What is Surveytime About

What is Surveytime About? A Legit Way to Earn Money?

What is Surveytime about? Now, you're here to look for answers regarding that question. But, before we proceed, let me say one thing first.

Good day, and welcome to my review on Surveytime! 

Perhaps, you're doing a personal research to see if this site is legit. Well, is it? For now, let's take a look at its offerings. I'm going to talk about this online survey site. Also, we're going to see if it's going to be worth your while.

Remember, there are many survey websites on the Internet. Unfortunately, there are survey sites that are complete scams. So, can we trust Surveytime? Scam websites tend to lack pertinent information from the beginning.

Now, if you search Google for Surveytime reviews, people already tried it out. Also, it seems that some of these testimonials are legit. So, without further ado, let's hop into this review.

The Surveytime Review

Product Name: Surverytime

Website: www.surveytime.io

Founders: Unknown

Price: FREE

Recommended: YES

What is Surveytime About?

In truth, Surveytime operates in a straightforward manner. Like its name, you don't have to sell anything here to earn money. In fact, all you have to do is answer surveys. Simple, right? Furthermore, there are no recruitment schemes involved. On that note, it's a sigh of relief.  

What is Surveytime About

After completing a survey, you get a dollar. It's that simple! At first, I thought its simplicity was far too good to be true. Please excuse my skepticism. But, I've been around the Internet long enough to know about scam sites.

In this site, filling surveys is child's play. One survey can last around three to 15 minutes. Do it for a couple of hours, and you might have enough cash for a fast food meal. But, it's important to note one thing. At the time of writing, Surveytime is still roughly in its infancy stages.  

Starting an Account

Surveytime is a US-based company. Also, it's in operation for about less than a year. Check out its site. In here, there's nothing mind-blowing about it. In fact, it looks so simple that it can raise eyebrows.

Next, let's try creating an account. After signing up, it's, once again, relatively simple from this point. In your dashboard, all you see are surveys. Take note, you'll always earn $1 USD for each survey. So, if one survey takes you three minutes to complete, you'll earn a dollar. If the survey takes you 15 minutes, you'll still earn $1 USD. However, there are also special surveys that can make you earn over $5 USD. Hence, it should be in your best interest to watch out for those surveys.

Additional Benefits

If you don't like cash from Surveytime, there's another incentive waiting for you. In here, you can exchange your cash rewards for gift cards. So, you can reward the people you love with your hard work. Otherwise, you can withdraw your earnings to PayPal.

Also, it's important to note that each person will receive a different list of surveys. Furthermore, if you answer surveys, make sure to answer truthfully. Even if it's computer-based, the algorithm works in a way that it knows if you're randomly filling the forms.

How Does Surveytime Work?

If we're to talk about the question, "What is Surveytime about," then know that we can describe it in one word. That word is simplicity. But, there are specific steps that might take more than just a few clicks.

Yes, the system allows you to sign up using either your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. However, you won't get to choose your default password. Instead, Surveytime will choose a random password for you. Then, the site's AI sends the password to your email. Upon registration, use the generated password to log into your account.

Take note, the password Surveytime will send is unchangeable. There's no way to change it. Even if you go to your account settings, there are no options to change the password. Also, you need a confirmed email to start receiving surveys. No confirmed email, no surveys.

The Profile Survey

Now, at this point, you're anxious to start answering surveys. First, you need to complete the profile survey.

What is Surveytime About

If you don’t answer the survey truthfully, the questions may repeat again. Hence, it's important not to use any automated software to answer these surveys. Do this felony more than once, and the site might give you the ban hammer.

This website uses the answers from the profile survey to issue you surveys. Therefore, it identifies your answers to seek surveys suitable for you. Thus, you won't have to worry if you're afraid to receive cat surveys if you're a dog person, so to speak.

Picking Surveys

Once you finished filling up your profile, it's time to start the real work. Take note, the number of surveys on your screen will vary according to your profile. When you reach this option, you’ll see nothing but surveys, after survey, after survey.


Aside from your profile, it gives you surveys depending on the country you currently live. With that in mind, there are specific surveys only available in the USA. For other surveys, these might only be available in specific countries.

Starting a Survey

Now, you've clicked on a survey. Then what? In the next screen, you'll see an estimated time to complete it. Again, some surveys may take longer (or shorter) to finish than others. Also, note that this website doesn't host its surveys. Instead, each survey will take you a third-party website. In other words, it's going to take you to another site where you'll answer the survey.

Once finished, Surveytime will take you back. From here, it's going to let you choose your preferred reward.

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What is the Price of the Surverytime?

Surveytime is completely free! There are no upsells or hidden charges here. Instead, it pays YOU when you finish the survey. Simple as that!

Remember, a 2- or 5-minute survey won’t make any difference on this site. Why? It's because the reward will be the same. However, there are specific surveys that offer more than a dollar for the reward. Still, it depends on the third-party site.

Surveytime PayPal

If you choose to withdraw the reward to PayPal, you have to verify the transaction first. For this reward, verification is possible through your mobile phone number. Rest assured, Surveytime protects the information of its users. Hence, your phone number won't go to profiling or direct marketing schemes.

So, what makes Surveytime different from other survey websites? Withdrawal is possible in mere seconds! That's right, seconds! In comparison, there are other similar sites that won't let you withdraw for days or weeks.

Other Alternatives

Yes, Surveytime makes a compelling offer with its incredibly fast withdrawal process. Still, I'd prefer other platforms for making money online. For instance, there's affiliate marketing. There's an allure to affiliate marketing that makes you see the bulk of your efforts for the long term.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people who like to answer surveys for a living. Still, there are no growth potentials here. Let's take a look at it with an example, shall we?

Say, you start answering surveys for a living this year. If you keep doing it for five years straight, you're still going to get a dollar per survey on average. On the other hand, affiliate marketing rewards you with a growing blog or site, when done the right way. Hence, you'll earn more over time.

With affiliate marketing, you will be able to achieve a passive income and be financially independent! While with surveys if you work, you earn if you don't work, you don't earn.

Who is The Founder of Surverytime?

At this point, you may still be wondering, "What is Surveytime about?" As you're exploring that inquiry, it may bring about another question. Who is its founder?

From this point, you may already be leaning to seeing Surveytime as a legit way to earn money online. But, I tried searching for a founder, and came up with zero results. It would seem that the person who made the site likes to hide in anonymity. It's suspicious if you think about it, right? However, the rewards are the real deal.

Still, it displays information for a customer service rep to answer your concerns. There are also legit replies, which would mean that a real person is handling the site, at the very least.


Testimonial 1
Testimonial 2
Testimonial 3

As I looked into Surveytime reviews, I saw many positive feedback about the site. In fact, some of these reviews come from verified users. Take a look at the pictures above. These reviews were from Trustpilot, and the comments don't even have profile pictures. It may look sketchy. But, read their opinions about the site and it's not in garbled English.

Is Surveytime a Scam? Here's the Truth!

So, what is Surveytime about? Is it a legit survey site or a complete scam? Here’s my final answer…

It's not! It’s a 100% legit!

Luckily, there’s no limit to how many surveys you can complete. As long as it's available on the site when you log in, you can take and complete the survey. Then, just keep answering surveys to your heart's content! 

Again, the availability of the surveys will depend on your country, among other factors. Luckily, it would seem that different surveys are available in various areas of the world. So, it’s less likely you'll run out of surveys to fill.

Can answering surveys become a full-time job?

Well, yes, and no. Yes, if you don't mind answering surveys every day. But, for me, it's going to get boring. No, because there are no opportunities for growth. You will be answering surveys every day, and that might get boring over time.

Also, we can't rule out the possibility of Surveytime closing down. Yes, there's a legit company backing this website. Still, if it closes down, then you may not have any other options to make money online, or is there?

Other Online Money Making Options

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The PROS of Surveytime:

  • User-friendly
  • Extremely fast payouts
  • Substantial amount of surveys
  • Available worldwide
  • No payout needed
  • Available in different languages
  • FREE!

The CONS of Surveytime:

  • Prizes may differ for each area or country
  • Cannot change password


Surveytime is a legit survey site with a genuine company backing it up. If you're into answering surveys, then I recommend this website. The platform is fairly simple. Furthermore, the rewards are sent to you right away.

Is it worth your time?

Again, it solely depends on you if you want to earn a quick buck. But, there are ways to earn money online even while you're asleep! Try Wealthy Affiliate, for example. Put in the hard work, and you'll see your earnings rise even while you're still in dreamland.

With Wealthy Affiliate, it gives you all the tools to start in affiliate marketing. Speaking of starting, you don't have to pay anything to begin! That's right, registration is completely free. If you plan on answering surveys all day, why not build your affiliate marketing empire as well?

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  1. i am on surveytime , but I find it is not possible to redeem for participants from India,I think it should have been clarified in advance by surveytime

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