What is easy cash club?

What is Easy Cash Club? An honest review

Hello everyone! Welcome to my honest review on Easy Cash Club!

First of all, I would like to congratulate yourselves for researching before you give in to this making money online opportunity.

We have become so vulnerable to catchy slogans, which offer really big money to be earned. As a result, we get rigged or scammed by the people behind thouse websites. All we just wanted is to EARN but then, the ones who earned are just those scammers.

So, let me help you decide on whether you should really trust Easy Cash Club or just ignore it because it is a scam. What is Easy Cash Club? Come and join me as we reveal some key points you may have missed while taking stroll on the Easy Cash Club’s homepage.

What is easy cash club?

Brief Details About Easy Cash Club

Product Name: Easy Cash Club

Website: https://easycash.club/

Founders: Steve Johnson

Price: 37$ plus upsells

Recommended: NO

What is Easy Cash Club?

The Easy Cash Club is a software that can be used to make outstanding YouTube videos and make "lots" of money out from it. By January 2019, Steve Johnson founded the software for everyone that would love to make money online.

While the theory in making lots of money from YouTube is indeed correct, it does not stop me from questioning: How? How will a mere software make great videos? Isn’t that a bit out of the context? For a video to be called great, it should contain original contents and should be viewed by lots people. 

Furthermore, it has 4 Fast Action Bonuses. The 60 second money making strategies, exclusive videos on how to make videos, get paid to surf the net, and free updates for life.

Also, Steve claims that you may be able to earn thousands of dollars in just 30 minutes while on autopilot. Now that is ridiculous. In that kind of rate you could make billions of dollars in just a year!

How come we have not heard of a multi millionaire Steve Johnson? The multi millionaires we know are very proud of their works. They are in the cover pages of the Forbe's magazine and to name a few, we have Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and a lot more. Well I think, Steve being a multi millionaire is getting a lot more suspicious now.

It is just like the reviews I had with Ecom Cash Crusher and Explode My Payday, where they both claimed great success but at the end of the day, they will just rig your money as much as they can. But anyway, let us dig deeper about the Easy Cash Club and explore its real goals.

How does Easy Cash Club works?

Let us assume you really have to buy this product, you get to pay $37 for the supposed to be complete package at first. And then there are lots of upsells you need to buy within it in order to unlock the complete software that you really wanted. We could now see how they want to rig us out the most of our money the first time we purchased right? Now that trend will continue until we realize there is no real product here.

Inside the first package, you get to come across with the very basic step-by-step training on how the software works. It will give you the specific details on how we could earn big by using the software. Also, it includes how to create videos and upload them on YouTube while using the software. 

After that, you will be asked to open and log in your YouTube account. If you do not have any account, you will need to sign up for it since you cannot upload videos through it if you do not have any account.

So that the software may create videos, we should have a written text or an audio file. After that, we need to select the text we want to use for the video and add the pictures to it. Since the software uses artificial intelligence, it creates a human like voice for the video to sound true and interesting. A video would be much appreciated by the people if the words were pronounced correctly and precisely.

Once the video is done, it is now ready to be downloaded and uploaded to YouTube. Make sure to never forget adding a description to the video. A catchy phrase or slogan will do the trick for having lots of views. 

How to make money with Easy Cash Club?

Easy Cash Club is a lot more different than the usual software that creates YouTube videos. If you need instant money, I think this software will not be really of great help because you will have to go through lots of steps in order to get ready with it. 

YouTube will only let you monetize your videos if you have lots of subscribers, video views, and most specially, original and authentic videos. The more traffic you have in your page, the more money you may be able to earn.

By the way, YouTube is a free video sharing website created by three former PayPal employees; Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 2005. By year 2006 in November, Google bought YouTube. Now, YouTube functions as one of Google’s subsidiaries.

Google AdSense is also used in this software, which is an ad network that would let us earn money when people click or watch your ads for 30 seconds or more.

As soon as there are lots of people that watch your videos and ads, money would be raining down to you. But then, it takes lot of time to get you at that kind of level. In Social media marketing time and effort will never be enough, you should be at least famous to a certain group of people. These people will be the ones to advertise you to another group of people, and that is how your traffic will increase.

How much really is the Easy Cash Club?

As we purchase the Easy Cash Club, we should expect that the upsells, hidden charges, and other money making paraphernalias would come flooding at us. Most Clickbank products do exhibit such features. They earn lots of money through this kind of trick. Also, Easy Cash Club is no different than those other ClickBank products.

We could observe below how they rig us from a very cheap price starting at $37 to a booming total of $275 AND a $17 monthly payment. It also states that this prices include the rebill commissions factored in. 

What is easy cash club?

Assuming we bought everything making us spend 275 bucks, we will pay a total of 204 additional bucks in a year for just paying that $17 a month. That is really a waste of money and investment.

Now we could ask, what if I will just pay the $17 or the $37? The first purchase we had is just the introduction of what we will pay next. Our package will include a very incomplete thing of what we really expected. There are things in the package that we need to unlock before obtaining the real Easy Cash Club software. And in order to unlock them, we need to pay for the 3 upsells as shown below. 

One-click upsells?

There is another trick that Steve put in to the software.

In those legit apps, like the gaming apps and office apps, there is a pop up in it confirming that you want to buy the in app purchases. That is to prevent some misclicks or accident clicks in buying products in the app. But then, this software is a lot more different. The upsells that we have mentioned are 1 click upsells. It means that it will only take 1 click in order to purchase the product. May it be an accident click or not, as long as we clicked it, we have already purchased it. 

Desperate tricks from Steve Johnson right? 

Most ClickBank products exhibit such features. That is why, we need to be more knowledgeable before giving in to such make money online opportunities. Think twice before you click.

We came here to EARN from this software, but it turns out that we came here to make them earn from their software. 

Is Steve Johnson even real?

Steve Johnson is the owner of this software, the Easy Cash Club. He claims that he is a computer programmer, a husband, a father of two, author, and a self made multi-millionaire. Since he was just at an early age, he is already in to computers and programming computer software. 

I got curious and searched for him on Google, but then I could not find any links that would determine that he is the real owner of the Easy Cash Club. If he is really earning with this method, I don’t really think you would have kept your name. His product is about YouTube, why is it that he has not linked his YouTube channel? 

I could only think of one reason on why he hid his name. This method is a scam. Steve Johnson is just tricking us all and all he just cared is our money that we could pay him. But, we will not pay him. Not in a million years.

Fake success stories again?

Just like the other scam websites, the Easy Cash Club have success stories also. But as I investigated and dug deeper, I found out that these pictures were just from the Internet. Their success stories were just written by the creator of Easy Cash Club, Steve. Then, he puts in pictures of random people beside the story to make it look more realistic and legit.

Also, how can a new website have much success in just a short span of time? It only took what? Just only 2 months. Is it not a bit suspicious? There should be something off with this kind of make money online opportunity.

Another thing, Joe, Julie, Mary, and Simon must have YouTube channels right? How come that I could not see any of their channels on YouTube? I searched all throughout Google and YouTube, I could not find any of this faces to have a YouTube channel.

Hence, I am not really persuaded with this success stories that Steve wrote. All of these success stories are just proofs to us that the Easy Cash Club is not a good website to invest your money and time in.

what is easy cash club

The PROS of Easy Cash Club:

  • Gives trainings
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Creates videos

The CONS of Easy Cash Club:

  • No real owner
  • Too much upsels
  • Takes a lot of time to get your desired traffic
  • Misleading video
  • Fake success stories

Be in the RIGHT PATH

I know we are tired of all these scams. These promising phrases ending up to be nothing. And all these fakes that are trying to lure us in to their unsafe websites. 

We have lots of options in making money online; taking surveys, online market trading, "get paid to" sites, starting your own website, be an actor at fiverr, multi level marketing, Affiliate marketing, and so on. All of these things are legit ways to make money online but it all comes down to which of these is more practical. The money vs time preference would play a great role in choosing your desired make money online opportunity. Or we could just say that time is money.

What stands out in this list of make money online is the Affiliate Marketing. It is a type of performance based marketing on which a company pays one or more affiliates at the same time for each customer brought by an affiliate's marketing effort. I have already tried lots of ways to make money online but it is by far the best opportunity you will ever find. 

Where can I sign up for this?

A great example is Wealthy Affiliate. It is the leading Affiliate training platform that has been innovating and propeling the make money online industry. Unlike the other websites, the Wealthy Affiliate would love to tend to the needs of its members. For both beginners and experts, they give educational background, support, training to tools like Jaaxy, and give guidance in making websites, hosting and networking.

Membership is free (although you can go premium if you really find it interesting), it offers lots of trainings (from step by step video guides to personal trainings) and also you only need 3 key factors of your life; patience, time, and effort. 

Do not lose hope on make money online opportunities. It doesn’t mean that there are lots of scam websites then there are no more legit ones to be found already. Try the Affiliate marketing, which is very easy and a convenient way to earn real money.

Would you like to know how to build a real, strong, business in affiliate marketing? See my #1 recommendation here! 

Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!


After all the things that we discussed, we are now able to figure out what is Easy Cash Club. 

Easy Cash Club promised us that we would earn thousands of dollars but I could not really see that it would come true given the facts that we have revealed.

Instead, try other make money online opportunities. Like the Affiliate Marketing, which is by far the best way to make money online. You can securely and safely

Invest your money and time here because I, myself, have tried it. The Wealthy Affiliate guided me to where I am right now. I am in route to success already, come with me!

12 thoughts on “What is Easy Cash Club? An honest review”

  1. It’s a great analysis, Your review is very much complete, as I’m left with no more question to counter its authenticity. Actually, i get to read this article just at the right time, as I was looking for better money making programs and one of my contact suggested me easy cash club.

    Since he has not used this system, so I delayed to get this program. But now, your article is a real eye opener. 

    Thanks a lot for saving me and many others from this scam, through this review. Also, it’s great that you have provided an alternative trustworthy platform to make money online.

    1. Hi, 

      thank you for your comment 

      I am very glad to save you from this product! Only for the name Easy Cash Club, I am giving a red flag! There is no easy cash possibility. We have to work hard on our dreams. Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to start. By opening a free account you can get so many benefits, even if not everybody wants to start affiliate marketing business it’s definitely worth of try. 

      Wish you the best of luck!

  2. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous

    Making money online is not as easy as people portray it to be. I have been making money online for some years but before I made it, I passed through a lot and spent a lot. If a software can make someone earn that much, then a lot of people are meant to be billionaires by now but  that is not the case so I will never join this platform.

    1. Hi Linus, 

      I fully agree with you. I had the same experience. Searching for some legit programs trying different things and of course at the same time investing money. 

      Before we start earning we have to go thru the process of understanding how the business works and if its something we want to do. Once you are sure about your decision its a question of hard work and persistence. 

      However, Easy Cash Club is not the right place to start, all you can achieve there is a disappointment doubt that making money online is possible. 

  3. Wow…. thousands of dollars in just 30 minute,this is really too good to be true to start with and majority of this program target newbies that have no experience what so ever.there are many red flag and signs to know that this software program is scam.i must thank you for reviewing easy cash club and all it entails ,it will help many newbies to make good decisions online.also I like your recommendation on wealthy affiliate program as the best place to make legit money online with step by step on how to be a successful affiliate marketer 

    1. Hi Ajibola, 

      if those scammers will say: “earn 100 dollars a day” nobody will even click on their site. However, earning 100 dollars a day is very realistic and easier than most of the people think. 

      To attract people they always promise unrealistic incomes. Who wants 100 dollars a day earnings? If you are employed most probably that’s the money you are already getting. People always want more without doing much work and unfortunately, it is not possible. I had the same wishes and expectation at the beginning of my make money online dream. And that’s how we are falling into a scams

      Wealthy Affiliate platform will help first of all your mind to be wealthy. This is a great legit place to be and learn how the online business really works. 

      Wish you a lot of success!

  4. The Easy Cash Club, sounds too good to be true, and it is always advisable to run the other way whenever we hear that word ”easy”. Because nothing good comes easy. 

    according to your review Steve Johnson, starts up out of at $37 and dubiously rigs a whooping 200 dollars off of us, for no good reason, since using YouTube is free. 

    I join you to advise any interested person, to tread carefully or at best, steer clear of the castles in the air scheme. 

    1. Hi there, 

      thank you for your comment!

      Thats the main trick. Attract the clients with $37 and upsell as much as it is possible without providing any real value. 

      I know some people that are making good money with YouTube. And I know even this make money opportunity takes time, but finally, you can be successful without paying hundreds of dollars to anyone. 

  5. Olalekan Taliat

    With the review from this article the easy can club can not be relied on. Sometimes ago I lost my money to a similar website. In my opinion I have decided to not enter into such site without a good background check. The wealthy affiliate is a rather better option to make some money online. I am a premium member, and I have learnt a lot while making a few bucks in my few weeks.

    1. Hi Olalekan, 

      Thank you for your feedback. 

      I think those who are researching already is such a program is a scam at least ones a life already faced some scammers. 

      So I see we are colleagues in Wealthy Affiliate :).  I can’t disagree with you! Affiliate is the best place for a newbie. 

  6. Good review. Easy Cash club is full of deceit and they can never help anyone make something reasonable online. I have fell into some other scam sites some time ago. I lost my money in those scam sites but when I found Wealthy Affiliates everything turned for good for me. Wealthy Affiliates gives exclusive and detailed training on how to succeed in Affiliate marketing. The benefits of being in Wealthy Affiliate are numerous, including access to the Jaxy search tool, Free website and very responsive site support and so on. I am grateful to God that I found the opportunity to join Wealthy affiliates .

    1. Hi Kenechi, 

      Yes, it is FRAUD. 

      And still, they do make money from others. Pity!

      I never thought I will be into affiliate marketing making my own site and earning money from my own online business. Fortunately, with Wealthy Affiliate training, you just simply can’t be lost and feel alone. And that’s the best part of it. 

      Wish you a lot of success!

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