What is Six Figure Success Academy

What is Six Figure Success Academy? SCAM or LEGIT?

What is Six Figure Success Academy, and why is it gaining popularity? Let's find out!

Several online money making schemes will try and make off with a quick buck. These quick cash proposals overpromise. People who register will wallow about their empty wallets and lost efforts. Getting scammed is one of the worst things that can happen for anyone who wants to earn big on the Internet.

Research is the key to avoid getting scammed. Today, we're going to learn about a program I encountered called the Six Figure Success Academy. Right now, you're probably wondering, "What is Six Figure Success Academy?" It promises to help its learners generate real-world results in record time.

Go to the Six Figure Success Academy's testimonial page. Check how much people are making off of what they learned from the program. You'll see people making $22,000 USD in two hours. Other individuals claim they've reached the $100 thousand mark in a 60-day period. So, is the program legit or not? Let's find out!

What is Six Figure Success Academy

 Six Figure Success Academy Review

Product Name: Six Figure Success Academy

Website: http://www.sixfigurewebinars.com/

Founders: Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda

Price: Two payments of $547 USD or one payment of $997 USD

Recommended: YES

What is the Six Figure Success Academy About. 

The Six Figure Success Academy is a six-week training program developed by Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda. It helps its students by simplifying the process. Learn how to generate high-income sales through online courses and webinar marketing.

The Six Figure Success Academy homepage shows very few information about the course. In the site, you'll see the program's logo which takes up a significant amount of space at the top. Head down and a very short description of the course will greet you. Unsatisfied with what I got from Google, I chose to do further research about the program. Most of the information about this money-making scheme is from reviews from past learners.

I found out that the program has a money-back guarantee. If it doesn't work, then the founders will pay you back with twice the amount of money you spent to pay for the course. Paying for the six-week course also includes a Webinar Creator with ready-to-use templates.

This business model offers opportunities for gaining a significant amount of profit in a short time.

Who will benefit the most from this program?

As I read through the profit generation formula, it made me think about its target. I surmise that individuals who have an interest in improving their marketing strategies. Furthermore, the program focuses on selling webinars as opposed to trying to sell other products.

There are advertisements pointing to the Six Figure Success Academy. These ads make it look like getting onsite traffic or selling courses is a very easy process. The founders don't even mention the time it takes to convince potential customers to buy your programs.

I looked at it at a different perspective. Despite the difficulty of creating and selling webinars, it's not a 0% possibility. The program offers lessons that help make the entire process of digital marketing easy to understand. Even beginners in the industry won't find it too challenging to go through each step. Personally I don't think  this product is suitable for a newbie!

Would you like to know how to build a real, strong, business? See my #1 recommendation here! 

Open your lifelong account right now, without providing even a payment card details!

How Does the Six Figure Success Academy Work?

If you head to the main site or checkout screen of the Six Figure Success Academy, you won't find detailed information about how the program works.

"But is it easy to understand?" This question might be in your head right now.

The six-week webinar course presents detailed subject materials for beginners and veterans. Learn basic to advanced webinar marketing strategies through this program. In time, you can start generating income over the Internet.

Let's assume that we purchased the Six Figure Success Academy program. From day 1, we can learn how to partner with other course creators to try and sell their products (e.g., webinars). Beginners to online selling may feel overwhelmed by the proposal. It's easier than what it might look.

You'll start applying what you've learned from the program like this:

  • Use a video presentation system spoon-fed to you from the beginning. It's basically a copy-and-paste procedure that works.
  • Mike and Ty already worked on the business model, so all we need is to set up a simple video presentation which takes less than a day to complete.
  • Use the free Webinar Creation tool (if you want) included in the package.
  • The package gives you every script, several answers to most common questions, and you can automate the entire process.

As for the process, it's a three-step procedure according to the founders. Here are the steps in a nutshell:

Step 1

Search for a person who sells a product or service that solves a problem. Millions of businesses and individuals on the Internet fit this criterion.

Step 2

Turn their solution to a method that provides value. The Six Figure Success Academy package gives you everything you need from the get-go. All you need to do is follow the guidelines to the letter.

Step 3

Make sure you put your answer to their concerns in front of them. Nothing changes if all you do is hope your target market will notice your webinars. As soon as your target audience picks up your webinars, they'll have their wallets at the ready.

How Much Does the Six Figure Success Academy Cost and What Can You Get With it?

There are two payment options to join the Six Figure Success Academy. Choose from either two payments of $547 USD or one payment of $997 USD. If you want to save $97 USD off of the total price, it's best to go for the one-time payment option. If you're in a tight budget but want to avail of the course now, then the two-payment options should suffice.

Six Figure Success Academy Prices

After paying, you can enter the Six Figure Success Academy member's area. In here, it's pretty straightforward.

The first thing you'll see is the "Get Started" video, which is a video presentation welcoming you to the program. There's also the six-week training webinars, the bonus weeks of training course, and every resource to help make your life easier (hopefully, with more cash).

Aside from the training videos, you'll also get updated bonus training content. Here's how Mike and Ty structured their training course:

What is Six Figure Success Academy

WEEK 1: Your Crash Course In The Six Figure Success Academy Model
WEEK 2: How to Partner With People Like “Bob”
WEEK 3: Craft Your "Money Maker"
WEEK 4: Preparing For Maximum Success (Setup)
WEEK 5: Generating 250-500 Dollar Payments on Demand
WEEK 6: Optimize & Scale
Graduation Bonus!: We'll Be Your First Influencer! 

Additional Bonuses

BONUS #1: The 8 Hottest & Most Profitable Niches to Start in Today
BONUS #2: The 24-Hour "Bob" Fast Start Package (2 Sentence Email & Sources)
BONUS #3: Instant Webinar Success Package: Beginner Shortcut & Automated Setup
FAST ACTION BONUS #1: $10M+ Easy Webinar Creator: Exact Software That Made $10M++
FAST ACTION BONUS #2: 10 Days to Six Figure Success: Daily Cheat Sheet
FAST ACTION BONUS #3: $10K in 90 Minutes+: Over-the-Shoulder Case Studies
FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS #1: The "Max-Out-Your-Webinar" Package (Super Script & Sources)
FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS #2: Copy-and-Paste Secret to 5-10X All Sales on a Webinar Promotion
FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS #3: 5 Words We Use to Turn $5K Into $30K-$50K+
FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS #4: "Dream Vacation" Formula-Scale to $10K+ in Less Than 30 Days
FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS #5: The Mountain of Profit Blueprint: Become Your Own "Bob!"

How to Make Money With the Six Figure Success Academy?

The beauty of the Six Figure Success Academy is its simplicity. Even if I've never tried selling courses on the Internet before, I'd still find the provided information easy to absorb. Here's how your target audience can see and buy the webinars you make with the help of this course:

1. Targeting and convincing influencers

Your primary target to sell your created webinars is web influencers. You start by targeting your preferred influencers. Try to convince them to let you show your webinar. At this point, it's going to be a brief overview of the course you're trying to provide. The video you present should only focus on the key pieces of information for the entire program.

2. Push but don't shove

After your targeted audience provides you with interest, it's time to push for that sale. Remember, hard selling won't end well. If you're at the receiving end of a hard seller, you'll know that you're going to be at a very uncomfortable spot. Tell your potential customer about the opportunity to learn more without shoving it to their face.

3. Make money!

Your potential customer becomes a legitimate buyer. At this point, all you need to do is sit back as they reach for their credit card to pay you. Your customers have to pay before accessing the complete set of information you provide. Prices may vary depending on several factors like the completeness of details and the length of the videos. Many Six Figure Success Academy clients tend to price their webinars in the $250 to $500 USD range.

Who are the Founders of the Six Figure Success Academy?

It took the combined efforts of Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda to complete and provide the Six Figure Success Academy to the world. 

Let's start with Ty Cohen.
Six Figure Success Academy Founder

In his website, tycohen.com, the entrepreneur took the online world by storm. It was when he started with zero and made it into $30,000 by publishing eBooks on Amazon. He calls it a "life-changing revelation." 

The former radio personality and accomplished Internet marketer authored over a dozen books. He then sold his publishings over at the online retail giant. He also sold software programs, directories, and several other products.

Now, Ty teaches thousands of individuals as he imparts his expertise. He expresses his over 11 years of marketing and selling products and services over the Internet. 

Joining him in his teachings is Mike Balmaceda.

Mike is the founder of AMPLIFY, a digital webinar creation and marketing group dealing in Instagram influencing ad management. He started his online journey at the young age of 14. He researched about selling information as products. The young entrepreneur would later sell his expertise on forums.

Six Figure Success Academy Founder

He noticed his methods put him in a place that was leaps and bounds above his friends and colleagues. Since that realization, he now works hand-in-hand with several online businesses and entrepreneurs. His expertise allowed organizations to add six or more figures in revenue per week.

Afterall Mike also tried working for the Information Technology (IT) industry. He realized it wasn't his niche. He wanted to become an online entrepreneur, but using programming language wasn't the way to help him achieve his goal.

Both founders of the Six Figure Success Academy tried working for industries that didn't work out for them. Ty and Mike lived, dreamed, and now breathe digital marketing. It's this passion that allowed them to bring the Six Figure Success Academy course to the world.

The PROS of Six Figure Success Academy:

  • A no-risk method of marketing.
  • Several people will find the webinars you make to be an interesting offer because it allows them to make more money.
  • Video Training
  • You're not reliant on a single client base for an ongoing stream of profits. 
  • Money Back Guarantee

The CONS of Six Figure Success Academy:

  • It still requires determination and plenty of hard work. This program isn't a "get rich quick" scheme from the start. You still need to optimize and hone your skills and the products you offer.
  • Expensive

Are there are any alternative business opportunities without investment?

A lot of people looking for ways to make money online, but not everyone has thousands of dollars in the pocket.

Luckily there are also ways to earn money online without investing. One of the most lucrative business models out there is affiliate marketing.

Without any technical skill or previous experience, you can learn how to build your online business. But of course, you need to know where to start! One of the most popular learning platform called Wealthy Affiliate. You can join them for FREE and try if this is something you like to do.

As a free account holder, you will get the possibility to register two domain names including hosting and backups, ten lessons video training on how to start a business in affiliate marketing, for the first seven days one-on-one coaching, life community support and even access to the keyword research tool called Jaaxy.

There is nothing to lose! If you would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate see our detailed REVIEW here.

What's Next?

To succeed in using the knowledge learned from this online course, you need to create and churn several high-quality videos. Furthermore, you'll most likely target specific niches which might need many attempts before you can get a sale. Also, you need to convince your target audience that they need to shell out cash to buy your videos. If you get hit with statements like, "I can watch that on YouTube," then you should know the right rebuttal.

Thankfully, Mike and Ty already provided all the resources you need in the package. After completing the training course, all that's left is to put everything you've learned into practice. Remember, you're not going to earn anything if you're going to sit on your chair. Don't just anxiously wait for people to notice your webinars. 

The Six Figure Success Academy Money Back Guarantee

The founders even promise their course participants a money back guarantee. If you don't make at least 100% of the money spent in 30 days to buy the Six Figure Success Academy course, you'll receive twice the amount you paid. With that promise, it can be worth a shot.

Six Figure Success Academy money back guarantee


After looking at what the Six Figure Success Academy is all about, we can say that it's a legitimate way of trying to earn money from the Internet. It's not a "Make Money Overnight" scheme, which is a plus because those proposals are too good to be true. Mike and Ty offer a legit online training program for entry-level and veteran digital marketers.

The course topics offered, along with the bonus content are full of detail and easy to use. It's a good way to test the waters of the online marketing world if you're still a beginner in the industry. You may even want to improve this business model into something larger in the future. For example, you can build a digital marketing enterprise after making enough income from using the tools and skills gained.

14 thoughts on “What is Six Figure Success Academy? SCAM or LEGIT?”

  1. These guys are really confident about this program that they are willing to give you back double your money if the program does not give you its promised results. That is a really bold statement and It seems I am going to check this out for myself to see if it actually works.

    Before I do I need to know one thing. Have you actually come across anyone that purchased the program and got double their money back because the program did not work out? 

    I don’t think they would just shove out money and give you back double payment of your purchase money. They must have criteria that they make use of before any such wish is granted.

    1. Hi Jay,

      You are right; they are confident about this program. The criteria to receive money back is to follow their steps and guide. So definitely it doesn’t work the way you purchase the product and second day you change your mind they will pay you double money.

      Although they are mentioning that this product is suitable for newbies, I would not recommend to someone who is just starting doing online business. Secondly, I think this product is not for everyone you need to have some good knowledge about marketing strategies.

      I don’t know anyone who purchased the program and got double money back. And I think a lot of people before paying a $1,000 will think twice if it worth it. This platform offers proper training, so in my opinion, members will always try to do the best to get a return on investment. 

      Wish you a lot of success!

  2. Six Figure Success Academy is a platform that I was referred to by some friends who asked me to check it out for them. They trust my judgment and I do try to dig down and see what the reviews are saying before going back to them with a verdict. Your review has helped immensely with that endeavor today.  

    The first thing that hits me is the price. That is hefty whether you make two payments or one. The next thing that is a red flag for me is the lack of details about what is actually inside. With that kind of investment and commitment, I need to know exactly what I am getting.

    The two things that are the saving grace for the negatives I mentioned above are the developers of the platform and the double money back guarantee. Since I have not heard a lot of complaints around the internet social sites, they must be paying people back if needed, and their reputation is okay.

    So the bottom line for me is that it sounds like this is a platform that has some good training and is led by some well-known and successful marketers, and just as with any other business, will require work to implement their process. The only reservation is the cost.

    There are other training platforms that can do the same for much less money, and also are more transparent as to what you get inside the training and platform. In these days of so many scams online, it is refreshing to find one more that is not a scam, if expensive. Thanks and I will report this back to my friends. You have helped a lot today.  

    1. Hi Dave,

      thank you for your contribution.

      For those who want to know more about Six Figure Success Academy the information on their official website is insufficient that’s for sure.

      To judge this product and evaluate its quality you must do proper research.

      I agree with you that the first red flag is coming for the price. This course is quite expensive, but if they promise 60 days money back guarantee that looks much better. People who are ready to invest such money must be quite confident in what they are doing. And I do believe if you want to be successful, you can be in any business, but you need to work hard on it and to have persistence.

      If we are talking about cheaper places where you can learn how to start doing online business, one of the best platforms out there is Wealthy Affiliate. You can join them for FREE and try if that’s something you wish to do in your life and if this business model fulfils your needs.

      I wish you all the best, I am glad to help you!

  3. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the information. Some great info on your site!

    I had not heard of Six Figure Success Academy until I read your post. The sign-up cost is out of my price bracket just now, but maybe further down the line, I may well sign up to their deal and give them a try. 

    I like the bit about “Push but Don’t Shove”. I couldn’t agree more. If I get an extra three hours, I’ll watch their promo video. 

    The use of video marketing interests me. Does SFSA provide proper training on creating quality videos?


    1. Hi Paul, 

      Thanks for stopping by. 

      I don’t think they provide training for making videos. 

      What they are trying to teach you is mainly selling other peoples products, courses by using their software which creates a virtual presentation for you. 

      So, the basic steps are:

      a) finding someone who wants to sell his training or course, 

      b) add the details of the training course into their software and the software will create a presentation for you (webinar creator).

      c) the spokesperson will be the person who/ve created that course. As well you as a seller can request a creator to make a video presentation. 

      d) you have to find an influencer promote the product on his site/social media account etc and afterall share the profit 

      Best of luck :)


  4. Michael Obiofiong

    it an enticing piece and thanks for the information,what caught mine interest was the caption”money back guarantee”.i most say it’s a nice one but i am yet to witness an establishment that consider and implement such offer.Because when it comes to money I am told to invest wisely,i hope it’s genuine.

    1. Hi Michael, 

      I understand you! It’s good you did your research, and definitely, it’s good to think twice before diving into something you are not sure :)

      If you are looking for other make-money online opportunities without investment. I can recommend you the affiliate marketing. You can start building your business for free. Few legit companies are providing proper training on how to do affiliate marketing, but one of the best is called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an all-in-one tool. 

      Best of luck :)


  5.  thank you for the thorough research you have done; Six Figure Success Academy looks ok, but it’s a little expensive to try, especially if you’re a beginner; I have decided that WA is an excellent website to learn online marketing;I’ve finished training on WA and now I’m trying to apply what I’ve learned; after gaining more experience, maybe I will try Six Figure Success Academy

    1. Hi Carmen, 

      I would not recommend Six figure Success Academy to beginners! I think its good to have some basic knowledge of how the online business generally works before diving into it. 

      Well done for joining Wealthy Affiliate. That’s the best place to start if you don’t have any experience or knowledge.

      Wish you a lot of success with WA!

  6. I am cautious about joining online academies on money making due to the various scam complaints I have heard. I am always interested in seeking reviews of any platform I choose to transact on. I have not heard of Six Figure Success Academy before and your good review has done justice to my curiosity. 
    The money back guarantee is attractive and I like this because I am not sure how webinars would work out for me. 
    I am glad it is a legit system that works and I have no problem trying it out as a newbie in the online world.

    1. Hi Edgar, 

      Great job, doing research is critical. Especially nowadays when the online world is full of SCAMS. 

      If you are a newbie, I can highly suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate company. You can create an account for FREE, and they will provide you first ten training sessions for free. You will be able to learn how this business model works. 

      All the best :) 

  7. They don’t refund money back if it doesn’t works for you(they didn’t). Leave double, they don’t return even what you paid. Besides, for finding single Bob to be ready to work with you, you need to contact at least 100. Rediculous

    1. Hi Shruti,

      Thank you for your contribution and for sharing your real experience with Six Figure Success Academy! I believe your comment will help many people to make the right decision before diving in this business.

      Sorry to hear they didn’t refund your money and didn’t help you to build a successful business. This fact casts black light on them.

      I will be glad if you will share more information about your personal experience!

      Thank you!

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