What is Pure Haven Essentials? Read Snapbrisk Review

What is Pure Haven Essentials? $2000 Monthly Income?

What is Pure Haven Essentials? Another scam? 

Joining a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) company is always an option whenever you are looking for a side hustle and earn some extra money. The problem is, with all the bad reputation that MLM opportunities have been harvesting through the years, it has become hard to trust. 

Can you trust any opportunity that will require you to sell and recruit? Will you trust Pure Haven Essentials?

Thank you for actually taking the time to find out. Victims of MLM scams have one thing in common after all - not doing research! They just jump at any invitation to earn money almost blind, and they end up sorry most of the time. 

I am here to tell you all that you need to know about Pure Haven Essentials. Like in the other reviews I made of other MLM schemes, some of them legit and some are scams, I will help you not end up a victim. So stay tuned and read my review until the end...

What is Pure Haven Essentials? Read Snapbrisk Review

Please know that I am in no way connected with this company. Everything I will say here are from pure research and based on my analysis of what people have been saying. 

Product Name: Pure Haven Essentials

Website: https://purehaven.com

Founders: Ava Anderson

Price: $99

Recommended: YES, but it's not the best way to earn money

What is Pure Haven Essentials About?

To know if Pure Haven Essentials is the business opportunity for you,you need to understand what the company is.

Go back to when and why it was founded. Who did it, and what were the motives? Usually, the founders' reasons for establishing their MLM companies can already show signs whether they are scams or not. 

Pure Haven Essentials is a rebrand of  Ava Anderson Non-Toxic

Pure Haven Essentials is, in reality, a rebranding of another MLM company Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. The earlier company ran into a problem with the United States Department of Agriculture because of the products it was selling.

It claimed that it was selling organic products with no toxic elements, but multiple investigations showed otherwise

As a result of the findings, which maligned its reputation, the company did not have doubts shutting down in early 2016.  Just three weeks after, it reopened as Pure Haven Essentials. But it's not the only name that has changed - it showed that it learned its lessons. 

Rebranding in 2016

Pure Haven Essentials is now USDA Organic Certified. The company has received the USDA National Organic Program from the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.

Barrington resident Kim Anderson was the founder of Pure Haven Essentials when it was still Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. The  Anderson family has a substantial direct selling experience. 

In 2016, the company claimed it has new owners - Global Ventures Partners' owners Rudy Revak, Mary Julich, Steve Kole, and Bruce Jensen. Pure Haven Essentials is now under this company. 

The parent company, Global Ventures, has an A+ rating. SO THIS IS A GOOD SIGN.

Pure Haven Essentials is still in some leadership transition phase, though. Joe Ochoa was announced as their latest CEO back in May of 2016, but based on his Linkedln page, his leadership was merely a stint until August 2016. At present, he is no longer with the company, and it is unclear if there is a new CEO or who this is.  

Pure Haven Essentials Products and Prices 

Pure Haven Essentials' products are made of natural, safe ingredients, as proclaimed.  The company has a total of 10 product categories

  1. Skin Essentials
  2. Body Essentials
  3. Hair Essentials
  4. Baby Essentials
  5. Kid’s Essentials
  6. Home Essentials
  7. Men’s Essentials
  8. Face Essentials
  9. Oil Essentials
  10. Spa Essentials
pure haven essentials products

After their rebranding, the company claimed their products are now made in-house at their manufacturing facility, located in Warren, RI. 

It is similar to notable companies such as Arbonne and Nu Skin, as they all promised to use only the finest and safest of chemicals. Check out our review for these two companies if you want to know if they are suited for you. 

When it comes to price points, Pure Haven Essentials' products are not necessarily expensive.  For example, an exfoliator is priced at $22.95, while a glass cleaner retails for $19.95. There is a whole lot of products I have not checked the prices of, but from these, you can already see whether you can sell and earn, or NOT. 

If you have heard of the company, then it is likely that you have heard of its Pure essential oils, which is one of their bestsellers. It retails for around $10 per 0.2 fluid ounce. 

Do you think the people you are going to sell to will fork our such amount for these products? You have to think WAY ahead.

Costs to Join Pure Haven Essentials

Joining this company will cost you.  A startup kit costs $99. You also have to pay $5/month for your back office, but for the first three months, this is free. 

I think the fees are reasonably acceptable. Of course, there are MLM companies that require smaller payments to join, but given the products of Pure Haven Essentials, the amount looks alright too me. 

The startup kit already comes with products you can immediately start selling too.

To remain an active  Pure Haven Essentials consultant, however, you need to do at least make $300 PV per month. For me, this means that if you find out you are not meant to be a consultant, then you can stop selling, and your status will stop being active. 

How to Earn with Pure Haven Essentials? 

Usually, MLMs give you two ways to make money - direct selling and recruiting. However, there are four ways to make money with  Pure Haven Essentials. That means an additional two ways to earn some cash. 

  1. Commissions and Bonuses on Personal sales
  2. Downline Commissions
  3. Executive Promotion Advance Bonuses
  4. Executive Career Path and Compensation

Retail Commissions

Retail commissions range from 30% to 50%, according to the following rubric: 

•    Make below $1,000 in monthly sales, you can earn 30% commissions

•    Achieve between  $1,000-$2,000 in monthly sales, you can earn 35% commissions

•    Earn between $2,000-$3,000 in monthly sales, you can earn 40% commissions

•    Accumulate between $3,000-$4,000 in monthly sales, you can earn 45% commissions

•    Attain higher than $4,000 in monthly sales, you can earn 50% commissions

A 50% commission rate on personal purchases for me, looks good. But you need to put in a lot of hard work if you want to earn a decent $4,000 a month just by selling. The answer is naturally, to be serious about recruiting as well. 

Downline Commissions

Downline Commissions start at 5% from the sales of your Level 1 recruits or direct recruits.

**Standard MLM structure: The recruits of your direct recruits are Level 2 recruits, while the recruits of your level 2 recruits are placed a level 3, so on and so forth.  

Depending on the rank you achieved, you can earn the following commissions:

1. Star Level Consultants get 5% on their Level 1 recruits. To be at this rank, you should first make $300 PV/month. 

2. Double Star Level Consultants get 7% on their Level 1 and 3% on their Level 2. To be at this rank, you should first make $600 PV/month and $2,000 GV/month. 

3. Triple Star Level Consultants get 7% on their Level 1, 5% on Level 2, and 3% on Level 3. To be at this rank, you should first make $800 PV/month and $4,000 GV/month. 

4. Executive Consultants get 7% on their Level 1, 5% on Level 2, 5% on Level 3, and 2% on all other levels to infinity. To be at this rank, you should first make $1,000 PV/month and $8,000 GV/month. 

Executive Promotion Advance Bonuses 

Executive Promotion Advance Bonuses can reach as high as $500. You get this when you reach the Executive rank. This is an excellent earning opportunity because you can get  $500 every time someone in your downline also managed to hit the Executive rank.  

This means continuously encouraging your downlines to work as hard as you. 

Executive Career Path and Compensation

Executive Career Path and Compensation are crucial generational bonuses too. If you work consistently hard with the company, you can receive an additional commission on your executive generations that increase as you move up in the executive rankings.

Rankings start from Bronze Executive to Diamond Executive. 

If you want more clarity on these ways to earn, check out the compensation training video below:

What I like about Pure Haven Essentials? 

I have a few reasons why I think joining Pure Haven Essentials is a good idea. The first thing is because it is obviously not a scam. If it is, i will not even talk about the company's good points. 

Transparent Compensation Plan

I believe the company has a pretty legit compensation plan. It is transparent and quite simple to understand. I hate companies that cannot state their ranks and bonuses as clearly as possible.

This is the main thing people would be checking to see if they can earn and how much they can earn, so it must be clear. 

Emphasis on Selling Not Only Recruiting

Do you know many MLM companies have turned out to be scams or have been sued as pyramid scams because their focus was on recruitment? Even if they have products, the managers often want you to focus on recruiting. Most do not give you that much of support with product presentation or pitching, but will push you repeatedly to recruit, recruit, recruit! RED FLAG!!! 

One more sign that Pure Haven Essentials prioritizes both selling and recruitment is that even those in the highest ranks have to keep selling $1,000+ in product a month. Other MLM companies no longer require their executives to sell, but to either recruit more or push their downlines to recruit more. 

Also, the company does a lot of promotions for its products as opposed to promotions with regard to the business opportunity it is offering. This shows that it is not a scammy MLM. 

Marketable Products

I personally like the fact that Pure Haven's products can speak for themselves. They are not going to be bought just because you forced a friend to support your business. They are not going to be purchased only because you allow customers to pay at a later date. FUNNY, but IT HAPPENS. 

Instead, the products' claims and ingredients have earned them a stellar reputation. Some products have become cult favorites, so some customers do the approaching of consultants and not vice versa. 

Of course, to sell a lot, you should not be waiting for customers to come. You should still be aggressive in marketing. You should still understand what your products can do and perfect your pitches. But all I am saying is that the products are not too shabby. They are relatively in demand, which makes your work a little easier. 

Read these reviews:

What is Pure Haven Essentials? Review
What is Pure Haven Essentials? Review

And yes,  you can possibly earn at least $2,000 a month just for selling if this is the quality of the products. That's a cool additional monthly income.

What I  don't like about Pure Haven Essentials

There are also some reasons why I need you to think twice about Pure Haven Essentials. 

Sullied Past Reputation

While the rebranding to Pure Haven Essentials should erase its past run-ins with the USDA, the memory is still quite fresh. Imagine closing down and reopening with a new name just in three weeks?

Even if the company says that it no longer has toxic ingredients on its products, more careful research of whether this is true or not is needed. Moreover, you cannot escape some customers' questions and doubts when they know of what happened with AVA. 

At present, there’s no concrete proof that the products meet Pure Haven’s lofty claims of safety and non-toxicity. The “organic” rating seems to be legit now, but we might not know for sure.

Still Need to Build Huge Downlines

Also, if the company prioritizes both selling and recruiting, this does not mean you can earn well by letting going the recruitment part. Not having downlines closes you to three possibilities of earning as you will only be relying on retail commissions.

Building a huge downline is not only a feature of Pure Haven Essentials. Essentially all MLMs will need you to have a huge downline to earn as they have promised you. 

I will not recommend making this company your main source of livelihood. 

What is Pure Haven Essentials?  Scam? FINAL VERDICT

What is Pure Haven Essentials? Not a scam certainly. The company is legit, given its parent company is even BBB accredited.

Its products might have landed the original company in trouble, but Pure Haven Essentials at present, certainly has some of the well-loved beauty and health products out there. AT LEAST BY A MLM COMPANY.

Whether you can earn, though, is not a question I can fully answer. I think you can earn well from it for a side hustle, but not enough for a full-time income source. There are other opportunities still worth checking. But you can certainly make money here if you sell as hard as possible, and convince people to join you in this business opportunity.


Of course, you can earn with Pure Haven Essentials by striving to reach the top with your sales and downlines, but the question is, when would you get there? Will you even reach the executive rank to get the generational bonuses you deserve?

I like to be all-encouraging and say you can do everything you set your mind to do, but let us be practical. There are other ways of earning big, and you should also be looking to them. 

I know of a better option for you - affiliate marketing

At the basic level, affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. Here, companies reward affiliates (you, if you decide to be part of an affiliate marketing program) for customers they brought in through their marketing efforts. NO SELLING, NO RECRUITMENT needed.

You choose your niche and market the products you like to market. You can build a site to promote the affiliate products you are passionate about. EVERYTHING GENUINE HERE, no fake promoting just so you can get a sale - which is quite common for joining MLMs. 

You can truly work at your home and only at the time you feel like it. You do not have to chase anyone, which can be tiring! 

Certainly, affiliate marketing still requires A LOT OF hard work

The most important part of starting affiliate marketing is joining the right place where you can learn how to build your business with zero knowledge and skills. I can highly recommend you - Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform that assists newbies (or even those who need more tips!) to build their business and earnings in affiliate marketing. I highly recommend checking it out to jumpstart this money-making opportunity.

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