YouGov surveys review

YouGov surveys review – Is it a legit or just another scam?

Welcome to my YouGov Surveys Review! 

First of all I would like to congratulate you on doing your own research before diving in this kind of making money online opportunity! 

Having daily duties and responsibilities hustle us for searching new making money opportunities.Any extra cash in our pockets can surely make us happy. ​Easy and convenient is one of the most searched money-generating categories in the Internet.

We try our best to look for something that is almost spoon fed to us. Maybe that’s why a paying survey site sounds like​ a great fit to that category. It is online and is available in almost all regions in the world. ​

Here, we give you a review on how dependable the YouGov Surveys company is. Would you like to know how much money you can earn and if it’s worth your time, stay tuned! 

YouGov surveys review

Product Name: YouGov


Founders: Stephan Shakespeare and Nadhim Zahawi

Price: Free

Recommended: NO

What is YouGov surveys about?

YouGov is a worldwide Internet-based company that conducts polls about different topics made by their clients. It is founded in May 2000 and had very successful years since then.

Stephan Shakespeare and Nadhim Zahawi are the founders of the YouGov, which originated in London, United Kingdom. Furthermore, it is also a member of the British Polling Council.

YouGov is a growing company and already has over 4 million members in it. They collect and analyze the data gathered from their surveys and unveil the public opinion to certain topics like current affairs, politics, brands, and a lot more.

How does YouGov surveys work?

YouGov will ask us to create an account by joining their community. There are two ways in creating an account; first is by using an active email and second is by using Facebook.

When signing up with an email, they will ask us to verify our email for security purposes. On the other hand, signing up by Facebook is really easy because we will only be asked to login and continue with our Facebook account.

After signing up, they will redirect us to our very first YouGov survey and will ask for our location and which year we were born. It helps them classify us with the right surveys to answer.

Once we are done with filling up our personal information, we can now answer surveys and earn as much as we can everyday. That was easy right?

YouGov surveys review

How long will it take me to answer a survey?

Each survey is doable for about 5 – 20 minutes, which may vary depending on how fast or slow you take the survey since it contains 20 – 30 questions. We can also perceive that a survey is short if the points to be earned in a survey are quite less and long enough if it offers more points. 

How much can we earn when answering YouGov surveys?

We can earn points as long as we take surveys every now and then. The amount of points to be earned depends on the type of surveys that we do. Some surveys give us about 300 – 500 points but most surveys may give us lesser. Patience is the key in earning good money in YouGov. 

What can we get with the points?

The points we earned may be converted to any way we ever wanted. It may be via cash, gift cards, merchandise, vouchers, donations to charity and even sweepstakes entries.

If we want to convert our points to cash, YouGov will directly deposit cash to our bank account or we can just have it via PayPal. On the other hand, there are a lot of gift cards that they offer including; Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target, Walmart, and a lot more. 

However, there is a 5000 point threshold to be achieved in order to convert your points, which is equivalent to ‎£50. The point gap between the threshold and the amount of points we earn from surveys is very large.

Time VS Money

Imagine taking a survey for 15 minutes and getting 50 points only, that would take me so long to get to the 5000 point threshold. If we have that kind of rate everyday, it takes us about more than 14 months to be able to cash out our points. That makes me very concerned with the time I spend versus the amount I earn in the surveys I take. 

Surely, there is no way you can get rich quickly but instead of allotting your time to taking surveys, which give you the least money you can get, you can start your own online business. All you need to have is a positive and optimistic mindset and a right guidance to succeed.

What I’m saying is not just an ordinary online business, but a business that would really change your life. Wealthy Affiliate did changed my life, I am 100% sure it will change your life for the better too!

Are there unlimited surveys in YouGov?

Just like the other market research companies, YouGov gives you limited number of surveys each day means limited possibility to earn money Sometimes we get to answer 2 surveys at most each day but sometimes we get nothing.

Every time we get new surveys, YouGov will send us an email regarding the new survey matter and we will be able to access the survey just straight from the email. It may vary from one to country to another but you may expect an average of 5 – 7 surveys in a week. At this point I want you to think how much money you can generate?

Are there any perks within YouGov aside from surveys?

Yes, there are other features present in YouGov to keep up with their growing community of members. They have YouGov lottery, refer a friend scheme, and a personal app.

The YouGov lottery is only present to some countries. It offers us to use our earned points in exchange for a chance to win bigger prizes. They recently gave away ‎£5000 cash to 5 lucky winners and a total of 350000 points to 520 lucky winners. Prizes vary from one lucky draw winner to another lucky draw winner.

Another way to earn extra points in YouGov is by referring the site to a friend. 200 points will be rewarded for each person that joins YouGov by using my unique referral link and was able complete 6 surveys.

The last feature they have is their own app, which is downloadable in the app store for iOS and in Google play for Androids. This gives us the accessibility and convenience for us in being updated and answering surveys.

YouGov surveys affiliate links

Is my personal information safe?

Our personal information is very safe in YouGov. The answers to the public surveys, which we provided, are the only thing that goes to their main page for public viewing of certain tabulated statistics.

Other than that, like your personal information is absolutely confidential and you may visit their Privacy Policy page for more complete details.

What are my thoughts regarding YouGov?

I would say YouGov is just another survey site where you can just answer easy questions for about 15 minutes and you are done. If you still want to try this site, do not make this your main way to earn money because the rate of increasing your money here is very slow due to small point earnings in surveys. 

Although you can increase your money fast enough if you are very lucky with the lottery and have lots of friends to refer to. That case would be really ideal and does not really apply to real life situation. You may invite friends to use your unique referral link to earn 200 extra points. 

But then, it takes a lot of time since they must have to answer 6 surveys before you may earn the extra points. You might be able to win once or twice in the lottery but the lottery will first defeat you at least a hundred times more. That would be very impractical and an unnecessary thing to do. 

You should just save up your earned points, be patient, and just wait until you get to the desired 5000 point threshold that the YouGov implemented. Since the website is already running for almost 19 years and has a growing community of over 4 million people, it does proves itself that this is legit.

The PROS that follow YouGov Surveys

  • Fast and simple surveys
  • Get lucky points in lottery
  • Earn extra points in referring to your friends 
  • Legit paying survey site

YouGov surveys review feedback

The CONS of YouGov Surveys:

  • It does not guarantee an effective way of making money online
  • Takes a lot of time to convert your points 
  • The point threshold is too big
  • Limited number of surveys per day

YouGov surveys review feedback


To sum up this YouGov surveys review, I don’t recommend you such a making money online method. In fact you will be wasting your precious time for very less money. The point rewards are too low for each survey you answered. Furthermore, the point threshold is too high. It would literally takes forever to earn anything.

If right now you have a question what is the best make money online opportunity, I can clearly tell you its Affiliate Marketing. Even I, myself once wanted to earn extra cash productively but when I learned this kind of method, I said to myself “this is it”. 

Would you like to build a real online business?

See my #1 recommendation and get your FREE account here! 

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17 thoughts on “YouGov surveys review – Is it a legit or just another scam?”

  1. This is a great article! Very informative! I love this article on YouGov surveys – Your honesty is my turn on! I’ve not tried it before but I think nobody will try it out with the truth you put out!  It takes more time to make so little hence it is not worth it since time is money; especially where I come from (winks). so it is no go for me 

    1. Hi and thank you for taking time and reading this review! 

      Generally, I think the surveys are just a waste of time. On the other hand a lot of people can still enjoy it, but in this case, it should be at least well paid. Investing time into something that will not bring you money is useless. I used to do surveys a long time back and I can clearly say that this is the lowest paid work we can do….

  2. Thanks for posting this review on YouGov survey. Truly have not take part in the platform before and I don’t intend to now or later in the future because it doesn’t worth it. I see it as a waste of time and energy

    With all I read in the article yougov is not a scam but there is high possibility no one can make any significant large amount of money there. And I also like your recommendation on the best way to make money online

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      It is waste of time, really. Even when you search for positive feedback for YouGov survey, nobody is mentioning information about the payment. I think those are the newbies that discovered a new opportunity to earn money online and just describing how easy it is to take the survey and how interesting are the questions, that’s all … Therefore I highly recommend affiliate marketing. In the beginning, in fact, you also work for free, but finally, you can build a strong business and quite your daily job! 

  3. While taking online surveys is certainly one way of making money online, in my opinion this is missing the main purpose of starting an online business. Online survey require you to trade time for reward which is exactly the same as a conventional job. This means that if you are not taking surveys then you earning no money.

    This product is in my opinion not the right fit for someone like me who wants to earn money without trading time for money. So while this might not be a scam, one has to ask the question if this fits the business model you wish to create.


    1. Hi Rich, 

      you are so right! I fully agree with you! 

      Working a few hrs in a restaurant or taking a survey can be quite the same. You work you earn, you don’t you don’t earn! While the restaurant can pay you on the spot rate per hr, with a survey you can hardly see your incomes. 

      Definitelly this is not a business model, but an extra job that pays you very less! 

  4. Thanks, man for this review. You have answered it all and I agree that YouGov cannot be relied upon to make money online as it will be a waste of time to earn 5000 points to convert into cash. That could take forever. I don’t think I will have the time to waste with the site when I have a business to earn me more money with WA. 

    1. Thank you for the comment! 

      I think at the beginning a lot of people are overexcited with such an opportunity to earn money online (talking from my own experience). 

      To see some real results can take a lot of time, and that’s why people will simply give up. I am glad to provide a solution and let others know about the opportunity to build own business online!

  5. This is really a helpful review on this article. Though it is quite stressful to reach the 5000 threshold point but patience is the key to earning in YouGov. One thing I just like about this platform is that it is real unlike some other platforms. Each day there are surveys but just that they are limited in number. This is really helpful and well detailed information. Thank you. Good job here. 

    1. Hi there!

      I can not imagine spending so much time just to get these 5000 points that will be converted into £50. This much money you can earn within a few hrs by doing some extras. So my question is why to waste the time? this is really the cheapest work that exists.  

  6. I have engaged in quite a number of survey programs. Generally, my result and experiences have all been the same. Survey programs generally pay poorly and most times surveys are unavailable. 

    I really do not expect the yougov survey to be any different from the rest. So, in my humble opinion, the yougov survey is not worth registering for.

    kind regards

    1. Hi Louis, 

      Yep, same experience with me as well. When it comes to the question of money the interest to do surveys disappearing on the spot. 

  7. This definitely sounds like a legit survey site to join, but legit doesn’t mean its worth the time, as you pointed out it isn’t. I actually signed up for YouGov a while ago and after a few days of still not receiving surveys I just quit. I think as far as extra income sites go there are better choices like Swagbucks and Inbox Pays where there are more ways to earn as opposed to just surveys. But no matter what these sites are only good for earning chump change.. there’s no hope to make a full time income with them.

  8. Hi,

    I did not know about YouGov Surveys before reading your review. It is really good to know about it before dealing with it. After reading your review, I came to understand that YG Surveys is just a waste of time and efforts. Now, I know that I should not go with it. But, I am gonna chech their other activities, like you mentioned YouGov Lottery.

    Thanks for letting us know about it. :)


  9. i will say this is a very good opportunity to make extra extra loads of cash, online survey this days are making sense because an online work at home boss that we all are our soul aim is how to get the next paying plan that can more cash to the pocket and very easy to do jobs.

    thanks for this enlighten article, nice job 

  10. This is a great post, very expository and revealing also. Just like the author says here, a lot of people want to make money in the comfort of their homes and while thinking that they could just make millions overnight and this is the big problem, it is what misleads these people into falling for schemes that are not legit. With their remarkable insight here, it is evident that the yougov program may not be as authentic as it appears. I learn a lot daily from wonderful reviews like this. Cheers.

  11. Surveys are a way to get some pocket money but I have to say that they are not supposed to be considered as something that should not be done with the intent of making a lot of money. YouGov is another example of a survey site that does not pay people enough for the services rendered.

    A lot of time has to be spent before been able to get to the £50 threshold so money can be withdrawn. 14 months is a lot of time to wait to cash out £50. That is just not wise. I believe building a website would be more fruitful than that.

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