate platform will guide you on how to:

1. Choose a niche

2. Register a domain name

3. Create a website

4. Optimize your website for the search engines

5. Writing SEO friendly content

6. Join affiliate programs

7. Get indexed and ranked in search engines

8. Drive organic traffic to your website

9. Earn money

Free membership VS premium membership – Wealthy Affiliate review in 2018

Wealthy Affiliate gives you two options to join their platform.

The first option is opening a lifelong free account without even providing a payment card. You will have:

  • The chance to register two domains, hosting, and website backup
  • Access to the 12 templates on WordPress
  • Access to the great keyword research tool Jaxxy, with the option to do 30 searches a day
  • Live chat + 1-on-1 coaching for the first seven days
  • Access to the first ten step-by-step training videos
  • Possibility to access to the first ten training sessions in affiliate boot camp, including step-by-step videos
  • Access to two training classrooms
  • The chance to interact and live chat with the community
  • Affiliate program

Your second option is a Premium membership. The first month you can have a special discount of $19, and then pay $49 per month or $349 per year, and it includes:

  • Registering up to 25 domains & 25 free websites with hosting
  • Website backup & security
  • Access to more than 2,500 templates on WordPress
  • Live chat + 1on1 coaching + private messaging
  • 50 lessons on Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • 70 lessons on Affiliate Boot Camp training
  • Access to all training classrooms
  • Keyword research tool including, site ranking, my keyword list, search analytic, alphabet soup, brainstorm HQ, affiliate program search, and niche keyword list
  • Affiliate program with higher payout
  • 24/7 help centre
  • Feedback platform and comment platform
  • Live events and many more

Training platform & Marketing Tools

Within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you will be able to attend a beneficial training.

The first ten lessons will walk you through the basic process of starting an online affiliate marketing business with the goal of generating revenue. You will be discovering the entire process of earning money on the internet step-by-step.

Wealthy affiliate training platform

The second group of lessons are great for learning how to drive organic traffic to your website. What can be better than generating organic traffic and not paying for the ads? By applying all the tips from the lesson to the practice, you will be able to capture highly relevant traffic to your specific niche.

Wealthy Affiliate training

What about marketing tools?

On the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you can find all the basic tools you need, and they are all included in your premium membership.

  • One of the most important marketing tools is a keyword research platform. If you are already a website owner and running your business, surely you are using a keyword research tool. At the lowest, you must be paying around $49 for a basic account and up to $100 for an average. The Wealthy Affiliate gives you the option to use their keyword research tool called Jaxxy free of cost. Let’s do a simple calculation: $49/month for a research keyword tool OR $49/month for research keyword tools and a bunch of premium membership advantages.


  • The next very important thing is that Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a great hosting service. Yes, if you are thinking about companies who provide hosting for free, also consider the quality of their services and what exactly they are providing. Just have a look at everything that is included.
web hosting comparison chart
  • Once your website is up and running, you might also be interested in seeing ranking results. For that reason, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a website ranking tool. You can track up to 100 scans for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Website ranking tool


Who is behind Wealthy Affiliate

This company was settled in 2005 by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim in Canada.

Kyle is well-known for the training that he creates. He is very active on the platform, and you can reach him personally on a daily basis. He started his online business while attending college for computer science. After working hard, within the first six months, he started earning from $70 a month up to $10,000 dollars. Within the first year, he became fully financially independent.

Carson is very passionate about design and everything it involves. He loves turning simple ideas into a real and beneficial process. The best thing about Kyle & Carson is that they are reachable on a daily basis and always ready to help you personally!

I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s a huge bonus. Kyle & Carson live and breathe by their company. It’s very important for their own success and the success of their clients.


Founders of Wealthy Affiliate company


What can be improved? – Wealthy Affiliate review in 2018

Nothing can be perfect, and even if it’s perfect for me, you might have a different opinion. Actually, everything depends on what are you searching for.

Training on the website design

For me personally, the only thing I would like to see improved is more training about website design. People love with their eyes. Nice designs will always catch your readers’ attention. What I saw inside the Wealthy Affiliate training, is that people often struggle with their website design.

You will get basic training on how to make a menu, and use the widgets, but if you want your site to be more modern, you have to do a bit of research. However, the positive thing about this is that you can find the answers within the WA community. You can also get feedback from other members, and exchange comments on each other’s sites.

What about experienced affiliate marketers?

Some people say that Wealthy affiliate is not good enough for experienced affiliate marketers. Is this platform mainly for newbies?

Actually, yes, this is a great platform for newbies that lack basic knowledge about how to open or run a business. By using the Wealthy Affiliate guide and applying the training to your website, you can earn six figures a month.

So what about experienced marketers? If you’re a successful affiliate marketer, you probably won’t be searching for a new platform. Some of the reasons you’re searching for it is that you’re not successful enough, you still have questions, or you’re just searching for a proper guide. So, the reason this platform is good for you is that you have an all-inclusive training that might clear up some important steps for you.

Experienced affiliate marketers are usually searching for an opportunity to improve their business and to drive more traffic. The most sought after is paid traffic. However, without the proper knowledge on how to create effective text ads, you might be wasting your money. If you want to be an expert with ads, the best place to learn about them is “Google Academy for Ads.” You can join their free training and earn a certificate.


If you’re worried about getting scammed by sketchy companies, the Wealthy Affiliate is a safe option. It is a legitimate platform to be a part of. And as you see wealthy affiliate review in 2018 is really good

Would you like to start your own online business? If so, I will be glad to navigate and motivate you personally!

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I will be more than happy to answer them.




6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate review in 2018 – Can you trust this company?”

  1. Great to see your post on Wealthy Affiliate, I searched for the right place to build my website and maybe make a few dollars or at least enough to cover the expense costs of a website.  That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate and am I glad to have found it.  I’ve learned so much and I’ve been able to create my websites at an incredible low price compared to others.  Thanks for the post with such great information.

    1. Hi and thank you for stopping by…

      I think nowadays with lot of scams around, its unbelievable to get something for free… 

      therefore I want to show people that there are possibilities…. you can build a FREE website have a FREE hosting and even get for FREE a great bunch of lessons on how to build your online business and drive an organic traffic. 

      I am glad you found this post useful :)

      Wish you a lot of success!

  2. Wow–I really agree with everything you wrote here! WA is a great program. While you can have a free membership, I think if you are really serious about trying to make something of yourself online, the premium level is essential. I would not be even close to the level I’m at if it weren’t for the premium support.

    I also agree with your negatives–well, the first one anyway. As for being a newbie platform vs. experienced…..I’m a newbie so I can’t say I mind too much. ;) But I DEFINITELY agree that more web design training would help!

    1. Hi Holly, 

      thank you for your opinion. I think a Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best training programs if you compare what they are offering vs. money you have to pay. 

      It’s great that Kyle and Carson are working hard on the business and I think web design training will be a question of time :)

      Have a beautiful day and wish you a lot of success. 

  3. Hi There,

    I really like how comprehensive your review is about WA.

    I completely agree with you that WA is a very safe option. I have checked out other Affiliate Marketing programs. Some of them require you to attend a long webinar where you hear interviews from people about how they became millionaires after drowning in debt, but they do not disclose all of the material facts. Some of them require you to pay a fee to get more information and then you find out that there are constant  upsells or that you need to spend more money. I am sure some of those programs work too, but WA seems to be the most straightforward to me. WA is upfront about all of their costs, training etc. WA also does not try to upsell products to you or send out spam.

    What I also like about WA is the amount of support you get from people. There are so many people who started off from scratch and are now really successful & are more than happy to help other newcomers succeed.

    Great article.

    I wish you all the best :)


    1. Hi Vik, 

      thank you for stopping by and for your opinion! 

      Wealthy Affiliate review will be always outstanding because it’s really one of the best learning platforms. Before joining them I have faced the same offers with upgrades. And sometimes you really don’t know what to expect. First, you have to pay and then you can join a training and see how does it work. And what if you invest 1000 dollars and then you are not satisfied? You will continue searching for something better. 

      Wealthy Affiliate you can join for free without any payment cart and with so many bonuses already… nowadays everybody wants money in advance or straight on the spot and nobody want you to try their product first. The main reason is that they are not sure themselves about their quality… 

      Wealthy Affiliate community is really great and always happy to help you, this is incredible!

      Wish you a nice day and a lot of success!!!

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