what is acn about

What Is ACN About? $499 Start-up Fees? Review

What is ACN about? Another MLM scam? A legit business opportunity?

If you are here because you are interested in ACN Networking but primarily worried about it being a pyramid scheme, I am glad to provide you with my thorough review of this company.

Many MLMs have turned out to be scams so doubts will always be there. There's truly no forgiveness for companies out to compromise people's future by scamming them.

I, for one, am glad that you have A LOT of doubts about ACN Networking. Doubts can prevent you from being fooled by scams.

A little bit of suspicion makes sure you do not lose money just because you are hoping to earn some extra.

After reviewing many MLM companies, I realized that most victims are not entirely blame-free. Most fall for sweet promises of high earnings without doing research. That is simply being careless. 

I am grateful that you do not plan to be a victim. To help you out, I'll give you everything I know of ACN Networking. Know that I am in no way affiliated with this company, so everything I will share here is very neutral. I'll tell you if it is a legit earning opportunity
or another scam. Let's go

what is acn about

ACN Review

Product Name: ACN Networking

Website: https://acn.com/us-en/homepage

Founders: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz

Price: $499 

Scam or Legit: Legit, but it's not the best way to earn money

What is ACN about?

ACN Networking was founded in 1993 in Concord, North Carolina as American Communications Network. The name was formally shortened to ACN when the business expanded abroad.

Yes, it is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. No, this does not immediately make it a scam. If only it is easy to say whether a business opportunity is real or not, right?

Who are the ACN Owners?

ACN is the brainchild of four entrepreneurs  -Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz.  The four had one thing in common - the years and years of experiences they have accumulated in direct selling.

All four were not satisfied with what other companies are doing and the job opportunities they had encountered. Because of this burning dissatisfaction, they decided to do the best thing that people in their situation will do (or not) - BUILD THEIR OWN COMPANY! 

On the company's website, the company claimed that it the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services for home and business.

Who could have thought you could be selling something aside from soaps and cosmetics these days? Telecommunications and energy? Is this legit? 

ACN Networking Products

ACN primarily sells residential and business services.

#1 Residential Services

Under the first category of residential services, the company offers home phone services, high-speed internet services, wireless service, Xoom energy (gas services), television services (Dish and DirecTV packages), home security and automation services. 

#2 Business Services

The company also sells business services, including payment and processing services. This covers credit, gift-card, e-checks and e-commerce services.

I will no longer go into detail what each of these services is, because most of them are self-explanatory. However, I will add a video for you to explore what these services are and their price points.

How to Become ACN Independent Business Owner

Unlike the usual MLMs, where you are going to be called a consultant or a distributor, you are an Independent Business Owner (IBO) when you join ACN. 

To become one, you need to pay some fees and sign the ACN individual business owner agreement form. The application fee is $499. The form cannot be submitted until you forked up this hefty fee.  

Once you become an IBO, you are entailed to the following:

1. Your website where you can sell ACN services to potential customers.

2. Work your own hours and select your methods of operation. 

How to Earn as An ACN Independent Business Owner

As an MLM, it can be expected that your earning channels will not be limited to one. You are not merely in the business of buy-and-sell when you join an MLM, after all.

Compared to the usual MLM, however, ACN seems to have a unique compensation plan.  Unlike the usual two ways to earn i most MLMs, ACN offers three ways to make money.  

Personal Residuals 

Personal residual compensation refers to the percentage of income you can make from selling the company's service plans to different customers. Primarily, ACN offers the IBOs from 2%-8% of your customer's total monthly bills. 

If your customers avail of services or packages amounting to 1,000 a month, you will earn 2% of that $1,000. Ideally, that is having a residual income of $20 per month from just one customer. That's quite decent earning!

Team Residuals 

Like normal MLMs, you can earn money from the efforts f the people you recruit to join the company as IBOs as well. If they too can recruit others to become IBOs, then you earn from their recruits as well. 

The company has a 7-level uni plan. Essentially, this means your downlines can reach up (or down?) to the 7th level. Your direct recruits are placed at the first level. Your first level recruits' recruits are placed at the second level. The recruits of the 2nd level recruits are placed at the 3rd level, and so on and so forth. 

The company offers you 0.25% on levels 2-5, 1% on level 6 and 6% on level 7.  That means if you work hard to have your recruits and their recruits keep recruiting people until you reach the 7th level, then your potential earnings can be quite massive.

From 1% at level 6, up to 6% at level 7 is quite a giant leap. It shows that reaching that level might not be easy, even bordering impossible. 

Customer Acquisition Bonuses

The last way you can make money as ACN IBO is through customer acquisition bonuses. These are the one-time, up-front bonus monies you will receive for recruiting new customers to ACN.

There are also some relevant bonuses to pursue. For instance, if you aid a  personal sponsor become a team trainer; you can get rewards ranging from $90 to $275. The amount depends on your leadership rank.

If you wish to become a team trainer, your sponsor should enrol for $499 and then recruit their first 6-8 customers in a specific period only. This is hard work, but if you're up for a challenge, then this might excite you. 

What I like about ACN 

Several reasons are compelling me to recommend this business opportunity.

#1 Long Time in Business

The company has been in existence since 1993. That means it has been operating for 26 years already. It has 1,500 staff under its employ. These are not the IBOs.

ACN is a reputable company in the industry. It is said to be the largest digital sales telecommunications company worldwide. It has operations across 20 countries.  

If I am going to you to recommend you to an MLM, I will certainly push you towards a company with a sense of stability.

#2 ACN services are widely used

I am going to recommend ACN because the services that it is selling are in demand. It is not going to be that difficult for you to sell a package of Internet or television service, because people are using these daily. 

The price points of these services and packages might be the main hindrance that you can meet in making a sale.

#3 Positive BBB Rating

The company is BBB-accredited, which is a good sign for me. It has been given a positive BBB rating too, so that must count for something. 

What I don't like about ACN 

Like most of the MLM companies I already reviewed, ACN has specific problems compelling me to recommend you not to join.

#1 No Income Disclosure

The company has no income disclosure statement. The company is legally allowed not to have this statement since it is based in the United States and a private company. 

However, this is still a red flag for me. The company's main selling point to their recruits is that they can earn high residual income and eventually become financially secure. Given this, the company could at least produce proof of its members are making. It seems shady to me that the company promises excellent earnings but cannot show clearly how much these earnings have been so far for its members. 

#2 High Start-up Costs

$499 for startup fees is steep for me. This amount does not feel like a side hustle already if you are going to pay that amount. 

Instead, it feels like an investment that you have to give a good amount of effort to earn back before you earn profits. 

The ridiculously high amount of fees also make people think they are getting a job back with real income. However, in reality, you are just paying for a chance to start a business. Earnings are still conditional and unsure.

#3 Bordering on becoming a Pyramid Scheme

I will not call it a scam nor a pyramid scheme, but it is increasingly looking like one. One sign that a business opportunity is a mere pyramid scheme is when the company makes the majority of its money from recruits.

Because the company has a range of services that it is selling, I will not call it a pyramid scheme. However, the business requires you to recruit, recruit, and recruit to earn well as opposed to giving you support and training for selling. 

But if more people or IBOs themselves with perceptions that this is a pyramid scheme, then that will make it more difficult for you to recruit. Many people hear the words "MLM" and "downlines," and they run! 

ACN Reviews Complaints - SCAM Exposed?

The company has received several complaints. As early as now, I am going to clarify that these complaints came from the consumer side of things. They are not from the IBOs. While customer complaints are crucial to address, I cannot use them to claim you should not join ACN as IBO.

What do ACN customers complain about?

Based on my research, customers do not like the long wait times they have to endure when trying to transfer services such as the Internet. 

Once installed, the services are often not up to par to what they are expecting. Internet services can be slower, and phone services can be laggier than they expected. In today's world, SLOW INTERNET SERVICES can make people go crazy.

After subjecting them to frustration due to slow services, the cancellation can become a long waiting game as well. If disappointed customers want to cancel, they have to pay some fees, which is why many customers become angrier.

Currently, there are 86 complaints in BBB (Better Business Bureau) Have a look by clicking here

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What is ACN about? Legit or SCAM? FINAL VERDICT

What is ACN? My final verdict is to say that it is not a scam. It is a legitimate company over two decades in existence.

Moreover, unlike MLM scams, ACN has legal services and products that people WANT TO BUY AND USE.

However, it is worth noting that their services have received certain complaints, which can affect how you sell them.

While I am claiming that ACN is not a scam, I am not sure that you can earn great money here. Earning well is not impossible, but it can be tough. Also, because of the steep price you pay to join, you will have a hard time letting this go if you found out it is not for you. Imagine throwing away $499 if you realized you are not able to sell or recruit as well as you thought you could! 

Alternative Earning Method

Since I already said that I do not think you can earn with ACN, unless you pour all your time and efforts into it, then I feel like suggesting an alternative earning method to you.

Granted you have $499 to join ACN, I suggest keeping that first. I assume that you are looking for a side hustle because money is tight and you want to make extra. Keep your money first and try affiliate marketing.

If you do not know what this is, I can tell you right now that it is a great earning opportunity without shelling out absurd fees. It also does not require you to sell or recruit. 

At the basic level, affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. Here, companies reward affiliates for customers they brought in through their marketing efforts. If you become an affiliate, you can work anytime and promote only the products you genuinely BELIEVE IN. 

The most crucial part of starting affiliate marketing is joining the right place where you can learn how to build your business even if you have zero knowledge and skills. You can join Wealthy Affiliate for that. I 100% recommend this. 

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