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What is Survey Freedom About? Oh, NO! FAKE testimonials!

What is Survey Freedom about? How does it fair with the other survey sites on the Internet? Before we proceed, let me welcome you to my review of Survey Freedom.

Now, the last thing you'd want is to get scammed on the Internet. In fact, the online world isn't as friendly as before. These days, people will try to trick you into shelling out money for practically anything. For example, if you see a 90% discount on movie tickets, many people might jump the gun and buy it. But, the moment these people go to the cinemas, said tickets aren't eligible.

With that in mind, you don't want to spend your time, money, or effort in a survey scam site. By the end of this review, you should know how to proceed with this website. So, without further ado, let's begin.

The Survey Freedom Review

Product Name: Survey Freedom


Founders: Unknown

Price: FREE

Recommended: NO

What is Survey Freedom About?

So, what is Survey Freedom about? Legit survey sites exist to help people earn a good amount of cash. But, when we say 'good amount,' it may not be enough for most individuals. For example, one survey site may pay you $1 USD per completed survey. Well, you're not going to do much. In fact, you're just going to answer a few questions. Also, each survey will last anywhere from one to ten minutes.

Easy, right? But, it can get boring over time. Also, there might not be opportunities for growth. With that in mind, how does Survey Freedom deal with this stereotype? Let's find out.

The Surveys

It seems Survey Freedom partners itself with big brands. If you're new to survey sites, it might shock you to know that many big brands pay people for their honest opinions. After all, it's all about gathering the information about likes and dislikes. Think about it; it's unwise to put out a product if people wouldn't want to buy it, in the first place.

Before we proceed, know that it takes a while for each award to reflect in your account. Well, it's because you have to go through numerous sites first.

For example, try to finish one survey. Next, it tells you to click on a third-party website. You may need to create another account on that other site. Furthermore, you'd have to watch a video. You have to do all of these steps before you get paid.


It's daunting to go through each new website to get paid with a few dollars. Also, there's a risk of displaying your private information to the world. Hence, you should place your safety in utmost care. Else, you're going to pay the price for it in the long-term.

As I've went through Survey Freedom's site, I saw a few red flags. Do these red flags mean the website is a scam?

The Testimonials

What is Survey Freedom About

Now, let’s take a look at the testimonials found on their official website. Take note, there's a glaring problem found on the Internet as of late. First, try to head to sites like Fiverr. In there, you'll find people selling their services to post fake reviews for brands. Before we continue, I want you to pay attention to the photo on the right on the image above.

Survey Freedom Testimonials

Now, if you do a quick search on, you’ll see the same photo used on other websites since 2017. In fact, there are over 13 results with that same photo used on different scam sites. Take note, because this image is the first of the red flags I saw on Survey Freedom.

Well, let's give this site the benefit of the doubt. Let's say that this image originally came from Survey Freedom. But, other sites on the Internet copied it.

What is Survey Freedom about

Still, take a look at the registered date of Survey Freedom. According to, the site became public on 2018. But, this testimonial said that this woman started become successful in 2017. That’s chronologically incorrect! With that, we now have two red flags.

The Opportunity to Earn More

By the end of this review, you'll know the answer to the question, "What is Survey Freedom about?" But, remember that survey sites don't pay out that much. Also, you can see similar models with other legit survey sites on the Internet. If you're thinking about earning money while you sleep, consider affiliate marketing.

How Does Survey Freedom Work?

When you're thinking about what is Survey Freedom about, you're also considering its benefits. At its core, this website aims to give people the chance to earn money while at home. You could be your personal boos. Furthermore, it's going to be stress-free!

Now, who wouldn't want that?

A few people might consider quitting their 9-to-5 job for answering surveys every day. Still, is Survey Freedom worth all that hype? Continue reading to find out. 


Survey Freedom questions

Now, if you head to its main site, you'll see it looks legit from the get-go. To continue, just click on the 'Start Earning' button. Next, the site directs you to a series of questions. Take note, these questions help determine the number of surveys you can answer.

A few of these questions may include:

  • Gender
  • Age bracket
  • Current salary range
  • Hours per week to answer surveys

After answering these questions, it's time to input your first name and email address.


In this part, you won’t see results unless you input all the necessary details. Luckily, you don't have to do that. Why? It's because I already did that for you. All you have to do is continue reading to know about my experience with this site.


Now, after unlocking the results, it will show you three recommended companies. But, the next question is, are these companies legit? These websites are:

  • SurveyJunkie - Survey Panel
  • Inbox Dollars -Get-paid-to-site
  • i-Say Consumer Panel -Survey Panel

I’ll give you good news and bad news. First, the good news. Take note, these companies are legit and you can earn money from them. The bad news is the $40 USD-per-hour claim is definitely not true.

false claim

In reality, you don’t need to go to Survey Freedom to access these third-party websites. In fact, you can go directly to these sites and make money. Well, you can still go through the surveys offered by Survey Freedom. Well, that's only if adding $1 or $2 USD to your account makes you excited.

What is the Price of Survey Freedom?

While you're thinking of "What is Survey Freedom about," you might also consider its fees. Thankfully, this website doesn't charge you with anything. It only requires your time and a bit of info. That's about it!

Do you remember about the couple of red flags we discussed earlier? Well, that's not the end of it. By the time you finished registering, you'll get an endless supply of spam emails. Now, there are three red flags.

So, is Survey Freedom a scam? Well, these emails aren't hard evidence to tell you that this website is, in fact, a scam. Still, it's safe to say no one wants hundreds or thousands of junk emails. Also, and once again, you don't need Survey Freedom to head to these third-party sites. In fact, head to these websites directly to start earning cash.

The Same Model

You see, the way survey sites work is it gives you a small amount of cash per survey. With that in mind, we can say that it's near-impossible to earn hundreds of dollars in a day with online surveys alone. You might want to mix it up with other marketing methods.

Who is the founder of Survey Freedom?

Unfortunately, I couldn't find information about Survey Freedom's founder. In fact, all I could get is the domain's registration date.

The Real Deal About the Surveys in Survey Freedom

Survey Freedom claims you can earn $15 to $25 USD per survey. Also, and if you're lucky, a survey worth $40 USD may come knocking in your email. But, sad to say that's a complete lie. In fact, most of the surveys will only net you $0.50 USD. The highest-paid survey you can get is $5 USD.

Is Survey Freedom a Scam? 

So, what is Survey Freedom about? Is it nothing but a scam? It's now time for the moment of truth.

First, take note that Survey Freedom isn't a scam, but I wouldn’t recommend it either. It’s because the three providers it recommends are already legit, in its right. Despite this legit survey site, it's still questionable why it uses fake testimonials.

In fact, all of the surveys come from the aforementioned three sites. Well, the payouts are still very real. But, it's not the same amount as the site promises.

False Promise

Instead, you should focus on the unrealistic views of this website. Yes, the site looks legit from the beginning. But, that's as far as it goes regarding its appeal. The claims are untrue, and the testimonials are fake. Hence, it's best to stay away from this site despite the real payouts.

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The Lack of Information

It doesn't stop there. Furthermore, it's suspicious to see how the site lacks transparency. If you go to their 'About Us,'  you’ll see a simple introduction of what they offer. But, it doesn’t have any details about the headquarters' location. It doesn't even contain any contact information besides the contact form.

About us

The PROS of Survey Freedom:

  • Three third-party partner companies are legit
  • Easy to register
  • Completely free

The CONS of Survey Freedom:

  • Misleading information about the earnings
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Official website is similar to
  • Lack of Transparency


What is Survey Freedom about? Well, it's definitely not a scam. But, I'm not recommending it either. It's best to stay away from this site because of false claims and reviews. Furthermore, let's not forget about those spam emails entering your inbox.

My Recommendation

Yes, legit survey sites help you earn cash. But, the amount you earn is miniscule. In fact, you might even earn  more with your 9-to-5 job. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean that Survey Freedom is the only way to earn money online.

You can try the Wealthy Affiliate program instead. For starters, it's free to join. Next, you can take advantage of an on-site website builder. Also, you can make use of the Jaaxy keyword tool when writing your content. Check out the program now to see the benefits waiting for you.

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