What is Jeunesse about?

What is Jeunesse About? – An Unbiased MLM Review

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my review of Jeunesse. "What is Jeunesse about?". This question might be buzzing around your head for a while. If you've stumbled upon this page, chances are you've been looking for information about Jeunesse.

This Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme made waves in the direct marketing scene. The company heavily promotes its "Generation Young" slogan with its line of skincare products. 

You might still be on the fence about joining the company. Thoughts like, "Are the products effective," "Will I earn from this company," and "Is Jeunesse a pyramid scheme?"   

I'm here to help you answer those questions, and more! Keep in mind that my review is purely subjective. Still, it can still help you arrive at a sound decision if you want to continue. After all, the last thing you'd want is to say goodbye to your money without earning from your investment. 

 So, without further ado, here's the information you seek about Jeunesse. 

Jeunesse Global Review

Product Name: Jeunesse Global

Website: www.jeunesseglobal.com

Founders: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis

Price: $49.95 USD + upsells + Monthly Order Requirement of $85

Recommended: NO

What is Jeunesse About ? 

At its core, Jeunesse Global is a health, wellness, and skincare MLM company. Founders Wendy Lewis & Randy Ray established the company back in 2009. According to its main website, the business' main mission is:

"The Jeunesse family creates positive impact in the world by helping people look & feel young, while empowering each other to unleash our potential."

In other words, the company's mission is to focus on selling skincare and anti-aging products. Members will also focus on networking and recruiting while retailing the company's products. As a result, members of Jeunesse have the possibility of earning while staying with the business. 


How Much Will it Cost to Join Jeunesse?

If you're still wondering, "What is Jeunesse about?". Perhaps this section will clear up more questions.

Before you can start selling products while carrying the Jeunesse brand, you have to pay a $29.95 sign up fee. The package includes a personal Jeunesse website along with promotional materials. If you think about it. The initial costs of joining the company isn't as expensive as other MLMs. However, the initial purchases doesn't stop there. 

Next, you'll have to purchase a sufficient amount of Jeunesse products. The number of items should reach 100 Commissionable Volume (CV) points. 

What does this info mean?

The company explains that the CV: dollar ratio is about 0.5:1. Hence, you need to spend approximately $200 USD worth of products to accumulate 100 CV. That's the initial payment to become a Jeunesse official distributor. 

If you want to move up to become a Jeunesse Executive, you need to recruit two distributors. Furthermore, these new recruits should be directly under you and they should already pay the initial $29.95 USD. Furthermore still, your direct lines should already accumulate the 100 CV points before you can qualify for the Executive title. 

If you think the highest achievable title in Jeunesse is Executive, then think again.

There are also higher-tier titles called Jade, Pearl, and Ruby. It doesn't even stop there! At the very top of the Jeunesse distributor pyramid, there are the Emerald and Diamond Directors. These two levels are the elite members in which they (or you) will earn all manner of bonuses coming from the company. 

What are the benefits to moving up a level in Jeunesse?

In a word, plenty; the bonuses increase with each level you attain in Jeunesse. For instance, there's the Leadership Matching bonus wherein distributors earn commissions from personally sponsored teams. 

Jeunesse leaders should accumulate at least 60 Personal Volume (PV) points to qualify for this incentive. For example, if you're at the Jade Executive rank, you'll earn 20% of the total earnings of your entire first leg.

Moving to the Pearl Executive level increases those bonuses by 15%. If a distributor gets to the Crowne Diamond Director chair, that's a total of 65% of the total commissions of the team of up to the 7th level.  

compensation plan

Personally speaking, the rewards are great, but the initial costs are too expensive. You need to pay for the sign-up fee AND buy products before you'll start earning bonuses from the company. 

Who are the Founders of Jeunesse?

Jeunesse comes from the brilliant minds of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Let's start talking about Randy Ray.

Randy Ray, the co-founder of Jeunesse Global. As well a graduate of a Bachelor Science degree in Computer Science. And  Bachelor Arts in Psychology. Has over 42 years of experience in designing, selling, and installing in the computer industry. His accomplishments include over $300 million USD of retailing computer hardware and software. The idea to establish Jeunesse was in correlation with his wife, Wendy Lewis. 

Randy Ray
Wendy Lewis

Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Wendy Lewis majored in math and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania.

The establishment of Jeunesse came into mind when she and her husband found a software they wanted to sell. That computer program is known as Medical Manager. It touts as the number one software in the health and medical niche in the US during that time.

Both founders went through different ideas and trial-and-error efforts before they got the idea for Jeunesse. 

What are the Products of Jeunesse

What's an MLM company without any products? Thankfully, Jeunesse has several product lines which are:

  • Luminescence
  • Reserve
  • Envy
  • Finiti
  • Zen
  • Jeunesse Gear
  • Mind
  • Lifestyle Reward

Jeunesse claims that they manufactured their products using the latest scientific principles. Many potential customers and distributors may fall for this promise.

However, does putting "science" in these products mean anything? To answer that question, let's take note of the three "scientific breakthroughs" Jeunesse used in the manufacturing of their products. 

  • Stem Cell Research
  • DNA Repair
  • Antioxidants

#1. Stem Cell Research

Jeunesse works closely with Dr. Nathan Newman, a renowned dermatologist. He's known for his stem cell facelifts back in his hometown of Beverly Hills. So, the question is, "Is it possible to regenerate stem cells?" 

A research by Dr. J. Peter Rubin, the co-director of the Adipose Stem Cell Center at the University of Pittsburgh and an associate professor of plastic surgery, indicates that it's possible for the process to work. Furthermore, he also states that stem cells help generate new blood vessels and collagen. These vital elements are the keys to achieving and maintaining younger-looking skin. 

#2. DNA Repair

As we continue to age, our DNA begins to wear away. The end caps of our DNA are known as telomeres, and it's these components that Jeunesse's products target. The company claims their products help repair these telomeres thereby helping to lengthen lives. 

Studies show that short telomeres have correlations with shorter lives. However, there are no concrete evidence. Wherein lengthening or repairing telomeres can slow down or reverse the aging process. Hence, Jeunesse's claims are more marketing material than scientific facts.

#3. Antioxidants

Several products from Jeunesse feature a super antioxidant called Resveratrol. It's a chemical compound typically found in red grapes. Studies show that ingestion of Resveratrol promotes numerous health benefits. 

But will the magic of Resveratrol work when applied topically?

Many reports suggest drinking red wine is one of the best ways to bring this super antioxidant into our bodies. However, statements regarding topical applications of the compound are anecdotal at best. So, is it bad to use? It won't hurt to apply Jeunesse's Resveratrol creams to your skin, but it's still difficult to say if it works like a charm. 

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What is the Compensation Plan?

Jeunesse is a MLM company at its core, which means there are products to sell and people to recruit. If you're wondering how many ways you can earn in Jeunesse, there are six. Let's look at each one in more detail.

#1. Retail Profit

Any Jeunesse distributor can purchase all products at the wholesale price.

Distributors can about 35% retail profit for each purchase or sale. For example, if you buy the Instantly Ageless facial cream (with a retail price of $74.95 USD) with the wholesale price of $48.72 USD, you'll earn $26.23 USD in retail profit.

#2. New Customer Acquisition Bonus

Each recruitment gives you a Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB).

This incentive has different payouts depending on the package acquired by the new recruit. These payouts are as follows:

Acquisition Bonus

#3. Team Commission

Distributors that build a powerful team in Jeunesse gain Team Commissions.

It claims that the more you, as a team leader, help your team succeed. The more you'll earn from this incentive. The maximum bonus you can earn from this compensation plan is 750, which is equivalent to $26,250 per week. 

#4. Leadership Matching Bonus

As mentioned earlier, Jeunesse distributors earn bonuses once you reach a certain level.

You need to generate a minimum of 60 PV points to qualify for this incentive.

Distributors who qualify for the Leadership Matching Bonus can receive the following:

compensation plan

#5. Customer Acquisition Incentive

For every five retail customers, preferred customers, or wholesale customers. Jeunesse distributors earn a 5% Customer Acquisition Incentive. Furthermore, there's an additional 10% for every ten retail customers, wholesale customers, or preferred customers for any given month.

#6. Diamond Bonus Pool

Distributors who reach the Diamond level will start earning shares from the company's total global sales.

The Diamond Bonus Pool entitles qualified members to take 3% of the total CV and shares.

To qualify, you need to have at least ten customers in the retail, preferred, and wholesale categories for each month. 

Is Jeunesse a SCAM? The Truth Revealed!

Now, for the moment of truth - What is Jeunesse about? Is Jeunesse a scam? Is it a pyramiding scheme in disguise?

Whenever we hear distributors claiming they've already earned tens of thousands to millions of dollars in revenue, we think, "It's too good to be true." For the most part, many claims coming from the company are, in fact, too good to be true. Let's take a look at some of these promises in more detail.

#1. Inappropriate Health Claims

Certain online reviews and reports state that a multitude of Jeunesse distributors claim their products to cure several diseases. Bear in mind that any marketing supplements said to have the ability to treat, alleviate, or prevent symptoms aren't permitted by law. Jeunesse's products aren't magic pills. These health and skincare items and supplements won't guarantee a cure for cancer, psoriasis, or a host of other diseases.

#2. Questionable Before & After Photos

What is Jeunesse About?

Like many MLM companies, it's natural to see some before and after photos projected by distributors. It's a plan to entice customers and potential recruits. Upon closer inspection, there are images used by the company found on other healthcare sites. For example, you can see the picture above on baesthetics.com and sanramoderm.com. 

#3. The Troubled Legal History of Randy 

Randy Ray is a nickname for Ogale Erandal Ray. As per court documents, the Jeunesse co-founder has at least five legal cases between the years 1984 to 1985. During these years, he faced about $800 thousand USD in charges. It doesn't end there because records show that the summer of 1986 made Ray file for a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy.  

#4. Several Lawsuits

 Randy Ray isn't the only entity trying to hide their legal issues. Jeunesse, as a brand, has numerous legal concerns throughout the years. Numerous people already sued the brand for claims that range from requests to deny insurance coverage to trademark infringement. 

There are also lawsuits that state the company suing Google over an identity of a YouTube video. The video in question, called "Pyramid Alert," created legal concerns because of a copyright infringement claim. 

#5. A Focus on Recruitment

Many MLMs tend to focus more on the selling aspect. Jeunesse, on the other hand, tend to focus their compensation plans on recruitment. Take a look at this statement by Kim Hui, a Jeunesse Top Earner:

What is Jeunesse About?

I think what she says in her statement is strong enough to prove that Jeunesse is trying to recruit as many people as possible. Reports even indicate that the Australian authority already filed the brand as a pyramid scheme

The PROS of Jeunesse:

  • Several opportunities for retail. The anti-aging, health, and skin care market are booming industries. 
  • The company has legit methods of making distributors earn an exponentially fast
  • Numerous positive reviews point to the use of Jeunesse products

The CONS of Jeunesse:

  • Costly overhead price
  • Very expensive products. Furthermore, the many of the ingredients found in several Jeunesse products are available in similar and cheaper products on the market
  • Distributors making false health and income claims
  • The company faced and facing numerous lawsuits

Are there alternatives to Jeunesse?

Yes! There are several alternatives to making money online.

Aside from retail, you can earn passive income by doing Affiliate Marketing, which is one of the most lucrative business nowadays.

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If you decide to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can take advantage of things like the on-site website builder and training programs, keyword research tool and many others.

There's even a friendly online community if you've hit a brick wall with your business.


Jeunesse isn't a scam, but it may very well be a pyramiding scheme.

The company's focus on recruitment with its high overhead costs and expensive product lines make the items very difficult to market.

If you still plan on joining Jeunesse, and if you plan on earning by retailing alone, then you've got your work cut out for you. 

6 thoughts on “What is Jeunesse About? – An Unbiased MLM Review”

  1. I actually don’t dislike some multi level marketing companies, but this one doesn’t hit the nice spot for me. There are way too many cons listed and as a money earner, I think the product (even if it is a brilliant product) is developed for too limited a target market, I just can’t see any long term value.

  2. Most MLM products, in my opinion, are overrated and their pricing, overinflated. It makes sense to do so because they need to distinguish themselves from other competitors and also need to create enough funds to reimburse their members. Otherwise, how can you make a living from a Jade to a Diamond distributor? 

    I did a quick search and found that Jeunesse has been operating in my country for several years and their movement is quite big. Many people are still attracted to network marketing because of the glamour and the chase of financial freedom. I was once like that so I can relate to that state of euphoria. 

    But after a 3-month stint, I realized it wasn’t for me. There was too much hustling and too much pretense – I just couldn’t bring myself to do it long term. 

    1. Hi Cathy,

      One of the main reasons why everybody wants to join MLM companies is the possibility to achieve financial freedom and the desire to earn some extra money.

      But as you said that’s not for everyone. Not everybody can do face to face sales and chase the customers all the time. A face-to-face sale is hard; you need to have strong communication skills and the ability to convince others of the quality of the product.

      There are much better opportunities to earn money online and to become independent

  3. Thank you for such a thorough review of Jeunesse. I’ve come across this in several groups where other stay at home moms are looking for opportunities to earn. It’s so disturbing to see the inappropriate health claims, misleading photos, lawsuits, and lack of credibility by the founders. Thanks for exposing that and hopefully others who come across this can judge for themselves if it’s worth investing time and money in this pyramid scheme. I also agree with you that affiliate marketing is a far better option. People can choose their own niche and don’t need to pay hefty fees. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn and start in affiliate marketing.

    1. Hi Raquel, 

      thank you for your contribution. 

      That’s what I like about affiliate marketing as well. You can choose your niche and sale what you want, not what the MLM company force you to sell. You can do affiliate marketing online without any face-to-face meetings. If anyone wants to learn about affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start! 

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