What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery about?

What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery About? Is it a Scam?

What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery About? You've heard of the affiliate marketing course. Now, you're here to look for answers if it's worth your time and money. Before we get to that…

Welcome to my review of the Affiliate Marketing Mastery!

What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery About

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income. We can summarize the whole scheme into a simple phrase - placing links. Yes, affiliate marketing is a relatively simple way of letting you make money online. But, if you think it's as easy as snapping your fingers and cash pops out, it's not like that.

This marketing practice requires dedication and consistent practice for you to succeed. Hence, there are courses like the Affiliate Marketing Mastery found across the Internet. Still, these instructional programs will sometimes cost a pretty penny. After all, the instructors poured their hearts and souls into the creation of their programs.

Will it be worth it?

Nonetheless, people need to know that their money will be well spent. With that in mind, you can please your curiosity in this post. Without further ado, let's talk about the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program.

Brief Details About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Product Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Website: www.affiliatemarketingmastery.co 

Founder: Stefan James Pylarinos

Price: $1,997 USD or 3 payments of $767 USD

Recommended: YES

What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery About?

So, what is Affiliate Marketing Mastery about? Project Life Mastery Inc. is the entity owning and operating the Affiliate Marketing Mastery domain. But, it's the creative and intuitive mind of Stefan Pylarinos who devised the course.

With a total of seven lessons, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery is expensive. If you wish to take part, you'd have to shell out a whopping $1,997 USD. If you think that's too much for you, you can split the payment into a three-time installment plan. In other words, you'd pay three payments of $767 USD instead of one big chunk.

What's there to see in the website?

what is affiliate marketing mastery about

Head to affiliatemarketingmastery.co. In there, you'll notice that the homepage has a design like a landing page. There's very little information about the course. Furthermore, it mostly advertises about a live teaching session with the founder.

Scroll down, and there are a few pieces of information about the course. You can watch a video about the educational videos found in the program. Still, these videos are advertisements at best. Also, they're almost two hours in length.

I tried watching the pitch video, but ended up skipping through sections. I tried to listen to it all, but couldn't. Simply speaking, this video isn't the course itself, but just a very lengthy advertisement. I found it better to conduct extra research as opposed to sitting through the video.

How Does the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Work?

Like other marketing courses, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is an online training guide. It's not invasive, and it presents learners with different tutorial videos. Watch the videos whenever you wish. Above all, and by the end of the program, you'll gain a better understanding of affiliate marketing.

Also, there are webinars included in the package. Hence, you'll also learn how to create and maintain an online business. Furthermore, combine the topics to learn how to gain extra income online.

Is it all worth it?

The idea is sound. But, if you're already a veteran in affiliate marketing, then this course may not be for you. Stefan explains his lessons through a step-by-step process. In other words, he's trying to spoon feed the basics to his course participants.

While it's not a bad thing, veteran digital marketers may find this method boring. Also, the entirety of the program fails to offer hands-on training to the course buyers. Most of the time, you're going to hear the instructor talk. It's very rare for Stefan to induce participation from his learners.

What's in the Package?

"What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery about?" When you're thinking about this question, you're also wondering about its contents.

This online training program consists of seven lessons. Furthermore, those lessons has a collection of over 50 videos. Additionally, each lesson has a downloadable PDF script. But wait, there's more! Each lesson has a summary filled with primary marketing concepts.

Let's take a look at each key topic in more detail:

Module 1: Preface & Formulating a Strategy

Module 1 of the Affiliate Marketing Mastery course helps you test the waters of the program.

You'll see an introduction of the entire course. Also, there's an overview of developing and implementing a plan for the  duration of the course.

It'll help you tweak your mindset as you go over each topic.

Module 2: Keyword Density & Market Research

In this module, you'll go over the niche selection process.

You'll learn how to analyze industries and competitors.

Use these tools to help you optimize the keywords you use in content.

Module 3: Blog & Social Media Creation

In here, you'll learn how to create and maintain a website.

Also, you'll find out how to use social media pages to your marketing scheme.

Its last part helps you incorporate beginner Search Engine Optimization (SEO) essentials.

Module 4: Generating Quality Content

Reach part four of the course, and you'll learn how to create high-quality content.

Also, you'll discover how to attract, sustain, and optimize site visitor retention.

Module 5: Acquisition of Visitors & Subscribers

As for Module 5, you'll know the workarounds of advanced SEO tactics.

Also, you'll gain understanding on how to create a powerful email list.

Last, the topics highlight how you can build a strong social media follower base.

Module 6: Generating Income & Monetizing Resources

Module 6 is the most important part of the entire course.

It's a topic that tackles money capitalization insights. Furthermore, it teaches how you can earn extra revenue from visitors.

Module 7: Performance Tracking & Optimization

All will be for naught if you can't track your progress. Thankfully, Module 7 of the program teaches you that subject.

Also, it helps you develop strategies you may lack in your marketing campaigns. Additionally, this module has a 90-day email coaching mini-course. That's not all, because you're also going to have a three-hour long webinar. This extra webinar aims to further address many intricacies of affiliate marketing. 

By the end of these seven modules, you should be ready to start an affiliate marketing program. Choose between creating a site or a blog for your marketing efforts. 

What is the Price of Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

The Affiliate Marketing Mastery program isn't a free course. In fact, it's one of the most expensive online marketing training programs out there. It requires you to choose from one of two payment schemes. The first payment option is for you to pay $1,997 USD. Otherwise, you may choose the three-payment option of $767 USD for three months. Take note, if you choose the second option you'll have to pay $2,301 USD in total. That's a 13.21% increase from the first payment option.

Affiliate Mastery Marketing price

The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

As you noticed, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Program offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Stefan promises his course viewers a full refund if you didn’t like the program. To qualify for this money-back guarantee, you have to submit a refund request. Like the feature states, you have to do it within the first 30 days of sale.

Who is the Founder of Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

On the topic of what is Affiliate Marketing Mastery about, it's important to talk of its founder. This affiliate marketing training course comes from the expertise of Stefan James Pylarinos.

Affiliate Mastery Marketing founder

As I've mentioned earlier, Project Life Inc owns the Affiliate Marketing Mastery course. The founder of this company is Stefan James Pylarinos. He's also the host and instructor of this affiliate marketing training program.

Stefan prides himself as a philanthropist, Internet entrepreneur, and world traveler. Also, he's a life and business coach to help people live to their fullest potentials. He shares his story on how he changed his life for the better in the Project Life Mastery website.

Affiliate Mastery Marketing founder 2

Aside from dedicating his time in business and life, he also commits to health and fitness. Also, it was at the young age of 17 when Stefan started his journey to self-development. Since then, he states that he grew fond of learning and growing in several aspects of his life.

Everything didn't fall into place for Stefan. In the Project Life Mastery website, he also shares that he was shy and unhappy. Negativity crowded his mind, and it lead him to become lazy. Eventually, the lethargy became depression.

A Complete 180-Degree Turn

After his days of sadness, he reached an "emotional threshold." It wasn't as groundbreaking as what you might think. He looked in the mirror, and decided to change his life for the better. Above all, he motivated himself because he's had enough of all the negativity.

The Main Goal

Stefan promised himself to face his biggest fear - meeting new people. For the succeeding years, he devoted in immersing in different social environments. As a result, he gained social skills and an enhanced self-confidence. Ultimately, it lead to Stefan gaining a more positive view of life.

Would you like to know how to build a real, strong, business in affiliate marketing? See my #1 recommendation here! 

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Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery Legit? Does it Work?

Now, it's time to answer the main question of our topic of "What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery about." After reading through the previous segments, it's time to know the truth. Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery legit?

The Truth Revealed

Of course, the last thing you'd want is to waste precious time, money, and effort on an ineffective course. Thankfully, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program isn't a scam. It's a legit training course with content aimed for beginners in affiliate marketing. But, it's going to be a lengthy process.

In other words, the topics covered by Stefan will take a while to produce great results. Even Stefan himself admits to that thought at the beginning of his program.

Who Can Best Make Use of the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course?

This affiliate marketing training program is for complete beginners. Hence, if you're someone with experience in online marketing, then this program may not be for you. Also, if you're a person who is:

  • Trying to look for a "get rich quick" scheme
  • Looking for a free learning program to earn money online
  • Not patient

Then, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery course isn't for you. Stefan makes it clear that his methods are for long-term success. Also, it requires dedication and the proper mindset to see the results through the end.

The PROS of Affiliate Marketing Mastery:

  • Covers affiliate marketing from A to Z.
  • Great marketing course for beginners.
  • The topics help course participants aim for long-term success.
  • You'll gain multiple new marketing skills.
  • Safe methods because of white hat methods of online brand building.  
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

The CONS of Affiliate Marketing Mastery:

  • It will take a while to see significant positive results from the methods taught.
  • The success rate for using the processes in the program are relatively low.
  • It's possible to burn out from the length of the course.
  • The training program doesn't appeal to veteran affiliate marketers or SEO experts.
  • Very expensive.

Any other alternative?

If you want to start affiliate marketing but don't have $2000 in your pocket I have good news! You can join for FREE one of the biggest learning platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

It's an all-in-one platform that is suitable for newbies and affiliate marketing veterans.

This company was settled in 2005 and currently has over 1.500.000 active members. While Affiliate Marketing Mastery provides you only with training, Wealthy Affiliate offers you all-in-one solution

- Training courses including a step by step video guide
 - Website builder including hosting and website backup
 - Possibility to use one of the best keyword tool Jaaxy, that was created especially for affiliate marketers by affiliate marketers.

As a FREE account holder you will be able:
- To build two websites (hosting & backup included)
- Use Jaaxy keyword tool - 30 searches a day 
- Get one-on-one coaching for the first seven days
- get access to the first 10 training lessons

If you decide to move forward, you can sign up for premium membership which is $350 per year and includes: full training, private access to owners, website analyses and many many more advantages. Check out the Wealthy Affiliate review here.


I hope I answered your question on "What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery about." Let's make one thing very clear - this course isn't a scam. In fact, I can safely say that it's one of the few legit programs found in the "Make Money Online" niche.

Even though it's a very informative course, this program isn't ideal for online marketing veterans. Beginners, on the other hand, are more than welcome to buy this course. Still, you'd have to pay for its expensive price tag first.

Set the Right Expectations

Remember, affiliate marketing is not a "get rich quick" scheme. It requires the right tools and mindset for the money to start flowing from your blog or site. Therefore, if you don't do anything about it, you're not going to see the results you want.

You may also want to try the affiliate marketing system I use. With it, you'll have the tools you need to start earning passive income. It even has a friendly community to assist you in your online marketing efforts.

6 thoughts on “What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery About? Is it a Scam?”

  1. I investigated a number of these affiliate type programs before I settled on Wealthy Affiliate and they all had on thing in common, the prices were outrageously high. I was not able to see in your review if you are able to test the product but there is no way that I would lay down that sort of cash based on ” a low success” rate possibility. I understand that the success of a business is largely dependent on the investment by the user but I find it difficult to spend that sort of money on something that is not a sure thing.

    Thanks for a comprehensive review but I would struggle with a product like this.


    1. Hi Richard, 

      thanks for stopping by!

      you can’t try this system until you pay money. But I am more than sure this is a great program and as you said to earn something you have to invest something. However, there is a competition on the other side. 

      Wish you all the best!

  2. affiliate_ghost

    Hello Justin :), 

    This is an excellent review on Affiliate Marketing Mastery and from the video it sounds like a very good program that would help someone who is new to affiliate marketing. However, the price really is on the high side but from the trainings produced and amount of support i am sure it would be worth  it. 

  3. Andy Zeus Anderson

    Sounds like a lot of expense for a course that promises about what Wealthy Affiliate delivers for a fraction of the cost. You also don’t get tools like Jaaxy Lite and the blog hosting with content creation tools package and more to help ensure your success. I am always concerned when a course is this expensive with what the real deal value is because so many promises as much or more and drastically under deliver. With the fact this course seemingly offers little for advanced marketers, I think I’ll pass but it may still be well worth it for a new marketer looking for a one-time pay solution to get training.

    1. Hi Andy, 

      thats true this platform mainly for those who want to pay one time. Wealthy Affiliate offers a yearly membership, BUT you get keyword tool, web hosting which can cost you easily 50 dollars per month. 

      Great course but without essential tools. It would be great if for this much money they can offer tools as well. Luckily a lot of people still can use Jaaxy for free. It’s limited but better than having nothing.

      Wish you a lot of success!


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